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Jan 09 15 - Bag of Clouds - Who What Were

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jan 09 18:22:58 EST 2015 ====

[Master] We are picking up on Bag of Clouds to start the night and later on will switch over to Who What Were. Spring should be re-joining the game tonight she is in Mountain Time so will be in late. She will be creating a character that we will introduce thorugh the Who What Were adventure. We are continuing with Corvin's auditon in the Bag of Clouds over the next few weeks as well.

[Master] I will be back with food and drinks prepared in a short bit.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] For Spring moved 3'07".

[John Anstett] has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 18:50:44 EST 2015

[John Anstett] is receiving the map Northam...

[John Anstett] has received the map Northam.

John Anstett hello

[Master] hey there

[Master] sorry had a dialog box open

John Anstett np

[Master] Lisa will be late

[Master] Spring will be in but not till after 9

[Master] Eric will be in soonish

John Anstett good enough

Corvus has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 18:59:06 EST 2015

Corvus is receiving the map Northam...

Corvus has received the map Northam.

John Anstett even better

[Master] welcome sir

John Anstett helllo

[Corvus] HIII

Eric has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 19:01:18 EST 2015

Eric is receiving the map Northam...

Eric has received the map Northam.

John Anstett Hey Eric

[Eric] Hi everyone

John Anstett Eric Corvus Corvus Erc

[Master] Hey Eric, this is Corvus

[Master] etc

[Corvus] Yay, he's here

[Master] thank you John

[Eric] Hi Corvus welcome to the group

[Eric] test

[Eric] oh there we go

[Master] grins

[Eric] Soooo are we going to play screw with Eric tonight?

John Anstett no

John Anstett screw Tristan

[Eric] lol

[Eric] much bette

[Eric] r

John Anstett we want you entertned

[Eric] You guys see that traffic accident in Mi?

[Master] no

[Eric] 150 car pile up

[Master] wow

[Eric] about 5 miles from my work

[Master] uff

[Eric] one was a semi carring fireworks

[Eric] caught fire

John Anstett woops

[Eric] ya good times

John Anstett your ok though

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Ya i'm in Ohio

[Corvus] lolz, good show?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Its all over the news. You can watch the truck go up

[Master] so before we really get started

[Master] John and Corvus did you read Lisa's summary on the site?

John Anstett skimmed it the other day

[Master] that is a good startign point

[Master] so Eric, Corvus, John ideas on how to procced?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I suppose Tristan should come in.... That sohoudl get things interesting

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)]

[Master] yes to both fo those

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] heres the video

John Anstett try and negoate wth the Duke

John Anstett tks

[Master] and Tristan and Isla will meet too

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok let me pour some more scotch

[Master] do you want to do that first?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yeppers

[Master] scotch first

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sure sheis outside

[Master] then meetings, grins

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ya brb

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] well i'm in a hotel so.. its really in the mini fridge by me...

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The plant manager at the place I was at gave me a 18 yr old bottle of The dalmore... yummy stuff

[Master] nice

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok when we

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] are ready

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I'm good to go

[Master] Corvus is underage for drinking so there is that

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Aww so sad

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I'll have one for you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] shit i'll have 2

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 21'04".

[Master] so I think the order to do things in is Tristan and Miranda and Isla

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows to Mistress Erindale "I apologize for my tardiness Mistress Erindale... But my god always comes first"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Trstn this is Isla, Isla this is Triatian

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I understand Sir Tristan

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Miranda

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 31'02".

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I will continue my walk

[Master] Mistress Erindale moved 4'06".

[Corvus] *I nod to the man.&*

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (FYI Corvis if you hit "/me" you can emote if you'd like

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Isla

Corvus nod

[Corvus] (oh thanks

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "A pleasure. Are you one of the Dukes soldiers?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (:))

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Isla was escortng a priestess, apprearently the one you are replacing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Oh?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] did you know you were not the frst choice

[Corvus] No

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And where is she now?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] upstais wrapped well, but startng to smell

[Corvus] Dead, and inside. Syteady your stomach priest.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Dead...

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks grave

[Master (to Corvus only)] you can click on Isla and then chat as so it is easy to see what is you and what is In Character

[Corvus] Bandits attacked, a bowman got a lucky shot.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell me what happend.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] you may have been third, hard to keep it all straight

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods slowly

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Who was she?

[Corvus] I am back at the keyboard.

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) looks to isla

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] A priestes of Alcim.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Her name?


[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (and Bob I'll want to know wha tth echances are i knew her)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (or heard of her)

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 19:17:34 EST 2015

Mike is receiving the map Northam...

Mike has received the map Northam.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (she was a patron)

[Master] Patron Trisha Rosary, a priestess of the god, Alcim

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (not a slouch)

[Master] zero chances

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] aww

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] and welcome Mike

[Mike] Hey all

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] hey Mike

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Hi Mike!

[Mike] Sorry I'm late. Had to go get dinner.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (forgive me, chat is going haywire on my end.)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (no worries Corvus)

[Master] that happens sometimes Corvus when someone logs in and or gets a new map

Tristan Elaire (Eric) sighs "You say she took an arrow to the back?)

[Master] Mike we are on the Bag of Clouds story arc, meeting with the Duke, etc.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Isla

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And yet you escaped unharmed?

[Master] Mike we will switch over later on to Who What Were, and Spring will be in later also

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I held off the small abnd and told her to run. There was a bowman in the brush i did not see til' later. He slew him as well.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods in thought

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I*

[Master] also Mike this is Corvus, Corvus this is Mike, he is a new auditioning player

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then I owe you my thanks for trying to save one of the Faith

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Hiya)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) extends his hand

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I brought her back as well.

Isla Falcon (Corvus) shake it evenly.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] she is looking for a reward

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I am Uncle Tristan. Priest of Cahus

Tristan Elaire (Eric) raise an eyebrow

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Oh?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Isla Falcon, former sailor

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] paymnt for a job not quite done correctly

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Is not the gratitude and salvation of your soul not enough

[Mike] Hi Corvus.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I was to recieve some much needed coinage for a personal quest.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I see...

[Mike] i need lisa for my three sentence summary of what i missed...

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol thiere's a nice summary page on the site Mike

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] If you cannot supply gold, then I ask to travel with you. I might come closer to whatI seek then.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett]) (to Mike only)] whew


[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) whew

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett]) (to Mike only)] woops

[Mike] which story line are we on right now?

[Master] Bag of Clouds

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] We shall see Isla. I must speak with you further on what happend. If I deem you free and clear of any wrong doing, I will speak to the group on your behalf

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] But I am late to this negotiation.

Isla Falcon (Corvus) nods and leans against the cottage wall.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have kept the Duke long enough

[Master] and we will go back to WHo What Were with with Imari later on

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks around

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Is Marisu inside?

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 23'03".

[Master] [Marisu]] targets Tower Guard #1. Distance: 5'05"

[Master] Tower Guard #1 moved 3'10".

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] he has some business

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I lost track of her

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] AFK

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] your employer does not want to enter or sit at the table, she says it is your job

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Bob can I get a quick discription of the building... In case things go really really sour)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) laughs... Indeed it is Miranda

[Master] Imari XP award: 333. Next level in 32459.

[Master] [Hoffman]] XP award: 333. Next level in 107108.

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 333. Level-up!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then I shall keep him waiting no longer

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Awesome

[Mike] niiiiice

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I thought I changed my next level)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (oops guess not)

[Master] this looks to be a good well built small house near an entrance to a mine, there is a tower on the top of hte hill where the airship is moored off on

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 13'09".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Ok thanks Bob)

[Mike] boooooo. get us all excited for nothing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Master] inside is one large room only door is there where you came in

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows deeply

[Master] Minecrafter Jorid moved 1'03".

Minecrafter Jorid (Master) bows

[Minecrafter Jorid (Master)] I take it you are Sir Tristan?

[Minecrafter Jorid (Master)] This is Duke Brandish

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 10'07".

[Minecrafter Jorid (Master)] I will leave you now Sir,

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows again

Minecrafter Jorid (Master) bows to both and leaves

[Master] Minecrafter Jorid moved 23'03".

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) stands behind Trstian

Duke Brandish (Master) kneels and kisses Tristan's hand

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I have politics as a NWP what is the offical sir name for a Dudk?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Sir?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Lord?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (BACK)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (lord)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Masssa

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Ok

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Forgive me Lord Brandish

Duke Brandish (Master) stands up

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Thank you for coming Patron

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have been in deep prayer hoping for guidance from Cahus

[Duke Brandish (Master)] We all should be blessed by his presence

[Duke Brandish (Master)] only a few are touched

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Of course. It is a pleasure to deal with a man who is pious aind understands the power of the gods

Tristan Elaire (Eric) gives a blessing to the Duke

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]] moved 17'01".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] May we sit?

