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Jan 29 16 - Barber for Hire

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jan 29 18:42:13 EST 2016 ====

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:01:58 EST 2016

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

[Master] Hey there

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] so it was the new IP address?

[Lisa] Yes, very annoying

[Lisa] I memorized old one since klooge doesn't save it and now I have another one

[Lisa] with harder numbers to memorize

[Master] chuckles

[Master] very sorry for such a thing

[Lisa] Is that why no one is logged in?

[Master] Mike is updating

[Master] was not able to log in

[Master] Mario will be late about 9 he said

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:03:48 EST 2016

Mike is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Mike] hi bob, hi lisa

[Lisa] Hi Nike :)

[Lisa] Mike

[Lisa] Mike

[Lisa] jeez

[Master] how are you two tonight

[Lisa] ok

[Master] it was a long drive but back into the swing of things now

[Master] going to email everyone now about the new IP address brb

[Master] Mike you can tell Lisa which adventures you are sending people out on

[Mike] okay.

[Mike] what are my options?

[Lisa] there is a list on the player comm page

[Master] ok email sent

[Mike] i guess any combat ones would be sere and any diplomatic ones would be elle

[Mike] so is indigo off on a combat oriented mission?

[Lisa] no clue

[Lisa] he is acting as a guard for some wagons travelling to Gold Hills for 5 gp a day

[Master] I would offer up Mike that you should send someone on the Barber for Hire, as that is the unicorn thing

[Master] Kenna is the only Cleric so far

[Master] Marisu is the only magic using person other than that

[Master] then there are all the blue scrolls that Ilero is dealing with

[Lisa] Bob made it sound to me like he wasn't giving game time to Indigo since no one was going exceept him - but he would need to verify that

[Master] adn the other searching for magic item quests

[Master] I think if only Indigo is on that mission it is best to do most of it on the site

[Mike] well sere's the only one of a level to go out anywehre that might not be safe and i don't like leaving someone alone, but if you think she should go she'll go on the unicorn thing

[Master] I think you can do things with both of them Mike

[Master] John is working on the Haunted House through the site

[Master] he started that earlier this week

[Lisa] Ilero is travelling by himself for some odd reason

[Master] and yes Ilero could definately use someone with him

[Master] which would you want to go be a barber on ?

[Lisa] or you could stay home and open red scrolls with branwyn :)

[Master] and the other with Ilero

[Master] or there is that, grins

[Lisa] you missed the last two

[Mike] i'll do the unicorn

Orange[Lisa] we got a pernament fire and a flying imp with cursed wands

[Mike] why ahven't we killed it?

[Lisa] zapped Joseph and kind of Michael but he ran away

[Lisa] no Michael ran away

[Mike] so it's currently running amok in the house?

Orange[Lisa] we killed the flying imp demon

Orange[Lisa] we even put out the perma blaze

[Mike] can branwyn finally dispell magic?

[Lisa] no - kenna did it

[Mike] you should go learn that spell

[Mike] you're the highest level magic person

[Lisa] LOL - fate won't let me

[Lisa] I have tried 4 times

[Lisa] some other mage will just have to make magic go away

[Lisa] she can't do everything

[Master] also Mike you could help John on the site with stories there

[Master] might be a bit harder

[Master] but in any case which will go be a barber?

[Mike] sere. elle stays home with bran

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jan 29 19:27:03 EST 2016 ====

Eric has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:28:04 EST 2016

Eric is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Eric has received the map New Residence first floor.

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:28:09 EST 2016

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Master] no clue why that happened

[Eric] I blame lisa

[Lisa] Bob just didn't want to answer my question

[Master] I was typing to Lisa saying that I was away from the chat box

[Master] and that the character doing the controling drinks the potion

[Master] and texted Mike

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:29:26 EST 2016

Mike is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Lisa] the unicorn peoples should bring those

[Lisa] which adventure are dominic and leatherus participating in

[Lisa] player comm page

[Master] Eric someoen will go with the Barbers

[Master] and one will do other things with Ilero

[Master] or other adventures, we will say Indigo is off now

[Lisa] ack - lost top tool bar

[Lisa] help please

[Master] 1 or 2

[Master] on the keyboard

[Lisa] thanks

[Master] dogs, just a sec

[Eric] ummm I didn't get to read teh log this week so.. ya. Cliff Note version?

[Lisa] of?

[Mike] i wasn't here last couple weeks

[Eric] The barbers?

[Master] ok so

[Master] back the dogs are wanting attention because I just got back home

[Master] Barbers is the Unicorn hunt

[Master] you might want to send out Dominic

[Master] as they could use some good spell users

[Eric] Ok

[Eric] Where di Leatherus go?

[Master] then Leatherus coudl go with Ilero and Ellenara

[Eric] Did

[Eric] Sure sounds good

[Master] so

[Master] we have the morning meeting

[Master] and everyone is there except for Indigo

[Master] then you will pack up adn head out

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray moved 78'09".

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Seremella Psyndarryn moved 9'06".

[Dominic (Eric)] (Who is all going on the unicorn party

[Lisa] unless the barber people want a talk with the guild or just head into the closest forest

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 51'08".

[Master] Seremella Psyndarryn moved 59'07".

[Mike] sere is

[Master] Anton moved 7'04".

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 55'07".

[Master] Leatherus moved 58'10".

[Master (to GM only)] Penelope moved 7'04".

[Lisa] kenna, shur, anton, seremella and dominic

[Master] Ellenara Psyndarryn moved 6'11".

[Master] Ellenara Psyndarryn moved 8'10".

[Lisa] I offered one of my apprentices but no one picked one

[Master] Phillipe Gaston Enquire moved 1'01".

[Dominic (Eric)] Dominic moved 25'08".

[Dominic (Eric)] Dominic moved 26'01".

[Master] Dominic moved 8'07".

[Dominic (Eric)] (i'll sit next to Branif you dont' mind)

[Master] Lord Branadarus minds

[Dominic (Eric)] lol

[Dominic (Eric)] denied

[Dominic (Eric)] Dominic moved 16'06".

[Master] Ellenara Psyndarryn moved 2'04".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (was wondering if he was going to show up today)

[Dominic (Eric)] (I'll sit at the little kids table)

[Master] so the far left table is the Barber group

[Master] the couch to the right is the Indigo grou

[Master] then Branwyn and Jenn with Lord Branadarus are staying

[Master] there is the line of apprentices

[Master] does the barber group want to take any mages with them?

[Master] you have your choice

[Master] and yes LIsa I am leaving the name the same on him until you talk about it publicly

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I wouldn't take Johan)

[Master] Time of Day: 07:04 AM. Day 23 Be ___ se, Fey {Mid Winter} 23rd, 1266 TGR.

[Master] Mike? Eric?

[Master] which would you like

[Master] Marisu and Elle are both available

[Master] Useless is also

[Master] Joseph does not know any spells, only cantrips

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So before we start this morning's meeting, I would like to introduce Howard Plum, my apprentice.

[Dominic (Eric)] (with a name like useless...)

[Master] Useless moved 1'00".

[Dominic (Eric)] (how can you resist)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You may have known him as another name, but we shall call him by his proper name now.

Howard Plum (Master) nods his head to Branwyn

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Howard "For it is well deserved."

