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House Affairs - Out of Character Discussions

I cleaned up the pages that John started and expanded on them a bit. I started off the Calendar page for you with the three significant dates so far.

I will leave it up to the group for which events you want to plug in after this point. Dances, meetings, festivals, etc. Which ever you think is worth keeping track of.

6-22 Lisa

The red scroll thing was really directed at Bob/Phillipe. I agree he should be saying something so I keep having Branwyn bringing it up. Besides, Branwyn really isn't back into Ambassador mode unless she is acting frustrated by Phillipe doing over some thing or another. :)

6-22 TMO

Regarding the red scrolls - I do know that a watch was being kept. It was mentioned at least once in RP between Marisu and Philippe. Marisu and Philippe should have that information. However, the actual details of what happened have to come from Bob, and afaik, never have. It's possible Bob was waiting for someone to make up an answer, but this feels like a rather important plot point to me, so I was never comfortable doing so.

The basic premise we are working off of for your goods is that everything was unloaded from the Knarr and brought to the house. The knarr is sitting in the harbor in a rented stationary spot, and Sarengar has left with the longboat you captured.

Here are my basic thoughts on what my characters will primarily be involved in:

  • Marisu:: will attempt to learn the political factions, players, directions and feuds. This may turn up some clues to the death of the previous ambassador, or maybe only help us with our current Ambassadoring tasks. She'd like it if Branwyn would bring her along as her assistant to all meetings with different factions so she can take notes.
  • Ilero :: Solving a murder mystery several months old with these few clues is probably beyond him intellectually. However, he'll try to make contacts and gather information from the lower social stratus, as well as protecting the group currently.
  • Shurkural :: Even less suited to solving mysteries, she'll mostly just guard and bodyguard as needed. However, she might be useful at intel gathering through flirting at parties or taverns, if she's told what to try and get.



I had an idea of giving 100 gp to each character to manage. It will be their responsibility to make change and keep track of it themselves. This way the characters can have the freedom to get things they want/need without having to come back to the villa get a disbursement. This amount is sizeable and should last everyone a while.

Everyone should have formal clothing from home and extras we bought when we arrived, so everyone should have a pretty good base in that area. But if say, Hoffman wants to get a nice bottle of liquor and take it to the Captain of the Guard, Ilero wants to buy some thiefy tool, or Tristan sees a pretty young priestess and wants to get her some flowers, they will have it covered. :)

Any thoughts or objections?


A set allowance is reasonable, individual needs can be handled by the money pool but the extra expenses will vary greatly. I am not not sure we need 100 GP a month, but I imagine some could spend that, depending on how extravagant some of us want to be.

I didn't mean 100 gp a month. I meant 100 gp to start with and see how it goes. That's a lot of money. For example, Ilero just bought a nice suit for 20 sp. I was just thinking of a more than comfortable amount so that no one feels that they have to report home if they want to buy something that strikes them.


Here is the link to BOB's page on the Mist if it helps as a guide to what we are dealing with: