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Calendar of Events

15-8-1266 TGR {344 SKR} arrival in Dryads Lair

16-8-1266 TGR selection of new ambassador residence1

8-9-1266 TGR completion of renovations of new ambassador residence1

8-9-1266 TGR meeting with Silver Family in Salon1

8-9-1266 TGR visit to Mage's Guild - Branwyn, Miranda & Marisu

8-9-1266 TGR Ilero hunting down Master Kolpin and Thieves Guild 1, 2, 3

8-9-1266 TGR Tristan tries to visit the Grand Celestry 1, 2

9-9-1266 TGR Sir Shelpin visit with Sir Indigo & Imari

10-9-1266 TGR informal visit with the Prince - Branwyn, Marisu & Tristan

10-9-1266 TGR meet Captain of City Guard - Hoffman, Imari

10-9-1266 TGR Meet Jondar, Ambassador of Gold Hills - Hoffman, Imari, Leatherus, Shurkural & Indigo

10-9-1266 TGR meeting with mystery lady1, 2, 3 regarding Bowl of Winds in Meeting Room - Branwyn, Ilero & Imari

11-9-1266 TGR visit Grand Celestry1 - Branwyn, Tristan, Jennevive, Marisu, Leatherus & Indigo; discover surprise about Tristan, discuss over dinner

12-9-1266 TGR Courtyard magic demonstration - Joseph & Branwyn

13-9-1266 TGR The Prince's ball to welcome Ambassador - anyone that would like to attend

14-9-1266 TGR Tristan and group go to negotiate a treaty in Bag of Clouds

14-9-1266 TGR Shur and group go off 1 to hunt a werewolf

14-9-1266 TGR Branwyn learns Teleport

16-9-1266 TGR Tristan and group arrive in Domvile in the morning.

16-9-1266 TGR Shur and group arrive at Northam in the late afternoon.

17-9-1266 TGR Tristan completes the Emerald Sky Treaty between Domvile and the Temple of Air and Light

20-9-1266 TGR Branwyn finishes working on Teleport entry

20-9-1266 TGR Indigo returns to Dryads Lair from Domvile in the late evening, Indigo's meeting with Branwyn

21-9-1266 TGR Shur and her group return in the morning from Northam after wrapping up Who What Were

22-9-1266 TGR Feast of Broodhoy - 3 seats at noble table - access to feast for everyone who wants to come

24-9-1266 TGR Abe the Apprentice begins his service to Branwyn

25-9-1266 TGR the Tarangini arrives back in Domvile

26-9-1266 TGR Branwyn visits the Royal Library at Hightowers

26-9-1266 TGR Branwyn and Imari attend dinner with Lord Branadarus

27-9-1266 TGR Mr. Silver attends dinner at the residence

28-9-1266 TGR Branwyn attends the City Council meeting

1-10-1266 TGR - Green Dragon returns to Domville

2-10-1266 TGR Branwyn visits the Royal Library at Hightowers to look at Princess Dassani's Magical Library

4-10-1266 TGR Kenna and Marisu return with Galdek's body from Bag of Clouds

5-10-1266 TGR First sťance held at the old Waverlyn site

6-10-1266 TGR Lord Sam Hightower dinner at the Residence

8-10-1266 TGR Appointment at Royal Library - Branwyn acquires her Book Mark

8-10-1266 TGR Branwyn Dinner at Prince's Palace with Elven Ambassador

14-10-1266 TGR 2nd Sťance at old Waverlyn site

15-10-1266 TGR Mourning of Megrim - Branwyn and who are attending? hosted at the Residence. Also Branwyn acting as an arbiter for a gypsy family and two young girls

18-10-1266 TGR Ball for King Winston of Golinar - Matchmakers

19-10-1266 TGR City Council Meeting - Marisu & Ellenara

19-10-1266 TGR Memorial for the Wreck

19-10-1266 TGR Party at the Golden Toad - Ilero, Shur, Indigo & Anton

20-10-1266 TGR Lunch with Ambassador from the Barony of Thonriff

20-10-1266 TGR Hearing with Mother Henry about Kenna

20-10-1266 TGR Dinner with Ambassador of Josclin & Lord Branadarus

20-10-1266 TGR Children's Week Celebration Starts

22-10-1266 TGR Dinner with Ambassador of Joclyn

23-10-1266 TGR Groups leave for Barber for Hire, Merchants of the Free Range & Blue Scroll Meetings, 3rd Sťance at old Waverlyn site

24-10-1266 TGR Dinner with with Lord Pendergast's son

25-10-1266 TGR Feast of the Basket - Jennevive, Branwyn and Hugh hosting at the Residence - also meeting with Thonriff, Josclin & Turndile

26-10-1266 TGR Tea with Lord Remorgas

28-10-1266 TGR City Council Meeting - Branwyn & Ella

1-11-1266 TGR Branwyn Queen of the Market in Dryads Market -- Conflict!! -- Ball in Joclyn

02-11-1266 TGR Possible sťance at the Manor did not happen

04-11-1266 TGR Fourth Sťance at Waverlyn House did not happen

10-11-1266 TGR Hair of a live unicorn due to the mage guild did not accomplish

21-11-1266 TGR Marisu's first morning meeting

26-12-1266 TGR First morning meeting with everyone home except Kenna

In the Future

26-12-1266 TGR - earliest possible ending for Airship Training for Qui

28-12-1266 TGR New Years Eve party - Organized by Marisu, Ellenara and Hugh

15-01-1267 TGR Mages Spectacular Feast of Spring - Hosted by Branwyn at Residence

{potential} 18-3-1267 TGR - Neith finishes 2nd Level Priest spell training {if started on 26-12-1266}

{potential} 8-3-1267 TGR training completed for Marisu & Howard 2nd Level Mage spell training, Ilero finishes 1 level of Thief skill training {if started on 26-12-1266}

18-3-1267 TGR Festival of the Books - Hosted at the Residence