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Jan 13 06 - Mist Wars

x[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jan 13 18:10:27 EST 2006 ====

xBiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 18:18:44 EST 2006

xLorie has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 18:19:38 EST 2006

x[BiBo!!!] ::wavies:: heya lorie

x[BiBo!!!] no comp probs today?

x[BiBo!!!] go you

x[BiBo!!!] or not?

x[Lorie] Oh ...HEY

x[BiBo!!!] :-P

x[Lorie] Sorry... no problems here. I logged in and walked away to grab dinner :: waves ::

x[Lorie] How are ya?

x[BiBo!!!] great, now you're makin me hunkry

x[BiBo!!!] hunkry now

x[Lorie] It's nothing exciting I promise

x[BiBo!!!] thanks to you

x[Lorie] Free pizza from the local places for moving to the house

x[DM] cool

x[BiBo!!!] and that's not exciting?

x[DM] maybe we should move

x[BiBo!!!] it's pizza, that's FREE

x[BiBo!!!] what's more exciting than that?

x[Lorie] They don't taste good?

x[BiBo!!!] doesn't matter, it's free

x[Lorie] Bob... all moved into the new work spot...guy across from me didn't like the view either :X

x[Lorie] True... cost me 1.07 (have to pax state tax) for each

xmikE has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 18:24:44 EST 2006

x[Lorie] Evening Mike

x[BiBo!!!] okay, tell me what's 7 percent of nothing?

x[mikE] hey lorie!

x[Lorie] Not so great tasting pizza?

x[BiBo!!!] so by paying nothing, you are paying the sales tax

x[mikE] can i get free pizza?

x[DM] I am going to set up the drinks here, got Mike a bottle of soy sauce,

x[mikE] i want pizza.

x[mikE] soy!

x[Lorie] Sean may or may not log in tonight....

x[mikE] sauce, that is. not any other soy product. those are just nasty.

x[BiBo!!!] so, no physical from him definately?

x[Lorie] You can have the pizzas we got... they were "WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD" pizzas... free

x[mikE] sweeeeet

x[Lorie] Not sure if you heard, but Spring's youngest is in the hospital...

x[BiBo!!!] nope, I heard not

x[BiBo!!!] anything serious?

x[Lorie] I don't know ALL the details..but I think he has the flu and they think he *MIGHT* have swallowed a magnet

x[Lorie] (no clue on size, shape or strength of said magnet)

x[BiBo!!!] you have no idea how hard I just laughed at that

x[mikE] and i'll bet the first thing sean thought of was to keep him away from the computers

x[BiBo!!!] swallowing a magnet is about the funniest thing I can think to swallow

x[BiBo!!!] must be a pretty nasty flu to end up in the hospital though

x[Lorie] :: smirks ::

x[BiBo!!!] so, question to ya'll

x[Lorie] I think it is two things at once...and as I said, I don't know all the specifics

x[mikE] yes. no. maybe

x[BiBo!!!] I'm thinking of running a klooge game on sundays (time undecided, but prolly in the afternoonish) using the requiem rules, any takers?

x[DM] what are the requiem rules?

x[DM] and can I be a half dragon?

x[mikE] lessee... my choises are:

x[BiBo!!!] no, but you can be a lich

x[mikE] 1: bring school work home

x[mikE] 2: play.

x[DM] lol

x[Lorie] YES

x[DM] so cool

x[mikE] yeah.

x[BiBo!!!] requiem is the rules for undead pc's

x[Lorie] but I want to be the Drow Queen who is LG

x[Lorie] :D

x[BiBo!!!] everyone's gonna be undead

x[BiBo!!!] well, you start living, but after the first adventure you're undead

x[DM] that is darn interesting

x[DM] very very tempting

x[Lorie] I don't want to be undead...mostly dead, sure...but UNDEAD... icky :D

x[DM] if I can get away with it

x[Lorie] I agree with Bob

x[BiBo!!!] choices include, liches, vampires, skeletons, zombies, spectres, ghosts, shadows, wraiths, ghouls, ghasts, and wights

x[Lorie] Ooooh... A party of liches :)

x[BiBo!!!] it is 2nd edition in case you're wondering

x[BiBo!!!] keep in mind, using the requiem rules, you'll be a lot different than the standard versions of these undead

x[BiBo!!!] you can be a spellcasting skeleton just as powerful as a lich

x[mikE] or a depressed zombie

x[BiBo!!!] or whatever

x[mikE] i'm going to play a depressed zombie

x[Lorie] Marvin!