TMO has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 19:51:04 EST 2016

TMO is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

TMO has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hi TMO)

[Master] welcome TMO

[Dominic (Eric)] Hey hey

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (someone can be packing while we have the meeting ...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (nothing is in your party pack except a vial to put the hair in)

[TMO] hi

[Master] So TMO the Barber group is the far left

[Master] your group is there on the other couch

[Master] Ilero, Leatherus and probably Elle

[Dominic (Eric)] (What is the barber mission... Sorry I didnt get to read this week. Been crazy busy)

[TMO] unicorn hair

[Master] it is a question of do people want to take Howard or Marisu on the Barber mission

[Dominic (Eric)] ok

[Master] or Johan

[Dominic (Eric)] (why do we need the hair and for whom?)

[TMO] (hired to get it)

[Dominic (Eric)] (by whom?)

[Master] you dare question the great and powerful Branwyn!!!!!

[Dominic (Eric)] Yep

[Dominic (Eric)] a lot

[TMO] (either the Council or someone on it)

[Dominic (Eric)] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (elle was supposed to go to mage guild and discuss but mike has not been in so never happened)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (clock is ticking - hair due back in town by the 10th of next month)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lisa recommends swinging by the guild before heading out of town)

[Master] Indigo is off on his Riders of the Free Range adventure

[TMO] (Marisu is willing to go on any mission that wants her along, also willing to stay and help Branwyn with ambassador stuffs here. Either is fine)

[Dominic (Eric)] (ok Dom has values... Values which the group will hate like Tristan's zeal so I wanted to know why)

[Dominic (Eric)] (I enjoy conflict...)

[TMO] (Thought we were all heading out together with Indigo's group)

[Master] so 1 dom is worth 6 GP?

[Dominic (Eric)] sounds bout right

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they need a natural hair and it will be used for a brush)

[Dominic (Eric)] ok

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we don't know what kind of brush)

[TMO] The Brush of ... DOOM

[Dominic (Eric)] LOL

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we don't know why they need it by the 10th and what will happen if they are late in getting it)

[Dominic (Eric)] (this is the mage council?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we think blumm woods is a good bet but asking might help)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (guild)

[TMO] (let's go ahead and send Marisu on the barber mission, just in case the whole 'maiden' thing is true)

[Dominic (Eric)] (sorry guild... semantics can be touchy with mages)

[TMO] ('cuz lord knows Shur doesn't qualify)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they do have kenna and anton and dominic? )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is he chaste?)

[TMO] (so we have the boys if the unicorn is gay. we should be well covered then)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or it is a girl unicorn)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (they can't all be male)

[TMO] (point - a book I read did actually have a gay unicorn in it. Is how he managed to avoid the trap by pirates - the bait didn't work)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Phillipe, we have scrolls this morning?

[Dominic (Eric)] (well Indigo's group has no priest...)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] They are not avoidable

[Dominic (Eric)] (shoudl Dom go there and Leatherus with the Unicorn group?)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (too late Indio left early this morning)

[Dominic (Eric)] (geez.. Bob you let that master power go right to your head)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Bob has been shoving him out the door all week)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (trying to move things along grins)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] what decisions did you want to make first?

[Dominic (Eric)] (lol ok lets roll then...:)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that one will mostly be done the website I think)

[Dominic (Eric)] oh ok

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] he holds up two red scrolls

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] one blue scroll

[TMO] (I really thought all 3 groups were leaving together...)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and three yellow scrolls

[Dominic (Eric) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Dominic modified:

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I talked to Bob about giving you guys a chance to ask guild questions and PACK)

[Dominic (Eric) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Dominic modified:

Ilero (TMO)] Hye take blue.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Indigo had to leave first thing)

Ilero (TMO)] (hokay)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (otherwise it would have happened that way)

Branwyn (Lisa) nods to Ilero to take his first

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (tings are hokay ooc too?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

Ilero (TMO)] (yah)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (grins)

[Dominic (Eric)] (nice OOC accent)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Phillipe hands over the blue scroll to Ilero

[Ilero]] (TMO) pulls the ribbon and unrolls it.

[Ilero]] (TMO) reads the scroll.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is an invitation to a party at the 12 leaves on the evening of the 25th

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That's a new place.

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Some party t'ing. Late month, gots time."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (do you want to say where?)

Ilero (TMO)] Phillipe, where twelve leaves?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Hmmm, that is up on Dryads Hill, the very old part of town

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and today is the 23rd and you are leaving town today ...)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] A book store know for the poor quality of its wares, though the diligent browser may occasionally find a rare treasure.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A party at a book store?

Ilero (TMO)] (I assumed 25th of next month - thought we were already past this 25th)

Branwyn (Lisa) perks up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The 25th is the Basket feast

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Unless it is next month

[Ilero]] (TMO) holds the scroll out to Branwyn. "You want?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would, but I'm not sure I would be too welcome.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If you split your trips up between the closer one and home again, you could probably go.

[Dominic (Eric)] Why would you not feel welcome?

[Dominic (Eric)] It is a book store... a place of learning.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (or why would you feel welcome...... if Ilero is...... )

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Can do. Warning be nice."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The scroll was for Ilero and it is a blue ... scout type scroll.

[Dominic (Eric)] oh

Dominic (Eric) shrugs

[Dominic (Eric)] sorry I didn't know the ribbon colors signified anything

Branwyn (Lisa) places hand across forehead "When am I ever not nice?"

[Ilero]] (TMO) frowns in confusion for a moment, then his face clears. He waves the scroll a few times. "No, warning bout party."

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

Ilero (TMO)] Two days not much.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No it's not.

[Ilero]] (TMO) sighs. "Hokay. Hye go crossing, t'en back, t'en up nort for boat, whatever t'ey about."

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

Ilero (TMO)] Phillipe, reply hye be at 12 Leaves.

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) nods very well

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I have never been there before

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe you could bring back some books.

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Come too."

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Perhaps I will send someone with the response who is interested

Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master) glances over at the apprentices

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks at Branwyn.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh this is silly. I can bring it over before I go look for maps of Joyclin.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Now what do the yellow scrolls say or we shall be here all morning.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] One is a request from Turndile for a vist by you

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the other is a request from Normandry for a visit

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can't think of going until next month

[Branwyn (Lisa)] we can arrange them on the calendar

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] shall I make arrangemens for dates for you?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] do either of them say what they want?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I believe that they have found out you are starting to do visits and want to be seen as one of the first places you visit

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] How does everyone know everything about me before I even do?

Marisu (TMO)] I've noticed not many messages bother with saying 'why' they ask anything.

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] There are more than 200 countries

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I expect you will need to arrange a time of the month for your visits

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the third?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I confess

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] that I am not certain

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] how to do that

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Domvile is seven days away perhaps

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] but with your magic

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] does that matter?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Domvile is third scroll?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] no no

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I am merely asking the question

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] none of the previous ambassadors had such magic at their disposal

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] how should I plan your visits

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It matters because if I am going to use magic then I shall have to sudy the places I am visiting quite carefully

[Dominic (Eric)] (domville?)

[Dominic (Eric)] Domville?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] No I was merely using a place that the ambassador was familiar with

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Send a messge to the Ambassador of Joyclin that I would like to see the most detailed map she has of where I must travel

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] very well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then what is the third scroll?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] what sort of study do you need to do?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maps!

