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Jan 20 06 - Mist Wars

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 19:01:18 EST 2006

[Lorie] Evening all ;)

[DM] getting set up here now

[DM] Sean just came in

[Lorie] Okay... ask him for an update on Ian

[DM] in recovery from surgery to get them out

[DM] was a success

[Lorie] Thank goodness

[DM] wolfie and duncan are here tonight too

[Lorie] ahhh :: waves to Wlofie and Duncan ::

[Lorie] HI

[Lorie] walking away to grab dinner..brb

[Lorie] okay back

[DM] mike and marco through the gate

[Lorie] okies

[Lorie] IM when wej're going to start

Sean has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 19:24:16 EST 2006

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

[Sean] Wlofie says hello back.

[Lorie] How are things at Casa New Jersey? Is Spring holding up okay?

mikE has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 19:27:23 EST 2006

[mikE] so, what'cha think about that email from john?

[Lorie] which one?

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 19:30:26 EST 2006

mikE has left the game on Fri Jan 20 19:30:34 EST 2006

[Lorie] Hey Bibo!

[BiBo!!!] wait.... that's a boy?

mikE has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 19:30:49 EST 2006

[BiBo!!!] I thought that was a girl

[BiBo!!!] dude

[BiBo!!!] I guess that's why no one answered when I asked who the girl was

[Lorie] :: laughs loudly :: I think Sean posted about that this week...

[Sean] Spring is holding up considering she hasn't been home in over a week.

[mikE] the one where paul gives fin the pool

[BiBo!!!] she home now?

[Sean] Everybody thinks the kid sitting over to your right is a girl.

[mikE] it's a boy?

[mikE] it's a girl?

[mikE] it's an it?

[Sean] It's a boy.

[Lorie] If you all remember Justice when he was little how it was for him

[BiBo!!!] eh, I recognized him as a boy

[mikE] so, you totally missed it, lor

[BiBo!!!] this one I didn't know was a boy until I saw that he was duncan

[mikE] i really just thought he was a she.

[Sean] So did all the hospital staff

[Lorie] :: blinks ::

[Lorie] Okay...well then I'll shut up and you can IM me later :D

[Sean] The hospital staff thought that both of Spring's kids were girls.

[Sean] it's the long hair ...

[BiBo!!!] and the slender feminine frame :-P

[Sean] Yeah,that too.

[BiBo!!!] he needs some meat on dem bones

[Sean] Yeah, that too.

[mikE] la la la boom dee ay

[Sean] Yeah, that too.

[DM] I am ready for you guys, I am reading this,

[DM] I am just resetting the first map right now

[BiBo!!!] so, do we see wights?

[DM] no

[BiBo!!!] wraiths?

[DM] no

[BiBo!!!] vampires?

[BiBo!!!] boogeymen?

[mikE] oompaloompas?

[mikE] clowns?

[mikE] my mother?

[BiBo!!!] umpleys?

[BiBo!!!] flumphs?

[mikE] nerd with a WWDD? shirt?

[Sean] play writes?

[DM] you are in road haven you have done the research and it is 80 something days later that you have created your silver weapons

[DM] now

[DM] what are you goign to do to find undead

[Sean] Kill a bunch of people ...

Lorie whistles

[BiBo!!!] thought you said we could hunt em down by scrying?

[Lorie] "Here undead... undead..."

[Sean] Look under stones?

[Sean] Check out the local graveyards?

[DM] yes, scrying is what I was assuming

[DM] so what and how?

[Sean] Ask any local goths?

[BiBo!!!] what is scrying how is with magic

x[DM (to GM only)] Worm #1 #2 #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 51 (55) - Unharmed

[Sean] Oooh .. are we using worms for bait?

[mikE] so we're fishing for level draining undead fish?

Sean is receiving the map Base...

Sean has received the map Base.

[BiBo!!!] so... do we find any?

[DM (to GM only)] Group of Wights moved 4'08".

[DM] ok, so you are looking for what how?

[DM] the spells do have a limit,

[DM] all I am asking for is some details to determine time frames

[BiBo!!!] okay, so I look for something on this plane

[BiBo!!!] since that's the limit

[DM] eventurally you will find someting, but

[BiBo!!!] I'll cast magic mirror and/or find person

[Sean] attend

[Sean] atttend

[Sean] attttttttttttttend

[Sean] atend

[Sean] a 10

[Lorie] we're waiting and waiting and wainting 10? Is this going to be like Godot?

