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Jistille Estates

The Jistille Estates are in north central Drillian and in the far southeast corner of the Craniate Wastes. The Estate is ruled by Arahael Mosskin. The Estate consists of a large keep behind curtain walls and a small cluster of buildings for townfolk outside of the wall. There were just over 150 people calling the Jistille Estates home including the local farmers when the Dragonslayers first came here. Arahael is an old retired ranger with a large family and many acquaintances built up over decades of adventuring. One of those encounters helped build the Estate. A tribe of Hill Giants who were kholops in Blackwater were released by Arahael and in return built the main stone structures of the keep on the Estate.

The northern edge of the Estates is the Valoris Wood that covers over an old broken dike. There is a path through the Wood to the Estate of Dragon Fen. The southwestern borders merge into swamps.

The Mist is only slightly thick here (Light), with most moon phases visible but no stars.

The Dragonslayers signed a contract with Arahael on 20-4-338 SKR for a one week stint on patrol.

After the Dragonslayers had several adventures in this area including the Grey Death visiting and managing to avoid a hobgoblin invasion the reputation of the Estate grew as a safe haven. Then at the end of the Burst of Building story arc a new church and mage's tower was built in town. The space around the Estate grew to just over eight square miles and contained over fifty various homesteads.

The layout of the Estates

The Jistille Estates have a handful of significant buildings along with a small but growing village. The large stone keep is situated in the south east corner of the Estate. Flanked on the south and south west by swamps as a protective measure the only easy way to approach the keep is from the northwest. The village of Harielle lies just to the west of the keep. The center of the village is the mill run by the Finegout family. They constructed a mill along a stream that flows southward from the Valoris Wood into the swamps bisecting the Estates area. The mill was founded when Portis Finegout received his certificate from the Queen in 298 SKR when he demonstrated that he had a mill stone that would not break. Rumors persist that he brought the mill stone from somewhere in the Central Mountains where he stole it or won it in a gambling game from dwarves.

The rest of the village of Harielle was small wooden buildings until Arahael Mosskin chose to build his keep nearby. When he moved in with his family the town grew slowly with the only other significant building being a lighthouse. Later when the Dragonslayers Company settled in the area after doing some service for Lord Mosskin additional buildings came about. A large church was built along with a wizard's tower by Branwyn the Mysterious. Branwyn used the tower for her home and research until establishing her own Dragon Fen estate to the north of the Valoris Wood. She donated the Church to the Mosskin family who brought in additional clergy to properly take care of the new church. Father Ilgen chose to remain the caretaker of a smaller shrine to the Kayugan faith that he had before the new church was built. Father Wilkorn a priest of Belinos brought with him from Dryads Lair a contingent that added by a third to the population of the town. The Church of the Defending Mage was formally consecrated to Belinos on 28-2-342 SKR when the first bell, brought to the church by Father Wilkorn was also installed in the bell tower. The other two remaining spaces are still unfilled.

When Willimina Mosskin became Queen the number of people coming to the estate grew and the Moss Road developed out of the previous pathway that lead to the closest other settlement of Redfern Lake. The Jistille Estates encompass only about ten square miles because of how little non swamp land is available.

Residents of the Jistille Estates

  • Arahael Mosskin - ruler, retired ranger
  • Mistress Mosskin - Arahael's wife died in the Grey Death of 339 SKR
  • Missus Mosskin - Arahael's daughter - becomes Queen Willimina Mosskin on 15-4-342 SKR
  • Davida Mosskin - Arahael's son died in the Grey Death of 339 SKR
  • Captain Tikmok - promoted to Captain of the Guard for the Keep after the Grey Death of 339
  • Quellcon Tanglefoot - Captain of the Guard for the estates
  • Medoro - guard, being trained by Missus Mosskin to be a herald and chamberlain
  • Hystile Ungalint the Wonderous - court mage for the estate died in the Grey Death of 339 SKR
  • Regor the Mad - master thief kept prisoner in the dungeons of the keep
  • 14 of 15 guards died (Tikmok promoted to Captain afterwards)
  • Miller Finegout - the village miller, has a grindstone 'built by dwarves'
  • Claudet family - farming family in the village
  • Practumnarishkill - gnome miner on the edge of the estate
  • Valoris Onod Ancien - Treant who maintains the Valoris Wood on the northern part of the Estate
  • Father (Patron) Ilgen - caretaker for a shrine
    previous caretakers include:
    • Uncle Clemint - who died researching undead just prior to Green Acres
    • Friend Jerome was eaten by Wolves
    • Sister Magdaline was struck by Lightning before that
  • Father Jerimip Wilkorn - Priest of Belinos - Head Priest of the Church of the Defending Mage
    Members of the Church's Staff:
Arriving at the keep.