x[mikE] marvin?

x[Lorie] Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy... Marvin the depressed robot

x[mikE] right. that one.

x[mikE] my mind was on zombies

x[BiBo!!!] so, any takers?

x[mikE] sure

x[Lorie] Paul says I can so ... YES :D

x[BiBo!!!] okay, gonna be sundays, time will depend on what's convenient for ya'll

x[BiBo!!!] any preferences on time?

x[Lorie] Afternoon for me... (after 1 or so) Morning is Grocery shopping day :O)

x[Lorie] but I'm flexible about the evening too

x[mikE] not past 10

x[Lorie] :: nods :: True... I have to be up around when Mike does

x[BiBo!!!] fine by me

x[DM] I am not sure if I can make it but I want to try

x[mikE] that late?

x[mikE] i'm used to waking up at 6 and having you been up since 3

x[BiBo!!!] alright, guess we'll get together and make chars this sunday. gonna start them off as standard living pc's, only ya'll know ya'll be dying in the first adventure ;)

x[Lorie] Remember Mike, my scheduled changed at work

x[DM] what ever you have for question for me, etc.

x[Lorie] I get to work around 7:30ish now :D

x[mikE] good for you.

x[Lorie] :: sniff sniff :: Dying already

x[DM] Sean just came through the gate

x[Lorie] What are we using to create the characters Marco?

x[Lorie] Oh... that's great news. Maybe he'll have an update on the younger...

x[BiBo!!!] regular 2nd ed rules, like making a char for bob

x[Lorie] Okies... great

x[mikE] so who wants to play what?

x[BiBo!!!] minus the buying magic items

x[mikE] how do priests work, bibo?

x[BiBo!!!] pick a god from monster mythology or legends and lore and do what they say

x[mikE] so undead can heal each other?

x[Lorie] I want to play the warm fuzzy friendly lich :D

x[Lorie] I don't think sucking brains or blood is really me :D

x[BiBo!!!] you will all be nonevil

x[BiBo!!!] the assumption with the requiem rules is that you're a nonevil undead character who is trying to once again become mortal

x[BiBo!!!] doesn't nessessarily mean it'll happen

x[BiBo!!!] but that's what's in their mind

x[Lorie] okay

x[BiBo!!!] if you turn evil, you've succumbed to your undead state and lose all that makes you "alive" aka, you become my npc

x[mikE] lorie, get on google talk

x[Lorie] Wow... holy bossy!

x[mikE] sean's got a sotry to tell

x[mikE] hey, i'm a teacher now. we are known for going into teacher mode.

x[Lorie] give me a minute to plug in

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xLorie is receiving the map Base...

xLorie has received the map Base.

x[DM] food is ordered now

xSean has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 19:08:54 EST 2006

x[Lorie] Hey JOHN :D

x[BiBo!!!] that's sean

x[BiBo!!!] I know they rhyme

x[BiBo!!!] but it's different people

x[Lorie] Oh :(

xJohn has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 19:10:22 EST 2006

x[BiBo!!!] THAT is john

x[mikE] oh look.

x[mikE] it's john

x[John] are you sure?

x[BiBo!!!] no, not really

x[BiBo!!!] but question

x[David] qhat?

x[BiBo!!!] I'm gonna be running a sunday klooge game

x[BiBo!!!] using the requiem rules

x[David] not familiar with requiem

x[BiBo!!!] which basically means you'll all be nonevil undead characters

x[BiBo!!!] choices include, liches, vampires, skeletons, zombies, spectres, ghosts, shadows, wraiths, ghouls, ghasts, and wights

x[David] that is not a contractdiction in terms?