[DM] how to spell attend

[BiBo!!!] yes'm

[DM] magic mirror and looking for wights?

[BiBo!!!] just in case you think you're missing something at home, you're totally not

[DM] wraiths?

[BiBo!!!] whichever's easier and/or closer

[Lorie] Okay... because I'm really feeling like I'm missing the big chat at the table there tonight

[DM] nope

[BiBo!!!] nope, no chat at all

[DM] nothing at all

[DM] is like pulling teeth

[DM] so to make it easier

[BiBo!!!] mike's playing scrabble online, sean's looking at dna tuning forks, I've no idea what bob's doing

[mikE] well, i thought we were going to fight.

[DM] after about (2d4) [(3+4)] 7 hours of scrying you find a cavern in the bronda hills that contains Wights

[mikE] so i'm waiting to fight

[BiBo!!!] yaaaay

[Sean] cave wights?

x[DM] Alastair moved 1'01".

[Lorie] Okay... going to load the map now

Lorie is receiving the map crypt...

Lorie has received the map crypt.

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Jan 20 20:00:44 EST 2006

[DM] Lorie do you see anyhting?

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 20:01:03 EST 2006

BiBo!!! is receiving the map crypt...

BiBo!!! has received the map crypt.

[Lorie] I see a spiny cavern with tiny icons

[Sean] I cast ... Magic Missile at the tiny icons!

[BiBo!!!] ::dispels the darkness::

[Lorie] I made it bigger and I want a Mountain Dew :D

[DM] so there you are

[BiBo!!!] so, marching order?

mikE is receiving the map crypt...

mikE has received the map crypt.

[Lorie] I'll be in the middle

[mikE] fin will be behind anterias

[mikE] as usual

[BiBo!!!] okay, how about antarias, fin, kylia, fudge, juniper, me?

[Lorie] okies

x[BiBo!!!] Antarias moved 14'02".

x[BiBo!!!] Finglass moved 7'05".

x[BiBo!!!] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 2'11".

x[BiBo!!!] E. L. Fudge moved 13'03".

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper moved 11'03".

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair moved 7'03".

Sean is receiving the map crypt...

Sean has received the map crypt.

[BiBo!!!] alright, gimme a sec to check my spells for the day before we head on in

[DM] Lorie you are good on spells?

[DM] we know Fudge is

[Lorie] Yeah... I haven't used any mage spells since before our last combat so the same ones are memorized

[DM] the cavern before you in in the Bronda Hills,

[DM] you know that there are lots o dead falls

[DM] and lots of various undead

[DM] this is likely some sort of burial place used by some cult

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Magical Abilities - Spells - DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. CHANGED: Feather Fall -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Magic missile -- # Memorized: 4 (3), CHANGED: Blur -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Invisibility -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Cast Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- # Memorized: 0 (5), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Cast Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Dig -- # Memorized: 1 (2), CHANGED: Dimension Door -- # Memorized: 1 (0), ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: Detect Magic, 22, 22, Sniff Sniff. I smell magic! Where's the magic?, 5, 1, null, null. ADDED: Cure disease, 33, 33, Let that icky nasty disease leave your body!, 1, 1, null, null.

[BiBo!!!] alrighty, I'm ready

x[mikE] Antarias moved 9'02".

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Juniper modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 2 -- Current: 4 (3).

x[mikE] Antarias moved 10'02".

[BiBo!!!] antarias will be the party representation for the night :)

[mikE] oh, if he's our emissary, we're so starting a war

x[mikE] Antarias moved 4'06".

[BiBo!!!] it's more symbolic than anything, no real power. just a puppet really.

[DM] the entrance on the right is small and seems to smell of rotted flesh

[Lorie] great... puppets can be taken out :D

x[mikE] Antarias moved 9'04".

[DM] save versus poison

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: Stoneskin: I like it when swords can't hurt me. (1d4+4) [4+4] 8 hits blocked.

[DM] move up everyone Marco

[Lorie] Can I cast before the save?

x[BiBo!!!] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 19'02".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 23'03".

x[BiBo!!!] E. L. Fudge moved 18'04".

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper moved 15'06".

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair moved 14'06".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 2'10".