Duke Brandish (Master) a beatic look on his face

Duke Brandish (Master) he firms up

Duke Brandish (Master) glances behind Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 1'01".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) turns

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "Yes Miranda?"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Did you want to be alone?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I am here to serve

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the Dude

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] DUKE

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] the DUKE

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (of earl?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] you can make a politics check

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Do you wish to speak with me in private Lord Brandish?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Miranda is a trusted friend so I assure you what you say to me can be said in her presence

[Master] Tristan Elaire: Diplomacy check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[Master] Tristan Elaire: Politics - Nobles only check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Politics - Nobles only check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Master] there you go

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Didnt know you were talking to me sorry

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (like Miranda has politics)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol good point)

[Master (to Eric only)] from what you know from the quick talk about side the only woman that the Duke has actually talked to is Marisu because she was introduced as a Countess, he has not spoken with any other women

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] lol ok

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the Duke and tries to read his expression

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Diplomacy check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 11!!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lets hope that doesnt happen often)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Have you two met?

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) feels uncomfortable

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] This is Miranda. A trusted friend of Branwyn the Mysterious

Duke Brandish (Master) quick nod

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Is the Marquessa here?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] She had prevous engagment

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] No... She sends her apologies my Lord

Duke Brandish (Master) nods

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Her duties have kept her in the city

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Miranda "Perhaps you could give the Duke and I just a moment to speak in private?"

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) bows

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Call me f you need me

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Thank you Miranda

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]] moved 17'08".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the chess game

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Do you play my Lord?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 6'10".

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Yes I so

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I was told that the Ambassador was a clever player

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Would you humor in a game while we discuss the business of the day?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Branwyn?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I would be honored Patron

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles and motions for him to sit

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 2'10".

[Master] Duke Brandish moved 2'07".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) starts resetting the pieces

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] So tell me my Lord. What is your end game in this treaty. I have had time to speak with Mistress Erindale but I would like to hear what you want

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I had heard that the Ambassador was brilliant at hiding the queen

[Duke Brandish (Master)] and misdirection

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I would like to aquire new protections

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles to himself

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Indeed? I have heard the old Ambassador was quite good at disception

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] But that is all warfare is it not my Lord?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Chess... It is the ultmate game of war

[Duke Brandish (Master)] /john you can talk with Isla while waiting out there, find out more, encourage some roleplaying

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Pitting minds of two generals against eachother

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (brackets strike again)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Chess is the ability to see both the pieces on the board and to see the mind that guides those pieces

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

Tristan Elaire (Eric) makes his first move

Duke Brandish (Master) slides a pawn forward

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] So Isla, I am so happy to hear you can accept compaonship over coinage

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] So you wish for protections?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] In what capacity

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Weapons?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] it depends on how many emeralds they want

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] A military treaty?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I cannot travel without coinage, but with a group i would have resources i will be able to pay for in return later.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) makes next move with his knight

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] but do you hav any idea where to look next?

Duke Brandish (Master) brings a pawn out to threaten the knight

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] He would have headed to any safe haven inland, along the rivers. Every mainland has that one spot for pirates to shelter after a good plunder.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I am here on your request my Lord. What is it YOU wish to gain. It appears you are in the position to make the demands as you command the goods they wish.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I wish to have the protections to be able to produce more from my mine

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] But we must be fair or they will decline. I do not know their military strength, but they do have airships

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] A powerful weapon of war

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] They could be a powerful ally if you move correctly

[Duke Brandish (Master)] a mutal defence treaty for the mine would be the opitmum for us

Tristan Elaire (Eric) moves knight out of threat

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] well in the short trm it may be hard on the air shp, but we have a base in Dryad lair

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

Tristan Elaire (Eric) listening

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] How so my Lord

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Tactics check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 8!!

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I work harder at defending the mine than I gain from it far too often

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] wow nver knew my tactis sucked that bad

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] good to know

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Sailing i can live with. Across the mainland i have no means of support without my that pay. So if I can travel with a party, then I will be able to continue. i have a whole lifetime to find him.

[Duke Brandish (Master)] when I heard there was someone looking for gems, I investigated and discovered they were not from this area at all

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then you see that if our negotiations fail today you are in a tough position of having to defend this mine from possible hostile actions do you not?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That is my current posistion

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] good I'm glad you understand that

Duke Brandish (Master) takes a pawn with his bishop,

[Duke Brandish (Master)] CHeck

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You are a skilled player my Lord

Tristan Elaire (Eric) castle's his king

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Sounds like a plan, though I am not allowed to make any decissions

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I understand.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I must admit... It is my wish to ensure one of the faithful is protected

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] But

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I am also neutral in this agreement

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It would please me and the gods if we can come to a peaceful arrangement today

[Duke Brandish (Master)] If you can reach an agreement Patron it will help us

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I shall do what I can to make sure you and your assets are protected my Lord

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That is all I ask

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (any idea when Lisa is coming?)

Duke Brandish (Master) takes your queen by sacraficing my bishop to your rook

Tristan Elaire (Eric) laughs

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (no clue, she was at work late)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] well played my Lord

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Tactics check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL FAILED against 8!!

Tristan Elaire (Eric) makes another pathetic move

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (i'm really going to have to do something about that tactics roll)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Perhaps we should invite Mistress Erindale in?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (there are magic items for men with your problem)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (TMO coing?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (Tactics Viagra)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (yes he is on the way, reworking his computer then will log in)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok i want to wait so Marisu can be here)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (you can pause with the Duke and go talk to the other side)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] May I see the body of the Priestess my Lord?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I wish to pray for her soul

Duke Brandish (Master) guestrues to the loft

[Duke Brandish (Master)] The Minecrafter has her up there waiting for your arrival

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles "It will only be one second."

[Mike] watch out for the creeps

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 12'02".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I'm going to search the body for any clues to see if Isla is on the up and up)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Investigation check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL FAILED against 8!!

[Master] there is a well wrapped bundle

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (man I'm not on tonight)

[Master] it has obviously been cared for, carefully wrapped to protect the body, honey and herbs to help keep the smells and rotting down

[Master] it is obvious that she attempted to be respectful of her body

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kneels and says a few prayers to Aclim asking him to receive his servent to the next world

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kisses the forhead of the body and stands

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 12'05".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She has been well taken care of. You have my thanks for that

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I could not do less

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Master] brb

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] k

[Master] discuss among yoru selves

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 23'00".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to the group

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I believe we are ready soon to start the negotiations

Isla Falcon (Corvus) still where ai was when you headed inside.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] good

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Isla "You have treated the body of the Priestess with respect and care Isla. You have my thanks for such care"

Isla Falcon (Corvus) i look up and give the Priest a nod.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Though you failed in protecting her... Perhaps Aclim had plans for her in the next life

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] The bandit who shot her, i took his head.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks at Isla

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Do you wish to bring her back to her church?

[Mike] oh god, is this new chick another zealot?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (OH I HOPE SO)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] So...

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell me

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It is apparant you carry yourself in battle well. What do you know of Cahus, Lord of War, God of Warriors?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I'm taking this one MIke)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (its allll mine)

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) shakes head and walks away

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I do not busy myself with religion. i follow Valkur only because he watches over sailors. The prayer and rituals i do not busy myself with though.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] [Miranda Paige]] moved 11'05".

[Mike] you have at it. imari has no patience for zealots

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol i know...)

[Miranda Paige]] ([John Anstett]) smles as she walks away

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 20:06:43 EST 2015

Lisa is receiving the map Northam...

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (hiiii!)

Lisa has received the map Northam.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (YEA!)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (bob is Valkur a god of a strange religon?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (HEY Lisa)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LISA

[Mike] sounds like she's more up imari's alley

[Master] Welcome LIsa

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Do i need to roll for it?

[Mike] hey lisa!

[Lisa] (hello all! :) )

TMO has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 20:07:31 EST 2015

TMO is receiving the map Northam...

[Master] you have never heard of Vulkar

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] well well

TMO has received the map Northam.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire: Religion check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] what about now

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] huh

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] huh

[Master] it must be some obscure minor god of the winds perhaps

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Whatever was said before this spam of hellos...p please repeat.)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] from where ever

Lisa is receiving the map Minecrafter Cabin...

Lisa has received the map Minecrafter Cabin.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[TMO] (yo)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have heard of this god though I do not know much of him/her

[Master] Everyone except Mike has a character here near the cabin

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If you wish to learn where the true power comes from as a warrior, we can speak more later.

[Master] later on it will switch to Lisa and Corvus not having a character to speak with

[Mike] I COULD have one... maybe finglas is in town?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] brb

[Master] LOL no

[Mike] puh puh puh pweeze?

[Master] after you get Lorie and John to get with you to go complete the Pirates encounter in Trade Wars to see if you escape that

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Valkur is the god thatwatches of sailors at sea. He is a minor god, uplifted if I remember right.)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (Paul and Finglass are n town?)

[Master] Paul Finglass and others are trapped with the Pirates down in teh Island Kingdoms a couple of years ago, until that story arc finishes we will not know who lives or dies

[Mike] god damnit, bob. i will convince lorie to get in one friday if only to jump in the ocean and go home

[Master] LOL

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] one of the reasons you dropped that was you were stuck, no way out, could not find the way home, only the way forward to the pirate lair

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]] moved 16'01".

