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Isle of the Abbey

Island Kingdom Adventures Era

3-12-538 SGR - 3-12-538 SGR

This was a dangerous encounter the group had on Westemnet with an opposing adventuring party led by Ozymandius and Ogmund the strong.

The island of Westemnet is a ringed by reefs and there is only one way to approach. Some sort of magical field prevents any creature from flying anywhere on the island and in the nearby surf. (a 6,000 foot radius centered on the ruined abbey) The Dragonslayers approached the island, fought through wave after wave of undead on the beach and then explored the abandoned ruins of the abbey.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was one of the first times that Hanin Fentesk? survived an encounter with the opposing party, leading them later to believe that the Dragonslayers were "Hanin's adventuring party". He was the only one to consistently survive each encounter with them; mostly because he was always hiding in the back. It was during this adventure that Darian Lambert died.

(originally from Dungeon Magazine #34)