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Jun 12 15 - Bag of Clouds

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Jun 12 18:47:50 EDT 2015 ====

Mike has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 18:48:27 EDT 2015

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] Hey there Mike

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Mike] hey

[Master] how was the week?

[Mike] relaxing

[Master] chuckles

[Master] any plans for the next couple of weeks?

[Mike] not really. might rescreen the porch

[Master] what does Mel want you to do?

[Mike] that


Michael has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 18:54:15 EDT 2015

Michael is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Master] that is the build from today

[Master] just to get a glimpse of the outdoor stuff that we will have

Michael has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] and how are you Michael

[Master] brb refilling the plate and glass

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 18:58:47 EDT 2015

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] back

[Lisa] Hello :)

Lisa is receiving the map cave...

Lisa has received the map cave.

[Mike] hey lisa

[Michael] Help: My chat window wont show up and it took forever just to show this message. Normally I would have a second screen that it would appear on but I don't have it. My monitor settings are back to just my laptop but it's like my chat window thinks it's on a seperate screen. If I cannot figure this out this will take to long and I probably wont be on

[Master] Michael View and Chat History

[Michael] Tried that.

Corvus has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 19:02:52 EDT 2015

Corvus is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Lisa] resize it to fit a section of your laptop screen

Corvus has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] Lisa knows best

[Corvus] RAWR RAWR!

[Michael] Cant. Tried that too. Nothing at all to see. It's like it's trying to pretend its on a seperate screen that doesn't exist

[Lisa] Edit Preferences - make sure dock chat is checked

[Master] hello Corvus

[Master] nice interactions over the week

[Lisa] Hi Corvus :)

[Master] I made that one small comment because dwarves are not ship going people for the most part

[Corvus] I saw

[Master] and when you say Sea you really mean rivers and Inland Seas

[Corvus] Inland seas

[Master] the Ocean is thousands of miles away

[Master] but you are a very good pirate on the seas

[Master] and they are big enough to have huge storms

[Michael] Thank you Lisa so much was panicking. Hi all. I now have a workable chat window. *Sigh of relief* Also mom says hi Lisa.

[Corvus] they are not sea going people yes but some all races have that ocasional traverler

[Master] like the great lakes, etc

[Master] agreed Corvus

[Master] just be ready to have that story to tell about why that dwarf was on board, grins

[Master] when Indigo or Hugh starts quizzing you

[Lisa] Hi mom! :)

[Lisa] Are you No Cal or So Cal?

[Master] and Michael you know you should just invite her in

[Master] you and Lisa can show her the ropes

[Master] of course she might make another blood thirsty warrior to rip people's heads off

Michael has left the game on Fri Jun 12 19:08:20 EDT 2015

Michael has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 19:09:23 EDT 2015

Michael is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Michael has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] so Michael is steady again?

[Master] Mike you want to play out the pyre ? will other characters be there like Branwyn?

[Master] tap tap

[Master] Hello?

[Lisa] Mike must have stepped away

[Mike] i'm back

[Master] OK

[Master] good

[Mike] there isn't much to play out, i'd think. imari would only want branwyn there

[Mike] she doesn't know the others well enough.

[Master] ok

[Master] if you followed along on the site

[Michael] I am away from the keyboard.

[Mike] is that becoming a requirement for playing?

[Master] Branwyn is on the 4th day of the month now

[Master] no

[Mike] seems like most of the game is played there anymore

[Master] actually not

[Master] just want to keep everyone involved

[Master] especially on nights like this where we have the three of them walking home

[Master] and that takes up a lot of time here

[Master] want everyone to feel involved and that their stories are moving forward

[Mike] yeah. this splitting up the party is a bad way to play

[Mike] i tried to play along by sending galduk, but then he got killed so it's pretty much just sit here and see if imari gets to do anything

[Master] in the city everyone will be scattering amonst the streets

[Master] very rare to have all 12 characters traveling in a pack

[Master] I think that Michael is trying to fix things

[Master] I told him to tlak with Lisa again

[Michael] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay still having trouble but this will work

[Mike] to be honest i'm having a hard time focusing on the game due to the slow nature of the text based internet game and everyone being so splintered.

[Master] good Michael

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I cannot see the full chat history though, so please be patient if I miss something

[Mike] just me bitching

[Master] partially Mike also it is every player needs to have their own characters come up with motivation

[Lisa] what do you want to see once we get back together again?

[Master] the city is a different way of doing things

[Master] forces everyone (Players) to stretch and do new things

[Mike] then i guess i need a new character. because i really don't see any personal motivation for imari to be there

[Master] and poor Corvus went like 6 weeks with nothing happening at all on the Dragon front and he had not access

[Corvus] yup

[Mike] she's only there to support branwyn, and half of her things aren't things i can participate in

[Master] Mike you can create a new "henchman" that is there

[Master] similar to Hugh

[Master] and then when you return home and play Imari more

[Master] maybe that character stays in the City

[Mike] no, i'd need a combat main because a 3rd level henchman obvoiusly can't survive the combat adventures

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Could still be part of stuff though?

[Mike] and imari isn't useful at all in combat, so there's no use for her to go out

[Master] yes to Michael

[Lisa] I so disagree with that

[Master] and yes I agree with Lisa

[Lisa] you will not convince me that with Imari's HP and spells that she is not good in combat

[Mike] but we come by xp so slowly i'm really loathe to give up half of my xp to make a new character

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Imari could hill me so I wouldn't say you would be useless

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Also yeah that would suck too so never mind

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] we earn it so slowly as it is

[Lisa] she could at least jump in front of some of the HP challenged and take a few hits for t eam ;)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] nof offense bob

[Master] chuckles Michael

[Mike] so she would literally be a mobile wall. awesome. and i keep telling you, other than a couple spells she has no combat spells to speak of.

