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Ilero Sauscha

Played by Eric {TMO} Thompson

  1. Character Notes
  2. Ilero's Story
    1. background notes
    2. Relevant RPs
  3. Adventures
  4. Guild Planning
  5. Sauscha Family
    1. Czar Orrager and Aeli Sauscha
    2. Seosur and Isrinu Sauscha
    3. Ilaen and Riari Sauscha
    4. Tyairo and Swaeda Sauscha
    5. Aelan Sauscha
    6. Ilero Sauscha
  6. Dryads Lair Contacts
    1. Master Kolpin
    2. Roder
    3. Alewarnys
    4. Augran
    5. Leir
    6. Leuh
    7. Arotho
    8. Dansay
    9. Tais
    10. Ban'buri
  7. Ilero and his reaction to Fate

Character Summary:

Prince Ilero Sauscha of Blackwater is far from home, and shows no inclination to go back there. Years spent as a scout for different militaries has led to a permanent stint with the Dragonslayers. They've forced him to use his skills in ways they weren't intended for, but so far he's managed to live up to expectations. His two most noticable traits are his strong Blackwater accent, and his tendency to impulsively do something incredibly risky (often also incredibly stupid). He has recently 'died' and been returned to life, which he seems to regard as an ill omen for his future.

Character Notes:

  • Class: Thief (Scout)
  • Age: 26 (in mid 339)
  • Son of Tsar in Blackwater
  • Has a very strong accent
  • His only extraordinary stat is his dexterity. All others are average or slightly below average.
  • Has a tendency to act impetuously. Has so far managed to not die from this. Has died due to this once so far.
  • On the other hand, he sometimes overthinks situations and starts acting mildly paranoid, planning for increasingly unlikely scenarios. He doesn't seem to have any moderation between these two extremes.
  • His sense of humor can be rather cold or cruel, such as taunting Jharym with a mention of zombies. It doesn't get used often though.
  • Involved in a relationship with Shurkural.
    • She has been taught how to make a Suomi Death Mask, if the worst should happen.
    • Due to Ilero's encounter with the wyvern, she has made him a Death Mask. At the moment it is travelling with the group, although it was never placed over his face.
  • In the Suomi religion, death is almost always permanent. Only extreme heroes ever return from the dead. Which casts his being brought back after his death by wyvern sting either problematic or ominous.


  • Ilero joined the Dragonslayers on "Day 4 Ced ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 4th, 339 SKR." Mar0212
  • An interesting note is that Ilero was once transformed into a Lizardman, and was only rescued by Branwyn casting a Polymorph Other on him. Which means he actually looks like Branwyn thought he looked like at the time. This erased most of his scars, since she had no reason to know or care about them beforehand. Anyone who knew him beforehand might think something looks off about him on first meeting him as well.
  • In Skull Church, Ilero and the group discovered several important Suomi tombs. Including those of Saint Tyrin and Tiera, Lemminkainen's shield man.
  • Stupid Things Ilero has done:
    • Jumping down a well (he can't swim)
    • Threatening a vampire in his own castle with a hand-axe.
    • Getting trapped in a rotating maze by exploring too far on his own.
    • Jumping on the back of a Giant Snapping Turtle for a ride
    • Trying to knock out a pirate who had a knife to Branwyn's throat.
    • Going toe-to-toe with a Medusa using his Hand, a cloak clasp with Continual Light, and a small mirror.
    • Trying to jump on the back of a wyvern to distract it from attacking the rest of the sleeping group. The wyvern killed him, but he was brought back from death by the group.
    • Knocking a griffon unconscious with a single punch 20180323c
    • drank poison from a vial and just spit it back out
    • rode a sword-legged spider onto the ground
    • told a ghost to 'get out of his face' (it was a Shakespeare-based adventure though, so I classed it up a bit)
      • speaking of Shakespeare, he is also apparently a 'man not of woman born', since he apparently could hurt MacBeth
    • He and Shurkural had a daughter, named Asamo (or Asoma, or Aselmo, depending on who is pronoucing it.
    • They had a second child on 13-10-349 (details still unknown)

Scars (1 roll per level) (some erased by Polymorphing):

  • Moderate Blunt on Hand (pinky finger on right hand bends outward at lower joint slightly)
  • Minor Blunt on Back
  • Moderate Disease on Jaw (a dozen or so small pockmarks left on right side of jaw)
  • Minor Cut on Knee
  • Slight Disease on Back
  • None Disease on Cheek
  • Minor Scrape on Abdomen
  • None Disease on Chin
  • Slight Puncture on Chin
  • Minor Puncture on Calf
  • Major Puncture on Neck (Wyvern sting)


  • Varsta Huitoa: Flail of Striking, uses a charge to gain a magical enhancement.
  • various thrown knives
  • Hand of Reaching ; often used as a ranged attack.
    • He has studied and learned pugilism to increase his prowess with the Hand as a weapon.
    • The Hand of Reaching was destroyed at Skull Church by Black Cloak?.


  1. Stretching Their Legs era
    1. Burst of Building
    2. Flower Power
  2. Blood Trail
    1. With Friends Like These
    2. Desperate Old Men
    3. Were Did She Go
    4. Everyone Knows
  3. Alia Valebat
    1. She Said Yes!
    2. Say It With Flowers
    3. Athenĉum
      1. Athenĉum - Group dedicated to organizing and sharing knowledge
        1. Symbol:: Quill dipped in inkpot, missing feathers: 1=Friendly; 2=Assistance; 3=Resources; Broken=Expelled;
      2. The raid to steal the books and wand
    4. The Enemy of my Enemy
  4. Diplomatic Entanglements
    1. Setting Up Home
      1. House Affairs
    2. Fool Me Twice
    3. Who What Were
    4. Blue Scroll side adventures

Ilero's Story
Ilero is the 5th, and youngest, son of Sauscha, Tzar of Lisjask, in Blackwater. He was born slightly premature, enough so that his survival was a minor miracle. Perhaps as a result though, he never quite reached the same size as his elder brothers, being something of a 'runt of the litter' among them. Most of his brothers are bigger, stronger, tougher, or smarter than he is. His main advantage was his speed and reflexes, allowing him to often escape any roughhousing or beatings his big brothers might have thought to inflict upon him. As he grew, he learned to lurk in the backgrounds, moving quietly to avoid notice. He also spent many hours out in the moors and swamps of Blackwater, learning the tricks of survival in this hostile and treacherous environment.

