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Jeff Cuscutis


Jeff came to our group from playing in another game with Lorie and Sean and his roleplaying style fit into our game wonderfully. He was a quiet presence at the table who always was able to get his point across. I remember his laughter when things when particularly well.

One encounter will always stand out in my mind from Shang Hoi?. The group was going through a dungeon and came upon a large room with a beholder guarding the exit. When the players started to gird for battle Shang Hoi? walked right up to the beholder, bowed and asked if it would like to join him for tea. I was flabbergasted at the offer, and with a couple of rolls and some excellent roleplaying what could have been a horrific battle for the party turned into a very strange ally in that dungeon.

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Shang Hoi?

Shang Ling