[Mike] ooooOOOooooor... the ocean poof home

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] b ack

[Marisu]] (TMO) straightens her hair. "Sorry about that. I'm back now. Did I miss anything interesting?"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (Hey did nto see TMO)

Marisu (TMO)] (invisibility spell)

[Master] and Indigo is there with them also

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles to Marisu "The negotiations are just about to start"

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles in relief. "Oh good. I'd have hate to have missed them."

Tristan Elaire (Eric) fills her in on the conversation with the Duke

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I'm assuming you've read up or do you need the Cliff Notes for tonight?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The Duke is looking for potential military aid to protect his mine. It could be a bargining chip for us Marisu

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Perhaps we should get Mistress Erindale?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 6'08".

[Master] do you need a hint Eric?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I LOVE hints bob

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] or vorpal swords

[Master] has the Duke liked any other females?

Marisu (TMO)] (military aid from the Temple?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (lol ya i picked up on that)

[Master] and couple that with her not liking to be inside

Marisu (TMO)] (he had the hots for the previous ambassador?)

[Master] I will let you all discuss in or out of character as you wish

Marisu (TMO)] (obviously, no I haven't read up yet. ;) )

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok let me RP it bob)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 15'05".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I did not see an isue withthe Duke and Marisu?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Shall we proceed with our negotiations my Lord

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I can ask Mistress Erindale to come inside. She is waiting for your invitation

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I thought that we already were doing that

[Duke Brandish (Master)] and why would I need to speak with her?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] before we have an agreement?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles because she is who you will be dealing with when I am gone my Lord

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It is best you two can come to an agreement together

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I am here but a day my Lord. She shall be here for sometime

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I trust you to negociate for me Patron

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles and bows "Very well my Lord if that pleases you I shall speak with her on your behalf"

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we have to have a Tristan is an Uncle party when he gets back)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (LOL)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (that sounds dangerously close to a coming out part)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 14'04".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Marsu, will you entertain the Duke while I speak with Mistress Erindale/

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I'm sure you will do better that I have in my chess game

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods to Isla

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 37'06".

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods. "Of course, Uncle Tristan."

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]] moved 23'10".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows slightly

Isla Falcon (Corvus) I followed his steps and then draws my knife to sharpen the other side.

Marisu (TMO)] (haven't made it to the end of the reading yet. WHo is winning the game?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have spokeen with Duke Brandish

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (just with her eyes.)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It appears we may have some common interest

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] that is good

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

Marisu (TMO)] (checking the board)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] First I must know, what quantiites of gems do you seek to extract from this mine. As well as who do you wish have them extracted. Shall the Duke provide the labor to produce them?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (your side is losing, lost your queen and the king is pinned)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ya pretty sad really TMO)

Marisu (TMO)] I see you have Uncle Tristan thoroughly outmatched, Lord Brandish.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (i'm better as a zealot than a general)

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 8'05".

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Countess, would you like to switch sides?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)]

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] We ask for as many gems as we can get, we would have the Duke's men do the mining, we do not have that skill

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] cool link for those that just showed up

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "It would be an interesting challenge to see if I can keep you from escaping these dire straits, Lord Brandish."

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] about 5-10 min from my work

Duke Brandish (Master) turns the board around

Duke Brandish (Master) considers

Duke Brandish (Master) moves a pawn forward

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] 100+ car pile up

[Marisu]] (TMO) moves a pawn up to block it in.

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: REA check: (d20) [1d20=3] 3 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods "Then the Duke asks that you assist him in protecting the mine. I feel this serves both your interests. Does it not?

Marisu (TMO)] (don't know if you want reason rolls or not)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I agree that seems reasonable

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (really if Marisu is a better chess player than me I'm gonna jump off the airship)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] although we would not be of much use on the ground, and none of our people will venture underground

Marisu (TMO)] (she's a lot smarter, but also doesn't have Gaming)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] Theres a lot of RP that your not in on ... Stick with it tough.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] test

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] But air support is a MASSIVE military advantage Mistress.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] I know, i'm reading it all.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You can scout

[Master] Marisu can see where she needs to free up her rooks

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] provide air support

[Master (to Corvus only)] grins, good but that was from Eric, so slash and Eric

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] it is a military mind's dream

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I believe the Duke knows that Mistress

[Master (to Corvus only)] and yes I can see all the whispers from player to player from my side of things

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] I know, but I'm reading it all.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He is a competent military mind

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] good we're glad to have you here man

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] At least she didn't die like my athfinder one did. XD

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] you are a man right :P

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] Yes. I prefer roleplaying women though. A lot funner to do.

Marisu (TMO)] (the pawn she moved opens up one of her rooks. *innocent whistle*)

Marisu (TMO)] (kinda sorta)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] cool I just didnt want to offend

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] No worries sir.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What do you wish to offer Mistress?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can you guys actually see a chessboard?)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] We would be glad to offer air support for protection of this mine

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (no I am just describing as we go)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and insane fireworks show there)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods than I shall offer that Mistress

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Is there anything else?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Or shall I bring this offer to the Duke?

Marisu (TMO)] (and it wouldn't be fair if we could, because I can play chess much better than Marisu, even if she is smarter than me)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] You had mentioned our javelins

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I did

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] we could offer a couple of those

Marisu (TMO)] (dunno if I can play better than Bob or not)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Though as a friend of Branywn who has much respect for you I feel we can hold that back

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] ( feel free to invite me to a game, :) )

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Unless we need it

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tell me though

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] remember what my actual armour piece was?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Are you willing to enter a military alliance with the Duke?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I do not know much of this man

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Will you defend him and his mine at all costs?

[Mistress Erindale (Master) (to Corvus only)] you have chain for battle but normally wear leather because of spending time on ships

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] No not at all costs

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Good

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] What are your terms

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] Thanks

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] for every 1,000 gold of gems we get would be a day of assistance?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] does that sound apprpriate?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] AFK

Marisu (TMO)] (I played on Gameknot. Not currently active. Rating 1481, 54th percentile, if that means anything)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (wow)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will see what his thoughts are Mistress

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 38'05".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] (no clue TMO has been a while that I have actually played but I was ok)

Marisu (TMO)] (about the same here)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] /looks at the chessboard and chokes silently

[Indigo (Lisa)] (1 day of guard duty is 1K gems?)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (dont you feel cheap)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My Lord, I have spoken with Mistress Erindale on your behalf. It appears we have found a common ground

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Yes Patron?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She wishes to defend this mine as much as you do

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] She has offered to provide air support services with her airships

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That would be most helpful

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] in payment you will give her 1k in gems per day. A mine such as this, shoudl be no problem. You will provide the labor to extract the gems and she will give support in the way of scouting and raining hell from above shoudl anyone try to take this mine form your Lordship

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Isla Falcon modified: Equipment - DELETED: Thick leather belt, 3 sp, null, null. DELETED: leather Jerkin, null, null, null. DELETED: Breeches, 2 gp, null, null. DELETED: Hard leather cuff boots, null, null, null. DELETED: Full length rider's duster(leather), thickened along back and collar., null, null, null. DELETED: Leather Chaps, null, null, null. DELETED: Studded Leather cuirass, null, null, null. DELETED: leather faulds and cuisses, null, null, null. DELETED: Steel greaves, null, null, null. DELETED: Steel bracers, null, null, null. CHANGED: Sword scabbard, hanger, baldric -- Weight (Eweight) : (null), CHANGED: Sword scabbard, hanger, baldric -- Description: (null).

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Back)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That sounds like a very reasonable bargain

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Indeed my Lord it does. An astute military mind such as yours can clearly see the advantage in having them as an ally yes?

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] what would you think about Marisu dropping her Acting NWP? Never used it, and I wasn't too sure about it in the first place, if it fit the character)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If things proceed on a friendly basis...

[Duke Brandish (Master)] and if she needs help she can always ask you as needed Patron

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You could end up with a full miliary alliance

Tristan Elaire (Eric) I'm always at your service my Lord

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows deeply

[Duke Brandish (Master) (to TMO only)] I would hesitate to drop it this far into the character

Duke Brandish (Master) Bows to Tristan

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] makes sense

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The gods reward their faithful

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] I'll just have to find a way to work it in

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Shall I say you agree to these terms then?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] please draw up the documents and we can sign them in the morning

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows "As you wish my lord"...Looks to the board. watch your last bishop my Lord. Marisu is quite the chessmaster

Duke Brandish (Master) glances down

Duke Brandish (Master) tips over his king

Tristan Elaire (Eric) winks to Marisu

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I will be checkmated in 6 moves

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 40'04".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Congratulations Countess

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] The Duke has agreed to your terms Mistress

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] You will provide an airship fully armed

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] in exhange

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] will we be giving him any of the javelins?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] he will pay you 1k of gems per day and porvide the laybor

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] labor

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] You missed what Isla looks like.

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Thank you, Lord Brandish. You're an excellent teacher and opponent. Maybe some day I'll be able to try again from a balanced board."