When he reached the age of majority, it surprised few people when he chose to leave his home and seek his fortune outside of Blackwater. While he wasn't disliked by his neighbors and family, neither did he have many close connections. Most found him quiet and unobtrusive, and hard to get to know. After about a year's travel, he found himself in the south near The Mists, signing on with a mercenary group as a scout. He already knew many survival tricks, and these were honed, as well as learning new ones for stealth and combat. During his stint, he heard of some of the exploits of the Dragonslayers, and when the opportunity presented itself, he applied with them for membership.

During his years with the Dragonslayers, he's found a group that accepts him, even if they don't always quite seem to understand him. He's still something of a mystery to outsiders, though. Those that make it past his silence and reserved personality are usually put off by his strong accent.

Of special note is the relationship that sprang out of nowhere with Shurkural, encountered working at an inn in the Vilmar Estates. She is a dozen years younger than him, but claims to adore his accent and was willing to leave her home at a moment's notice to go with the Dragonslayers in a chase after a pack of werewolves who had kidnapped the future Queen of Drillian. No one is quite sure how strong the relationship is, and neither of them talk about it. As of right now, there's no way to know if the pairing is permanent, or if it will end suddenly and quietly tomorrow without a word being said. It merely adds another element of uncertainty to the man from Blackwater.

Posting some of the notes from character creation to compose into a full backstory some time:


(2:20:19 PM) Anstett we know you are from Blackwater
(2:20:26 PM) Anstett you went to Loosend
(2:20:51 PM) Anstett at some place in your adventures you visited Rivers Bend
(2:21:02 PM) Anstett depending on how thigns go on Friday
(2:21:23 PM) Anstett you will be introduced as coming from Rivers Bend with the group or from Loosend with a different group
(2:21:30 PM) Anstett but you would have been to both cities
(2:21:53 PM) MasterTMO2 ok
(2:21:56 PM) Anstett and you would know Drillian decently enough as a landscape but not paid attention to the society/political things

(2:39:10 PM) MasterTMO2 I think equipment is roughly done.
(2:39:16 PM) Anstett great
(2:39:37 PM) MasterTMO2 nothing too spectacular other than the fine fur cloak, which I figured was probably necessary in cold northern swamps
(2:40:17 PM) Anstett nods that makes sense for where you are from

(3:44:31 PM) Anstett will let you pick out a family surname and home village
(3:44:39 PM) Anstett and we can add it to the site
(3:44:50 PM) MasterTMO2 ok
(3:44:58 PM) Anstett think he is one of the minor scions of one of the czars?
(3:45:34 PM) MasterTMO2 I hadn't thought of him as anything other than a regular guy, but if it fits the campaign I shan't say no
(3:45:34 PM) Anstett sorry Tzars
(3:45:37 PM) MasterTMO2 one sec
(3:45:48 PM) Anstett take your time was just looking at the blackwater page
(3:45:56 PM) Anstett
(3:55:26 PM) MasterTMO2 family name Sauscha
(3:55:30 PM) MasterTMO2 where do I put it?
(3:55:36 PM) Anstett on the character sheet for now
(3:55:50 PM) Anstett then we will put that up on the site when we fill out the blackwater society pages
(3:56:14 PM) MasterTMO2 ok
(3:59:36 PM) MasterTMO2 possible hometown names: Iljask, Lassossa, Ilosia, Undosia, Lassim, Iskast, Chadadaran, Chaniphi
(3:59:43 PM) MasterTMO2 Timero, Chadjask
(4:00:42 PM) Anstett they all sound reasonable
(4:00:57 PM) Anstett small places buried in the woods and steep hills
(4:01:48 PM) MasterTMO2 heh. Might be interesting to make a group of towns from these 4 the namegen pulled out: Iljask, Undjask, Jiskjask, Lirtjasksya, Lassjasksta, Lassjaskya, Lisjask, Lisjasksta
(4:01:53 PM) MasterTMO2 ok, more than 4
(4:02:36 PM) MasterTMO2 from that, 'jask' would be town, or home, or something
(4:03:18 PM) Anstett nods


(10:46:31 PM) MasterTMO2 Varsta Huitoa
(10:47:26 PM) MasterTMO2 looked up 'flail' on a finnish translator. the noun flail is varsta, the verb flail is huitoa. aka, Flail of Flailing = Varsta Huitoa


(9:59:13 PM) MasterTMO2 we didn't wind up making Ilero any sort of royalty, did we? I know it was mentioned once, but I don't know if it was decided
(9:59:25 PM) Anstett it was not decided
(9:59:38 PM) Anstett you can be a younger son of a Czar
(9:59:45 PM) Anstett off to make his fortune
(10:00:15 PM) MasterTMO2 does it make sense to be? Or better to just be a common man?
(10:00:28 PM) Anstett it makes sense
(10:00:34 PM) Anstett big extended families
(10:00:46 PM) Anstett no way to make a name for your self except Merc unit or adventurering
(10:04:31 PM) MasterTMO2 Orrager Sauscha, Czar of ... ?
(10:04:46 PM) Anstett Czar Orranger Sauscha
(10:04:53 PM) Anstett and your village
(10:05:02 PM) MasterTMO2 just Lisjask, just making sure
(10:05:05 PM) Anstett nods


(8:15:00 PM) Anstett Ilero is moderately well known in Blackwater
(8:15:08 PM) Anstett local prince makes good sort of thing
(8:15:39 PM) MasterTMO2 speaking of whom, I think we had different ideas on his standing in his family. :) What did you view his place in his family?
(8:15:43 PM) Anstett no one expected him to ammount to much but at least those foriegners seem to like him
(8:15:48 PM) MasterTMO2 lol
(8:16:04 PM) Anstett he is like 4th or 5th n line for the leadership of his family
(8:16:22 PM) Anstett which means 2 or 3 after the blood shed of the inheritence
(8:16:29 PM) MasterTMO2 k. I'll add that to his page, so we are both rping off the same info

Relevant RPs:
[Count Drake (Master)] I am pleased that you are happy Sir Ilero
[Count Drake (Master)] I am sorry you did not inform me of your standing I would have been very happy to give you your own room
[Count Drake (Master)] I was not aware until Princess Anastacia told me
Ilero (TMO) waves his hand. "Hye not bot'er wit' t'at for many years now. Hye have too many older brot'ers for it to be wort' anyt'ing. Hye happy enough wit'out it."
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] smiles at Ilero,
[Ilero (TMO)] (enjoy deciphering THAT!)
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] He is modest Lord
Heckat (Fritz) trying to figure out what the heck he said
[Anastacia Eustace (Master)] He has as much standing in his family as I do
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] chockes on his drink
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] He what?
[Toybin of Castling (Master)] Looks at Branwyn

May1013 - (block too long to copy; summary: Ilero threatens the new vampire Count Drake with a hand axe.)