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] would maps be enough?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] perhaps you could do a scrying of such a place first?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] a crystal ball?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] can you do that?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You know I don't do that kind of magic

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I kill things. I set fire to things

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I open locks and create night lights

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] yes we all have our strengths

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] perhaps I can look into that

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] to see if there is a way of procuring such a thing for you

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] for the residence

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I need to have as firm a picture in my head as I can of the place I shall travel to.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The third scroll, Philippe?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] it is a request for you to send a represenative

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is a request for you to send a represenative

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] They do not ask for by name

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Why on earth are you being so elusive?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Send someone where?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] because you were frustrated that so many people were asking for your time and visits

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] and this one is not for you by name but for your office

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So you read me half a message?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] so you could send someone rather than go.....

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] very well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] WHERE?

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] it is a request from Inholt

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is not enough coffee in the world ...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Where is Inholt?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] part of the cluster of countries in Southwestern Terragaurd,

Marisu (TMO)] (back - sorry, kids)

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Turndile, Mylwood, Turndale, Gort,

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] there are many Countries

Branwyn (Lisa) grumbles

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I presume that they do not have a regular ambassador here in the City for some reason

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] as they would have known you by now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] None of us can think about it until next month so we don't have to decide now.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is that all?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] yes

Ilero (TMO)] Toss red scrolls in sewer?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So the people leaving for the unicorn hair, do you wish to ask questions at the Guild before you leave?

Marisu (TMO)] It would probably be best if we do.

[Mike] yeah

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then you should probably get going. Do you want me to come or can you handle it?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (1,2,3 ....)

[Mike] "We can handle it."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sounds like they have this covered. Want to go map hunting this morning, Tiberius?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We can drop a reply at the 12 leaves as well.

[Lord Branadarus (Master)] that would be different

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good luck to you all. Pack well.

Branwyn (Lisa) nods to Branadarus "We have to look outside of the book shop for special markings"

Branwyn (Lisa) escorts him from the salon

[Master] Branwyn moved 19'10".

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Looks at Sere adn Domic

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Was there an apprentice you are taking with you?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] I did not hear a name

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ilero should have a bit of overnight healing before he ventures out?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (or did Shur do that?)

[Master] Joseph Shortkin's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 17 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] [Ilero]]'s Current Hit Points: adjusted to 45 (3) - Unharmed

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] LOL

[Dominic (Eric)] (Dom would not have let anyone sleep without being healed

[Mike] "I don't think so."

Marisu (TMO)] (back ... again. :) )

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] (if you are not in Eric, ......)

[Dominic (Eric)] I am

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] no one is injured now except 1 pt to Joseph and he is not going anywhere

[Master] so the five at that table

[Master] you are the Barbers

[Master] what are you doing

[Master] party pack?

[Dominic (Eric)] (i'm just saying i was gone before last game ended and if there were party members hurt he would heal them )

[Master] items?

[Master] apprentice?

[Master] what else before you leave?

[Master] Lisa did you read Marco's post from Anton about Indigo?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we know - Ilero just had some stray scratches)

[Dominic (Eric)] ok

[Mike] i don' tknow what we should bring, so bring whatever you want.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - philippe can deliver Indigo's thanks when anton arrives)

[Master] there is a whole party pack page

[Master] of magic items adn things

[Master] you will ahve to determine what is useful

[Dominic (Eric)] (ok sorry been gone.. Whe is anton

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at the party inventory list. "Hmm.. think a potion of animal control would work on a unicorn?"

[Dominic (Eric)] (who is seremells?)

[Master] Anton is Mario's cahracter

[Dominic (Eric)] a

[Master] Sere is Mike's

[Dominic (Eric)] ok

[Dominic (Eric)] (what sere is what?)

[Master] the Barber group has Mario, Mike, TMO, Eric and Spring playing in it

[Mike] nope. pretty sure they're magical creatures

[Mike] that's for normal stuff

[Lord Branadarus (Master) (to Lisa only)] So Branwyn what did you mean by needing maps? are you really going to use magic to just appear some place?

[Dominic (Eric)] (who is our warrior?)

Marisu (TMO)] (Shur)

[Lord Branadarus (Master) (to Lisa only)] how will you do that with only a map of a place? I thought you needed to be there?

Marisu (TMO)] (she's a ranger)

[Master] Jilly moved 3'10".

[Dominic (Eric)] (ummm she's ranged...who stepping up and protecting the group?)

[Dominic (Eric)] (if they close in????)

[Jilly (Master)] Oh Shurkural can I come?

[Jilly (Master)] Please!

[Jilly (Master)] I would love to see a unicorn

Marisu (TMO)] (She's also got a nice whacking sword)

[Jilly (Master)] and I could cook for you

[Jilly (Master)] and clean

[Jilly (Master)] and carry things

[Dominic (Eric)] Well that's all I needed to know

[Jilly (Master)] and i think it would be grand to see one

[Jilly (Master)] just imagine all white under the stars

[Jilly (Master)] so beautfiul

[Jilly (Master)] please let me go

[Jilly (Master)] you know I am good on an adventure

Marisu (TMO)] (why am I flashing back to Legend?)

[Jilly (Master)] you were there when I went with you and Indigo!

[Dominic (Eric)] Unicorns are beautiful Jilly

[Jilly (Master)] you liked having me there then

Marisu (TMO)] (see how many people get that reference...)

[Jilly (Master)] let me go now please

[Jilly (Master)] please

[Jilly (Master)] please

[Jilly (Master)] (Mia Sera was very cute in that but ...... )

[Dominic (Eric)] they are creatures from creation

[Jilly (Master)] I think you need someone to help out

[Jilly (Master)] Dominic do you cook?

Dominic (Eric) laughs

[Dominic (Eric)] no

[Jilly (Master)] do you trust his cooking Seremella?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks uncertain and glances at the other members to see their opinions.

[Dominic (Eric)] Not if anyone wants to eat it

[Jilly (Master)] see you need me

[Jilly (Master)] I have to go

[Jilly (Master)] that is settled

[Jilly (Master)] I will go pack

[Mike] sere wouldn't know better, but god no

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Leatherus (Eric)] No Jillyh

[Leatherus (Eric)] Tristan would not want you in harms way

[Jilly (Master)] Tristan is not here

[Leatherus (Eric)] not until you are ready

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] "Lord Branadarus, the odds of safe travel improve immensely if you have studied a place carefully. So I must study."

[Jilly (Master)] you cannot keep pretending he is Leatherus

[Jilly (Master)] or you will look like you are crazy

[Leatherus (Eric)] Yet he is wise

[Jilly (Master)] and someone will do somethinga bout you

[Jilly (Master)] you have to just let him go

[Jilly (Master)] he left us

[Leatherus (Eric)] and he did not think you were ready before

Jilly (Master) sniffs

[Jilly (Master)] and we will ahve to go on

[Jilly (Master)] and I was on an adventure when he was

[Leatherus (Eric)] He did not leave

[Marisu]] (TMO) marks the silver bracelet as something to take.

[Leatherus (Eric)] He was called away Jilly

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (anton is a fighter)

[Jilly (Master)] and I was gone longer than he was!

[Jilly (Master)] he almost never comes back

[Jilly (Master)] so you need me to go with you now

[Leatherus (Eric)] He will return

[Jilly (Master)] and you are not even going Leatherus

[Jilly (Master)] so you can stay here and wait for Tristan

[Leatherus (Eric)] sighs

[Jilly (Master)] you can wait as along as you want

[Jilly (Master)] Surkural said I could go

[Jilly (Master)] I am going to go pack

[Master] Jilly moved 5'09".

[Master] Jilly moved 15'07".

[Master] and out the door she goes

Leatherus (Eric) tosses Jilly a longsword

[Leatherus (Eric)] Catch

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks very confused.

