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Green Acres

Phoenix Era

From 21-4-338 SKR to 9-6-338 SKR

This story of the Phoenix Era was a chance for the characters to prove they could help handle the responsibilities of keeping the local farm sites safe. After some training the group resumed their duties and went out to the local households solving the various problems that were plaguing them.

The group solved several including a widow's home that had been infested by Gremlins, a catalopas who had invaded a local fishing hole and priest whose experiments with undead went astray. When the Dragonslayers finished these tasks they were considered having completed their service contract to Arahael Mosskin and moved to the beginning of the next Dragonslayer Era.

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I ran this adventure to have the chance to use several different monsters and creatures the group had not seen before or put in a different setting. It was nice to use some of the rarer creatures and the lower level ones in a new way. It was also a chance to work on training procedures and to create some threads for future adventures in dealing with that training. This was the first story arc that Lisa was a player in and the return of an old Original Player.

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