Guild Planning:

  • First off, it'll be a guild to train and organize scouts. It's really all Ilero knows how to do.
  • He'll have to hire someone to manage it. He can handle the training at start (he is a Trainer), but it'll be better if someone(s) else handles things like organization, recruitment, funds, etc. He can start it, but one of his early tasks will be finding qualified people who are better at that sort of thing.
  • It will serve as a resource for training scouts in a variety of terrains. Until it gets in-house experts on other terrains, rangers with the experience can be hired.
  • It can also serve as a central clearing house for information gathered by the scouts. Something one scout finds in one area might be useful to another scout. For instance, the knowledge that the lizardmen are revolting could have been found and reported already, and a scout who knows he's headed into the swamps could be told this.
  • Obviously, it'll also have to have a Want Ads/Hiring section, for people who want to hire scouts or scouts looking for jobs.
  • Starting Guild Admin roles (one person may or may not perform multiple roles, depending on circumstances):
  1. Administrator
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Membership
  4. Training
  5. Communications
    1. Information Gathering
    2. Jobs/Wanted
    3. Bounties (scouts might not be best suited for collecting bounties, but might be very good at finding them)

Sauscha Family - First draft - all profile pics

Note: Personality traits are given in pairs of contrasting traits. Each trait is rolled independently (3d6). So a character could be strong in one half of a pair, weak in both, or strong in both. The strong traits are shown in uppercase. If the character is strong in both traits of a pair, this is called a Conflict, and is listed in that section. It means the person has elements of both traits at various times.
Drive is how well their traits would likely drive them toward success, whether it be power, fame, wealth, class levels, or in other ways.
All of these results are on a bell curve, just like regular stat rolls, so very high or very low results are exceptional, and should be important to the character's design.
Trait numbers: Each trait has an internal stat of 3-18 (3d6). Just like stats, those are worth bonuses. 18 is +4, for instance. 3 is -4. The bonuses for each trait pair are subtracted. So to get a +8 Trait pair, the character has to be an 18 on one and a 3 on the other. Both of 18 would result in an overall +0 and cancel out. But the Conflict value would be +8 because both traits are very strong. Aelan's +7 on Excess means he is almost an 18 in Excess, and almost a 3 in Moderation.
+5 is a strong trait. +6 is practically an obsession. +7 is a mania. And +8 is pretty much taking the trait to Insanity levels.
Note that the class picker tool I have is for Pathfinder, or 3rd Edition D&D. The classes do not necessarily exist in 2ed.
A quick and dirty rule-of-thumb that is probably fairly accurate is to assume they will peak at 1 class level for each 10% Drive they have. The average person will be about 50%, for instance, a Level 5 Commoner (which is a class in 3Ed).

Czar Orrager Sauscha; (father, b 282)
  • STR 15 (13 MUS/17 STA); DEX 4; CON 4 (5 FIT/3 HLT)
  • INT 13 (15 KNO/11 RSN); WIS 13; CHA 8 (10 APP/8 LDR)
  • Alignment: N; Drive: 83%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: creativity_INSIPIDITY;
    • Strong+4: caution_RECKLESSNESS; COURAGE_cowardice; DETERMINATION_irresolution; mirth_GLUMNESS; PERFORMANCE_stagefright; PHYSICAL_sedentary; RENOWN_obscurity;
    • Normal+3: AMBITION_sloth; CONTENTEDNESS_envy; DISCIPLINE_impulsiveness; family_SOLITUDE; friendliness_ALOOFNESS; industriousness_LAZINESS; kindness_CRUELTY; modesty_BOASTFULNESS; PASSION_apathy; SOLIDARITY_independence; WANDERLUST_homebody;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • V. Strong+5: industriousness_LAZINESS;
    • Strong+4: tolerance_prejudice;
  • Analysis:
    • First off- stats. It looks like he's taken a crippling injury at some point, either wound(s) or disease; thus the Dex/Con scores. A wound might fit, given his Recklessness, Courage, Determination and physical activity. A suggestion from a friend would be some sort of spinal injury. He has to use crutches to get around, so his upper body strength is still high, but he has little mobility or lower body control.
    • Second- his desires: Renown, Ambition, Passion (he cares about his goals) and Wanderlust.
    • Third- style: Glum, Disciplined, Cruel, Boastful, not a family man, not very friendly, prefers groups to being alone, is not envious of others, Lazy (but doesn't want to be).
    • 3E Class Choices (current stats): 20% Bard, Wizard; 17% Sorcerer; 12% Barbarian, Druid; 8% Fighter; 6% Ranger; 4% Rogue; 2% Cleric;
    • 3E Class Choices (+6 DEX/CON): 20% Bard; 15% Ranger, Wizard; 13% Fighter; 11% Sorcerer; 10% Rogue; 7% Barbarian, Druid; 2% Cleric;
Aeli; (mother, b 286, d 313)
  • STR 11, DEX 11 (12 AIM/10 BAL), CON 15
  • INT 8 (10 KNO/6 RSN), WIS 11 (12 WIL/10 NTU), CHA 10
  • Alignment: N (NG); Drive: 17%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: RENOWN_obscurity;
    • Strong+4: COMPASSION_indifference; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; TOLERANCE_prejudice; TRUST_mistrust;
    • Normal+3: CALM_wrath; determination_IRRESOLUTION; discipline_IMPULSIVENESS; efficiency_INEFFICIENCY; FOCUSED_distracted; FORGIVING_vindictive; humility_PRIDE; modesty_BOASTFULNESS; PHYSICAL_sedentary; risk_SAFETY; SOLIDARITY_independence; tactful_TACTLESS; vigilance_HEEDLESSNESS;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • Obsessed+6: respect_Disrespect;
    • V. Strong+5: Novelty_familiarity;
    • Strong+4: justice_Injustice; obedience_disobedience; patience_impatience;
  • Analysis:
    • Desires: Fame
    • Positive traits: Compassionate, Impartial, Tolerant, Trusting, Calm, Focused, Forgiving, physically active, doesn't enjoy risk.
    • Negative traits: Irresolute (gives up easily), Impulsive, Inefficient, Proud, Boastful.
    • 3E Class Choices: 44% Commoner; 20% Adept; 14% Warrior; 11% Aristocrat, Expert;

It's very odd that Bard is his top class choice with either set of stats. The main driver for it is his Flair and Drive, with a small kicker from his Wanderlust. His stats pretty much penalize him for the class, but his personality fits to a 'T'.

