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Jessica Boutwell


Jess found out about our game though Mike and Marco and found a quick home here. She fit in well with everyone and made a niche for herself in being supportive of plans to save her character from the various scrapes she got into.

I do believe that her thief got captured by the bad guys more than any thief previously in the party. Luckily she had a Paladin protecting her.

Tracking Jess

Player Comments

I was fortunate to come into this group already kinda knowing what to expect. Mike helped me build a very capable thief and it helped me even more that I came in as part of a group, with Mike's character Finglas, BiBo's Paladin, and Brian Williams' Grug. Laila and Grug were good friends. And yes, Laila got captured by the bad guys more than anyone else. Damned sahuigan!


Laila Lightfoot?, halfling thief.