[DM] no Lorie,

x[mikE] Antarias: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [10] 10. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (6) [6] 6!!!

[DM] no indication on the outside of this place

[DM] antarias can now make a breath weapon check

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (6) [6] 6!!!

[DM] no you Lorie

x[mikE] Antarias: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY FAILS against (12) [12] 12

[Sean] Nice knowing you ...

[DM] is only for Antarias, he went down the hallway

[DM] ok, well then you need a dex check please

[mikE] i hate you so much.

x[mikE] Antarias: DEX check: (d20) [4] 4. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (14) [14] 14!!!

[DM] very well

[DM] you on the outside of this hallway hear Antarias, start to cough, retch and vomiting

[mikE] sweet.

[mikE] that's always a good thing.

[mikE] and by good i mean bad.

[mikE] so is this a -1 to hit retching?

[mikE] or just a can't cast retching?

[DM] he has his hands on his knees,

[BiBo!!!] it's bulemia retching

[DM] but does not fall down or loose control

[Sean] Hmmm ... must be the porcelain god temple

[mikE] so a debilitating retching?

[DM] but your eyes are watering so much you can not see

[DM] yes,

[DM] you could go forward blindly or back out

[mikE] can we move or are we in rounds?

[DM] becasue you made your dex

[DM] you can move

x[mikE] Antarias moved 9'04".

[DM] so he backs out

mikE has left the game on Fri Jan 20 20:25:16 EST 2006

[DM] Finglass make a save versus poison at a plus 6

[DM] just in case

mikE has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 20:25:42 EST 2006

mikE is receiving the map crypt...

mikE has received the map crypt.

x[mikE] Finglass: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY FAILS against (6-0) [6-0] 6

[mikE] well, there goes that.

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Antarias modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 89 (128).

[mikE] so now lorie gets to make a save?

[mikE] lorie should have to make a save.

[mikE] then bibo

[mikE] and the whole party will fall down dead from contagion

[BiBo!!!] I'm in the back, I make the save last :-P

[Lorie] Lorie made her save by 9

[DM] grins

[DM] ok, so Finglass keeps his lunch down

[DM] the rest just get a foul smell

[DM] antarias is reeking

[DM] anyone observation

[mikE] anterias

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] PEEEYEW! Antarias!!! That's gross! Don't they teach you any manners to dwarves in elven school?

[DM] anyone?

[mikE] i'd say that's a no

[mikE] so what happens next?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] neither juniper nor I have observation

[Lorie] You let me know when I can cast Zone of Sweet Air Bob

[DM] this is to help you not need to,

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] you have observation?

[DM] wow

[Lorie] Me? or someone else?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] anyone really

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] apparently not

[mikE] anyone

[DM] beuler

[Lorie] I have OBservation

[Sean] We're all oblivious to the impending doom coming our way

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] so..... you gonna make the check then?

[Lorie] But it's not in my character sheet... hmm, maybe I'm wrong.. ::looks at paper copy ::

[Lorie] Sorry..just alertness

[Sean] We're dead.

[DM] ok,

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] okay, so, no observation

[mikE] wow, we are so screwed.

[DM] so I will give antarias a wisdom at a minus 8

[mikE] so who's idea was this?

[Lorie] YOURS

x[mikE] Antarias: Observation check: (d20) [1] 1. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13+1) [13+1] 14!!!

[mikE] hrm... so a one always succeeds, right?

[mikE] he may be blind, be he rolled a one.

[mikE] so his heigtenned blind senses see it

[mikE] like daredevil

[DM] his own overvation is good enough

[mikE] but without the mad damonness

[mikE] matt

[DM] he knows that his steel boots are beginning to rot away

[DM] from the muck you stepped in

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] oh, good

[mikE] he notes thusly

x[mikE] Finglass: Create Water: 'Scuse me, gotta go make some water now... When the priest casts a create water spell, up to four gallons of water are generated for every experience level of the caster. The water is clean and drinkable (it is just like rain water). The created water can be dispelled within a round of its creation; otherwise, its magic fades, leaving normal water that can be used, spilled, evaporated, etc. The reverse of the spell, destroy water, obliterates without trace (no vapor, mist, fog, or steam) a like quantity of water. Water can be created or destroyed in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area as large as 27 cubic feet (1 cubic yard). Note that water can neither be created nor destroyed within a creature. For reference purposes, water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon, and a cubic foot of water weighs approximately 64 pounds.

