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Ilsik Herlingson

Ilsik was the head of a dwarven clan that lived in the Highlands of Terraguard for several centuries. Ilsik lead a large group of these dwarves on a migration that started in 934 TGR. They journeyed both through the Underdark and overland eastward. The Herlinga clan ended up near the shores of the Yal Tengri and created homes in the Glittering Spires in 943 TGR.

Ilsik was large for a dwarf with a bright red beard that glittered from all the rubies he braided into it. A warrior cleric Ilsik lead his clan with a loud booming voice that legend says could be heard for mile; chanting prayers that could cause the earth to tremble. He had adventured with Humans and Gnomes in his youth but always maintained a healthy disrespect for Elves over the course of his life.

Ilsik Herlingson Died in 1101 TGR and was buried in a grand tomb under the Glittering Spires