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Guest DM Idea

by John Anstett

I think I always say " I have always wanted to..." but one of my ideas was to have a role playing game where creating the character is part of the game. When I was a kid and saw the cartoon Dungeon and Dragons is probably when it started, normal kids being thrown into a D&D world. But I had a thought that maybe we could just stick within a D&D world.

-- "You awake in a room, surrounded my familiar yet strange faces. You seem to know them and they seem to know you, but noone feels quite right. You soon disciver that the one thing you have in common is a lack of memory. You think you know who you are and think you can do certain things, but your body feels wrong and you wonder how you came to be this way." --

Ok, i just realized it would have to be the Shadowrunner rules. Priests and mages would have to have their component if it was D&D and that would be pre determined. Imaging the first game session, becomming a character who does not know what class you are, just like players should work out what classes you want to be, you discuss how you want to proceed

-- "You find a cabnet with weapons and items of mystery. Some call to you like they might belong to you, but another also hears the call, so maybe it is ment for them. A simple cross, a bag of odd stuff, little pieces of bent metal; clearly tools of the trade but why would they be here and who left them." --

Maybe it could be a varation of D&D but certainly not BOB's world, even as a guest DM. I have been in more tehn one game where we did not have all the stuff we normaly have, but we knew our skills. What if you skills were as random as your stats. Sure you get to put your stats in the order you want, what if your skills were based on what you did. I know they did that in Dungeon Seige, but I liked it.

-- "You realise you can't stay here forever, even if George did manage to make food apear from nowhere. There has to be more to life and they may or not be your friends, but you seem to have a team and maybe a leader. At least you have someone who wants to do something and some who want to go along" --

Maybe it would make a good story, certainly not worth creating a whole game over, but too me it would be a fun concept. It would work well with my humanoid campaign, the first thing you do is role to see what race you are. Who says a Troll can't be a mage. Even that happend in BOB's world.

Still thinking.