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Hans Doerr


Hans is one of those loud mouth stubborn people that you want to have at your game. He has always played up the heroic side of the game, insisting on playing characters like Paladins. Hans keeps the party in line by focusing on what the task at hand is and making sure the group moves along towards it.

He has always thought of the party first rather than what he wants to do. Every character death means something to him, and losing one of his own characters is always a deep blow. His roleplaying skills and general helpfulness have always eased the transition for new players into the game.

Player Comments


Siram Sharpblade? Died 15-3-1240

Feterov Inanhaza? (henchman) (elven archer) leaves after Siram's death
Madrahata? (henchman) (invoker)

Ariatimas? (enchanter) Died 27-3-1240

Stafford Soulsaver? Died 8-7-1240

Alvaren? (henchman) (fighter) Died 8-7-1240
Barseas? (henchman) (fighter) Died 8-7-1240


Glabius (henchman) (priest)
Taurus (henchman) (fighter)