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Helina the Barkeep

Helina works in a small bar in Wolfspack. She started there as a young girl looking for adventure. She found the clients at this particular inn irresistible. Located directly across from the Wolfspack Adventurers Guild this establishment has a great many number of people from the wide world come through its doors. Helina started with no experience, and found that she was in over her head. A kindly owner took her in and saved her from the worst indignities. Now three years later Helina is feeling the urge to go out and make her mark on the world. She has become extremely proficient with a short sword, and can handle a large number of bladed weapons. Her skill with a bow is almost elven-like, although she insists she is fully human. The problem she would encounter out adventuring is a habit she learned in dealing with her customers, that is now an obsessive trait. She was taught to never take offense at patrons taunts and to not strike out in anger. This has lead her to a compulsive restraint, even in the occasional tavern brawl. Helina waits until her opponent has taken the first shot at her, then she unleashes her fury on them. While this is an admirable trait in a waitress, it might lead to problems in the dark of a dungeon.

If and when her liege decides to adventure again, Helina would be glad to follow Peleus Akrinos to the ends of the earth.