[Master] clangs to the ground as she is no longer there

[Leatherus (Eric)] (i am drinking... It is not fair you type faster)

[Master] also Leatherus is not part of that group anyway

Shurkural (TMO)] (and Jilly talks faster)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (so fast... its not fair)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (i was going to make a point too....)

Leatherus (Eric) picks up his sword wondering how that ninja Jilly disappeared like that)

[Lord Branadarus (Master) (to Lisa only)] So the best way to study a place it would seem is to go there, so why not just travel there

Shurkural (TMO)] I think to keep her from going you'd have to stab her foot to the floor with that sword, sugar.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) waves her arms in acceptance. "Sure, she can come. Why not? We ain't gonna go hunting dragons or nothing, right? What's the worst that can happen?"

[Mike] "She gets skewered by a unicorn?"

[Mike] "THough I would assume she's another maiden to bring along."

Shurkural (TMO)] I don't think a unicorn could do any better 'gainst her than you just did, honey.

Shurkural (TMO)] (dang - that wasn't you.. sorry!)

Shurkural (TMO)] Alright, everybody make sure you got enough food and drink and armor and weapons and stuff.

Shurkural (TMO)] And if you pack too heavy, I ain't carrying it.

Shurkural (TMO)] Phillipe, do we got horses for everyone, or are we hoofing it ourselves?

Shurkural (TMO)] Or a wagon or something?

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] We do not have a wagon nor horses for everyone

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] Marisu has her horse in the stables

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] the other horse we had we fed to Imari's hippogriff

[Phillipe Gaston Enquire (Master)] before she told us to get other meat

[Shurkural]] (TMO) nods. "Yeah, I figured. No worries. Maybe we can hire a wagon and horse at the gates.

Shurkural (TMO)] And Marisu can ride Zephyr alongside.

[Marisu]] (TMO) adds some money to her list of things to take.


[Master] Both In Character and OUt of Character pages there

[Master] to track what you are taking etc.

Marisu (TMO)] (ohh... this is gonna be great. Both girl characters on the same mission)

Marisu (TMO)] (and the guy is on a different one, with two *other* girls (npcs))

Marisu (TMO)] (I can feel my testosterone levels dropping)

[Master] sorry but did I miss an apprentice being chosen?

[Master] was it Marisu?

[Master] was that the reason for her horse?

Marisu (TMO)] (I did say to include Marisu on the Barber group - in case the whole Maiden myth was true)

[Master] good

[Master] so Anton, Kenn, SHur, Marisu, Sere, Dominic and Jilly

[Master] all on the In character page now to know who is there to talk

[Master] and your party pack?

[Master] so far is only a glass vial and stopper

[Leatherus (Eric)] (my vorpal sword)

[Master] sorry that got lost in the mail

Marisu (TMO)] (just money and the bracelet, I think. Unless someone wants some of the magic)

Mario has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 21:04:46 EST 2016

Mario is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mario has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Leatherus (Eric)] (man th email sucks here)

[Master] welcome Mario

[Leatherus (Eric)] (or mail.... sad how you type e first by muscle memory)

[Mario] Hi all!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (things you want to take with you in the party pack - you should cut and paste them up at the top of the page under the Items currently with the group on the: Barber for Hire story arc

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so when you are travelling you can find them together and easily

[Branwyn (Lisa)] the bottom of the page is the stuff we have at home

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hi Mario)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the coinage on that page is DS coins - if you want household coins besides your personal spending cash - you should ask philippe)

[Master] and Mario Indigo took the horse from Anton and left on time this morning

[Master] does Anton have the dog I presume?

[Mario] I am back at the keyboard.

[Anton (Mario)] no dog, yes, im afraid. (i want to ask you some things prior to the dog...)

[Master] ok

[Anton (Mario)] I'm glad Master Indigo made it out safely, and i'm sure he will have a safe voyage

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 19'03".

[Master] Jilly moved 11'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he thanks you for such a thoughtful purchase)

Marisu (TMO)] (so do we not have the silver bracelet here?)

[Jilly (Master)] ANTON!

[Jilly (Master)] I am going on the adventure with you

[Mike] so we gonna stop by the guild?

[Jilly (Master)] you don't want to eat Dominic's cooking

[Jilly (Master)] so I am going with you

[Jilly (Master)] let's go!

Jilly (Master) picks up her pack

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it is in the house - if you want to take it on the trip then you shoud move it to the top of the page under we are taking these things)

[Anton (Mario)] you would be a wonde4rful companion, Jilly!

Marisu (TMO)] (will do)

[Jilly (Master)] Oh and ANton can you carry this other one for me please?

[Jilly (Master)] it has the pots and pans

[Anton (Mario)] and we wouldnt have to be away from yuor excellent cooking! Thats a bonus!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will make it much easier next month when you are wondering what you have and don't have with you - I promise)

Anton (Mario) deflated "oh,...sure...i'll muscle the pans for you..."

[Master] and so Mario the table there to the left that is the Barber group

[Master] and Mike who is goign to the guild?

[Master] just Sere and Marisu?

[Master] or?

[Anton (Mario)] (cool, thank)

[Mike] well sere is. gotta ask the players if they want their characters to go

Marisu (TMO)] (Marisu is a member of the Guild also)

[Master] Sere is not, she is a priest

[Master] Mage #2 moved 14'04".

[Master] Young Man #4 moved 236'01".

Marisu (TMO)] (So Marisu needs to go at a minimum I would assume. Take an apprentice along for etiquette)

Marisu (TMO)] (Howard will do if he's willing)

Marisu (TMO)] (and he's the only apprentice I know the name of. ;) )

[Master] chuckles

[Master] so

[Master] Marisu and Sere are going

Marisu (TMO)] (and Howard)

[Master] and Howard will tag along if you ask him to

Spring has joined the game on Fri Jan 29 21:19:54 EST 2016

Spring is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Master] the rest are out doing what?

Spring has received the map New Residence second floor.

Marisu (TMO)] Howard, would you mind accompanying us to the Guild? You know the people and the proper ways of doing things.

[Spring] hallo!

[Howard Plum (Master)] I will come with you

Marisu (TMO)] (Shur is going to make sure she has enough wolfsbane)

[Howard Plum (Master)] but just so you know that Midguard the Magnificent is the one who gave me my previous title

[Howard Plum (Master)] or gave me a new name that Branwyn as since restored to me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Hi Spring!)

[Howard Plum (Master)] (hey Spring, the people at the left table are the Barbers, Mario and you can get the packing done, TMO and Mike are viwsiting the Mage's Guild)

Marisu (TMO)] So will he be offended if we call you Howard without having notified him of the change beforehand?

[Howard Plum (Master)] I do not really care

[Howard Plum (Master)] I trust Branwyn to protect me

[Anton (Mario)] (hi Spring!)

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Very well, Howard. Thank you for your assistance."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (please pack for these peoples as right now you are going on a trip into the forest with an empty jar, a bracelet and some loose change)

[Spring] (oh boy)

Marisu (TMO)] (I assume everyone has their own gear.. or has the city made you all soft? :P )

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if your character doesn't have it on their equipment sheet and it isn't on the party pack - you ain't got it)

[Howard Plum (Master)] (if it is not on the Party Pack or In Character/Out of Character pages you are out of luck

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you know Bob will do that to you)

[Spring] i should not have dropped in with a headache

[Howard Plum (Master)] (you ahve been waling around the city without weapons or armor)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ( :( sorry)

[Howard Plum (Master)] (you are going to be great Spring no worries hands you a cold washcloth)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we aren't supposed to be walking around the city in armor)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (only to breakfast in the house)

[Spring] ok who all am i packing for?

