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Hel - Norse - Priests - Gods

Hel is the goddess of death. She receives the spirits of those who die by diseases and old age, locking them behind the impregnable walls and gates of Nifleheim, the land of mists. Located beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, Nifleheim is not a realm of eternal punishment. Nevertheless, it is not a pleasant place, either. It is a land of eternal cold, mist, and darkness.

Hel can cause plagues and pestilence upon Midgard with a wave of her hand. Any mortal looking upon her face falls ill, suffering a permanent loss of 5 hit points per round until a cure disease spell is cast on them. Even after the cure, the victim never recovers the lost hit points. In her true form, Hel is a statuesque woman completely white on the left side of her body and black on the right side. The white side of her face has no features.

Role-playing Notes:

Hel is a grim and fierce goddess, mercilessly striking down those who offend her. Occasionally, she finds a mortal man attractive and will send her avatar to fetch him.

Gods Information

Alignment: NE
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Death and Disease
Symbol: her face

Avatar Information

Hel's avatar takes the form of a woman of swarthy complexion, with coarse, black hair. She can draw upon the all, animal, charm, combat, creation, divination, healing, and necromantic spheres for her spells. (Priest 15, Fighter 16)

Str 18/76 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 18
MV 18 SZ 6' MR 35%
AC -2 HD 18 HP 144
#AT 2 THAC0 3 Dmg 1d8 + 3 (sword) +4

Special Att/Def: Any being coming within 20í of the avatar must save versus death or suffer 3d10 points of damage from her aura. Any being hit by the avatarís sword must save versus death or contract a disease that causes 5 points of damage each round until cured. The avatar cannot be hurt by any material weapon, and her kiss causes death (no saving throw allowed).

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Standard
Alignment: any
Turning: Turn (if good) or Command (if evil)
Armor: Magical armor only
Weapons: Sword, Poison Darts

Major: All, Charm, Creation, Divination, Healing, Necromantic
Minor: none

5th - Immunity to disease and poison
10th - speak with any person who has died in the last 10 years 15th - take only half-damage from physical attacks

Duties of the Priesthood

All priests of Hel must be women. Those of good alignment generally devote themselves to placating the goddess for the good of their village. Those of evil alignment use their powers for the acquisition of personal power. Both alignments are called upon to supervise the burial or cremation of the dead.