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] no

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] She is a tall fair woman with long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a leather armour set with chainmail riveted to it and a full length duster over top, fastened with her belt. On her left hip is a cutlass, and across her chest is small dagger that she can easily grab. She also has suede gloves and knee high cuffed boots.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I held that back

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] I"m sooo gonna covert you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I hope that pleases you Mistress

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I find those terms very acceptable

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Than I shall draw up the documents in your airship

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] XD That would be funny to see. Don't push too much or she might try and gut you. LOL.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] thank you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And on the morning we shall sign them

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows "I have one favor to ask you Mistress

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] yes?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] There was a priestess who gave her life for this treaty. She rests inside. She will come with us and be turned over to the priests of Aclim when we return hom

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] e

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] that is my terms

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] very well

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods "thank you"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan Elaire moved 42'03".

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My lord... Good nes

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (XD)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Mistress Erindale has agreeed to provide an airship to provide air support and scouting for your mine. In return you will give her 1K in gems to power her ship in you defense

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I hope this agreement pleases my Lord

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That is acceptable

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows

[Duke Brandish (Master)] we will sign in the morning,

[Duke Brandish (Master)] thank you Patron for your assistance with this tricky negociation

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Then I shall retreat and draw up the documents unless there is anything else my Lord

Duke Brandish (Master) bows

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Till the morning Patron

Duke Brandish (Master) kneels and kisses Tristan's hand again

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] ( Til' *)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) blesses the Duke. "Than I shall retire my lord"

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (with Bob there is ALWAYS a TIL

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] brb

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 25'06".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 28'09".

[Master] Minecrafter Jorid moved 24'04".

[Master] Tower Guard #1 moved 21'10".

[Master] [Marisu]], Indigo, [Miranda Paige]], Tristan Elaire and Isla Falcon moved 82'11".

[Master] Mistress Erindale moved 68'03".

[Master] Time of Day: 09:49 AM. Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Ohm {Early Winter} 17th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] anyone have suggestions on what to name this treaty?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (emerald sky?

[Master] not bad

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (I suck at names

Marisu (TMO)] (what was the name of the old ambassador again?)

Marisu (TMO)] (forgotten it)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Patron Trisha Rosary)

Marisu (TMO)] (no, the ambassador, not the priest)

Marisu (TMO)] (W something)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I like Emerald Sky

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (i thought... never mind.)

Marisu (TMO)] (np - you haven't been in any of the rp that mentioned her. ;) )

[Master] 17-9-1266 TGR Tristan completes the Emerald Sky Treaty between Domville and the Temple of Air and Light

[Master] Waverlyn

[Master] was the orginal ambassador that Branwyn replaced

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Or "SEE TRISTAN CAN BE DIPLOMATIC"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] LOL

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (as long as your KAYUGAN

[Master] chuckles

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (XD I am going to gop out on a limb here, and guess that he's a slit first, write later kind of man?)

Marisu (TMO)] (Waverlyn Rosary Treaty?)

[Master] Waverlyn Rosary Tristan Treaty

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Sure

[Master] or as Lisa said in the notes, Third Times the Charm

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I like mhy name in a treatyu

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I'm not above that

[Master] you guys get to pick what you want

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Tristan can be... tough to deal with Corvus

[Master] Emerald Sky is there for now, you can change that

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I really like that though

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

Marisu (TMO)] (sounds good)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (very nicely done!)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] /corvus but we'll get along fine as soon as you convert :)

[Master] So it is morning

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] aww

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] damnit

[Indigo (Lisa)] (people will have to stop using your name in vain when they discuss diplomacy matters)

Marisu (TMO)] (you should make Eric write the treaty for real)

[Master] LOL

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I can do that)

[Master] cross out the part about sewer lines and put in emerald mines

[Indigo (Lisa)] (this duke is really a crappy host)

[Master] cross out cranes and put in air ships

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (hey, he had food out for us. XD)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (those were flowers! :) )

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (You were too busy trying to figure out how to gut me.)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (so where do we go from here Bob?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (I decided there was food too.)

Marisu (TMO)] (figuring out how to gut people is a fun pastime)

[Indigo (Lisa)] lol

[Master] we are at the Treaty Signing

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] Mistress Erindale, Indigo, [Miranda Paige]], Tristan Elaire, [Marisu]] and Isla Falcon moved 82'04".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I'lll draft a real treaty)

[Master] Duke Brandish moved 29'06".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Isla Falcon moved 7'10".

[Master] Minecrafter Jorid moved 38'05".

[Master] Tower Guard #1 moved 29'08".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I write contracts for a livitng

[Master] [Marisu]], Indigo, Mistress Erindale, [Miranda Paige]], Tristan Elaire and Isla Falcon moved 29'00".

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett]) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Miranda Paige]] modified: Spells - CHANGED: Fly -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Mirror Image -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: manyjaws -- # Memorized: 1 (+1), Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 2 -- Current: 1 (2). CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 1 (2).

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 19'03".

[Master] Mistress Erindale moved 4'08".

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 6'01".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 4'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 9'08".

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 14'10".

[Master] Duke Brandish moved 1'06".

[Master] Mistress Erindale moved 3'04".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 1'00".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Thanks for putting me against the wall. ;) )

[Master] I will let Tristan and Marisu conduct the ceremony

[Master] they both sign as indicated when you tell them to

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If it pleases you all I have drafted a copy of the treaty between the Dukedom of Brandish and Mistres Erindale

Tristan Elaire (Eric) places the contract on the table

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Please review it and be sure you agree to the terms

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I trust you Patron

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] For you swear before you and your gods that you will adhere to these terms

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] If it is as we discussed then I am happy

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I so swear

[Duke Brandish (Master)] By the powers that flow through your blood Patron Tristan I swear

[Corvus] I am away from the keyboard.

[Marisu]] (TMO) places writing utensils on the table next to the treaty.

Duke Brandish (Master) signs with a flourish

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] signs carefully

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Thank you Sir Tristan

[Corvus] I am back at the keyboard.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows deeply

[Marisu]] (TMO) collects the treaty carefully so the signatures don't smudge.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I'm am a servant of you both

Duke Brandish (Master) bows to Tristan

Duke Brandish (Master) looks to Erindale

[Marisu]] (TMO) cantrips the ink dry to make sure.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kisses the ring of the duke

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kisses the hand of Mistress erindale

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I look forward to seeing you in a week, the dragon returns on the 1st

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (HEEE HEEE)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (I HATE YOU BOB)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

Marisu (TMO)] (and while Tristan snogs Erindale, Bob pulls the hook in)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (SERIOUSLY HATE...)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And that is why you NEVER trust bob

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Corvus this is a lesson tonight

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (I can tell the dragon is a reference to someone special.)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (You got BOB'd

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Totally John

[Mike] i like how you never asked him to specify WHAT he needed guarding against

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (been there)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what's the deal? dragon isn't tristan's problem)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] it is cuz i drew the treaty

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] and he's a fucker tlike that

[Master] now now

[Indigo (Lisa)] (good thing she has those javelins)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (and w have a week)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we don't have a week)

[Master] Mike does have a very good point

[Indigo (Lisa)] (mistress erindale has a week)

[Master] you have 11 days till the first

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Explanation maybe?)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] May I ask what kind of Dragon?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] oh

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] grat

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] great

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] we have 11 days to prepare for a dragon

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at the Duke.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] or Tristan does

[Duke Brandish (Master)] a young rogue Green dragon,

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] oh well than goodie

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you are seriously going to stick it to branwyn aren't you!)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] A dragon?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] has shut down our mine for the last six months

Tristan Elaire (Eric) snarls at the Duke

[Indigo (Lisa)] (leave her with priestwitch all by herself)

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at Mistress Erindale to see how she's taking the news.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] And you held this information why?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I did not with hold anything, I provided all that you asked,

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I did my research

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bow

[Duke Brandish (Master)] The Temple of Air and Light is in need of resources, they can provide me

[Duke Brandish (Master)] I can provide to them

[Indigo (Lisa)] (and know that no one ever asks questions?)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] if this problem is solved

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] then you have out played me again my Lord

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks to Mistres Erindale

Isla Falcon (Corvus) I look at teh group cautiouosly.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Dragons?

[Mike] too bad we don't ahve the old dragonslayer's party pack. a zero level lance would be nice against a dragon.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Did I forget to mention, most of us are called the DragonSlayers

[Indigo (Lisa)] So we kill a dragon! What color is it? Young or old?

[Master] Green

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I pledge my liife in defense of this agreement Mistress

Marisu (TMO)] Young green, Indigo.

[Master] he called it a young rogue green

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I shall defeat this dragon

Indigo (Lisa) waves his hand "Piece if cake!"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] How did it shut down the mine?

[Master] and you do have time to go home, do the festival with everyone

[Master] then come back with anyone you want

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm .... what do green dragons do?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] That is a poison right?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Chlorine I believe

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yaaaaaaa

[Marisu]] (TMO) sits down calmly. "What are the chances, Lord Brandish, that the dragon can be reasoned with?"

[Indigo (Lisa)] Better than fire.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Gold? Or a requet?

Duke Brandish (Master) shakes his head,

Tristan Elaire (Eric) kisses the feet of Mstress Erindale

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Forgive me

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] protection from fire is more common

[Duke Brandish (Master)] so far it has taken a score of my miners

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will be your championj

[Mike] oh shit.

