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The Protectorate of Hervils is a country in Terraguard. In the hills of the western part of this protectorate is the mating grounds for the majority of the King's griffons. They live up in the hills in caves that they use for nests. There are also some caves adapted for use by the griffons' riders (the Order of the Griffon). Down in a village at the foot of the hills is also a manor house used by the Order to conduct business in this area and maintain retainers to watch over the mating area. No one is allowed into the area , so as not to disturb the griffons' nesting sites.

Hervils is called a protectorate because the title of the ruler here is "the Protector". It is a noble family established several generations ago to watch over this important asset of the King's and also maintain a fairly constant feeding source for the mount when they are in the area.

It is about 45 to 50 miles from the city to the hills, with the mating caves on the side facing the river, south of the bend.