Not a very intelligent woman, decently well-read for her station, but no good at problem-solving. Her best stat is Con, which makes her death during Ilero's premature birth odd.

Couple Analysis: Aeli seems to have many emotional traits that Orrager is lacking, and as such, probably balanced him out as much as he'd allow her to. He doesn't seem like he'd be a close and caring father figure to his children, and so they probably bonded more with her than him. And after she died giving birth to Ilero that left them without that link.

Seosur Sauscha; (b 306)
  • STR 14 (13 MUS/15 STA); DEX 12 (10 AIM/14 BAL); CON 13
  • INT 14; WIS 12; CHA 14
  • Alignment: +LG; Drive 87%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: RESPECT_disrespect;
    • Strong+4: FIDELITY_perfidy; flexibility_STUBBORNNESS; LUST_chastity; PHYSICAL_sedentary;
    • Normal+3: calm_WRATH; DISCIPLINE_impulsiveness; faith_DISBELIEF; FAMILY_solitude; FLAIR_utilitarian; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; performance_STAGEFRIGHT; rural_URBAN; secrecy_FORTHCOMING; TACTFUL_tactless; TOLERANCE_prejudice; TRUST_mistrust; WANDERLUST_homebody;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • V. Strong+5: rural_URBAN;
    • Strong+4: orderliness_disorganization; renown_Obscurity;
  • Analysis:
    • Desires: Lust, Wanderlust, Family
    • Positive Style: Very Respectful, Honest, Fidelity (his word is his bond), Physically Active, Tactful, Tolerant, Trusting, Impartial, Showy (Flair)
    • Negative Style: Stubborn, Easily angered, Doesn't like to speak in front of large groups.
    • 3E Class Choices: 33% Sorcerer; 15% Monk; 13% Bard, Wizard; 9% Rogue; 7% Fighter; 4% Cleric; 3% Paladin; 2% Druid; 1% Expert, Ranger;
Isrinu; (Seosur's wife, b 305)
  • STR 13, DEX 10, CON 8
  • INT 10, WIS 14 (15 WIL, 13 NTU), CHA 12
  • Alignment: LN (N); Drive: 3%
  • Personality:
    • Obsessed+6: humility_PRIDE; industriousness_LAZINESS;
    • V. Strong+5: CAMARADERIE_severance; TACTFUL_tactless;
    • Strong+4: CAUTION_recklessness; discipline_IMPULSIVENESS; FLEXIBILITY_stubbornness; hope_DESPAIR; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; PASSION_apathy; RURAL_urban;
    • Normal+3: curious_INCURIOUS; FORGIVING_vindictive; INITIATIVE_passivity; MERCY_mercilessness; MODERATION_excess; OBEDIENCE_disobedience; PATIENCE_impatience; RENOWN_obscurity; TOLERANCE_prejudice; trust_MISTRUST; vigilance_HEEDLESSNESS; wanderlust_HOMEBODY;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • Strong+4: mirth_Glumness
  • Analysis:
    • Defining Traits: Pride, Laziness
    • Desires: mild desire for Fame. Interesting that she has no other goals.
    • Positive Traits: Tactful, Cautious, Mentally flexible, Impartial, Passion (cares about her goals or projects), Initiative, Mercy, Moderation, Obedience, Patience, Tolerance
    • Negative Traits: Impulsive (+ Cautious, weird combo), Despair, Doesn't trust easily
    • Other Traits: Doesn't like to be alone (Camaraderie), Likes the countryside, Not very curious.
    • 3E Class Choices: 59% Warrior; 17% Adept; 15% Expert; 8% Aristocrat;

A good choice for primary heir to the family seat. Respectful, honest, true to his word, tactful, tolerant and impartial. A high drive score means he's likely to be a success, and no low stats. Probably a higher-level class.

Incredibly Proud and Lazy. She has a fairly strong moderation trait and isn't sedentary, so she's probably not fat, but her low Con is undoubtedly due being out of shape. She doesn't have many other negative traits that would cause someone to dislike her, if those two don't do it. With her low Drive, she quite likely has very few class levels, if any.

Couple Analysis: Seosur and Isrinu are probably a fairly well-matched couple. They're tolerant of the other's foibles, and his high lust score is matched with a high fidelity, so her pride isn't injured by him having mistresses scattered around. She doesn't add much to his ability to succeed in the world, but she likely doesn't hinder him either. So long as they actually like each other, all should be pretty well in their household.

Ilaen Sauscha; (b 309)
  • STR 15; DEX 10; CON 17 (16 FIT/18 HLT)
  • INT 12 (14 KNO/10 RSN); WIS 5 (3 WIL/7 NTU); CHA 12
  • Alignment: NG+; Drive 87%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: mirth_GLUMNESS; openmindedness_CLOSEMINDEDNESS;
    • Strong+4: CONTENTEDNESS_envy; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; VOLUBILITY_silence;
    • Normal+3: charity_GREED; creativity_INSIPIDITY; EFFICIENCY_inefficiency; FIDELITY_perfidy; HONESTY_duplicity; MERCY_mercilessness; MODERATION_excess; ORDERLINESS_disorganization; PERFORMANCE_stagefright; power_POWERLESS; privileged_UNDERPRIVILEGED; RENOWN_obscurity; respect_DISRESPECT; TOLERANCE_prejudice; trustworthiness_TREACHEROUSNESS; ZEAL_lethargy;
    • Personality Conflicts:
    • Strong+4: VOLUBILITY_silence;
  • Analysis:
    • Stats: Very physically fit, VERY low Wisdom. Not stupid, but no willpower to speak of, no creativity or openmindedness.
    • Desires: Greed, Does not want power, Wants fame.
    • Style: Glum, Talkative, likes to talk in front of groups, doesn't do things to excess (Moderation), orderly, Zealous (likes to try and talk others to his viewpoint)
    • Positive Traits: Is not envious of others, Impartial, Efficient, Fidelity (his word is his bond), Honest, Mercyful, Orderly, Tolerant
    • Negative Traits: Closeminded, usually broke or hard up, Disrespectful, Treacherous (willing to use others for his own gain)
    • 3E Class Choices: 30% Bard; 25% Sorcerer; 15% Rogue; 14% Fighter; 8% Wizard; 4% Barbarian; 3% Cleric; 2% Ranger; 1% Commoner;
Riari; (Ilaen's wife, b 311)
  • STR 9, DEX 16, CON 5 (6 FIT/4 HLT)
  • INT 7, WIS 10 (9 WIL/11 NTU), CHA 17 (16 APP/18 LDR)
  • Alignment: CN (N); Drive: 21%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: FAITH_disbelief; hope_DESPAIR; openmindedness_CLOSEMINDEDNESS; ORDERLINESS_disorganization; resourcefulness_HIDEBOUNDNESS;
    • Strong+4: fidelity_PERFIDY; FRUGALITY_lavishness; impartiality_PARTIALITY; INITIATIVE_passivity;
    • Normal+3: CALM_wrath; camaraderie_SEVERANCE; charity_GREED; FORGIVING_vindictive; justice_INJUSTICE; NOVELTY_familiarity; OBEDIENCE_disobedience; power_POWERLESS; SOLIDARITY_independence; tactful_TACTLESS; trust_MISTRUST;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • V. Strong+5: Ambition_sloth;
    • Strong+4: focused_distracted; rural_Urban;
  • Analysis:
    • 3E Class Choice: 59% Adept; 20% Rogue; 15% Cleric; 5% Aristocrat; 1% Expert;
    • Stats: High CHA & DEX; low CON & INT
    • Desires: A bit of Greed and Novelty
    • Positive traits: Faith, Orderliness, Frugality, Initiative, Calm, Forgiving, Obedient, Stands by her family and friends
    • Negative traits: Very pessimistic, Closeminded, not very resourceful, sees little need to keep her word, favors her friends and family over others, a bit of a loner, wishes she had more money, Tactless, and Mistrustful.
    • Other: Very strong conflict between Ambition and Sloth. She wants to do more and have more, but usually can't quite get around to it.