[DM] as in you can see the metal start to corrode

[DM] and flakes fall off

[mikE] and anterias totally gets doused.

[DM] I am going to rule that the flushing effect of it going over him will cut the time in half for the disolving

[DM] but it does not stop it totlaly

[DM] you would have to soak them in a bucket to stop that

[DM] double the ammount of time

[mikE] can he see now?

[DM] it takes for them to go

[DM] yes that is a nice side effect of showering

[mikE] and what's on the ground?

[DM] your nasel passages clear

[DM] some sort of green slime muck

[DM] not powerful enough

[Sean] His clear nasal passages are on the ground?

[DM] to actually be green slime

[BiBo!!!] so, is his boots melted through?

[DM] not yet

[Lorie] :: frowns :: Okay... so we obviously need to take 10 and rethink this

[Lorie] Make sure we have Protection from Acid and Zone of Sweet Air, etc.

[Sean] Sorry Mike, you don't have the Bob Proficency

[mikE] right.

x[mikE] Antarias moved 32'05".

[mikE] so he takes off his boots

[DM] ok, so you retreat back the 10 feet or so to that open area

[mikE] and now he's barefoot, and not going back in

[DM] antarias is now barefoot

x[mikE] Antarias moved 7'04".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 38'00".

[mikE] and fin won't be up front.

[BiBo!!!] would a purify drink spell stop the acid completely?

[DM] not a big deal, no movement change

[mikE] he's already played that game and lost

[mikE] so... now what?

[mikE] lets go after that amulet

[DM] ok

[DM] Lorie

[DM] you ate,

[DM] these guys are digging in now

[DM] what are your thoughts on the movement of the pool

[Lorie] what pool? What are we moving? :: looking at the map confused ::

[mikE] email

[DM] from John's email

[mikE] look at the last email

[BiBo!!!] he wants to move his dimensional pool to fin's place

[DM] finglass and paul movign magic items, etc.

[Lorie] I don't see the point... but :: shrugs :: it's John's pool...

[mikE] and what if paul and fin had joint custody? one month at one place, one at the other,

[mikE] we could share child support

[Lorie] :: blinks :: Ummm

[Lorie] Again... John's pool... if that's what you two want, I guess so

[BiBo!!!] seems a bizaare idea to me, if it's even possible

[mikE] i dunno. seems kind of extreame

[mikE] i was thinking the whole tree thing seemed like the best bet.

[Lorie] I don't want to say no, but ... I agree with you marco

[Lorie] Sounds more effort than it's worth

[DM] I like the tree thing from an aestetic point of view

[DM] it is very elven

[Lorie] more silence?

[BiBo!!!] ja, eating chinese

[Lorie] okay... well bon app... I'm going to take out my contacts then... bbl

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[BiBo!!!] iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like chinese!!!!

[BiBo!!!] iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like chinese!

[BiBo!!!] theeeeeey only come up to your kneeeeeees

[BiBo!!!] but they're always friendly and they're ready to please

[DM] Lorie

[DM] I am here now

[DM] sorry Lorie

[DM] wait for her

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] thank you sorry

[DM] Mike is typing now

[Lorie] people have to eat... just seems to be a slow night

[mikE] so bob and i were discussing my tree thing while you were gone

[Lorie] On My side... it looks like Mike's been typing for 10 minutes

[mikE] he said i'd need an exotic process and material

[mikE] now, would you be up to having a gateway in roadhaven to greenborough?

[BiBo!!!] ::glances down the hallway and wonders where melting boots turned into making magic items::

[Lorie] Mike, it's possible...

[Lorie] Marco, can we do some protection spells before proceeding with the boot-eating goop?

[BiBo!!!] well, that looks like a dead end as best I can tell

[mikE] well, we've got 80 days to play with, so for all we know, the gateway is already up and running at this point

[BiBo!!!] we can just not go in there

[BiBo!!!] juniper has resist acid and corrosion though

[Lorie] Glad she does... I tried to cast a spell about 20 minutes ago and it never happened :: shrugs ::

[BiBo!!!] the zone of sweet air?

[mikE] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Tails

[Lorie] Yeah

[Lorie] I don't really think we should go faster with out that stuff

[Lorie] and I can cast other Resist Acid Corrosions for those intrested

[Lorie] faster = further

[BiBo!!!] how long's that last?