x[BiBo!!!] you're assumed to be a special version of whatever undead who has retained enough of their humanity to be fighting against their nature and trying to become mortal once again

x[David] ahh, sounds cool

x[David] do you have a time in mind

x[BiBo!!!] so far the window is sunday sometime between 1 and 10

x[BiBo!!!] what exact time we use depends on what's good for everyone

x[David] is there a def file ?

x[BiBo!!!] not yet, gonna work up one when I get home tonight. basically you guys are gonna be starting off making a standard living pc like for bob's game minus the buying magic items, then when you turn undead we change your chars accordingly

x[David] ah

x[BiBo!!!] the def file wouldn't need to be changed radically though

x[David] I guess not, its the same rule (AC, to hit, Proffc) just diffrent story?

x[David] diffrent world

x[BiBo!!!] more or less, I'll explain the differences when we get there

x[DM] and John, Lorie, we are playing

x[DM] Nyrma is just talking with Sean right now

x[David] I have no plans, I would love to , have to work out the details

x[BiBo!!!] okie, I guess we'll get together this sunday at 1, in the meanwhile, time to do what we're here for ;)

x[DM] same here for tha t John, I would love to try it out

x[DM] and what questions did you have for me? you are still at Lady Emeralds place,

x[DM] you have the Paladin with you

x[mikE] can he pat his head and rub his tummy at the same time?

x[David] i have no idea what the party is doing

x[BiBo!!!] okay, so time to figure out what we need to do to build us a suitable magic item

xLorie has left the game on Fri Jan 13 19:21:09 EST 2006

xLorie has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 19:21:37 EST 2006

xLorie is receiving the map Base...

xLorie has received the map Base.

x[David] e

x[mikE] are we going with the reverse vampiric thing?

x[BiBo!!!] I like the idea of a silver chain who's links tarnish as each charge is clicked off from offsetting the level drain

x[David] I am taking care of one of my children( probably Miranda)

x[David] that was mike

x[mikE] yeah. that sounds pretty good.

x[BiBo!!!] we just need to do research to see what it'd take to make that

x[BiBo!!!] which is basically a hey, bob click off time and tell us

x[mikE] bob, you're keeping track of time since the establishment of my place?

x[DM] yes

x[mikE] we'll have to sit down and figure out how my place is runnign things and such eventually.

x[DM] so far it has been a grand total of 11 days

x[BiBo!!!] speaking of which did those guys ever come back with any info on the mummy?

x[mikE] and, aren't we already doing research for a magic portal to roadhaven?

x[DM] it just seems like forever

x[David] I bet if you look up a ring is cheeper than a misc magic item

x[BiBo!!!] okay a ring made of tiny silver links that do the same thing

x[mikE] ring with silver beads/studs

x[DM] no difference in time, adn this would be a limited use item

x[David] why do you insist on charges?

x[BiBo!!!] cuz then no permanency issues

x[BiBo!!!] and easier to make

x[David] no permancy issue wityh priest

x[DM] John and Lorie, I gave Mike and Marco both books to check

x[David] ok

x[BiBo!!!] still a charged item can be made at lower level and whatnot

x[David] I am not sure how BOB will handle it

x[mikE] so a successful contact other plane will cut research time to minimum

x[DM] Mike is reading over some of that now John

x[mikE] by minimum i assume that means 2 weeks

x[mikE] which means 400 gp

x[mikE] trivial to us at this point

x[BiBo!!!] well 1 week to me since I have research prof

x[mikE] then it's a matter of materials, processes.

x[David] but it is a priest item, can you make a priest item?