[Mike] is this mal's dragon?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] afk

[Duke Brandish (Master)] would I ever answer a question like that Mike?

[Mike] pft. i'm willing to bet it is.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I was thinking about fire and the airship)

[Mike] that was around these parts, wasn't it?

[Mike] southern area of the kingdom?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] wife calling

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (you are in teh Cordrawn Hills yes)

[Mike] haha. unless a new green dragon has moved in, i retired a character by having him apprentice to this dragon.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I wonder if we can free up the Ambasador's schedule

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] are the scales worth anything in this world?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you really want another branwyn episode with a dragon? )

[Master (to Corvus only)] yes there are many useful things from dragons

[Master] grins at Lisa

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (Me or Miranda?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (anyone)

Marisu (TMO)] (is wondering if she can learn any air bubble spells from the priestess from the Temple of Air and Water to protect us from poison gas)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (between the white one and miranda and the black one that sarengar and hoffman killed around her - it's not very good when she's around)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] It certainly seems as if this will be a fght, and the more firepower the better

Marisu (TMO)] (if she knew anything about green dragons, that is.)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Isla does.)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Never took part in slaying one)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (But knoews about them yes.)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Why did the Dragon give you untl the 1st?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] That is when it come back

[Duke Brandish (Master)] the 1st of each month

Marisu (TMO)] That seems oddly deliberate. I'd have thought a rogue dragon would attack more randomly.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] it is young

Marisu (TMO)] When did the attacks start?

[Mike] it gives them enough time to mine up a new batch of dragonhorde

[Duke Brandish (Master)] 7 months ago, we have lost men the last six months

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] back

Marisu (TMO)] (Emerald Sky is more appropriate now)

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (it is nice how that works out)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (does that meen he needs to give the mistress 11000 GP n emralds before the dragon attacks?

[Duke Brandish (Master)] (that would be a good thing to negociate/talk about)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (well Tristan isn't a Paladin but damn close

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] So.......

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I HATE BOB

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Tristian what if the Duke does not fill he portions of the treaty

Master bows

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Welll

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] He's stilll a faithful

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] Isla is a bit of a scholar, and may find the chance to confront a dragon... interesting, to say the least.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] who out played him

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] i hope so

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Corvus only)] Tristan is close to a paladin

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Eric only)] I caught that. Much less clerical, and a little more fighter.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] not a bad deal unless he considerd it 1000 GP for one big day

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Miranda... I will stand beside this treaty

[Indigo (Lisa)] It'll actually be kinda fun. Dragon flying. Us flying in the airship. Lightning javelins and all the crossbows!

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will give my life to ensure my terms are met

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] and not 1000 gp each day

Marisu (TMO)] Or, we could talk to it. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would be willing to join the treaty and help guard the mines in return for a fee.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Gems...

[Indigo (Lisa)] (if you can figure out where dragon lives before you kill it, maybe treaty will be moot - gems for a lifetime)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ...He is a faiithful servant Miranda. I can not blame him for out playing me

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] It... would not work i think. It ios young, and greedy

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I am just thinking of Mistress Erindale

[Mike] we treated with him before

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] If the dragon was older maybe, but not a young one.

[Marisu]] (TMO) shrugs. "Very possibly. But it might be worth a try."

[Mike] since he's still alive and all that.

Marisu (TMO)] I merely put it out there as something to think about.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I suggest the fastest runner negotiate.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Following Branwyn's lead?

[Master] lol

[Mike] i'd suggest not rushing into his lair

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] welll

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] It does the duke no good if he loses the alliancd

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] perhase the Duke has information about pattterns and tactics

[Master] not really

[Master] they attempt to defend the mine

[Mike] john, were you around for that encounter?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Or Mistress Erindale. She's got lots of airship weapons.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] I doubt the Duke needs any more than the Dragon killed.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I eem to remember you being a apprentence to a dragon, not much else)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] afk i need caffine. i'm 90% done with mu 1/5

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] brb 5 min

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] i hate you bob

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (I'll make a sandwhich then.)

[Master] chuckles

[Master] should we have a separate story arc for Emerald Sky? or just continue with Bag of Clouds?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (he really means he luvs you)

[Master] I had intended to keep Bag of Clouds

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I vote keep BOC)

[Master] ok

[Indigo (Lisa)] (has anyone gotten erindale's view on this?)

[Master] no

Indigo (Lisa) tugs on Mistress Erindale's sleeve

[Indigo (Lisa)] Have you every fought a dragon before?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Yes Sir Indigo?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] No I have not, they are to be avoided

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] they can maneuver much more agily than most ships

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's true. Didn't think of that.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Can you shoot the javelins off the crossbows?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Yes we can

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] or large spears

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] harpoons

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] were you intending to defend the mind with just your own ship?

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] but remember to accelerate or climb we will need a store of gems

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] battles in the sky can be long drawn out affairs

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] or over very quickly

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (No jelly...)

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I did not have a plan to defend the mine

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I would have asked Sir Tristan

anastasia-36766 has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 21:41:07 EST 2015

anastasia-36766 is receiving the map Northam...

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] /Me to the trained eye, they might notice my very attentive posture. i was hearing every word.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] brb

anastasia-36766 has received the map Northam.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well he's going to help you so everything should be just fine.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Hello there Spring,

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] sendign you the new map

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I appreciate that Sir Indigo

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I do hope that I will have your assistance as well

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] if I may be so bold

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will help too.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] back

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] And I.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] Thank you Miss Isla

Isla Falcon (Corvus) nods

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] we can switch to the other arc

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] we will in a moment

Indigo (Lisa) looks over at Isla skeptically

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[anastasia-36766] I am away from the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] You have nothing to fear Knight.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm not afraid of you. I was just wondering how much it was going to cost.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] A pull of the dragon.

Marisu (TMO)] What are a green dragon's attacks?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Poison

Marisu (TMO)] Do we need to worry about magic?

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] not if it is young, I think

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] It would also be brash and bold.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] except for some natural ablities maybe

[Indigo (Lisa)] Has the dragon ever said anything when it comes or does it just come by and kill people?

Marisu (TMO)] Poison? Through a bite, like a snake?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] No, through it's breath. Like a cloud.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] breath weapond

Eric has left the game on Fri Jan 09 21:50:16 EST 2015

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Atleast it's not a copper or black.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] black maybe the worst

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Copper is just as bad.

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks over at Mistress Erindale. "Mistress Erindale? Does the Temple of Air and Light have any magic that can defend against poison clouds?

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] I do not know if they have anything that they would allow me to take away

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] but I do not believe I could get there and back before the first of the month

[Marisu]] (TMO) nods. "Spells then. Do you or your crew have any spells that might be useful at that?"

[Mistress Erindale (Master)] no one on my crew uses magic

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] a good defence is a good offence

Isla Falcon (Corvus) I face the Duke

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Duke Brandis, would you have any drinks available?

Marisu (TMO)] Maybe so, Miranda. But unless we choose to talk with the dragon, I don't have anything to contribute to an offense. So I'm trying to help where I can."

Duke Brandish (Master) he ignores that request

Isla Falcon (Corvus) mutter under her breath.

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles at Miranda, then goes back to thinking.

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] At least we have time to study and plan

[Duke Brandish (Master)] Countess good day

Indigo (Lisa) coughs and speaks louder "Does the dragon ever say anything or does it just come and kill people every month?"

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] maybe we should look arround at he landscape

Duke Brandish (Master) a quick nodding bow

[Marisu]] (TMO) stands and curtsies to the Duke. "Good day, Lord Brandish."

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Eric say why he left, or was he DC'd?)

Indigo (Lisa) sighs

[Master] Duke Brandish and Tower Guard #1 moved 39'02".

[Indigo (Lisa)] He doesn't like me I don't think.

[Master] (he did not say why, I hope he will be back)

[Master (to TMO only)] did you get the hint about the Duke?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Welcome to the party. Something we can both relate to.

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] Nope. I was afk folding some laundry

[Master (to TMO only)] the only female he talked to was Marisu after she was introduced as a Countess, and he barely acknowledge anyone else

[Master (to TMO only)] except for Tristan who he was in awe of

Marisu (TMO) (to Master only)] Ah. okay. Snobbish. I can deal with that.

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Marisu]] (TMO) sighs. "I'll help plan as best I can, but I don't think I'll be any help at fighting the dragon. I can work with the Duke and his men though, take that off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what you need to do.

[Indigo (Lisa)] If it wants to talk I don't think it's a bad idea.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn would like that.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Too bad Sarengar isn't here to sing to it.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Just make sure the negotiator is fast. The dragon is young.

[Indigo (Lisa)] But sometimes you can't talk to dragons. They just want what they want.

[Indigo (Lisa)] We have potions at home too. We can look when we get home to see if something will help.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (test)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so quiet in here)

[Master] evrtyone is just quiet

[Master] grins

[Master] so

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I can just keep talking)

[Master] we are all set for a transition to the other story arc?

