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Played by Lisa Simpson

Indigo's Story

Indigo of the Bolger family, although generally happy growing up, had a restless spirit and a yearning for adventure outside of the village Crickhollow in the Gold Hills where he was raised. As soon as he came of age, he packed his few belongings and headed out to see the world.

One day he happened upon the city of Rivers Bend where the Velikaya River and Rumbling River meet. He had never seen such a bustle of activity, as barges came from all over to carry their cargo and passengers to and from far away lands. Instantly, Indigo knew that the only thing he now wanted was to be on one of those ships. He ran as fast his legs could carry him over to the largest of the barges and shouted up for the Captain. The first mate looked down at the Halfling and shouted, “What do you want? No one talks to the Captain except me.” Undaunted, Indigo replied that he wanted to join the crew. The first mate simply laughed and walked away.

Indigo was not about to give up so easily and marched back up the dock to look for another ship. An old man standing in the doorway of a small shop looked at the scene in mild amusement. As Indigo stomped by, he called out to him, “So, you wish to join a crew do you? What experience do you have?” Indigo looked up at the man and answered, “None, good Sir, but I will do anything and I am willing to learn.”

The man smiled, but looked upon Indigo kindly. “You won’t get a job on a good ship without experience. But I think I have a way I can help you.” It turned out that the old man, Master Builder Joseph Earwine owned a local shipyard at the far end of the harbor. He offered to take Indigo on as an apprentice and taught him how to repair ships. Indigo worked hard and learned his trade well. He got along with the other shipyard workers who accepted him and treated him as one of their own. When he was not repairing the vessels coming through Rivers Bend, Indigo was practicing his fighting skills whenever he could. Eventually he became quite proficient with the short sword. Not all of the crews stopping at Rivers Bend were as kind to Halflings as his fellow workers, and so Indigo found his skill with a sword quite handy at times.

Indigo never gave up his dream of sailing, and at long last became a crew member on a large merchant ship. On his first voyage, the ship was attacked by Bugbear Pirates. He fought as hard as he could but was captured and sold into slavery to a human. Indigo was tied up and a burlap sack was thrown over his head so he never even knew his captor. The man tossed Indigo and some others in the back of a wagon. After what seemed like days to Indigo, the wagon finally stopped. He heard voices speaking in a language he could not understand and heard the clinking of coins as money changed hands. He was pulled off the wagon and when the sack was finally removed from his head, he found himself surrounded by goblins. They spoke angrily and pushed him into a makeshift tunnel that they were building. He was forced to work digging with the other prisoners.

Not long after his servitude began, he heard voices on the other side of the tunnel and the goblins began to panic. One of them grabbed Indigo to use as a shield and hauled him out into the daylight. After a short battle, Indigo was rescued and freed by a band of adventurers he would later learn were the Dragonslayers. Partially out of gratitude to them, but mostly out of a strong desire for vengeance, he went back to the tunnels with them to put an end to the goblin occupation of the forest once and for all.

After defeating the goblins, Indigo swore his allegiance to the mage, Branwyn, and vowed to travel with the Dragonslayers wherever their adventures took them. With the same determination he showed that day long ago at the docks, Indigo resolved to prove himself worthy of his new companions and to better his skills as a fighter.