x[BiBo!!!] I can sure as hell pretend :)

x[mikE] i'd say wizard/priest is irrelevant since it's a charged item

x[mikE] the only real difference there is for permanent items

x[DM] the formula changes priest v mage

x[mikE] perhaps. but i was referring to the permanency spell

x[David] I would not say that is the only diffrence but that is the big one

x[BiBo!!!] I would think a charged item would be cheaper and easier to make than a permanent one, and therefore we'd be able to make more of them

x[David] well a single use ring cost = xp value

x[David] a limited use ring is 2* xp value

x[BiBo!!!] ideally we'd like to have one for each of us that might have around oh, 10-20 charges. anything better would be bonus

x[DM] I think that a chain works well for that then Marco,

x[DM] you can create the links, and then make them of various sizes

x[BiBo!!!] or we thought maybe a ring with tiny chain links would also work

x[mikE] but then the tarnished silver will make our fingers green

x[DM] so you might have a wrist chain that has 6-8, while a long necklace might be 18

x[BiBo!!!] long necklace sounds fine to me I guess

x[DM] I would think that you should look at how to make the links

x[DM] then based on who many you can make decide how to organize them into bigger objects

x[mikE] wouldn't that be the research part?

x[BiBo!!!] doesn't kylia have a jewlery person?

x[DM] quite a bit will obviously be done back in your home territory, but you are here now i fyou have other questions or concerns

x[Lorie] Hmm... I wouldn't call him a jeweler necessarily

x[BiBo!!!] but capable of making the necessary construction at least?

x[mikE] I'm sure I have a few.

x[David] it needs to be the highest quality material and workmanship

x[Lorie] Yes Marco, sorry, just wanted to be clear :o)

x[mikE] since i have almost a hundred as of yet unmade followers. ;)

x[mikE] elves with a few hundred years of experience under their belts.

x[BiBo!!!] well yes so we say don't skimp on the detail

x[DM] lorie do you have questions there?

x[Lorie] what page of the Encyclopedia are we reviewing?

x[DM] I htink that John has the books also, do you >did you have antying that they are looking up you wanted to do about?

x[Lorie] I want to read for myself

x[DM] dmg, spells and magic

x[DM] for the most part

x[mikE] bob's book of evil

x[DM] SP 108

x[DM] 121 in the DMg

x[DM] there abouts

x[DM] not sure what you ahve handy there

x[Lorie] Okay ... I have them both open

x[Lorie] are you sure 121 DMG?

x[DM] no that was marco's quote

x[Lorie] what's the entry ?

x[Lorie] that I'm looking for in each book?

x[BiBo!!!] dmg 116-122

x[Lorie] NPC's? (your DMG or Bob's DMG?)

x[BiBo!!!] newer one

x[Lorie] there's the problem... I have a BOB DMG

x[BiBo!!!] ch 10 somewhere

x[Lorie] Okies... please hold

x[Lorie] Magical Items?

x[DM] nods

x[BiBo!!!] specifically making em

x[Lorie] okies... reading

x[Lorie] Okay... done... what item are we finally wanting to create a Necklace or a Bracelet?

x[BiBo!!!] john was saying ring was easier, but I'm thinking necklace will be more useful

x[BiBo!!!] so, not bracelet

x[BiBo!!!] least from what bob's said so far

x[Lorie] hmmm ok

x[DM] the reason I am saying it that way

x[DM] is that it makes it a simpilar thing

x[DM] make that small link of a chain, as a single use item

x[DM] then link them together to make a multilple use/single use idea

x[DM] you could make a braclet, or medalion, etc.

x[DM] but it would be harder, take more, etc.

x[David] it will be more expensive to make each link an item, if that is what you are sugesting

x[BiBo!!!] not really what I had in mind origionally

x[mikE] bob actually says that would be easiest

x[mikE] because then we are making a simple, one time use only.

x[mikE] we just make more of them.

x[David] he is the dm

x[BiBo!!!] indeed

x[Lorie] Anyone up for a Ring of Life Protection?

xBiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Jan 13 20:03:35 EST 2006

x[David] is that an existing item?

x[Lorie] Yes... EM (Green) Page 974

x[David] don't have

x[Lorie] uh oh bye Marco

x[Lorie] or Protection from Charming?