[Master] grins

[Master] and there is Spring

[Master] welcome

[Spring] HI. I think I may actually have fully arrived by now.

[Master] Spring you know John

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] (I think I will sign off now)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hi Spring!)

Miranda Paige ([John Anstett])] Hey

Marisu (TMO)] (hi) [Spring] Thanks, whoever said hi to me like 20 minutes ago :-) I can't scroll back.

[Master] then Mike, Lisa, TMO, and Eric logged out

[Master] Corvus is a new player auditioning with us

[Master] THis is Spring

[Spring] hi John, long time.

[Master] she played with us many years ago, about a decade, wry grin

[Corvus] hi

[Mike] i didn't log out

John Anstett Bob is so happy he is so old

[Spring] My wee boys played wolves. They're in the navy now.

[Master] chuckles

[Master] WOW

[Master] Mike did you ever play with Spring back then?

Marisu (TMO)] I thought Navy was Seals. :P

[Master] they were here at the house

[Spring] I may or may not have had purple or green hair.

John Anstett but I still have to go, late and alone with the kids

[Master] have a great night John

John Anstett Good night and good week all

[Spring] Nitey nite John.

[Indigo (Lisa)] goodnight John!

Marisu (TMO)] cya

[John Anstett] has left the game on Fri Jan 09 22:06:19 EST 2015

[Master] so we will switch over to Northam

[Indigo (Lisa)] and so I will play Bob for a moment and send a link to the residents of Northam:

Lisa is receiving the map Northam...

Lisa has received the map Northam.

TMO mental mind-shift to new personas.

[Indigo (Lisa)] accents activate

[Mike] who has a stake in this one?

TMO grins. "Indeed."

[Master] Everyone execpt Corvus and Lisa

[Master] there is an icon for you on the map Spring

[TMO] I'm doubled up in this one, but Shurkural is the primary.

[Master] when you double click on the For Spring on teh campaign tree it will load the map that character is on

[TMO] Can anyone give me a quick recap of last time in Northam? I believe Imari tried to talk to the beastmaster and the mayor with limited results. Anything else?

TMO is receiving the map Northam...

TMO has received the map Northam.

[Master] you did not speak with the mayor yet

[Master] you were at the bar

[Master] then with the beastmaster

[Master] then at the priest

[Lisa] did not talk to burgonmeister

[Spring] For Spring moved 14'00".

Corvus is receiving the map Northam...

Corvus has received the map Northam.

[Corvus] I shall log off now then

[Master] you are welcome to stay Corvus

[Master] but no worries

[Master] we will see you next week?

[Corvus] Oh yes

[Master] good

[Corvus] I wouldn't miss a Green for the world

[Lisa] have a great week!

[Lisa] not sure they will get there next week will they?

[Corvus] Probably not

[Spring] Sorry I didn't get to meet you properly Corvus.

[Master] so Imari, Shur, Ilero,

[Corvus] No worries, i'm corvus.

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Corvus holds out a hand

Shurkural (TMO)] What's up, sugar?

[Spring] shakes hand

[Corvus] Night guys

[Lisa] goodnight :)

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 46'11".

[Spring] gnite!

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 52'10".

Shurkural (TMO)] (g'nite!)

[Master] Mike can fill you in on where things are TMO

[Mike] that's about it

Corvus has left the game on Fri Jan 09 22:16:12 EST 2015

[Lisa] no one Imari talked to has heard anything about any werewolf

[Mike] i got no cooperation from the beastmaster, and she randomly thought i was mistreating artiark for no reason. the bartender knew jack all.

[Mike] nope. i vote we call it a boy who cried wolf and go home

[Lisa] and no one asked philippe or brought the invitation letter

[Mike] nope. we aint found shit

[Lisa] lisa guess is to find the burgomeister

[Lisa] :)

[Mike] well now tat i'm not in charge of the adventure i'm just going to let someone else call the shots

Shurkural (TMO)] Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go visit this burgermaster.

[Spring] *wonders if she is emoting yet

[Spring] nope

[Master] /me

Master emoting

[Spring] thanks, i wouldn't have guessed that

[Master] TMO you had just walked up to the church last session when we paused

[Master (to Spring only)] and this is a whisper


Shurkural (TMO)] (I need the magic spell to reattach the shift key)

[Master] grins, thank you Lisa

[Lisa] if you scroll down the page does include the loveable cast of characters

[Spring (to Master only)] thanks

Shurkural (TMO)] (there we go)

Shurkural (TMO)] (got it)

Shurkural (TMO)] Alright, folks. So far we got a whole bunch of squat for our time. What do we do next? Visit this burgermaster guy?

[Mike] wy not

[Mike] if he gives us nothing to go on, let's blow

[Master] (1 inch equals 10 feet on the map by the way so scale is right)

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs, then nods.

[Master] (you just knocked on the door of the church do you want to talk to him at all?)

Shurkural (TMO)] (oh, sure, we can do that)

[Lisa] (run away!)

Shurkural (TMO)] Well, we'll go hunt him down after we chat with the priest here, if there is one. Maybe he knows something we can use.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) tries to open the door.

Shurkural (TMO)] (it is a church, right? not a house?)

[Master] right

[Master] the door opens easily

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] Hello Child,

Shurkural (TMO)] Hello? Anybody in here?

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] what brings you to our humble church?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) jumps back. "Oh! You surprised me, hon.. uh.. Sir."

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] are you here for the dance?

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh, a dance? That sounds like fun. ... Wait, sorry. We was hired by someone up here to hunt a werewolf, but we lost the papers saying who called us, and so far no one knows nothing about any werewolves.

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] werewolves! that sounds dangerous

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] I would speak with Laika about that

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] she lives right over there

[Shurkural]] (TMO) shrugs. "Sometimes. We already did, I think. She's the animal lady, right?"

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] just down the hill there

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] yes she is

Shurkural (TMO)] Yeah, she couldn't tell us anything.

Shurkural (TMO)] Or wouldn't, whichever.

Shurkural (TMO)] When is the dance?

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] tomorrow night

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] a pretty young lady like you

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] that would be creating quite a stir I am sure

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins. "That's one of the things I'm best at."

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] dancing or causing a stir? he says with a light laugh

[Ilero]] (TMO) rolls his eyes.

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] what is your name young lady?

Shurkural (TMO)] Yes!

Shurkural (TMO)] I'm Shurkural, sugar. And over there is Ilero, and Imari, and Galdek.

Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master) blesses each of you

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] may your hearts be light

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] and your bellies full

[Ilero]] (TMO) nods in thanks.

Shurkural (TMO)] I don't spose you can point us to the burgermaster guy, could you? We're guessing he's the next best person to ask.

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] he lives in the big house in the center of town

Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master) points to the back of the house

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks that way. "Okay, thanks honey! Hope we'll get to come tomorrow night."

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] (Spring did you see that pointer? )

Shurkural (TMO)] (the whole town is werewolves, and they invite people once each year to hunt for their ritual dance)

[Spring] um nope i missed it

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] when you click on the map and then hit the p key you get a pointer

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] adn hit P again to get rid of it

[Uncle Surnack Appleby (Master)] of course some people just wave icons around also, wry grin

[Spring] oh okay thanks

[Shurkural]] (TMO) waves and turns to walk to the center of town.

[Spring] i am having some fun with unintended consequences typing while not in the chat box

Shurkural (TMO)] (fun, ain't it? ;) )

[Master] chuckles

[Spring] heh

[Lisa] scary thought tmo - hope you are wrong about that

[Master] and yes Spring there are lots of keyboard shortcuts as well

[Master] and would I do that to you TMO?

[Lisa] no - just eric

Shurkural (TMO)] (time will tell, Lisa. 0:D )

[Master] LOL

[Spring] I've got a spare monitor going so i can see the map and the chat, but i'm not cursoring so well. i'll get the hang

Shurkural (TMO)] (he hasn't really yanked any of my characters around too much lately. Guess I'm due. ;) )

Shurkural (TMO)] (Imari can at least fly away if it turns out to be true)

[Mike] well, i can fly away at least.

Shurkural (TMO)] (jinx. gimme a coke)

[Lisa] and leave galdek to get eaten?

[Mike] yyyyyup.

[Mike] with pleasure.

Shurkural (TMO)] (because she loves him soooo much)

[Mike] it's his job, besides

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 10'03".

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 9'02".

[Master] Imari moved 9'02".

[Master] Galdek moved 8'10".

[Master] Artiark moved 24'03".

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 7'09".

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 13'09".

[Master] [Ilero]], Galdek and Imari moved 11'07".

[Spring] For Spring moved 2'03".

[Spring] For Spring moved 2'11".

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks up at the house and compares it to the others.

Shurkural (TMO)] Welp, nothing to it but to do it.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) walks up and knocks on the door.

[Spring] For Spring moved 1'08".

[Master] Hello?

[Spring] For Spring moved 21'03".

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks around at the rest of the town to see if we're attracting abnormal attention from anyone.