[Spring] do i have any magic containment devices?

Marisu (TMO)] (added stuff)

Howard Plum (Master) Howard walks with Sere and Marisu to the Mages Guild

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you all are going on the unicorn hunt)

Howard Plum (Master) knock knock knock

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (tmo has added - very good :) )

Marisu (TMO)] (added final item)

[Young Man #4 (Master)] What can I do for you?

[Howard Plum (Master)] I am here to ask for the loan of the Crystal Ball for Branwyn the Mysterious

[Howard Plum (Master)] She requires it's use for one week

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you can cut/paste any items/potions you like from the bottom section up to the top if you think they would be useful)

Marisu (TMO)] (I'm really hoping we won't need undead control)

Marisu (TMO)] (or protection from good)

[Mage #2 (Master)] and why .... very well I will tell Miguard the Magnificent

[Mage #2 (Master)] Is there anything else today?

Marisu (TMO)] (actually, let's take that one, just in case we really piss the unicornn off)

Howard Plum (Master) looks at Marisu and Sere

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Oh she has one of those)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she doesn't know how to use it is all)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (in party pack - one large magical crystal sphere)

Marisu (TMO)] Yes, we have a couple of questions regarding the mission the Guild has asked of Branwyn the Magnificent. Just some additional information that might help us complete it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (she looked at it in the Mist and tossed it in the back of the closet)

[Howard Plum (Master)] What sort of questions would that be?

[Mage #2 (Master)] What sort of questions would that be?

Marisu (TMO)] (is this an apprentice, or an officer?)

[Mage #2 (Master)] (you do not know, it is a mage, sitting at a desk inside the doors)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you know how to talk to mages - bothersome sorts that they are)

[Mike] brb

Marisu (TMO)] It's just a matter of proper methodology of initial contact, vis-a-vis, certain magical creatures. I'm only a minor mage, so I'd rather not make a mess of it if there are proper established procedures that can be followed. Are you aware of what the mission is?

[Mage #2 (Master)] Thankfully not

[Mage #2 (Master)] the Guild is a very busy place

Eric has left the game on Fri Jan 29 21:33:28 EST 2016

[Mage #2 (Master)] while I have heard of Branwyn the Maginficent

[Mage #2 (Master)] I mean the Mysterious

[Mage #2 (Master)] I do applogize

[Spring] nope, i cannot even think. this isn't gonna wok

[Spring] i am sorry guys

Marisu (TMO)] (I muffed that myself)

[Mage #2 (Master)] (oh sorry Spring)

Marisu (TMO)] (take care, Spring)

[Spring] gnnite folks

Spring has left the game on Fri Jan 29 21:34:16 EST 2016

Marisu (TMO)] Very well then. If you can let us have just a few minutes of Midguard the Magnificent's time, we'll ask our questions of him and then be out of your hair.

[Mage #2 (Master)] I am not certain that you will be able to see him

Marisu (TMO)] Truly I shouldn't imagine it would take more than 5 minutes.

[Mage #2 (Master)] I can put in a request for you

[Mage #2 (Master)] but the guildmaster is a very busy person

[Mike] back

[Mike] had a messy burger to eat

[Mage #2 (Master)] if there is a question you wish to ask I can tell you who to ask

Marisu (TMO)] Well, he did ask us to accomplish this task with a very short timeline. I presume there is some urgency to it.

[Mage #2 (Master)] you say you are on a mission for Branwyn the Mysterious

[Mage #2 (Master)] I am not privy to all the Guildmaster's requests

[Guild Enforcer #2 (Master)] Is there a problem here?

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Hello

[Young Man #4 (Master)] I am here for visitors?

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Midguard the Magnificent said there were problems?

Mage #2 (Master) looking at Marisu

[Mage #2 (Master)] Did you have a question?

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to TMO only)] just think and repeat - I am a mage - I am arrogant and self important

Marisu (TMO)] Not problems as such. Just a question about proper procedures on how to achieve initial contact with the entity in question.

Marisu (TMO) (to Lisa only)] - she knows bureaucracy a bit better - but she is still a noble. She'll pull that out in a second)

[Mage #2 (Master)] While I applaud the cryptic nature of your phrasing I am not certain

[Young Man #4 (Master)] You are Branwyn the Magificent's apprentices?

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] are you doing that on purpose? grrrr

[Young Man #4 (Master)] (Mysterius)

[Mike] "No. We're her subordinants. We are going on the Guild Master's mission."

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] it is funnier if you are doing it on purpose

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Which mission? He currently has 15 quests that he has had applicants in search of items for him

[Marisu]] (TMO) sniffs. "No, I'm sure not. I'm trying to not discuss the Guild Master's potentially private missions all over the lobby of the Guild. But I suppose he wouldn't mind if everyone here were to hear about it." She turns to the young man. "Yes, we're under Mistress Branwyn the Magnificent. And we're about to head out on a task for Midguard the Magnificent, and we just had a couple of questions that might make the difference between success and failure. That is all."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (GRRRR)

Young Man #4 (Master) shrugs,

[Young Man #4 (Master)] If I do not help you you say you will fail?

[Young Man #4 (Master)] meaning that there is less competition for me?

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Thank you,

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Have a good day

Young Man #4 (Master) turns to leave

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles. "Yes, that is correct. And we'll make sure your cooperation is given it's full importance in our report."

Young Man #4 (Master) looking over his shoulder

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Intimidation (Cha) check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] wow! zap him! zap him before he leaves!

[Mike] "I could shoot him."

[Mike] "No one would know it was me."

[Young Man #4 (Master)] and you will swear that I will get credit as assisting the surviving team?

Marisu (TMO)] Yes, of course.

Marisu (TMO)] [Marisu]]: Persuasion check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Young Man #4 (Master)] well then what are your questions

[Young Man #4 (Master)] and be quick

Marisu (TMO)] (ick - that was a lousy sentence)

[Young Man #4 (Master)] I need to be back in the library soon

Young Man #4 (Master) hands over a bag to Howard, Here you go Useless

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks around. "I assume this is still not the proper location for such discussion. Is there a chamber for us to use?"

Young Man #4 (Master) looks around, this is the guild any place is safe

[Guild Enforcer #2 (Master)] Are you saying you do not trust me?

[Marisu]] (TMO) smiles at Howard. "How kind. Howard, please check to see if any of that will be of use in our mission."

Howard Plum (Master) looks in the bag and nods, This is what Branwyn needs

Young Man #4 (Master) blanches a bit at the careless use of her name

[Marisu]] (TMO) looks at the Enforcer. "I trust you implicitly, of course. But I can't assume the same for Midguard the Magnificent. Does he discuss all of his thoughts with the Guild at large? Many mages I've known have tended to be rather private people."

[Young Man #4 (Master)] I do not have all morning

[Young Man #4 (Master)] your questions apprentice?

[Marisu]] (TMO) sighs, as if she's done everything she can. "Are there any known, proven, tested or reasonably consistent methods for making friendly contact with a unicorn?"

[Young Man #4 (Master)] That is not a magical question, that is a question for a sage

[Young Man #4 (Master)] what magical questions do you have?

[Mike] "How exactly do we need to harvest the hair of a living unicorn? We know uncut, but can we just pull a strand out? And why do you guys need one anyway?"