x[DM] looking it up now Lorie

x[Lorie] 988 for Charm Prot

x[David] not worried about charming, just draining

x[Lorie] ok

xBiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 20:06:34 EST 2006

x[Lorie] wb Marco

x[BiBo!!!] ::kicks bob's router::

x[BiBo!!!] yeah, charm's not an overly large issue, half of us have protection from evil and you at least get a save for that

x[Lorie] true, but was just trying to offer suggestions

x[BiBo!!!] the ring seems to have a really low number fo charges (1d6), I'd feel more comfy with more than that

x[BiBo!!!] ::ponders::

x[BiBo!!!] does it make things easier if we have a magic item to copy?

x[David] not that I see

x[DM] not easier if you have the item

x[DM] exception is potoins

x[DM] potinos

x[DM] there that is what I meant to type

x[Lorie] Potinos? Is this a new magic item? :: ducks ::

x[DM] I know I ruined a perfectly good lior joke

x[BiBo!!!] i see something here that says variant items suffer a 5% penalty to success while completely nonstandard items get a 10% penalty. Now if we could wish up us an item to work with, I would think that we could avoid that % penalty

x[BiBo!!!] since the magic item would exist

x[David] if it is a Mage item not a priest we need to know the appropiate spell, possibly make new spell FYI

x[BiBo!!!] ja

x[BiBo!!!] negative plane protection I would guess

x[mikE] make it priestly.

x[David] not sure that is enough, BOB?

x[mikE] goodly gods should smile upon the vanquishment of the undead

x[DM] neg plane protec is the way to go as you are making priestly items here

x[DM] no need for a new spell,

x[DM] and there are items that require both mage and priest input to make

x[DM] so you are covered in all areas I would thing

x[DM] thnink

x[mikE] just so you all know we're talking about leprecy's other names

x[David] weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

x[mikE] bob told us it's now hanson's disease

x[mikE] i said it should be jesus disease because he's the first one to make it cool

x[Lorie] ummm, so I guess we are taking a break?

x[BiBo!!!] so, priest necklace or something?

x[BiBo!!!] are we doing priest or mage?

x[David] priest

x[BiBo!!!] keeps us from researching a spell I suppose

x[BiBo!!!] okay, so lets go research then, bob get clicking

x[Sean] Brzzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz brzzzzt

x[DM] no breaks

x[mikE] click

x[DM] are you done with your questions here?

x[Sean] brzzt brzzt brzzt

x[DM] did you drop the mist idea

x[DM] and anyting else?

x[BiBo!!!] well, we're onto making these magic items before we do anything else in the mists

x[DM] you have the vampire in the scroll

x[BiBo!!!] we dust him when we get home, sunlight etc etc, had the stake to paul

x[mikE] ok

x[DM] ok, I get that part

x[DM] anything else?

x[BiBo!!!] tell us how we do in research

x[mikE] and when two or more on earth agree, so does god.

x[mikE] dogmatic law.

x[DM] John and Lorie, want to make sure we are not ignoring you, we are going back and forth

x[DM] and when you decide to go home you use the dragonslayer library

x[DM] and the wolfspack library if needed

x[DM] and contact other plane,

x[DM] and lots of gold down the drain

x[DM] and you have your formula

x[DM] then we work out how you get the parts

x[BiBo!!!] ::goes yay::

x[DM] and then Lorie has her guy make the parts, if that was the final decision

x[DM] adn you create your chains

x[David] ok

x[BiBo!!!] so, lets do it, to the books

x[DM] so final go at this paladin?

x[DM] anything?

x[DM] two days to walk home?

x[BiBo!!!] I can't think of anything else to ask him

x[David] thank you

x[David] maybe we will see you again

x[DM] ok, so POOF back home in roadhaven

x[DM] et al

x[DM] what are we asking,

x[DM] Marco is looking up the spell sescription

x[DM] so the wizard contact other plane

x[David] how do we make a (chain of protection from Draining)?

x[DM] who is taking that chance at insanity

x[David] i don't have that spell

x[BiBo!!!] bob says to look up commune lorie

x[David] someone has to decide if it is a priest item or a mage item

x[Lorie] please hold

x[BiBo!!!] thought we decided on priest

x[Lorie] tell me Marco why am I looking at a DIVINATION spell? ;)

x[David] thought so

x[BiBo!!!] cuz bob's crazy

x[mikE] in envy?

