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Harwood Episode

9-1-1239 TGR to 6-3-1241 TGR

This section of Dragonslayer history was one of many small adventures leading up to an encounter with a lair of Beholders.

Some of the adventures during this time were:

3-2-1239 TGR attempt to visit to the Necromancer in Kryptgarden Forest

  • Sweet Wall of Death 17-1-1239 TGR - 19-1-1239 TGR
  • Bard's Keep 11-3-1239 TGR

The Art House gang was formed on 1-5-1239 TGR by Sebrina in Rivertown.

6-2-1240 TGR first encounter with Green Mistress and retrieve eggs for her

  • Shards of the Day 6-3-1240 TGR - 19-3-1240 TGR (the exploding gnome {gas spore})

visiting/training in Gelligaer 7-5-1240 TGR

  • Briocht 20-3-1240 TGR - 12-6-1240 TGR
  • First journey to Thedd to deliver message for the Archbishop of Hades 7-7-1240 TGR
    attacks by ants kill 4 characters, finally after 5 tries the group eliminates the nest, encounter cantobele & Sphinx, death by wyvern, wolves and wraiths attacking at night, encounter with "the mistress", kill and take her spell books after battle of mirrors (when Ty and his wife were killed), death by Ankheg
    • Centaur of Attention 22-7-1240 TGR
    • first arrival at Thedd 5-8-1240 TGR
    traveling back and forth between Thedd and Wolfspack more wraiths, swordwraiths, wyvern, basilisk, black willow, blood hawks, willow wisps
    • House Hunters 22-11-1240 TGR (house sized mimics)
    • 15-1-333 WPR Wine Women and More Wine opens in Wolfspack
    Arylin and Henin become Sons of Kyuss zombies, more centaurs, blood hawks and loggers leading to investigating what turns out to be Beholders
  • Eye of Pain 10-2-1241 TGR - 18-2-1241 TGR

Harwood burns 18-2-1241 TGR

revisit Tallows Deep, Electra becomes cursed