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The Great Trade Route

The Great Trade Route starts in the far south. The great city of Seagate is the gathering point of all sorts of trade that criss-crosses the Island Kingdoms. The southern route from Semphar comes across the Fuirgar to join in moving towns of wagons that head North.

The route travels along the Western edge of the foothills of the Great Mountains. Along the way there are a few large cities at strategic spots. Kal? is the first of these. Farther north the city of Varn? sits at a transit point between the above ground trading with Underdark communities.

The city of Bozawa is the strong point as the route north becomes squeezed between the Great Mountains and the Leper Mountains. The Great Trade Route comes to an end in the Great city of Wolfspack. This is the last free city before the caravans travel north and the Trade Route disperses throughout Terraguard.

Many of the people in Terraguard call the trade routes that pass through their countries the Great Trade Route but after it enters Terraguard it becomes too diffuse to really be more than part of the tangled skein of roadways in civilization.

Areas on the Great Trade Route

1GTR-HeadFrom Wolfspack north
2GTR-NorthFrom Bozawa north
3GTR-CentralFrom Varn? north
4GTR-South?From Kal? north
5GTR-Tail?From Seagate north
6GTR-Traveler?Caravans/Wagon trains (constant travelers)
Great Trade Route
Great Trade Route from Seagate to Terraguard.