x[Lorie] Nope... I like my spells just fine

x[David] I do not think a wizard can research a priest item

x[BiBo!!!] okay, so bob's saying we need to incorporate the positive plane

x[BiBo!!!] which means probably going there

x[David] it was on my plans

x[mikE] yay

x[BiBo!!!] which means, we need a way to survive without air and protect ourselves from the healing energies

x[mikE] sounds like a good time

x[mikE] bottle of air and stuff

x[David] well I do not think we all need to go

x[BiBo!!!] if we're there for more than a couple of rounds anyway

x[mikE] and have us with shocking grasp or something to continusously hurt each other

x[BiBo!!!] scratch that, we're going to the plane of minerals

x[BiBo!!!] to get silver

x[David] there is a plane of minerals?

x[Lorie] :: shrugs :: there is now...

x[BiBo!!!] it's a quasi plane

x[David] i do not care for it's sexual orientation

x[BiBo!!!] it's where the plane of earth and fire touch I guess

x[BiBo!!!] or something else

x[BiBo!!!] some 2 touching planes, earth is likely involved

x[mikE] we need one exotic process for each link

x[mikE] silver from the quazi elemental plane of minerals

x[mikE] ie: heating a ring in burning ice

x[mikE] dousing a shield in a knight's courage

x[David] soaking the silver in vapire blood

x[mikE] eh

x[mikE] bob says that's only rare

x[mikE] bob seems to like smoked with a fire made from a stake from a vampire

x[mikE] well, we have a vamp.

x[mikE] rather than dust him, we just continually stake him

x[David] once we smoke it we need a new stake

x[BiBo!!!] bathed in the tears of a blind baby

x[David] you realy want to try and keep a vamp prisoner?

x[mikE] sure

x[David] or just stake, remove stake, put in pile of used stakes?

x[David] next stake

x[mikE] big ass chains

x[mikE] and that

x[David] that hold mist?

x[mikE] but bob says that's too easy

x[BiBo!!!] stake before you pull out the first so there's always a stake in him

x[David] hearts not big enooujgh

x[DM] we are debating things here

x[DM] vampires, staking

x[DM] other planes,

x[DM] trying to come up with processes or the alternative it

x[DM] instead of the silver from plane of minerals,

x[DM] Lorie? any ideas from your imagination?

x[Lorie] Since I'm not familiar with the discussion or the plane of minerals not sure what I can add

x[DM] is not that part,

x[mikE] we need an exotic process that is kind of anti negative plane

x[DM] you need an exotic material, and an exotic process

x[mikE] ie: tempered in vampire's blood

x[DM] we started with the idea of the material being silver from the minerals

x[mikE] or passed through the smoke created by the burning of a stake

x[DM] adn are now debating proceses

x[Lorie] :: points across the way from Roadhaven :: mythril is exotic...and getting it from dwarves can be exotic...

x[BiBo!!!] mind you, I've no idea how you can survive on the mineral plane long enough to actually find silver

x[DM] but we could pick a process, like forging on the posistive plane, and then do a different exotic matieral

x[mikE] what about being handled by any of the level draining creatures?

x[DM] Mike mentioned blessed by something/someone

x[Lorie] Couldn't we do a locate spell or something creative like that?

x[BiBo!!!] well, we could, but keep in mind the mineral plane is completely mineral. so you enter and you're in rock

x[BiBo!!!] which is generally not condusive to living

xDavid has left the game on Fri Jan 13 21:05:36 EST 2006

x[Lorie] we couldn't use silver to find more silver?

x[BiBo!!!] well, finding silver isn't an issue. he wants to get special silver

x[BiBo!!!] they're currently coming up with ways that the silver is special

x[BiBo!!!] the first idea was silver from the mineral plane

x[BiBo!!!] they're coming up now with an idea to use silver from a silvered weapon used to kill a level draining creature

x[Lorie] Okay... I'm totally lost on why silver would be SPECIAL silver... and why we need to go to a special plan...

x[Lorie] just IM when you're all done with the offline chat, okies?

x[BiBo!!!] cuz it's for a magic item

x[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

x[BiBo!!!] standard silver doesn't work

x[mikE] for the record because bob will make somebody do this anyway because he's ocd about the stupid kludge chat window, our exotic component is silver that has been used to kill a negative plain creature, and the process is bathed for a turn in the positive plain

xLorie has left the game on Fri Jan 13 21:48:48 EST 2006

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xLorie is receiving the map Base...

xLorie has received the map Base.