[Young Man #4 (Master)] You will need more than a single strand of hair

Marisu (TMO)] As a magical being, it was assumed that the Mages Guild would have some sort of information on the subject. But if your knowledge doesn't cover it, we can save everyone a lot of time and go talk to someone who does know something about it.

[Young Man #4 (Master)] and if it was so easy to come across why would the Guildmaster send out three teams looking for it?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (send them to Mylwood)

[Mike] "So how many do we need?"

[Young Man #4 (Master)] the quest is for "the uncut hair of a live unicorn"

[Anton (Mario)] (does the hair need to come from the main, or tail, or body)

Marisu (TMO)] Apparently this task is common knowledge in the Guild. I couldn't take the chance though. I don't know internal Guild policies, and didn't want to offent the Guild Master.

[Anton (Mario)] (ugh, mane, not main...)

Marisu (TMO)] (main mane)

[Young Man #4 (Master)] (main mane in Maine)

Marisu (TMO)] (only mainly in Maine.)

[Anton (Mario)] (lol, nice)

[Mike] "So do we just yank some out?"

[Mike] "And how much do we need?"

[Young Man #4 (Master)] THat is the quest, how you fufill it is your choice, who ever brings it back first and complete will be rewarded

[Anton (Mario)] 9knowing Bob, we'll need an eyelash or something similar)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so all you have to do is follow the other mages around, wait til they get it and then steal it from them)

[Mike] "So if half the guild is out looking for it, do we really want to go as well? We have a lot of things to do. Maybe we should check back with the Ambassador. Wouldn't take long."

Marisu (TMO)] Well, thank you for your time, sir. We'll make sure your assistance is noted in our final report.

[Young Man #4 (Master)] Thank you

[Master] Time of Day: 09:28 AM. Day 23 Be ___ se, Fey {Mid Winter} 23rd, 1266 TGR.

[Master] so you return to the residence

[Master] Branwyn is not at home

[Master] Anton? you have the packing done?

[Marisu]] (TMO) as they leave the Guild. "Oh dear. It's just too bad that I never asked his name."

[Master] Jilly is ready to go

[Master] last minute prep stuff?

[Master] you have what you want on that party pack page now?

[Anton (Mario)] i do not yet

[Master] Howard takes the crystal ball down to Branwyn's labratory

[Anton (Mario)] have it on the party page that is. i do have a very skeletal list of the needs of Anton

[Master] good

[Master] then put it up on the Out of Character page

[Master] or Party Pack

[Master] so TMO and Mike can help out

[Master] the three of you can work on that

[Master] I will use the restroom

[Master] and then be back to head out of the city

[Master] and or where ever you are going

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Mario] sorry I missed the beginning, but do we know where to begin our search? where are we headed when we leave the city?

Marisu (TMO) (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Marisu]] modified: Spells - CHANGED: Copy -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Read Magic -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Sleep -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Comprehend Languages -- # Memorized: 0 (1), CHANGED: Armor -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Shocking Grasp -- # Memorized: 1 (0),

Marisu (TMO)] Blumm Wood is where we're going

Marisu (TMO)] spellcasters pick your spells if needed

Marisu (TMO)] can I memorize a 1st level spell in a 2nd level spell slot?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no)

[Marisu]] (TMO) throws a tantrum

Marisu (TMO)] :)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Mike] does the unicorn have to be alive?

Marisu (TMO)] I'm betting not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just have to learn better 2nd level spells)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (mage said love unicorn)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (live)

Marisu (TMO)] (she doesn't know any - no one's taught her second level magic yet)

Marisu (TMO)] (never been a good time to start it)

Marisu (TMO)] (she got the xp to do them right before leaving to come here)

[Mike] granted, killing one is pretty evil

Marisu (TMO)] (she *WAS* learning diplomacy first... but her teacher decided to drop out)

Marisu (TMO)] (*nudge* *nudge*)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just have to do it)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (my character spent a couple weeks doing nothing but learning teleport and showing up for dinner and breakfast)

Marisu (TMO)] (I'm under the impression she has to be taught 2nd level magic first)

Marisu (TMO)] (not a spell, but the ability)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes would need training and then learn the spells you want for that level - 1 spell comes with training)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do bards work like mages?)

Marisu (TMO)] (yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do you need a bard to train you?)

Marisu (TMO)] (I believe a mage can do it)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (too bad you don't know any)

Marisu (TMO)] (yep. such a shame. ;) actually, just been too many things going on, never had time to bring it up)

Marisu (TMO)] (got lost in the shuffle)

[Master] bacfk

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Marisu (TMO)] (I think she's learned the thiefy parts from Ilero already, and she was working on the NWP with Tristan)

[Master] Yes to LIve Unicorn

[Master] and yes to only 1st level spells, no trading down or up

Marisu (TMO)] (so, any bets on if they're immune to Sleep spells?)

[Master] and then ?


[Master] I gave Spring the chance to use anything from the Monster Manual entry as her knowledge for this

[Master] so next week when she is here she can help more

Marisu (TMO)] and Shur

[Master] yes that is right

[Master] so then go look and tell them

Marisu (TMO)] I looked them up online - not anything I found on peaceful contact with them

Marisu (TMO)] and didn't mention if the maiden myth applied

Marisu (TMO)] I can't get to my 2ED monster manual I don't think. Buried in a back closet.

Marisu (TMO)] basically, white mostly-horse with a horn on it's head, good aligned.

Marisu (TMO)] and there's a bunch of sub-breeds of them

[Master] anything else?

[Master] can I go look at those pages now and march you out of town?

Marisu (TMO)] They can speak, once per day they can teleport anywhere within their forest, shun most creatures except fey - dryads pixies, the like.

Marisu (TMO)] touch o the horn can cure wounds and poison

[Master] LOL "your own armor and weapons people"

[Master] "clean underwear"

Marisu (TMO)] they will show themselves to save their forest

[Master] "don't forget your towel"

Marisu (TMO)] so we can try to burn the whole thing down if we want to go that route

Marisu (TMO)] don't forget the hoopy frood part of that. very important.

Marisu (TMO)] sad how old most of the books I quote are. fortunately there are a few newer ones I read too, just not that many any more.

[Master] Mario?

[Master] anything?

[TMO] should probably stop being marisu - might look confusing in the logs

[Master] are you all ready to head out?

[Master] Mike?

[Mike] sure

[Mario] i posted my equipment list on the BFH OCC page. my only question is did Anton have a chance to get armor before this trip?

[Master] leather yes

[Master] anything else no

[Mario] cool, il do leather then. Thanks!

[TMO] kinky

[Mario] did you say studded leather? ;0)

[Mario] (even more kinkier even)

[TMO] what weapons does Anton know?

[Mario] pick, sword, dgger, sling, wrestling

[TMO] ah, was checking to see if he knew Spear. We've got that magic one laying about.

[Mario] would have been nice

[Master] can always try to use it warrrios take a minus two

[Master] and then moving forward

[Master] by the way Lisa I did jump over and start the In Character page for Indigo

[Mario] thanks, but i can use the newly acquired pick

[Master] horses? wagon? or?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thank you - will post later)

[TMO] wagon, not everybody has horse riding

[Mario] yes, pls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (will also post on branwyn's trip around town)


[Master] so you know where you are going

[Master] the Barbers leave the mansion

[Mario] woop woop!

