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In Search of Adventure

12-6-1254 TGR to 18-4-1255 TGR

This period was chaotic for the group. We started adding in remote Internet players and were experimenting with several ways of running the game with this new format. Several adventures were undertaken without quite as much continuity as was normal in the campaign. As the players became more comfortable with the new format we were able to develop several new characters and new story lines emerged.

12-6-1254 start from Roadhaven group revisits the Spider Lady caves, Cyclone dies, Morham decides to re-retire, the party takes some time off, then the group gets called on to do a favor for the druids in Mactirr involving the Drow (John’s adventure) and Paul’s past.

When they returned to Roadhaven, they are visited by the Dryad of the Forest who wants the party to fulfill its promise to destroy the invisible tree that is haunting her grove. She says that a Treant guardian is supposed to move in at the fall festival (15-7-1254)

15-6-1254 start planning (kind of) and go off to find the tree, visit the swans, get ambushed by giant hornets, Gloria dies, the group retreats back to the keep, bring Gloria back to life

16-6-1254 the group goes back into the forest, gets followed by squirrels, attacked by crows, and surrounded by spider webs. Then Seriana uses fire to burn the web. Three giant spiders, three black squirrels, a brown bear, two giant toads, the bushes and trees animate to attack. During the fight Seriana teleports to the keep. When she flies back over the forest hawks follow her. When she stays five harpies fly out of the forest to attack her. Seriana flies away from the keep area, gets attacked by the harpies, and falls victim to their charm. While the other three are in the forest, they find a tree with a door in it, visit with “Kevin”, get mushrooms for True Sight. Leave and regroup back at the keep.

17-6-1254 kill the evil invisible tree

21-6-1254 return to the Memorial Dungeon. Explore the first floor, kill a group of Tren, find a young Medusa, find lava tubes

22-6-1254 find second level encounter Poltergeist, run with fear
23-6-1254 encounter Poltergeist, run with fear
24-6-1254 encounter Poltergeist, run with fear
25-6-1254 encounter Poltergeist, finally decide not to bother with it
26-6 1254 find teleporter room area
27-6-1254 teleport back to Roadhaven

28-6-1254 visit w/Kevin & dryad, do training (6 weeks for spells, concurrently 7 weeks to make armor, while this is going on researching Mastery of long sword and giant two handed sword. Fudge (Sean) is training in thief skills while the rest of the party goes in search of the Lightfoot estate, in Ballzton)

12-9-1254 leave for Ballzton, teleport

13-9-1254 visit with the Lightfoot estate,

14-9-1254 help with the apple picking,

15-9-1254 help build a barn, spend the evening with the Knight of Zurg

16-9-1254 spend the day traveling to the Archbishop of Demeter about charge of unauthorized use of magic. Have meeting with her, attend fall harvest celebration with the Priests of Dionisis.

17-9-1254 return to Lightfoot estate, waiting for bard,

18-9-1254 bard returns, he was staying in Waldneen working with a teaching bard from Hallstatt to reestablish the college

19-9-1254 discuss the possible quests, get the information to contact the Titan,

20-9-1254 then go to revisit the Archbishop of Demeter to find out more details, travel by road back to Wolfspack, visit with Kevin again and invite him to join the group.

15-4-1255 TGR an island rises up out of a lake in the Great Mountains just east of the southeastern part of Terraguard {Chaos Dungeon}