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xLorie has joined the game on Fri Jan 13 21:56:03 EST 2006

xLorie is receiving the map Base...

xLorie has received the map Base.

x[BiBo!!!] so, 4 days for arrowheads, 40 sp

x[BiBo!!!] 45days for a 2handed sword, 4 gp

x[BiBo!!!] a longsword is 30 days, 2 gp

x[BiBo!!!] 733 sp for a silvered medium shield which takes 2 weeks to make

x[BiBo!!!] so 50% of the silver used becomes links

x[BiBo!!!] (1 silver being a link)

x[Sean] I am away from the keyboard.

x[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Sean] I am away from the keyboard.

x[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

x[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Lorie] Roll #1: (d20+-3) [6-3] 3, Roll #2: (d20+-3) [3-3] 0, Roll #3: (d20+-3) [14-3] 11, Roll #4: (d20+-3) [7-3] 4, Roll #5: (d20+-3) [7-3] 4

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [3] 3, Roll #2: (d20) [8] 8, Roll #3: (d20) [3] 3, Roll #4: (d20) [2] 2, Roll #5: (d20) [6] 6

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [4] 4, Roll #2: (d20) [5] 5, Roll #3: (d20) [11] 11, Roll #4: (d20) [14] 14, Roll #5: (d20) [5] 5

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [6] 6, Roll #2: (d20) [4] 4, Roll #3: (d20) [5] 5, Roll #4: (d20) [13] 13, Roll #5: (d20) [20] 20

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [16] 16, Roll #2: (d20) [1] 1, Roll #3: (d20) [16] 16, Roll #4: (d20) [12] 12, Roll #5: (d20) [18] 18

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [1] 1, Roll #2: (d20) [2] 2, Roll #3: (d20) [13] 13, Roll #4: (d20) [3] 3, Roll #5: (d20) [9] 9

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [7] 7, Roll #2: (d20) [20] 20, Roll #3: (d20) [13] 13, Roll #4: (d20) [19] 19, Roll #5: (d20) [20] 20

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [16] 16, Roll #2: (d20) [16] 16, Roll #3: (d20) [12] 12, Roll #4: (d20) [15] 15, Roll #5: (d20) [20] 20

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [16] 16, Roll #2: (d20) [1] 1, Roll #3: (d20) [20] 20, Roll #4: (d20) [10] 10, Roll #5: (d20) [9] 9

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [15] 15, Roll #2: (d20) [6] 6, Roll #3: (d20) [6] 6, Roll #4: (d20) [2] 2, Roll #5: (d20) [17] 17

x[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [20] 20, Roll #2: (d20) [11] 11, Roll #3: (d20) [12] 12, Roll #4: (d20) [12] 12, Roll #5: (d20) [14] 14

x[BiBo!!!] 84 days for lorie

x[BiBo!!!] (45+733+40+20) [45+733+40+20] 838 sp

xmikE has left the game on Fri Jan 13 22:33:37 EST 2006

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Spells - DELETED: negative plane protection, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Cast Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- # Memorized: 0 (5), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Cast Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- # Memorized: 0 (1), ADDED: , null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: Detect Magic, 22, 22, Sniff Sniff. I smell magic! Where's the magic?, 5, 1, null, null. ADDED: Cure disease, 33, 33, Let that icky nasty disease leave your body!, 1, 1, null, null.

xBiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Jan 13 22:35:00 EST 2006

xLorie has left the game on Fri Jan 13 22:37:48 EST 2006

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