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Historical Time Line

This is a listing by date of known events that have happened in the world. Dragonslayer Eras is a history of the Dragonslayers adventures in chronological order while adventures is an alphabetical listing of all the story arcs. Some key Dragonslayer events are highlighted.

Explore calendars to see the interaction of the solar and lunar cycles along with detailed descriptions of each of the different dating systems. There is also a list of holidays that are celebrated throughout the world.

These dates are ones that concern the Western World and some of the events that happened in other parts of the world that are synchronized with that time line. There are other time lines that synchronize with this time line at specified points.

There are History pages for each of the local areas that has more detailed or local events listed.

-120 TGR the Greek armies 'cleanse' the area around what would become Terraguard Principality of all non-believers

1 TGR founding of the original keep of Terraguard

302 TGR Greek armies attack Norse settlements in southeastern Terraguard

307 TGR Norse armies strike deep into central and northern Terraguard looting many Greek temples

385 TGR first tribunal of the Order of Purity

537 TGR 1 CER Peak of the Celtic Empire as declared by the Great Druid.

657 TGR -254 SKR Chandler Cowles takes the throne of the Kingdom of Drillian

789 TGR Greek armies push west and burn Dryads Lair

793 TGR re-founding of the Kayugan temple in Dryads Lair that was destroyed by Greek soldiers

823 TGR -88 SKR End of the Second Drillian Civil War and the Establishment of the Kingdom of Drillian new succession law - Matriarchal Male Primogeniture

825 TGR Kayugan armies invade Greek territories in Terraguard in the first Terraguard crusade

826 TGR first reported occurrence of the second coming of the Grey Death

856 TGR Assassination of King Uther Renaul III by the Great Mage Sergthi Farthorn

856 TGR the Great Mage Sergthi Farthorn becomes King Farthorn I

869 TGR Terraguard crosses the Narva River to attempt to breach the Wildlands, forced to retreat after guerilla forces repel them

900 TGR declaration of Dryads Lair as the third Terraguard Principality

903 TGR 366 CER combined armies of Greek and Norse believers attack Wolfspack to drive out the Druids

908 TGR 371 CER 1 WPR re-sanctifying of the Celtic Temple in Wolfspack

912 TGR 1 SKR signing of the Treaty of North Hoarbrite

914 TGR 1 VRR discovery of the first Mithril mine in Varn

927 TGR 15 SKR 1 RBR The Nest at Rivers Bend is completed

934 TGR Ilsik Herlingson leads a clan of Dwarves from the Highlands of Terraguard

943 TGR Herlinga clan of Ilsik Herlingson arrives in the Hagga Shan

958 TGR Coronation of Juankey Farthorn, great grandson of Sergthi Farthorn as King Farthorn II

978 TGR Coronation of Wiljol Farthorn, grandson of Juankey Farthorn as King Farthorn III

1011 TGR 1 SGR refounding of the city of Seagate after after the Second Cataclysm which is called the Great Cataclysm by the locals.