Ilaen rarely smiles. He can often be talked into going along with ideas or plans, even if he doesn't agree with them. He doesn't envy others' success, but would like to be rich and famous himself. He lives a neat and moderate life toward this aim. He enjoys arguing with those around him, and although he can out-argued fairly easily, he rarely concedes defeat, often restarting the argument out of nowhere and repeating his previous points (Volubility, Performance, Zeal). He is honest and tolerant of others, a man of his word, but can be rather rude, and doesn't mind using others to gain an advantage if he can. WIth his Drive, he is probably a fairly high-level character.

A rather stupid woman, strong in faith and tends to believe the gods will provide if they feel like it, which they often don't. She spends a lot of time praying to try and change their minds. She can often be rather rude to others when discussing religion, especially when different viewpoints come up. She is very beautiful and likeable (even with her negative traits), and treats those who flatter her or give gifts with special favor, if she's sure they're not trying to trick her, and she's been known to make promises she couldn't (or wouldn't) keep. She probably has very few class levels.

Couple Analysis: These two live moderate and frugally, trying to move up the financial ladder. Extended contact with the couple can be tiring, especially for those not overly blessed with an abundance of Tolerance. He's of average Intelligence but sub-par Wisdom, while she's got average Wisdom and sub-par Intelligence. While they could theoretically work together to cover their flaws, their closemindedness tends to mean they ignore advice and do what they want regardless. With his lack of common sense and her lack of intellect, they've probably been the victim of several 'get-rich-quick' schemes.

Tyairo Sauscha; (b 310)
  • STR 14 (12 MUS/16 STA); DEX 16 (15 AIM/17 BAL); CON 10 (9 FIT/11 HLT)
  • INT 11; WIS 12; CHA 11 (13 APP/9 LDR)
  • Alignment: LN; Drive: 30%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: CHEER_cheerlessness; passion_APATHY; VOLUBILITY_silence;
    • Strong+4: creativity_INSIPIDITY; FAMILY_solitude; FLAIR_utilitarian; resourcefulness_HIDEBOUNDNESS; respect_DISRESPECT; ZEAL_lethargy;
    • Normal+3: determination_IRRESOLUTION; FIDELITY_perfidy; FORGIVING_vindictive; FRUGALITY_lavishness; HUMILITY_pride; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; ORDERLINESS_disorganization; PEACEFUL_violent; rationality_IRRATIONALITY; renown_OBSCURITY; tolerance_PREJUDICE; TRUSTWORTHINESS_treacherousness; VIGILANCE_heedlessness;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • Strong+4: Discipline_impulsiveness; Novelty_familiarity; Purpose_fecklessness;
  • Analysis:
    • Style: Cheerful, Talkative, Flashy (Flair), Forgiving, Frugal, Hidebound (doesn't look for new solutions, preferring to do things the way he always has), Humble, Impartial, Orderly, Peaceful, Prejudiced, Trustworthy, Vigilant, Irrational, no desire for Fame, Disrespectful.
    • 3E Class Choice: 36% Adept, Cleric; 18% Expert; 8% Commoner; 1% Warrior, Monk, Wizard;
Swaeda; (Tyairo's wife, b 313)
  • STR 11 (10 MUS/12 STA), DEX 11 (9 AIM/13 BAL), CON 13
  • INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 14
  • Alignment: CN (N); Drive: 59%
  • Personality:
    • Obsessed+6: passion_APATHY;
    • V. Strong+5: efficiency_INEFFICIENCY; physical_SEDENTARY;
    • Strong+4: contentedness_ENVY; FLEXIBILITY_stubbornness; FORGIVING_vindictive; HONESTY_duplicity; secrecy_FORTHCOMING; selflessness_SELFISHNESS;
    • Normal+3: CALM_wrath; courage_COWARDICE; curious_INCURIOUS; DETERMINATION_irresolution; discipline_IMPULSIVENESS; fairness_UNFAIRNESS; FLAIR_utilitarian; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; justice_INJUSTICE; kindness_CRUELTY; orderliness_DISORGANIZATION; PRIVILEGED_underprivileged; RESPECT_disrespect; tactful_TACTLESS; TOLERANCE_prejudice;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • V. Strong+5: tactful_TACTLESS; TOLERANCE_prejudice;
    • Strong+4: Camaraderie_severance; Gluttony_temperance; obedience_Disobedience; resourcefulness_hideboundness;
  • Analysis:
    • Desires: None. She wants for nothing more than what she has.
    • Positive Traits: Flexible thinking, Forgiving, Honest, Calm, Determined, has style, doesn't keep secrets, Impartial, comes from a priviledged background, is Respectful and Tolerant of others.
    • Negative Traits: APATHETIC, doesn't care about much of anything, over-complicates things, envies those who have it better than her, is Selfish, is a Coward, shows little curiosity, is Impulsive, doesn't usually bother with being Fair or Balanced (Unfair, Injustice), has a moderate Cruel streak, is Disorganized (goes great with Inefficiency!), and often blurts out what she's thinking (often including secrets she wasn't supposed to reveal).
    • 3E Class Choice: 39% Bard, Cleric; 8% Adept, Aristocrat; 6% Druid;

Not much drive to accomplish things. Cheerfully floating through life not accomplishing much other than talking, but not making many enemies either, which is just the way he likes it. He probably has few class levels.