[Master] you have the waggon with three horses, two pulling it one behind and then Marisu riding along side

[Master] you go out the Kings Gate

[Master] which is the closes gate to the residence

[Master] Once out that gate you follow the road as it curves to the north

[TMO] (Shur is the wagon driver, iirc)

[Master] and you are out of the city now

[Master] on the roads

[TMO] (using her ranger animal handling ability)

[Master] no one has done this before except Sere

[Master] everyone else came to the City by boat

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and Ilero and Leatherus and coming along to get to their stop?)

[Master] and yes to Lisa

[Master] Letherus and Ilero are tagging along,

[Master] are they walking I presume?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Ellenara is going with Ilero or staying at the house?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (just to know who is where :) )

[TMO] can they ride the wagon on the way there? not sure if there's room

[TMO] probably not a bad idea to rotate walking vs riding people - always keep one or two outriders to give warning if anything odd crops up

[Master] so there is a simpiler map

[Master] to show distance for you

[Master] 1 inch equals 10 miles

[Master] so you are 15 miles or so from Ferrin's Crossing

[TMO] wow - if I zoom out it gets *really* close!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so they could stop in northam and ask that animal trainer they made friends with before? *cough* )

[Master] the webpage has the fancier map with more places

[TMO] make it in one day?

[Mike] sorry guys, getting too tired.

[Mike] gonna log out. night

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Goodnight Mike)

Mike has left the game on Fri Jan 29 22:39:58 EST 2016

[Master] Mario TMO are you ok?

[Master] do you want to start fresh on the trip next session?

[TMO] so far so good. Was Mike officially in charge of this mission though?

[Master] take some time tonight to be sure you are good to go ?

[Anton (Mario)] my butt hurts from this hard wagin seat

[Master] Anton is

[Master] if anyone

[Master] Mario

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Shurkural (TMO)] So get out and walk some then, honey.

[Anton (Mario)] i think i shall, i need to keep in shape

Shurkural (TMO)] It'll keep you from picking up any pudge from jilly's food.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I don't know that anyone was specifically in charge)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins at Anton.

[Master] waves a sword over Mario

[Anton (Mario)] by now, id have plowed three acres today...if i was back home...

[Master] I dub thee in charge

[Shurkural]] (TMO) ducks

[Anton (Mario)] /looks depressed "i suppose this is my new home now

Shurkural (TMO)] Hey, could be worse. Back home, I was changing the straw out of beds and serving food.

[Master] (until Prince Ilero swept her off her feet with his smooth talking)

Shurkural (TMO)] (I... don't think you remember it the same way I do)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] lol

[Anton (Mario)] as much as i appreciate the luxury, its not me. I cannot relate how much i appreciate the whole crew, for taking me in

[Anton (Mario)] i shall repay you all, you shall see...

[Master] (roughly June of 2012 that Shur showed up when they came into town)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) punches him in the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, sugar. You've had it easy so far. There'll be times you'll wish you never saw us."

Anton (Mario) puzzled " i doubt that, Shur"

[Anton (Mario)] you all are my new family, and i thake that very seriously

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pulls back her left sleeve and shows him the scar on her forearm. "Werewolf bite."

Anton (Mario) doe eyed "werewolf???"

[Anton (Mario)] /certainly they are only myth, tales told to scare the children into behiaving

[Jilly (Master)] I am not a child

Shurkural (TMO)] You didn't get to meet Galduk, I don't think. He got shot by a ballista charging a fake dragon.

[Anton (Mario)] i did not. (wow! 28 pages on the site mention him. where do i begin??)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at Anton. "They ain't no myth. There's a whole village of 'em back down home. My granddaddy got badly injured by one."

Shurkural (TMO)] And I've got wolfsbane here, just in case.

Anton (Mario) mputh agape " a whole viollage?!? that's certainly one i will steer clear of"

[Anton (Mario)] well, im staying very close to you, Shur

Shurkural (TMO)] Yeah, it's back in the mists. They kidnapped the Queen-to-be. That's how I met this group in the first place.

Shurkural (TMO)] Me, my daddy, and my granddaddy are, or were, werewolf hunters.

[Anton (Mario)] you mean, you deliberately, searched for werewolves? why would you do that?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at him. "Kill the ones that need killin."

Shurkural (TMO)] They ain't all bad, but lots of 'em are.

Anton (Mario) wonders out loud "don't they all need killing??"

[Anton (Mario)] i see, shur

[Anton (Mario)] well, if you see one that needs killing, you let me know, and i wil for sure take it down

[Anton (Mario)] (does anyone on this trip know of, or remember, the animal trainer? maybe he/she can help)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) reaches down from the wagon and ruffles his hair. "That's the spirit. Don't try to be a hero though. They're dangerous."

Shurkural (TMO)] (yes, the crazy lady in Northam. would be a good idea to visit her)

[Anton (Mario)] im not a hero, but if they attack my family, theyre gonna get more than they bargained for

Shurkural (TMO)] I like your spirit, honey. But you also need the right gear. Silver or magic is the only thing that works. Normal steel don't do much of anything against 'em.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pats her sword.

[Anton (Mario)] oh...i would have charged one and buried my pick in its skull. good to know

[Ilero]] (TMO) flicks Shurkural on the back of the head with the Hand. "Stop scaring him."

[Anton (Mario)] is your sword silver?

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] posted

[Shurkural]] (TMO) ducks and swats at the Hand. "I'm only telling the truth, lover, and you know it!" To Anton, "Yup. Had it done special back in Drillian."

[Shurkural]] (TMO) draws her bastard sword and hands it down to Anton. "Careful, blade's enchanted too."

Anton (Mario) in awe "enchanted? like, it's magic? we only had regular tools and weapons on the farm

[Shurkural]] (TMO) nods proudly. "Yep. The Queen herself gave me the scroll to get it done. I tell ya, I about keeled over right there."

[Anton (Mario)] this sword must mean a lot to you. i know how that feels

[Shurkural]] (TMO) nods. "Yep. That sword means even more'n that. That was my granddaddy's sword."

[Anton (Mario)] im sure its seen its share of werewolves

Shurkural (TMO)] Only a few for me. My daddy used it too, till he got too hurt to go out no more.

Shurkural (TMO)] It wasn't silver back then though. I had that done first chance I got. We ain't never been rich enough to do that before.

[Anton (Mario)] well, Miss Shur, may it serve y ou well for the rest of your days

Anton (Mario) hands the sword back to Shur

[Shurkural]] (TMO) takes it back and sheathes it. "Just keep it away from big hot snow worm insect things."

Shurkural (TMO)] (figure THAT one out!! :P)

Anton (Mario) quizzical "if i see one of those...'things', i'll be sure to warn you"

[Anton (Mario)] (lol)

Shurkural (TMO)] (will we make it to the Crossing in one day?)

[Jilly (Master)] yes

Shurkural (TMO)] (I think Shur's boasting session has worn down. ;) )

[Master] is 15 miles so you can make it there is a day

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what's the terrain like? main road, lots of traffic?)

[Master] this is the main road into the City from the surrounding countryside

[Master] so you encounter lots of full waggons heading into the city

[Master] even in winter

[Master] and mostly empty ones leaving the way you are

[Master] you do not have anyone following you of interest

Shurkural (TMO)] (no worry with random Ankheg encounters?)

[Master] and as you get farther away from the city

[Master] and into more farmland and scatter wood

[Master] they are felling more trees to the south

[Master] harvesting for lumber and charcoal

[Master] it is appreciably colder out here

[Master] without the buildings to break any wind blowing across

[Master] there is a group of pilgrams

[Master] about 20 or so

[Master] with two priests leading them and one bringing up the rear

[Master] as you start to overtake them

[Mario] I am back at the keyboard.

