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Inland Seas

These seven Inland Seas have a large effect on the geography of the local lands. Each interacts with one of the Great Rivers and is a vital part of how goods and people travel. Each of these Inland Seas is over 100 miles across at its widest point. Bodies of water smaller than that are referred to as lakes. Because of the lack of uniformity of adventurer's naming conventions some bodies of water have multiple names or called by Sea when they are a lake or Lake when they are actually a Sea.

Name - Size - Location
Gbor Nor - 37,366 - Central Area
Lake Terra - 32,283 - Western World
Alamber Sea - 26,933 - Central Area
Azulduth Sea - 8,095 - Central Area
Fagnano Sea - 7,454 - Western World
Sea of Caravans - 5,881 - Zakhara
Lake of Mists - 4,444 - Central Area