A seriously flighty and unfocused woman. She often speaks without thinking, sometimes incredibly rude or insulting things, and then trying to apologize for it after if someone powerful or influenctial was nearby. She is not unattractive, and dresses well, coming from a wealthier family than the Sauscha's, but struggles constantly with her weight. She is probably a mid-range character class.

Couple Analysis: The sheer amount of Cares this family does NOT give is amazing. They are better off financially than the rest of the Sauscha family due to Swaeda's family, and they wear it well without even spending all that much, ensuring they are likely to stay well off for a long while. If they cared to, they could probably achieve a lot with their lives, but that doesn't seem likely in the near (or far) future.

Aelan Sauscha (b 311)
  • STR 10 (11 MUS/9 STA); DEX 14 (15 AIM/13 BAL); CON 9
  • INT 14; WIS 13 (12 WIL/14 NTU); CHA 12
  • Alignment: CN; Drive 8%
  • Personality:
    • Mania+7: moderation_EXCESS;
    • V. Strong+5: privileged_UNDERPRIVILEGED;
    • Strong+4: loyalty_FICKLENESS; patience_IMPATIENCE; PERFORMANCE_stagefright; TRUSTWORTHINESS_treacherousness;
    • Normal+3: camaraderie_SEVERANCE; contentedness_ENVY; FAIRNESS_unfairness; FAITH_disbelief; flexibility_STUBBORNNESS; focused_DISTRACTED; GLUTTONY_temperance; hope_DESPAIR; industriousness_LAZINESS; INITIATIVE_passivity; justice_INJUSTICE; KINDNESS_cruelty; LUST_chastity; mercy_MERCILESSNESS; PASSION_apathy; peaceful_VIOLENT; power_POWERLESS; respect_DISRESPECT; risk_SAFETY;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • V. Strong+5: FAITH_disbelief;
    • Strong+4: zeal_lethargy;
  • Analysis:
    • Defining Trait: No Restraint. Does everything to Excess.
    • Desires: Lust, Gluttony, doesn't want power, doesn't like Risk, Envious of others.
    • Positive traits: Not crowd-shy, Trustworthy (not willing to sacrifice others), makes plans (Initiative), Kind, Fair, Cares about his goals (Passion), religious.
    • Negative traits: Usually broke, is not loyal to his superiors, Impatient, a bit of a loner, Envious of others, Stubborn, doesn't care about justice, only what's best for him, has little mercy for others, Violent, Disrespectful.
    • 3E Class Choice: 35% Adept, Expert; 29% Warrior; 1% Bard;
Aelan's wives (unknown which is/are current, or if there are new one(s) since Ilero left):
  • Saesri
  • Ailadeu
  • Tyastyn

The bad apple in the Sauscha basket. A slave to his appetites, he is often deep in debt to pay for his indulgences. He is fickle, impatient, lazy, stubborn, disrespectful, occasionally violent and merciless, and easily distracted. He is not without his good points, but they are often completely obscured by his faults. He usually won't stoop to dishonest means to solve his problems (he's not overly honest, but doesn't like to unfairly take what belongs to others, especially if they can't afford to lose it). He can show streaks of surprising kindness at times (but don't try to appeal to his better nature for a handout, you won't get it). About the best that can be said of him is that he is too self-absorbed to be actually evil.

Couple Analysis: Aelan tends to go through friends and women at an alarming rate, almost as fast as he goes through money. He sometimes pays off his debts by working as a debt collector himself on behalf of his creditors. It's highly doubtful he has more than one or two class levels.

Ilero Sauscha (b 313)
  • The man you all know and love.
  • Alignment: NG; Drive: 90%
  • Personality:
    • V. Strong+5: friendliness_ALOOFNESS;
    • Strong+4: caution_RECKLESSNESS; PHYSICAL_sedentary; privileged_UNDERPRIVILEGED; RISK_safety;
    • Normal+3: camaraderie_SEVERANCE; cheer_CHEERLESSNESS; CONTENTEDNESS_envy; COURAGE_cowardice; CURIOUS_incurious; flair_UTILITARIAN; HONESTY_duplicity; MODERATION_excess; PURPOSE_fecklessness; RESOURCEFULNESS_hideboundness; RURAL_urban; SECRECY_forthcoming; TOLERANCE_prejudice; WANDERLUST_homebody;
  • Personality Conflicts:
    • Strong+4: caution_RECKLESSNESS;

Family Analysis: Interestingly, not a single person rolled a Priviledged background, and a couple got Underpriviledged, which indicates the Sauscha clan is probably not a wealthy one.

One of the implications Bob made when we first made Ilero was that there might be some attrition among his brothers when it came time to inherit the title, but looking at these 4 boys, I'm not thinking any of the younger 3 would contest Seosur's claim. Ilaen is extremely Good, Tyairo is Lawful, and while Aelan is CN, he doesn't want power. All that responsibility would get in the way of his parties. That doesn't mean that a wife might not take steps, but nobody came up evil, although we don't know what the in-law families are like either. And perfectly innocent accidents do happen, and Ilaen and Tyairo might contest (bloodlessly) between them for the title if something happened to Seosur, Ilaen would most likely win. Tyairo doesn't have the drive Ilaen does.

There probably isn't much love lost between Ilaen and Tyairo, if you look at alignments. Seosur would have played the middleman as a child between the two as a mix of their two alignments, especially as the oldest son. Add in the financial differences between the two brothers as an additional bone of contention, and it's probably safe to say they try not to meet all that often. Comparing all of the Sauscha men, it's actually likely that they are not all that fond of each other at all. Orrager probably spent little time endearing himself to his sons. Seosur is probably properly polite and respectful to his father, but likely disagrees on many topics. Ilaen is difficult to talk with for any amount of time and probably makes many clueless suggestions. Tyairo just goes through the motions and is happy to get back to his own life. Aelan is probably all but disowned by this point by the family. And Ilero was the runt of the litter, probably the scapegoat a lot, and probably bears a few resentments against the others, and is apparently happy to spend much of his life far away among a family of his choosing.

Orrager, Seosur, Ilaen and Ilero are the only ones likely to have made it to higher class levels. They all have Drive scores between 80-90%, which means they have the ability and desire necessary to train and advance themselves that far.