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[Master] there are people going about the town at their tasks, someone to the mills, etc

[Master] Laika is walking about her yard,

[Master (to TMO only)] but Ilero does suddenly get a bit of the hairs on the back of his neck go ing up, something is strange about some of the townsfolk but you would have to be closer to get a better feel for what or why

[Master] a barge is in at the docks

Shurkural (TMO)] Hi! We got a message from someone up here that they needed help with a werewolf problem of some sort. I don't suppose you know anything about that, do you?

[Master] a farmer is loading many bags of something

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] OH

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] yes yes

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] please come in

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] I am Chanders Westlake, the burgermeister here in town

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] you are from the City?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] how did you hear about our problem

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] please come in

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] have a seat

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] do you want something to drink?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] let me get you some water

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] who are you and your friends?

Shurkural (TMO)] Yep. We got a message at Ambassador Branwyn's place, and she sent us to look into it.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] OH wow, that is very nice,

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] she has a great reputation

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] very effective

[Shurkural]] (TMO) points at each in turn. "Shurkural. Ilero, Imari, and Galdek."

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] you are the ones with the hippogriff for Laika I take it?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) points to Imari. "That's hers."

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] I thought someone was yelling about that outside earlier

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] well I am certain that Laika can help you with it

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] she is amazing with animals

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] she can solve any problem you are having

[Ilero]] (TMO) goes to stand in a corner of the room where he can watch out the window too.

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Imari (Mike)] "She is an idiot."

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] Laika? oh not at all

Shurkural (TMO)] We got along great with her, as you can tell.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] sometimes she talks to her animals too much perhaps

[Spring (to Master only)] Mike hasn't changed. :-)

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] but she is a very fun person

Shurkural (TMO)] So, was it you sent the message to us?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] yes

[Imari (Mike)] "She randomly accused me of mistreating my hippogryph, then wouldn't tell me where you live. I was tempted to leave you all to the fate of the wolf because of her."

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh good. Finally getting somewhere. What's going on?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] I sent out a message to The City because I wanted to have someone get to the end of this

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] You asked Lika where I lived?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] why would you need to do that? and if you asked her then you found me, so all is better now

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] so we have a problem

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] a couple of the older children were sneaking out at night

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] they claimed they say a wolf

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] of course we were concerned but we did not find any trace

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] Laika could not either

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] we started to look in the hills outside of town

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] there are caves there, where anything could hide

[Shurkural]] (TMO) listens intently, trying to remember everything.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] so we thouht it was just a case of mistaken vision or something

Spring is receiving the map Minecrafter Cabin...

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] but then a sheep went missing

Spring has received the map Minecrafter Cabin.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] and it had human traces

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] so

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] he pours drinks for everyone

Spring is receiving the map Northam...

Spring has received the map Northam.

[Spring] For Spring moved 21'09".

[Shurkural]] (TMO) takes a drink. "So, just some kids maybe seeing a wolf, and a disappeared sheep? Nobody else gone missing or anything?"

[Spring] For Spring moved 10'01".

[Spring] For Spring moved 22'03".

[Spring] For Spring moved 38'08".

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] One of the boys ran away

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] I am not sure if he went into the hills, or snuck on board a barge

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] OH my wife made some wonderful seed cakes

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] let me get them for you

Chanders Westlake (Master) ducks into a back roo

Shurkural (TMO)] What was his name and what'd he look like? We'll keep an eye open while we're looking around, just in case.

[Ilero]] (TMO) sets his drink down untasted and resumes looking out the window.

Chanders Westlake (Master) cmes back with a plate of cakes

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] here, these are quite good

Shurkural (TMO)] Thanks, sugar.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] so do you think you could look for the werewolf for us?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] if you do not find anything that will be proof enough that it was all a big mistake

[Ilero]] (TMO) shakes his head. "No t'anks. Not hungry."

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Spring] For Spring moved 1'10".

[Spring] For Spring moved 2'05".

Shurkural (TMO)] Well, we can sure look and see what we can find. We know a thing or two about weres, so if you've got any round here, we should find something.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] Thank you very much Shurkural

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins. "My pleasure. Some of us needed a bit of time outside the city, and this was perfect."

Shurkural (TMO)] Can you get someone to show us where the things happened? The boys, the sheep, and the caves?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] you are staying ath teh Prince and Pauper I take it?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] Oh we do not want people goign to the caves, but if you need to I suppose Laika or AMber wold be the best

Shurkural (TMO)] Amber?

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] Amber Thorne, she is a retired wizard,

[For Spring (Spring)] what a great idea

[Lisa] wizards don't retire

[Lisa] that is just silly

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] ( LOL )

Shurkural (TMO)] (hee hee)

Shurkural (TMO)] Where can we find Amber at? Then we'll go get settled at the inn and see about getting started.

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] She lives out on the edge of town, the last house before leaving town

Shurkural (TMO)] Out by the church?

Shurkural (TMO)] (I see green pointer)

[Spring] that may have been me

[Spring] i don't know how to point with a question mark

[Spring] :-)

[Master (to GM only)] Amber Thorne #1 moved 1'00".

[Lisa] lol

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] two houses that would qualify for on the edge of town

Shurkural (TMO)] (ok)

[Spring] aha i just saw a pointer point to the hosue across the road from where i was

Shurkural (TMO)] (Spring was on the big one on the banks)

[Chanders Westlake (Master)] That is the mill with the water wheel

[Master] so which house did you want to try first?

Shurkural (TMO)] (do we have rooms already at the inn?)

[Master] Chanders Westlake moved 1'01".

[Master] yes

Ilero (TMO)] Weird feeling here. Not sure what is.

[Master] You are out on the street now

[For Spring (Spring)] For Spring moved 1'01".

Shurkural (TMO)] Any ideas, Imari?

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 5'09".

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 12'02".

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 18'08".

[Shurkural]] (TMO) walks to the first house.

[Imari (Mike)] ::shrugs:: "Look around the outskirts of town? You are the tracker."

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins. "Yep. Trail's probably pretty cold though."

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

Shurkural (TMO)] [Ilero]] moved 10'02".

[Lisa] shhh - we're hunting wizzards

[For Spring (Spring)] For Spring moved 11'00".

[For Spring (Spring)] For Spring moved 8'11".

Shurkural (TMO)] It's wizzard huntin' seeson

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at the house. What does it look like?

[Master] looks very clean

Shurkural (TMO)] (like the home of a retired wizard?)

[Master] no extra vines around the walls

[Master] all in very good repair

[Lisa] random sparks coming out of windows?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) walks up to the door and knocks.

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 2'01".

[Master (to GM only)] Amber Thorne moved 1'04".

[Master] The door opens and a tall woman with long grey hair looks out at you

[Master] staring deep and hard into Shur's eyes

[Master] silently

[Lisa] would like a free copy of the Watchtower, Ma'am?

[Lisa] (sorry)

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Spring] lol

Shurkural (TMO)] Sorry to bother you. We're looking for Amber .. umm. Amber Th-... Dangit. Thorn! That's it. Amber Thorn.

[Amber Thorne (Master)] I am Amber Thorne

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks surprised. "Oh, got it first try. I am good."

Spring gives the thumbs up

Shurkural (TMO)] The burgermaster asked us to come up and look into the chance you might have a werewolf up here, and suggested you might be a good person to check with, see if you know anything can point us in the right direction.

Shurkural (TMO)] (Sherlock Shurkural... *facepalm*)

Amber Thorne (Master) slight frown

Shurkural (TMO)] (and now we get to watch a character with an 8 INT score ask questions...)

[Amber Thorne (Master)] why would you come to me?

Shurkural (TMO)] Well, he said you'd be a good one to ask about the caves.

[Amber Thorne (Master)] ahhh yes I would be

Amber Thorne (Master) staring deep and hard at Shur again

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: WIL check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 15!!

[Shurkural]] (TMO) doesn't look away.

[Amber Thorne (Master) (to TMO only)] it is definatly an attempt to intimidate her

[Amber Thorne (Master)] calmly standing there staring at your group

[Amber Thorne (Master)] a slight scowl

Shurkural (TMO)] So.. umm.. the caves? Can you tell where they are?

Shurkural (TMO) (to Master only)] not sure how she'll react. this is new territory for me and her

[Amber Thorne (Master)] They are outside of town in the hills, about two or three miles to the north, you can follow the river road

Shurkural (TMO)] Any idea if there's a wolf or werewolf of any kind in the area? Any dangers we should know about? We really do appreciate yer help.

[Amber Thorne (Master)] unless Laika lets one of her beasts escape again there should not be anything too dangerous about

[Amber Thorne (Master)] not here in town

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Alertness check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

Shurkural (TMO)] Okay.. well... thanks, I guess! See you round maybe, sugar. Thanks again!

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 3'09".

Amber Thorne (Master) shuts the door on you

[Spring] For Spring moved 9'00".

Shurkural (TMO)] I like our wizards better.

[Spring] For Spring moved 12'01".

[Imari (Mike)] "They are all unhelpful."

Shurkural (TMO)] And what was with all the staring? Spooky.

Shurkural (TMO)] Really, if she was a guy I met at a bar or something, I'd be looking for someone else real quick.

[Imari (Mike)] ::shrugs;: "this is your hunt. What now?"