[Anton (Mario)] (one turns into a werewolf!!)

[Anton (Mario)] (yes!!)

[Master] chuckles

[Anton (Mario)] (get 'em, Shur!!)

[Master] you are passing them, they move off to the side of the road for you to move along

[Shurkural]] (TMO) waves cheerfully at them.

[Master] the pilgrims walk with their heads down

[Master] the priests look at you cautiously

[Master] letting you pass

[Master] (if you only had someone of the right faith here to talk with them)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) casts a glance backward at Dominic walking way back behind us.

Shurkural (TMO)] (and Kenna)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh pilgrims are always unhappy)

[Master] chuckles wrong faith again or they would be tripping over them selves to hear about Branwyn

[Master] Branwyn was close to being a minor saint

[Master] Mario

[Anton (Mario)] (yes?)

[Master] just mentioning fun previous adventures

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] pilgrims groveling at Branwyn's feet

Marisu (TMO)] (and she loved every minute of her sainthood too)

[Master] begging her blessings

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he doesn't want to hear all the old stories)

[Anton (Mario)] (lol, fill me in! or direct me tot he proper page)

[Master] Lisa can as she wishes

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (short version - she got zapped by necromancer which left her this ugly pus and boil ridden hideous mess)

Marisu (TMO)] (don't look under the pilgrims' hoods, btw)

[Master] Red Cloak

[Anton (Mario)] (well, it starts out great...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (happen to be near a group of pilgrims who believe deformity is the ultimate devotion to their goddess)

[Anton (Mario)] (yikes)

Marisu (TMO)] (yep, she was so ugly she got made a saint)

Marisu (TMO)] (she got better though)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so she is trying to hide herself until we could get to a powerful enough priest to remove it and they are fawning all over her)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (please let us look at you, can we touch you! yikes!)

[Master] she rescued the church

[Master] restored their saints and high priests that were entombed there

[Anton (Mario)] wow, they were your Ewoks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Anton (Mario)] btw, just saw the new Star Wars Wednesday, only us and two others in the theatre

[Master] so reveryone in our group has seen it now

[Master] will be gone from theaters soon then

Marisu (TMO)] (seen it once only)

[Anton (Mario)] it ws very stormy Wed, so that may attribute to the low turnout. i did enjoy it, a few holes, and 'seriously?!' momnets, but very entertaining

[Master] what di dyou think was a Seriously? thing

Marisu (TMO)] (I think people expect too much - all the original Star Wars had problems too, but we were all kids and didn't know or care)

Marisu (TMO)] (the bar has risen considerably since then)

[Anton (Mario)] (ok, the girl (who knows her name?!) is on a PLANET sized base, and Finn found her in four minutes

[Anton (Mario)] and she exaded LEGIONS of storm troopers, and she is surprised by Fuinn and Han

[Anton (Mario)] evaded

[Master] the government put tracking chips in everyone in the 70's didn't y ou know that?

Marisu (TMO)] (C-3PO & R2 finding Luke; Luke finding Yoda; Luke being right there where the probe landed, etc. ;) )

[Lisa] I agree - thought it was nice and fun well done movie that people who have never seen the first 3 would like very much

[Anton (Mario)] Luke took years to master The Force, and she could pull a light sabre in just a matter of minutes

Marisu (TMO)] (I'm just being persnickety, btw. Teasing. So long as you enjoyed it that's all that matters to me)

[Master] agreed

[Lisa] this one I thought was too derivative of the first one

[Lisa] for me

[Anton (Mario)] dont get me wrong, they ll had holes, as you say, and despite these, the movie was Great! i would def see it again!

[Anton (Mario)] maybe you can answer a Q for me..

Marisu (TMO)] (there's an interesting article discussing Star Wars and Ring Theory.

[Master] also true that it had a few bits that seemed too "let's cater to the old crowd"

[Anton (Mario)] Who was Max Von Sydow playing at the beginning

[Master] officially never answered in the movie

[Anton (Mario)] ahhhhh, ok, i thought i forgot something

[Lisa] I can't believe he is still alive

Marisu (TMO)] I don't know details, but I believe he was an old friend of Leia's, maybe from the Senate. Not a known name from the original trilogy though.

[Master] yes to TMO for lots of back story if you go read a graphic novel or play a video game there are things there to explain other bits

Marisu (TMO)] new character for the series

[Master] which I never will

[Master] so I will miss out on things

[Mario] cool, thanks! to start out wracking my brain, and not know who he was, kinda made me worry id miss a lot later on...

Marisu (TMO)] I read *about* them

[Mario] agreed Lisa, he must be in his eighties. Good for him

Marisu (TMO)] Ming the Merciless is in Star Wars!

[Lisa] had to look - 86

[Mario] i didnt think about it while watching it, but it DID follow the script of the frst one pretty close...hmmm

[Mario] 86?!?! Wow! good for him!!!

[Mario] Go Flash Gordon!!

[Mario] so sorry for the diversion

[Mario] ...

Marisu (TMO)] Lucas deliberately put lots of similarities between Anakin and Luke's paths. May be they intended something similar for Rey. Assuming she's a Skywalker, of course.

[Lisa] Diversions are good

[Mario] of course she is. i theorize she's Likes daughter

Marisu (TMO)] But Lucas did have a story line for Force Awakens when he sold it to Disney. They didn't use it.

[Lisa] but you had the sudden death of good character

Marisu (TMO)] Heard a theory that she's descended from Kenobi.

[Lisa] yoda like character

[Lisa] death star

[Lisa] hot shot pilot

[Lisa] little ships take out big bad thing

[Mario] very, very similar...

[Lisa] father son bad relationships

[Lisa] star killer - I loved they used that

Marisu (TMO)] also in Phantom Menace. Could be intentional. But, could also be derivative.

[Mario] why couldnt Leia get some hideous pus disease, and have others worship her?!?!

Marisu (TMO)] lol

[Lisa] my head jerked up and all I could think about was Darth & Droids

[Lisa] lol mario

[Mario] ok, another downer for me:

Marisu (TMO)] Starkiller was the original name for Luke Skywalker

[Mario] the planet was RIGHT UP NEXT TO THE SUN, yet they were fighting in snow

Marisu (TMO)] in Lucas' first drafts

[Mario] i was like, huh????

[Lisa] really - I just knew it was what adam wanted to call his character in the strip

[Lisa] (his name is adam, right?)

[Lisa] anyway

Marisu (TMO)] (I think so)

[Lisa] but definitely worth the trip to the big screen

[Lisa] I watched in IMAX 3-D

[Mario] this was cool! you all mentioned things i would not have figired out on my own. Thank you !!!

[Master] and with that

[Master] have a great week everyone

[Master] there are lots of pages to post on

Marisu (TMO)] Starkiller was also used as the name of a character in one of the video games

[Master] and things to edit as you desire

[Marisu]] (TMO) edits in Leatherus' vorpal sword

[Master] someone can go put highlights in all the chat logs for the parts of the Barber

[Lisa] ok

[Lisa] goodnight all! :)

[Master] and or other story arcs like the Haunted House, etc.

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jan 29 23:40:45 EST 2016

[Master] see you all during the week!

[Master] have a great night

[Mario] good night!!

Marisu (TMO)] cya

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Mario has left the game on Fri Jan 29 23:41:07 EST 2016

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