[DM] no one has cast a zone yet

[DM] no one has wasted any spells

[Lorie] Yes Bob... I was trying to do that before you started eating

[DM] I told you no

[DM] but if you insist you want to do it anyway

[DM] when you do not need it

[Lorie] Forget it Bob... I don't want to do anything

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: I don't get it

[DM] there is a stentch in that small side corridor

[BiBo!!!] he's saying there's no gas to zone against, it's acid

[DM] if you do not go in there you are not affected

[BiBo!!!] or acid like stuff

[BiBo!!!] whatever it is

[DM] if you do not walk in there you are not affectdd

[BiBo!!!] could be some sorta pudding for all we know

[DM] casting that spell now will be useless

[DM] casting anything at this moment is useless

[BiBo!!!] or a gelatenous cube

[DM] I do not want you to be wasting spells

[BiBo!!!] cuz those are always fun

[BiBo!!!] okay, enough random thoughts from me.

[Lorie] Then I do nothing but stand here and be excited to go get zapped by the undead

[DM] you only know at this point that Antarias walked down a side passage that stinks

[BiBo!!!] so, how long's resist acid last, do you know?

[Sean] Until it fails ...

[DM] and he staqggered out

[DM] with his steel boots being eaten away

[Lorie] 12 rounds Marco...sorry was verifying

[DM] I am sorry I mad eth emistake of brining up the pool/tree idea

[DM] we will keep that to a different time

[DM] is that a round per level Lorie?

[DM] or just 12 flast?

[DM] flat

[Lorie] Yes Bob

[DM] thank you

[Lorie] Spells and Magic 165 if you'd like to confirm

[DM] no

[DM] was a question spoken out loud here

[BiBo!!!] well, I don't think that'll be long enough for a good exploration of this area

[BiBo!!!] could cast it on antarias and send him in that hall to see if there's anything to see?

[BiBo!!!] sound good or should we just move forward?

[BiBo!!!] it doesn't look like big enough a room to be bothered with

[mikE] until the wraiths pour out

[mikE] behind us

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: sure... I'm just along for the ride now

[BiBo!!!] well, they didn't pour out on you while you were retching, I'll take that as a good sigh

[BiBo!!!] I say we move on and worry about acid if we find more tight quarters like that

x[BiBo!!!] Antarias moved 52'11".

[DM] there is a trap there in the hall to the left

[DM] it is pinning down a pair of skeletons

[BiBo!!!] man, that's too obvious a trap, must be something else that's a trap

[DM] a set of wooden arms that swing out of the floor like a mouse trap and LOCK you down

[Sean] I'll check for traps ... at least, ones not so obvious

[BiBo!!!] lower your guard, thinkin you see the trap, then BOOM you're decapitated

[mikE] or worse

[BiBo!!!] level drained!

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean) (to GM only)] E. L. Fudge: Traps: (1d100) [72] 72 -- Traps don't bother me!

x[BiBo!!!] E. L. Fudge moved 33'04".

x[DM] E. L. Fudge moved 2'03".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 19'02".

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] and you do notice that the trap is not sprung

[DM] it is down ontop

[DM] but it will SLAM back the other way also

[DM] when you try to step around it

[BiBo!!!] does it do the mouse trap squishing off the head thing?

[DM] yes

[BiBo!!!] sweeeeet

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I attempt to disarm the trap.

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean) (to GM only)] E. L. Fudge: Traps: (1d100) [91] 91 -- Traps don't bother me!

[DM] very good you disarm it

[DM] anyone?

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge moved 6'00".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 11'00".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 21'06".

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 15'09".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 9'09".

[DM] the chamber ahead is clean of everything

[BiBo!!!] so.... empty?

[DM] apparently

[BiBo!!!] dead end?

[DM] there is that small opening in the back

[BiBo!!!] define small

[DM] 2 foot

[BiBo!!!] wide? tall?

[DM] roughly 5 feet tall

[BiBo!!!] so easy enough to walk through

x[mikE] Antarias moved 15'11".

x[DM] Worm #1 moved 1'04".

x[DM] Worm #1 targets Antarias. Distance: 4'04"

[BiBo!!!] they call me dr worm. good morning how are you I'm dr worm. I'm interested in things. I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm. I am an actual worm.

x[DM] Worm #1: Attack #1: Pod: (13-(d20+0)) [13-(12+0)] 1. Probably MISSES Antarias (AC FINAL: -4)

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 16'06".

