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Great Plains

The Great Plains takes up a large portion of the Western World even if most of the population never thinks about it. This is a wide open wind swept prairie that is sparsely inhabited and the two races that do live there have very few permanent dwellings.

The Great Plains geography is bordered by water on the south by the ocean and on the north by the Rumbling River. To the west is a huge escarpment that separates the Great Plains from the Great Swamp and prevents the many humanoid races from invading. The eastern edge is less defined. The Leper Mountains form a hard barrier along the northeast. Then south of the mountains there is a large open area where the border is more indistinct as the prairie merges with forest. Farther south in a hilly area the border is more clear.

One of the wonders of the world is immense an canyon called 'ongtupqa by the local people. The vast plains have no forests or large grouping of trees except those that are on the banks of the small number of rivers that traverse this area.

Everreach is considered to control the Great Plains by most of the rest of the outside Western World even if the tribes do not think of themselves as owners of any land.