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Guy Wegscheid


Guy became a Dragonslayer after sitting in on many sessions getting the chance to play NPC's. In particular he did a great job with a henchman of Moirra's played by his wife Kaz. Valgar the Confused's life and death was full of excitement for the entire group. It lead Guy to want to participate more fully, and the group welcomed his roleplaying skills.

Player Comments

I just want to thank you all for allowing me the fun of joining you i wish i could say ill be here every friday unfortunately work says otherwise. I will however be here every chance i can and cause as much trouble as i can i mean have as much fun as i can.


Valgar the Confused


Foriso Fairhand - Died 20-8-339 SKR

Sarengar Swiftbreeze? - moved back to Rivers Bend 25-2-342 SKR {retired}

Barnabas Stone? -