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Player comments: --Seems to be good at punching skeletons.

Hand of Reaching

AKA Hand of Remote Action

Also known as a wonderful hand, this unusual creation is actually two devices—a gauntlet of steel that changes size to fit the hand of any wearer (halfling through human), and a "hand" of solid steel, identical to the gauntlet in size and appearance. The two items are magically linked, so that the hand mimics all actions of the gauntlet from a distance of 10 feet per point of Wisdom possessed by the wearer. Thus, the wearer of the hand of remote action may grasp at empty air and the hand, some distance away, grasps at an enemy. The positioning and movement of the hand are under the complete control of the gauntlet wearer as long as the hand is within the maximum allowable distance and remains within the sight of the wearer. All attacks made by the hand are at -1, due to the difficulty of accurately judging distances from afar.

The hand may transport weapons, but it cannot be used to wield them or hurl them; its chief use is to manipulate dangerous items and to disarm traps and locks from a distance. It is particularly suited for use by thieves, although any class may employ the item.

The hand, unless its speed is markedly increased (by telekinesis or similar means), does 1d8 points of damage per blow. For purposes of bending bars, opening doors, and similar actions, it has the same effective Strength as the gauntlet wearer. It cannot be destroyed by physical attacks, but it becomes inert if it takes blows amounting to 20 points of damage. It can be "recharged," negating all damage, by bringing it into contact with the gauntlet before the 20 point limit is reached. If it falls inert, either from damage or by moving out of sight of the gauntlet wearer, it must be "replenished" by keeping it within the maximum distance for a period of one day for each day (or fraction of it) that it was inert; so even a momentary loss of control over the hand causes it to become useless for one day. The gauntlet and hand cannot be employed in conjunction with any other form of magical gauntlets. The hand cannot be controlled when the wearer is being attacked psionically, or is the target of some form of mind-control magic; however, it will remain functional, and can be used again as soon as the wearer is no longer under mental attack.

The hand of remote action cannot be damaged by fire, heat, cold, or electricity, but if it is hit by a magical force of one of these sorts, the spell effect is transmitted at half-strength to the gauntlet wearer. For instance, if the hand is hit by a fireball of 8d6 strength, the gauntlet wearer takes 4d6 of damage, or 2d6 if a saving throw is made.

Neither the gauntlet nor the hand is subject to any form of rust or corrosion, including attacks by rust monsters. >>>>>>>