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Island Kingdom Adventures

1-10-538 SGR to 8-1-539 SGR

This time of the campaign was one of exploring new lands. The group went off to the Island Kingdoms to explore Almarin Sunspray's homelands.

Island Kingdom Story Arcs

Partial Timeline:

2-10-311 SGR (1238 TGR) arrive on Corith, find out about Dwarven child

15-11-311 meet with ‘luck’ in the bar, “Cats Suck” motto born

16-11-311 tattoo artist at night, diseased from Cats Suck tattoo

27-11-311 Dragonturtle encounter

28-11-311 Land at Wilya and participate in carnival

2-12-311 Arrive at Solmath

3-12-311 arrive on Westemnet, (Isle of the Abbey) encounter with Ozimandus and his group, Darian and Reginald die in the fight, “Henin must be charge”

4-12-311 Solmath

5-12-311 Corith with the dead bodies

6-12-311 Arrive at St. Delila

7-12-311 Arrive at Thalion, start “The Test” {Treasure vault of Kasil} in the evening, continue the next morning and defeat Ozimandius again

9-12-311 arrive back at St. Delila

13-12-311 allowed to land at St. Delila, given quest

15-12-311 Leave for Ciryon

17-12-311 arrive at Ciryon, search for Trident of the Seas most of party turned to stone

21-12-311 Arrive back at Solmath for Stone to Flesh

24-12-311 Arrive back Thalion

1-1-312 Arrive at Wilya

4-1-312 call for favor from Giant for transport up to Pagmalia

7-1-1239 (312) arrive in Bozawa with the dwarven child

8-1-1239 arrive in Pagmalia, ship is left out side of keep