Shurkural (TMO)] I guess we go north, see if we can find any tracks or anything. We've got three things, the boys, the sheep, and the caves. The caves are the only one with a location to go to.

Shurkural (TMO)] Shall we?

[Master] so north now? or to the inn and north in the morning?

[Master] it is getting close to evening now

[Master] you could go out in the dark to look.......

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jan 09 23:34:31 EST 2015

Shurkural (TMO)] (back to the inn then. clock says 9 am)

[Master] sorry that is also in the future

[Imari (Mike)] falling asleep here.

[Imari (Mike)] think i'm going to log out

[Master] we can pause here

[Imari (Mike)] night all.

[Master] night Might

[Master] mike

Shurkural (TMO)] (inn is probably a good place to log at)

Shurkural (TMO)] (g'nite)

Mike has left the game on Fri Jan 09 23:35:09 EST 2015

[Master] So Spring

[Spring] here i am

[Master] how do you like it so far?

[Spring] and sadly, i have a commitment next week and can't be here

[Master] warm smile

[Master] guess what

[Master] we will be playing

[Master] and the next week

[Master] and the next week

[Master] grins

[Spring] i'm getting the hang of the interface. the acventure seems cool, what i read of it

Shurkural (TMO)] unfortunately you got to listen to me yap a lot.

[Spring] no worries, that's role play

[Master] so the plan is for Spring's new charcter to be a visitor to the city

[Master] town

[Master] on her way to The City

[Master] so it gives her a reason to hang out with the group for a bit

[Master] once we come up with everything

[Spring] so it doesn't look like we are short on priests - what classes do wwe need?

[TMO] we can add her as one of my henchmen. I need more henches!!!

[Master] LOL

[Spring] ha!

[Master] and actually they only have Imari and Tristan as priests

[Master] and Imari has no healing

[Spring] oh heck you gotta have healing

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jan 09 23:38:43 EST 2015

Lisa is receiving the map Northam...

[Spring] okay healing type priest it is. maybe i'll even break with tradition and try being an elf

[Master] no pressure on that

Lisa has received the map Northam.

[Master] you can be a human priestess

[Master] pick someone from the Kayugan pantheon

[TMO] 1 mage, 1 mage/priest who can't priest yet, 2 priests, 1 bard, 1 thief/scout, 1 ranger, and 4 fighters, if I'm quick counting in my head right. And an oracular type priest whose not with us.

[Spring] i could, though human priest is my go-to type. not much of a stretch

[Master] what ever you do will be in at 6th level

[Spring] wow four fighters!

[TMO] Henches, mostly (or all of them)

[Master] the full mage is Lisa's Branwyn

[Master] powerful battle mage

[Lisa] we only have one healing priest at the moment and he is not on the werewolf biting adventure

[Master] as likely to stab someone with a dagger as use a spell sometimes

[Lisa] oops

[Lisa] got kicked out for some reason - I am all lost and confused

[Master] and yes Tristan is the only healing

[Master] well Foto can but is not with the group, he is back home in their home Kingdom

[TMO] Indigo, Leatherus, Galdek and another whose name is escaping me, although it shouldn't.

[Lisa] hoffman

[TMO] thank you!

[TMO] that was bugging me

[Master] but for your character Spring,

[Spring] :-)

[TMO] H was all I could remember

[Master] the group is in the big city

[Master] there is lots of variety to play here,

[TMO] there's room for about anything

[Master] heck you could be a city guard

[Master] which is why you are not with the group sometimes,

[Spring] oh that's intriguing

[Master] you are off on duty

[Master] lots of possibilities

[TMO] half-orc barbarian/bard

[Spring] hehehe

[Master] Guy is playing another ambassador, so when he is not in (like these weeks) it is presumed he is doing his duities

[TMO] specializes in love songs during battle

[Master] oh man, TMO and Spring are going to be crazy

[Master] but seriously Spring, it is more important to have the concept then roll dice, etc.

[Spring] i played an unusual dwarf one time, something that dwarves almost never are, and now i can't remember what it was

[Master] like Eric, he wanted a Paladin

[Master] but got just under the score so plays Tristan like a sort of want to be

[Master] Elves and Dwarves are unusual in this area but not totally unheard of

[Master] Halflings are right across the river

[Spring] well i need to get out of the habit of being nice domestic priest healters who want everybody to get marrked

[Master] humans everywhere

[TMO] we've got one dwarf in the group, but not with us

[Spring] er married

[Master] grins, trying to get Branwyn married would be a fun story

[Lisa] lol

[Master] she has a gypsy lover she rarely gets to see

[Spring] aw

[TMO] she'd probably just harp on Ilero and Shur.

[Lisa] will probably never see again now that we are a million miles away

[TMO] I get to avoid Bob yanking the romantic entanglement strings by controlling both halves of the couple. ;)

[Master] grins at both of you

[Spring] ha!

[Master] like either of those things would stop me

[TMO] true, but it'd be harder to do. Plenty of easier hooks to reel in.

[Lisa] but you keep your couple at arms length most of the time

[Master] did you make it in in time to get the Dragon surprise Spring?

[Spring] nope

[Spring] i saw some reference

[Master] in the other story arc, Bag of Clouds

[Master] they just finished negociating a treaty between a Duke and a city in the clouds, sky ships, etc.

[Master] they failed to ask what the Duke wanted protectoin from

[Spring] heh

[Master] just got everyone to agree that they would protect

[TMO] Yeah, I'm not much for roleplaying romance. First, I'm a guy. Second, got a bit weirded out by some of that RP on a game site several years ago.

[TMO] Safer to just leave it in the background.

[TMO] One of my jobs as admin was enforcing the 'no-hard-core sex roleplay on the site"

[Master] ahh

[Spring] buzzkill ;-)

[Lisa] smiles - wasn't expecting that

[TMO] Yep. It was my job.

[Spring] but srsly how boring

[TMO] well, volunteer job

[Lisa] they just barely talk to each other

[Spring] i mean how boring to have hard core sex when there's so much adventuring

[Spring] i did nto mean how boring to leave it out

[Spring] :-)

[Lisa] lol

[TMO] I don't have them talk to each other much because it still feels like I'm hogging the channel when I do that. ;) I type fast, and I can type a ton.

[Master] and we keep telling you it is fun to see

[Lisa] I would like it

[Lisa] would like to know what ilero

[Lisa] ilero's problem is

[Master] and just wait Spring, TMO has a full accent for Ilero

[TMO] Ah yes, Mr Life of the Party himself

[Master] totally different than how everyone else talks

[Spring] oh boy

[Lisa] don't think anyone on your quest will poke him

[Master] [[Ilero (TMO)] (weapons aren't drawn) No t'anks. Hye rat'er keep t'em. You tell me where you be, hye come forward. [Good Guys #7 (Master)] walk forward and stop 20 feet in front of the barricade Abu Dhabi (Fritz) whispers "Damn they are going to shoot at us simply because they can't understand a word he says" Androp Ilkep (new guy) smirks amused and shakes his head, "This should go well" [Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (can I try a diplomacy check?)

[TMO] Ilero is my primary character, btw. Shur is his camp follower, and Marisu is supposedly his henchman, but likes to follow Branwyn around more.

[Lisa] branwyn will nudge him if he doesn't get better by the time he gets back :)


[Spring] heh

[TMO] one of his funniest moments was when he complained about someone else's accent

[Master] (Sorry, I had to include this one - TMO) [Miranda (Christina)] But she doesn't have to keep hers. [Ilero (TMO)] Is a demned if you do, demned if you don't. Can argue good and bad both sides, and no way tell which is right. [Miranda (Christina)] It is so hard -- salvation and damnation on the same coin. [Barnabas Stone (Guy)] so ye are willing tae condemd an entire city fer yer pride? [Ilero (TMO)] Your accent hard to understand sometimes.

[Spring] i LOLed

[Master] and the other from that story arc

[Master] Branwyn (from the In character thread) - But the guard also said that most of the people who escaped earlier to the Northern Wastes were probably dead. Probably the reason why they call it the Northern Wastes and not the Northern Oasis.

[Spring] heh

[Master] so feel free to read and explore

[Master] come up with what you want to do

[Spring] okay i have go to bed

[Master] have a great night everyone

[Spring] weird for me to say when you are up later

[TMO] need to put the kids to bed myself

[Master] chuckles

[TMO] g'nite

[Lisa] I won't be in next week but will see you in a couple

[Master] see you all on the webs

[Spring] i'll be thinking. nitey nite!

TMO has left the game on Fri Jan 09 23:57:31 EST 2015

[Lisa] goodnight! :)

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jan 09 23:57:39 EST 2015

Spring has left the game on Fri Jan 09 23:57:39 EST 2015

[Master] [Shurkural]] XP award: 200. Next level in 36127.

[Master] Imari XP award: 200. Next level in 32259.

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 200. Next level in 22398.

[Master] Isla Falcon XP award: 200. Next level in 0.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 200. Next level in 27644.

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] XP award: 200. Next level in 6472.

[Master] [Marisu]] XP award: 200. Next level in 8672.

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 400. Level-up!

XP awarded