[DM] so Antaria is missed by the psuedo pod that lashed out

[DM] Combat has begun!

x[mikE] Antarias targets Worm #1. Distance: 3'09"

x[DM] Worm #1: Initiative:(d10+10) [9+10] 19


x[mikE] Antarias: Initiative:(d10(+10+1)) [9(10+1)] 20

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Initiative:(d10(+10-+0)) [9(10-0)] 19

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair moved 68'05".

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper moved 42'03".

x[BiBo!!!] E. L. Fudge moved 20'07".

x[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Antarias modified: Combat - Initiative Modifier: (INIT) : CHANGED: (+10-$RA) ((+10+$RA)).

x[BiBo!!!] Finglass moved 65'08".

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge moved 15'08".

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge moved 16'04".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 2'05".

x[mikE] Finglass: Initiative:(d10(+10+-2)) [1(10-2)] 9

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge: Initiative:(d10+10) [7+10] 17

[DM] INIT: -1 GOING: Start of Round

[DM] INIT: 9 GOING: Finglass

[Lorie] I skip what I was going to do... there weren't all these people in front of me when I declared casting

x[mikE] Finglass targets Worm #1. Distance: 19'08"

[DM] I am counting you as holding Lorie

[DM] they were moving the marching order forward

x[mikE] Finglass: Attack #1: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (10-+2-(d20+10)) [10-2-(9+10)] -11. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

x[mikE] Finglass: Attack #1: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (10-+2-(d20+10)) [10-2-(12+10)] -14. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

x[mikE] Finglass: Attack #1: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (10-+2-(d20+10)) [10-2-(2+10)] -4. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

[DM] This is not a purple worm by the way, it is just a blog that is extending a pseudopod and smashing you

x[mikE] Finglass: Damage v L: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (1d6+6) [6+6] 12 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1

x[mikE] Finglass: Damage v L: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (1d6+6) [1+6] 7 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1

x[mikE] Finglass: Damage v L: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (1d6+6) [3+6] 9 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1

[BiBo!!!] ACK!!! a BLOG?!?!

[BiBo!!!] We're all gonna die!!!!

[BiBo!!!] Next we'll be attacked by a live journal!

x[DM (to GM only)] Worm #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 23 (-28) - Heavily Wounded

[mikE] if that happens, we're all screwed

[DM] INIT: 17 GOING: E. L. Fudge (affected by: Bless Party (ATM=+1))

[BiBo!!!] we'll all turn emo if that happens

[DM] INIT: 19 GOING: Worm #1

x[DM] Worm #1: Attack #1: Pod: (13-(d20+0)) [13-(8+0)] 5. Probably MISSES Antarias (AC FINAL: -4)

[DM] INIT: 19 GOING: Kylia Wolfslayer

[DM] INIT: 20 GOING: Antarias

x[mikE] Antarias: Attack #1: Cold Iron Long Sword: (13-+3-(d20+3)) [13-3-(1+3)] 6. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

x[mikE] Antarias: Attack #1: Shield Bash: (13-+3-(d20+0)) [13-3-(12+0)] -2. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

x[mikE] Antarias: Attack #1: Cold Iron Long Sword: (13-+3-(d20+3)) [13-3-(19+3)] -12. PROBABLY HITS Worm #1 (AC FINAL: 7)!!!

x[mikE] Antarias: Damage v L: Nightblade: (d12+13) [4+13] 17 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1

x[mikE] Antarias: Damage v L: Shield Bash: (1d3+8) [1+8] 9 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1

x[mikE] Antarias: Damage v L: Nightblade: (d12+13) [5+13] 18 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] added to Worm #1


[DM] INIT: -1 GOING: Start of Round

x[DM (to GM only)] Worm #1's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -21 (-44) - Dead

[DM] ok

[BiBo!!!] yay, ded wurm

[mikE] moosh

[mikE] anyone need ded worm spell components/

[mikE] we should give paul it's liver just because

[BiBo!!!] what's in the wurm room?

[DM] empty

[mikE] what a suprise

[BiBo!!!] ded end?

[DM] is just a dirty room with all the trash and muck that was in the room you are in

[DM] that was swept up by the creature into that room behind

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Wait! Quickly animate the worm, then kill it!