Family rankings:

  • Strength: (STR+MUS)
    • Strong: Ilaen (30); Orrager (28); Seosur (27); Tyairo (26);
    • Average: Aelan (23);
    • Weak: Ilero (16)
  • Brains: (RSN+NTU)
    • Smart: Aelan (28); Seosur (26); Swaeda (26); Orrager (24);
    • Average: Tyairo (23); Isrinu (23); Riari (18);
    • Stupid: Ilaen (17); Aeli (16);
  • Charm: (CHA+LDR)
    • Beautiful: Riari (35);
    • Pretty: Seosur (28); Swaeda (28); Ilaen (24); Aelan (24); Isrinu (24);
    • Average: Tyairo (20); Aeli (20); Ilero (19);
    • Plain: Orrager (16);
  • Overall Ability (Above + Drive):
  1. Seosur (168|27+26+28+87)
  2. Ilaen (158|30+17+24+87)
  3. Orrager (151|28+24+16+83)
  4. Ilero (146?|16+21?+19+90)
  5. Swaeda (134|21+26+28+59)
  6. Tyairo (99|26+23+20+30)
  7. Riari (92|18+18+35+21)
  8. Aelan (81|21+28+24+8)
  9. Isrinu (76|26+23+24+3)
  10. Aeli [(75|22+16+20+17)

Dryads Lair contacts: I haven't assigned any classes to any of these folks, just their names, stats and personalities. Bob can class them when it's appropriate.

Master KolpinHuman(M)????????????????
   Description:Ilero was sent to deliver a box with a ring to him in Dryads Lair. Ilero found him operating as a tailor, and covers his occasional visits with clothes shopping trips for various festivals. Kolpin seems to be under the impression that Ilero is far more devious and cunning than he actually is. Kolpin is associated in some way with the underworld in Dryads Lair.
   Personality:obedience_DISOBEDIENCE; physical_SEDENTARY; WANDERLUST_homebody;DETERMINATION_irresolution; LOYALTY_fickleness;FAMILY_solitude; mercy_MERCILESSNESS;AMBITION_sloth; COURAGE_cowardice; FLEXIBILITY_stubbornness; focused_DISTRACTED; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; passion_APATHY; PERFORMANCE_stagefright; risk_SAFETY; tactless_TACTFUL; vanity_SLOVENLY;
   Conflicts:forgiving_Vindictive;Zeal_lethargy;Creativity_insipidity; impatience_Patience; mercy_MERCILESSNESS;focused_DISTRACTED; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; passion_APATHY; PERFORMANCE_stagefright; recklessness_Caution; Trust_mistrust; vanity_SLOVENLY;
   Personality:AMBITION_sloth; obedience_DISOBEDIENCE;EFFICIENCY_inefficiency; family_SOLITUDE; focused_DISTRACTED; forthcoming_SECRECY; impartiality_PARTIALITY; INDUSTRIOUSNESS_laziness; VANITY_slovenly;BOASTFULNESS_modesty; CAMARADERIE_severance; charity_GREED; determination_IRRESOLUTION; DUTY_negligence; flexibility_STUBBORNNESS; justice_INJUSTICE; mercy_MERCILESSNESS; MODERATION_excess; openmindedness_CLOSEMINDEDNESS; passion_APATHY; PEACEFUL_violent; RENOWN_obscurity; RURAL_urban; tolerance_PREJUDICE; zeal_LETHARGY;
   Conflicts:novelty_Familiarity;Fidelity_perfidy; impatience_Patience; Performance_stagefright; RENOWN_obscurity; zeal_LETHARGY;
   Personality:impatience_PATIENCE;ambition_SLOTH; compassion_INDIFFERENCE; determination_IRRESOLUTION; KINDNESS_cruelty; MIRTH_glumness; SELFLESSNESS_selfishness;DISCIPLINE_impulsiveness; EDUCATION_ignorant; FORGIVING_vindictive; industriousness_LAZINESS; law_abiding_REBELLIOUS; lust_CHASTITY; PASSION_apathy; PROTECTOR_bully; RECKLESSNESS_caution; RESOURCEFULNESS_hideboundness; zeal_LETHARGY;
   Conflicts:friendliness_Aloofness;charity_Greed; determination_IRRESOLUTION; Fidelity_perfidy;Curious_incurious; flair_Utilitarian; humility_Pride; loyalty_Fickleness; PASSION_apathy; PROTECTOR_bully;
   Personality:SELFLESSNESS_selfishness;ambition_SLOTH; creativity_INSIPIDITY; determination_IRRESOLUTION; initiative_PASSIVITY; LUCKY_unlucky; physical_SEDENTARY; vanity_SLOVENLY; wanderlust_HOMEBODY;CHEER_cheerlessness; EFFICIENCY_inefficiency; FAMILY_solitude; gluttony_TEMPERANCE; INDUSTRIOUSNESS_laziness; mercy_MERCILESSNESS; moderation_EXCESS; PASSION_apathy; performance_STAGEFRIGHT; respect_DISRESPECT; TRUST_mistrust;
   Conflicts:fairness_Unfairness;ambition_SLOTH; determination_IRRESOLUTION; faith_Disbelief; Forthcoming_secrecy; impartiality_partiality; loyalty_fickleness; novelty_familiarity; protector_bully;mirth_Glumness; performance_STAGEFRIGHT; Volubility_silence;
   Description:A sword-for-hire whose deadliest weapon is her mind. If she's hired to do a job she'll do her best, but she has little compunction about backing out if she thinks it's a dumb or suicidal idea. She's also willing haggle over tasks she sees as being outside the scope of what she was hired for. Regardless of her faults, her services are in high demand due to the quality of her work.
   Personality:fairness_UNFAIRNESS; MODERATION_excess;flexibility_STUBBORNNESS; orderliness_DISORGANIZATION;CAMARADERIE_severance; curious_INCURIOUS; DETERMINATION_irresolution; family_SOLITUDE; FIDELITY_perfidy; KINDNESS_cruelty; lust_CHASTITY; POWER_powerless; RATIONALITY_irrationality; recklessness_CAUTION; respect_DISRESPECT; rural_URBAN; VANITY_slovenly; VIGILANCE_heedlessness;
   Conflicts:compassion_Indifference; impatience_Patience; initiative_Passivity; performance_stagefright; Tactless_tactful;calm_Wrath; lust_CHASTITY; mercy_Mercilessness; POWER_powerless; recklessness_CAUTION; tolerance_Prejudice; volubility_Silence;
   Description:An al-Qadim traveler and merchant. Arotho an-Nubrin hails from far lands, and has no desire to settle down anywhere. Currently he is based in Dryads Lair, but he is often gone for months at a time, visiting the remote corners of Terraguard. His prices tend to be high, but he often gives discounts to his friends. He can be greedy and occasionally deceitful, but rarely violent, and tends not to hold a grudge. He likes to talk about the places he's been and what he's seen, but rarely discusses his past. He rarely overlooks the charms of a pretty lady, and will happily flatter them outrageously. He doesn't seem to hold a person's race or birthplace against them either, and deals fairly with anyone. He is exceptionally cautious when dealing with groups with unsavory reputations, however.
   Personality:AMBITION_sloth; solidarity_INDEPENDENCE;PHYSICAL_sedentary; WANDERLUST_homebody;charity_GREED; impartiality_PARTIALITY; obedience_DISOBEDIENCE; PEACEFUL_violent;FORGIVING_vindictive; forthcoming_SECRECY; gluttony_TEMPERANCE; LUST_chastity; mercy_MERCILESSNESS; moderation_EXCESS; passion_APATHY; risk_SAFETY; TOLERANCE_prejudice; trustworthiness_TREACHEROUSNESS; VOLUBILITY_silence;
   Conflicts:power_Powerless;honesty_duplicity; respect_Disrespect;Boastfulness_modesty; Creativity_insipidity; curious_Incurious; determination_Irresolution; Faith_disbelief; Flexibility_stubbornness; FORGIVING_vindictive; forthcoming_SECRECY; impatience_Patience; moderation_EXCESS; Rural_urban;
   Personality:CHALLENGE_effortless; CURIOUS_incurious; fidelity_PERFIDY; loyalty_FICKLENESS; MIRTH_glumness; PASSION_apathy; purpose_FECKLESSNESS;CREATIVITY_insipidity; HONESTY_duplicity; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; initiative_PASSIVITY; LUST_chastity; peaceful_VIOLENT; POWER_powerless; recklessness_CAUTION; RENOWN_obscurity; risk_SAFETY; tactless_TACTFUL; TRUST_mistrust; vanity_SLOVENLY;
   Conflicts:faith_Disbelief;discipline_Impulsiveness; obedience_disobedience; vigilance_heedlessness;Flair_utilitarian; initiative_PASSIVITY; privileged_Underprivileged; vanity_SLOVENLY;
   Personality:PRIVILEGED_underprivileged;CONTENTEDNESS_envy; courage_COWARDICE; flair_UTILITARIAN; IMPARTIALITY_partiality; RATIONALITY_irrationality;CALM_wrath; CHARITY_greed; curious_INCURIOUS; duty_NEGLIGENCE; FAITH_disbelief; FIDELITY_perfidy; FRIENDLINESS_aloofness; MODERATION_excess; performance_STAGEFRIGHT; RECKLESSNESS_caution; renown_OBSCURITY; RESOURCEFULNESS_hideboundness; risk_SAFETY; SELFLESSNESS_selfishness; trust_MISTRUST;
   Conflicts:camaraderie_Severance; obedience_Disobedience; trust_MISTRUST;power_Powerless;Ambition_sloth; curious_INCURIOUS; lucky_Unlucky; performance_STAGEFRIGHT; respect_Disrespect;
   Personality:vanity_SLOVENLY;FORGIVING_vindictive; kindness_CRUELTY; law_abiding_REBELLIOUS; ORDERLINESS_disorganization; RATIONALITY_irrationality; zeal_LETHARGY;COMPASSION_indifference; CONTENTEDNESS_envy; EFFICIENCY_inefficiency; FAMILY_solitude; FRIENDLINESS_aloofness; GLUTTONY_temperance; HONESTY_duplicity; JUSTICE_injustice; moderation_EXCESS; obedience_DISOBEDIENCE; power_POWERLESS; respect_DISRESPECT; SOLIDARITY_independence; trust_MISTRUST; vigilance_HEEDLESSNESS;
   Conflicts:Cheer_cheerlessness;initiative_passivity;flair_Utilitarian; Industriousness_laziness; lucky_Unlucky; obedience_DISOBEDIENCE; Risk_safety; selflessness_Selfishness;