1013 TGR first reported occurrence of the third coming of the Grey Death

1015 TGR Coronation of Frathgar Farthorn as King Farthorn IV

1099 TGR 187 SKR the end the Third Drillian Civil War

1101 TGR death of Ilsik Herlingson

1102 TGR King Farthorn IV is incapacitated by an attempted assassination

1102 TGR Coronation of Morlyn Farthorn as King Farthorn V

1103 TGR King Farthorn V is assassinated

1103 TGR Coronation of Darvin "The Dragon" Farthorn as King Farthorn VI

1111 TGR 199 SKR the Ranger Reginald Jarvis establishes camp on a river island in the far western wilderness

1122 TGR 210 SKR Jarvis added to the Treaty of North Hoarbrite

1126 TGR 214 SKR Queen Weilina Mosskin takes the throne of Drillian

1132 TGR Kayugan armies invade Greek territories in Terraguard in the second Terraguard Crusade

1148 TGR Frathgar Farthorn, King Farthorn IV dies

1148 TGR 236 SKR Jarvis II takes the throne of Jarvis, grandson of Reginald Jarvis

1158 TGR Coronation of Baldordan Farthorn as King Farthorn VII

1162 TGR Coronation of Harrent Farthorn as King Farthorn VIII

1172 TGR Coronation of Aaron Farthorn as King Farthorn IX

1187 TGR 265 SKR Founding of The Dragonslayers Company mercenary unit in Blackwater

1194 TGR 286 WPR Terraguard besieges Wolfspack for a fourth time

1195 TGR 287 WPR The Fourth Siege of Wolfspack is broken

1198 TGR 274 SKR Dowager Queen Weilina Mosskin dies in Drillian

1199 TGR Blackmorn overwhelmed and all inhabitants slaughtered

1203 TGR 281 SKR Jarvis III takes the throne of Jarvis, nephew of Jarvis II

1216 TGR Coronation of Francis Farthorn as King Farthorn X

1221 TGR 299 SKR Alfred I takes the throne of Jarvis, son of the son of the sister-in-law of Jarvis I

1227 TGR Master Weapon smith Paul Stoop in Rivertown creates a +1 dagger (stolen 10 years later)

25-12-1232 TGR Start of the Beer Run

1-2-1233 TGR the Battle of Gon

5-2-1233 TGR start of Memorial Dungeon Era

12-6-1233 TGR start of Pagmalia Era

1236 TGR 312 SKR the Shardik Regulars are slaughtered to a man in Drillian

2-10-1238 TGR (311 SGR) arrive on Corith, find out about Dwarven child, start of Island Kingdom Adventures Era

9-1-1239 TGR start of the Harwood Episode Era

1-5-1239 TGR the Art House Gang formed in Rivertown by Sebrina

7-7-1240 TGR The Archbishop of Hades in Invergarry asks the Dragonslayers to visit a small manor house and deliver a message for him.

5-8-1240 TGR Dragonslayers first arrive at Thedd

15-1-1241 TGR 333 WPR Wine Women and More Wine opens in Wolfspack

10-2-1241 TGR 333 WPR Harwood burns

7-3-1241 TGR 333 WPR start of Brandorn Building Contract Era

15-4-1242 TGR 334 WPR consecration of new Greek temple in the Duchy of Brandorn

1244 TGR the witch of Cilharen, and a young female ranger rid her forest of a hobgoblin incursion

1-12-1244 TGR start of The Year as King’s Adventurers Era

1-1-1246 TGR start of The Wandering Years Era

1-3-1249 TGR founding of Roadhaven by the Lady Kylia

1-3-1249 TGR start of Kylia’s Keep Era

1249 TGR +2 long sword created by the Lady Kylia for her companion Darmin

1250 TGR The Underdark city of Thunzarad destroyed and Khazefryn abandoned

26-9-1250 TGR start of Stronghold Building Era

1-1-1254 TGR founding of the Protectorate of ElvenStier

12-6-1254 TGR start of In Search of Adventure Era

15-7-1254 TGR Fall Festival in the valley behind Roadhaven and new Treant is welcomed.

15-4-1255 TGR an island rises up out of a lake in the Great Mountains just east of the southeastern part of Terraguard {Chaos Dungeon}

19-4-1255 TGR start of Local Adventures Era

1258 TGR 336 SKR Jarvis IV takes the throne of Jarvis, direct blood relation of Darline Jarvis daughter of Reginald Jarvis, last of the bloodline known to exist

13-5-1258 TGR Greenborough is founded

14-5-1258 TGR start of Mist Wars Era

18-6-1258 TGR Pirates attack Dryads Lair harbor burning 75 vessels.

16-8-1258 TGR start of Rebuilding Adventures Era

15-9-1258 TGR The Elect take control over Stormport

14-10-1258 TGR start of Mindflayer Invasion Era

7-4-1259 TGR start of Team Building Era

6-7-1259 TGR The Conflag clan of Fire Giants moves into a temple in the Firepeaks

2-9-1259 TGR start of Trade Wars Era

28-3-560 SGR - Captain Clostin sails for Seagate loaded with spices for the mages guild

3-4-1260 TGR 3-4-560 SGR - Liam promoted to Second Mate after successful raid

12-3-338 SKR - The Dragonslayers Company marches to Drillian

17-4-1260 TGR 17-4-560 SGR - Group is on Borinquen waiting for Keith {freeze high level campaign}

17-4-338 SKR 1260 TGR- the fledgling squad of The Dragonslayers Company meets Corporal Antero

17-4-338 SKR 1260 TGR start of Phoenix Era

20-4-338 SKR 1260 TGR - remaining Dragonslayers sign a contract with the Jistille Estates

9-6-338 SKR 1260 TGR - start of the Stretching Their Legs Era

9-6-338 SKR 1260 TGR - Dragonslayers complete contract with the Jistille Estates and become the Dragonslayers Company Detached

1-4-339 SKR 1261 TGR - first reported infections from the fifth appearance of the Grey Death

1-3-342 SKR 1264 TGR - start of the Blood Trail Era

15-4-342 SKR Queen Willimina Mosskin takes the throne when Queen Catherine Eustace unexpectedly steps down at the end of the Blood Trail Era.

25-10-342 SKR - start of the Alia Valebat Era

26-12-343 SKR - start of the Diplomatic Entanglements Era

13-9-1266 TGR 344 SKR The Prince's ball to welcome Ambassador Marquessa Branwyn the Mysterious to Dryads Lair

28-5-1267 TGR - start of A River Runs Through It Era

3-8-345 SKR - start of For the Love of Mist Era

Current year - 346 SKR - 568 SGR - 1267 TGR - current year