[DM] and yes dead end

[BiBo!!!] :-P

[BiBo!!!] okay, back to the main hall and forwards

x[mikE] Antarias moved 17'01".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 29'09".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 27'08".

[DM] INIT: 9 GOING: Finglass

[DM] Combat has finished.

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge moved 15'01".

[DM] there is a glow in the corner from a ring of some sort

[BiBo!!!] sveeet

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Hmmm .. I pick up the ring ad throw it in the fire ...

[mikE] bada bing, bada boom

[DM] well,

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I read the runes to see if it's the One Ring.

[DM] the ring ison the other side of the room right now

[mikE] not it

[DM] are you walking into the muck?

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Heck no ... unseen servent.

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge: unseen servant: Duration: (60+10*(10)) [60+10*(10)] 160 turns. The unseen servant is an invisible, mindless, and shapeless force, used to step and fetch, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as to clean and mend. It is not strong, but unfailingly obeys the command of the wizard. It can perform only one activity at a time and can move only lightweight items, carrying a maximum of 20 pounds or pushing/pulling 40 pounds across a smooth surface. It can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, etc. The unseen servant cannot fight, nor can it be killed, as it is a force rather than a creature. It can be magically dispelled, or eliminated after receiving 6 points of damage from area-effect spells, breath weapons, or similar attacks. If the caster attempts to send it beyond the allowed radius, the spell ends immediately.

[DM] very well

[DM] you get a magic ring

[BiBo!!!] ::does the ph47 l3w7 dance::

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] woot!

[DM] when you do identify later you might

[DM] so ?

[BiBo!!!] so, that's 2 paths down the hall then?

[DM] yes

[BiBo!!!] check the smaller side one I guess

[mikE] is there any smell?

[mikE] or green muck?

[DM] yes on muck, yes on smell

[DM] not sure if it is the stuff like before

[BiBo!!!] anyone have a stick?

[BiBo!!!] anyone?

[BiBo!!!] ooooh, arrow

[BiBo!!!] poke an arrow at the muck, see if it melts

[mikE] does it?

x[mikE] Antarias moved 16'11".

[DM] no

[DM] no much melting the arrow

[mikE] so what saves do i make now?

[DM] yes on muck, yes on smell

[Lorie] should my map be blank?

[Lorie] I guess so

[BiBo!!!] he accidently revealed everything :-P

[BiBo!!!] so he concealed everything immeadiately thereafter

[BiBo!!!] feel free to laugh at him, I am

x[DM] Worm #1 moved 1'00".

[mikE] laugh

[mikE] laugh

[mikE] the dead worm is moving

[mikE] look out fudge

[BiBo!!!] ::in a french accent:: now go away before I taunt you a second time!

[mikE] run man, run.

[mikE] behind you.

[mikE] no, not the basement.

[DM] so

[mikE] don't go into the basement

[BiBo!!!] so, room empty?

[mikE] oh why won't he listen to me?

[mikE] dude, the killer is in there. don't go in!

[mikE] don't go- awww... he went in

[DM] antarias you see cooridoors stretching away to the north and the south for about 60 feet in each direction

[DM] make your wisdom check

x[mikE] Antarias: WIS check: (d20) [2] 2. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (9) [9] 9!!!

[DM] and you see that it is some sort of illusion that makes the current thing you see look 60 feet long

[mikE] okay. guess that's that?

[mikE] move on?

[DM] so far? yes

[mikE] lor?

x[mikE] Antarias moved 11'11".

Lorie has left the game on Fri Jan 20 22:07:42 EST 2006

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Jan 20 22:07:58 EST 2006

[DM] wb

Lorie is receiving the map crypt...

Lorie has received the map crypt.

[BiBo!!!] so... is that stairs or a pit or what?

[DM] loots like it goes down

[BiBo!!!] okay, it goes down

[BiBo!!!] is it stairs?

[BiBo!!!] pit?

[BiBo!!!] what?

[BiBo!!!] looks like a spiral staircase to me

[DM] from where Antarias is you can not tell

[BiBo!!!] okay so lets move him on over there

[mikE] you go this time

[BiBo!!!] wuss

[mikE] you're a fighter, too

[BiBo!!!] no I'm not, I have the lowest hp in the group next to uniper

[mikE] hell yeah, wuss.

