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Home Stories

These adventures took place while the Dragonslayers were resting at home between adventures. They include small encounters with local people, training times and other less organized adventures.

Stretching Their Legs - 2-4-339 SKR - 9-4-339 SKR

Oct 22 10Oct 29 10Nov 05 10 Nov 12 10 Nov 19 10

Stretching Their Legs - 15-4-339 SKR - 3-5-339 SKR

Mar 11 11Mar 18 11Mar 25 11Apr 01 11

Alia Valebat - 26-1-343 SKR - 1-12-343 SKR

Dec 27 13

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Scarlet Kajiko :: waits back and wonders how many masks the castle will be needing ::

Branwyn (Kristelle hates mages almost as much as lizard people)
Miranda Paige ((Kristelle hates foolish mages who think they are the gift of the Gods. Branwyn doesn't fit that description.))
Branwyn (ohh, just wait til I jump a level or two - I could get quite an ego ;-))

Foriso Fairhand takes his cloak off and tosses it down to Miranda
Foriso Fairhand make sure you purify that and have Kristelle put it to good use
Scarlet Kajiko :: sighs :: oh come on... does he have no concept of what a quarantine is?

Feed Back & Recollections

It is very nice to be able to weave the story back to places and people that the players know and have them explore some of the changes that happen around them in the world. I like being able to work new threads into the past.