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Played by John Anstett

Hoffman was the name I came up with when trying to make a fighter/priest of Fate. The name started as Hand OF Fate MAN. The character developed into a simple fighter with very good stats. Though he is not a priest, I decided he would talk to GOD and do HIS work. When Marco's character came in Invisible, it worked right in as he was talking to his imaginary friend.

His Story

Favorite Quotes:

"Sorry, I'm not on a first name basis with my GOD"

1st Henchperson Miranda Paige: Original character in campaign, taken on to give Hoffman someone to protect and take care of him

2nd Henchman Brother Fotopoulos: Taken as apprentice to make him stronger, Hoffman agreed as precaution as Miranda Paige had been infected with the Grey Death.

3rd Henchman QuiFon Ruminell: Taken on as Spiritual Advisor, actual priest of Fate. OOC testing customized priesthood

Timeline Will Character Sheet

Potential Plans