[mikE] he's already been level drained on this thing

[BiBo!!!] now get your pansy fighter butt up there

[DM] crickets

[mikE] send juniper, then

[mikE] she's expendable

[BiBo!!!] sure, send a child, are you a man or a mouse?

[mikE] she's just some village girl

[mikE] you can get another

[mikE] hell, i'll give you two village girls

[BiBo!!!] get your butt up there, geeze

[mikE] hey, he's a young dwarf. he's not a geezer yet

x[mikE] Antarias moved 4'01".

[mikE] so what is it?

[BiBo!!!] I didn't say get your old wrinkly butt up there, I said get your regular one up there

[mikE] i moved up

x[mikE] Antarias moved 3'03".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 7'01".

[DM] you see a pit

[DM] that decends down

[mikE] how down?

[DM] your light source at this point does not illuminate downards intoit

[BiBo!!!] that deep?

[mikE] so he uses the ring

[DM] you would have to put that amulat over it

[DM] and look down

[mikE] what does he see?

[DM] you look over the edge and look down

[DM] you see a pit extending downwards

[DM] beyond the 60 feet

[BiBo!!!] sweet, toss a copper down

[mikE] he can see in the dark just fine for the moment

[BiBo!!!] does antarias have any sorta dwarven detection thing that'll help him guess the depth?

[mikE] nope

[mikE] first racial ability i got rid of for his dragon stuff

[BiBo!!!] of course

[BiBo!!!] so do we hear anything from the copper falling?

[DM] ddi you really do that?

[BiBo!!!] splash? plink? spooge?

[BiBo!!!] yes

[BiBo!!!] so, copper?

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Antarias modified: Combat -

[BiBo!!!] soooooooo...... copper?

[DM] ok

[BiBo!!!] splash? plink? spooge?

x[mikE] Antarias moved 17'05".

[DM] who is doping what/

[mikE] now he can throw the coin

[DM] please

x[DM] Alastair moved 20'01".

[BiBo!!!] I'm doping the horse

x[DM] Alastair moved 10'09".

x[DM] E. L. Fudge moved 17'04".

[mikE] nah, i'm a speed and acid kind of guy

x[DM] Juniper moved 26'01".

x[DM] Finglass moved 27'09".

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 26'04".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 1'05".

[BiBo!!!] so, I toss a bloody copper, anything yet?

x[DM] Alastair moved 15'10".

[DM] so yoiu toss your coin down

[DM] adn you hear it go plink plink

[DM] plink

[DM] then silence

[DM] then RING like it hit glass

[BiBo!!!] huh, sounds far down

[mikE] a glass golem

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] How many seconds?

[mikE] a glass golem kraken

[mikE] lich

[mikE] vampric lich

[DM] at least 4 seconds, maybe more

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay, 6? 8?

[DM] some where in that range

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] smaller values of 8? or larger values of 6?

[DM] not sure,

[DM] use that as a range

[Lorie] so we can't count now ?

[BiBo!!!] I take another copper, cast on it

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: Continual Light: Let there be light!!

[DM] you tossed a coin, and it plinks around quite a bit

[BiBo!!!] toss it down

[DM] as it goes down

[DM] very well

[DM] it goes down

[DM] and RING

[DM] as you see the coin bounce off of some sort of round dome and then slide off to the side

[DM] and it goes dark again

Lorie has left the game on Fri Jan 20 22:28:33 EST 2006

[BiBo!!!] so, like it fell into something and got covered?

[DM] no slide to the side and got covered up

[mikE] so after a few rounds, does anything come up to get us?

[BiBo!!!] okay, so how far did it look?

[DM] it went down about 80-100 feet and hit there

[BiBo!!!] okay, so there's a glass dome some 80-100 feet down there

[BiBo!!!] did it look opaque?

[DM] yes

[BiBo!!!] hrmmm, guess we'll move on

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair moved 26'08".

x[mikE] Antarias moved 13'10".

[DM] how about we stop here, and work out the tree stuf

x[mikE] Antarias moved 12'10".

[DM] then come back with Lorie and John next week here

[BiBo!!!] uh oh, we're about to get ambushed

[DM] to finish this "quick" encounter

mikE has left the game on Fri Jan 20 22:37:54 EST 2006

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Jan 20 22:38:48 EST 2006