Ilero and his reaction to Fate:

I thought I'd do a paragraph or two here on why Ilero is reacting the way he is to the situation with his 'Worthy Death'. Note that I didn't consciously go through all of this before deciding on his reaction. I'm basically mining his background, history, and personality for the bits that support the situation. I could also mine it to support becoming a cleric, or a wizard, or embracing it wholeheartedly. grin
Let's start with a brief summary of the events: One night while Ilero and Indigo were on watch, a wyvern dropped down onto the ledge overlooking the sleeping party. During the fight, in an attempt to distract it from the sleeping party members, Ilero performed one of his patented stupid ideas and leaped onto it's back. I imagine he thought it would keep it preoccupied with him and give him and Indigo some good opportunities to hit it. Unfortunately what happened was that it promptly stuck him in the neck with it's poison stinger (which he forgot about), and he failed his save vs poison. The raw damage wasn't enough to kill him, only the poison. Indigo was able to promptly pour an Elixir of Health down his throat, which neutralized the poison and restored him to life.
Of course, he had still died, and now he'd come back, which is not something that happens often to Suomi believers. On the metaphysical plane, Ilero's journey to the afterlife was interrupted by Tiera, shield-man to Lemminkainen, the Suomi Hero. Tiera blocked his path with his shield, and would not allow him to pass. Ilero touched his shield, and his soul was immediately sucked back into his body. What this means for Ilero's Fate is that he is Worthy of Death. That's all we know so far. We don't know in what way, or by whom or what his Death will come about, only that it's supposed to be somehow significant in some way.
Ilero has, on the whole, not taken this revelation well. He's been extra moody and silent, on top of his usual moodiness and silence. He's offered to both Shurkural and Branwyn to leave the Dragonslayers, over his worry that he may bring doom to the group. His rationale is that at the start of a story, the 'Hero' is often motivated by the death or destruction of his friends or family. If this is going to happen, there's a chance him not being with them could spare them. He doesn't want to drag his friends down into his fate.
Besides his worries about bringing harm to the rest of the Dragonslayers, there's also the fact that this Fate means he's been noticed by the gods. Ilero has spent much of his life trying to not be noticed. If you've read his family history above, you'll have seen that his father was a cold, hard man, and that his mother was the emotional center and mediator of the family, between the father and the 4 sons. And that she died giving premature birth to Ilero, depriving them all of the person that kept them from grating on and irritating each other. And no doubt all of them blamed him for it, even if only subconsciously. Ilero's brothers, all of them, were bigger, stronger, tougher, and smarter than him. His only respite was in being quick and learning how to be beneath notice. As such, being noticed by the gods and heroes has probably brought back a lot of ugly feelings from his childhood. Nothing good can come from being Noticed. In fact, he knows that his death will come from it.