[Lisa] you can still poke things with a spear

[Master] combat , especially in the city , is much more than just throwing fireball spells

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] you can throw rocks

[Master] and hacking with a big sword

[Mike] she has spiritual hammer, which isn't really any better than a standard waepon, and lightning which is highly dependant on the environment

[Lisa] Your choice what to do

[Corvus] RAWR RAWR!

[Master] but again Mike you could create a person to play that would be treated like a henchman

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah but when it's there... light it up up up light it up up up

[Corvus] can i a pet?

[Lisa] I am not sure how a bad ass fighter works any better in the city though

[Master] even if not an actual hechman of Imari

[Master] and yes to Corvus Isla can get a pet through play

[Mike] over half the play time isn't in the city, lisa

[Mike] we spend most of a game night on the outside adventures

[Master] only because peopel are walking home

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] well we can switch places if bob is up for it and we can be observers

[Mike] which i am currently not involved in

[Master] it took us 5 sessions to play a day and a half in the city

[Corvus] Meaning if I find a four foot tall snow leopard that weighs 400 something pounds I can get custom barding and ride it into battle?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] we need to get out more I guess haha

[Master] grins at Corvus, if you get animal training

[Corvus] okay

[Lisa] you would need to get a job and find your own house to put it in

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh no. not an actual job!

[Master] We started the end of September last year

[Lisa] people want all these crazy things and forget the details of actually managing them

[Master] and have played out not even one full month yet in the past 10 months

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah, bob turned me into a simple man...

[Lisa] marco collected this circus full of charmed creatures that followed us around

[Mike] yes, which is why i said it's hard for me to stay focused on the game. my failing, just wanted you to know

[Lisa] we had to get rid of them to get into a city

[Mike] though i'm sure you could figure that out on your own.

[Corvus] So animal training and meat and a small pit to capture it with me as the bait.

[Master] and I want you to know that eveyrone here wants you to be invovled

[Master] and wants to find things that you are interested in

[Lisa] most definitely

[Master] the parties for example

[Master] the thieves guilds

[Master] that Indigo stumbled into for example

[Master] the one that Ilero is searching for

[Master] the City Council meetings,

[Lisa] no one can log out without voting on basket party btw

[Mike] last council meeting we had imari was in the stands as an observer

[Master] many things that Branwyn either does not WANT to be invovled in or CANNOT be involved in

[Master] and do you doubt that Lisa will send Imari if she thinks she can get away with it

[Lisa] you betcha

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm sorry Mike we can switch next time? I like policitcs and playing in the city. It wouldn't bother me if you protected these guys instead of me. I'm a weakling. I love to do the city role playing stuff I find it fun

[Mike] this character made sense at the beginning fo the campaing when we were adventurers, but doesn't really now, but it would take literally years to recoup the lost xp on a reroll for a more viable character. just frustrated

[Master] Branwyn will not be Ambassador forever

[Master] the last three have died in office

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Can we do a one time teleportation Bob? As a favor?

[Master] no to Michael

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I tried Mike sorry

[Master] chuckels

[Lisa] Branwyn is hoping to break that trend

[Master] I understand

[Master] adn yes to Lisa

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I just want everyone to have fun that's all. I understand Mike gets bored

[Corvus] How do you do skills, strictly levels or can we earn through repeated use of a particular skill?

[Master] strictly levels

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah I wish corvus haha

[Master] as you go up in level you get more slots to use

[Lisa] we are walking as fast a we can

[Corvus] Okay, just asking

[Master] nods

[Master] adn in the cave we are clicking to morning

[Master] as you made it through the night

[Lisa] thank you

[Corvus] I had one or to that did that. Nice little charts of after so many attempts you get a bonus

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Good?

[Master] nods there are other game systems that do that

[Mike] and, if we all get back together and end up having three or four different directions people are going in, we need to streamline things. like during the last saturday game when we spent over an hour exploring a few hundred yards of sewer.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] That was a little intense. I think evry party should have a general leader that has final say and just leads the group. Gets stuff done faster

[Lisa] not sure what you mean - was sewer good or bad thing?

[Mike] i hope things that can be kind of handled on the back end might just be done in the background, like you explore all this sewer, then come upon this, so here you are now

[Lisa] ok

[Mike] i think the minutia of who is staying on the raft and holding on to it while the other two walk 20 yards in to see what is there was a little time consuming.

[Lisa] it matters when it floats away because we were too stupid to bring a rope but yes I get that

[Lisa] :)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Mike] if there aren't excounters to be had we should get to just say the sewers look like this: ta-dah! that way the other three stories can progress without a big time interruption for simple mapping

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] have fun swimming n the sewer

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] :)

[Master] Time of Day: 08:09 AM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[Mike] i'm just afraid of the game slowing down more if we have multiple things going on.

[Mike] because unless we all have enough henchmen where one goes on each story, that could be a lot of downtime for a player.

[Master] that is one reason some people are doign more online because they want to explore some things in more detail

[Mike] anyway, there's my concerns with the current state of the game. i'm done.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] that's why we should switch. While you all are adventuring. I prepare documents and political crap

[Master] Thank you for sharing Mike

[Lisa] you can't just switch

[Master] everyone needs to know

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] well and hopefuly bob would be okay giving some XP for that?

[Master] and understand

[Corvus] we Starting?

[Master] yes to Michael, Hugh earns XP by participating

[Lisa] nice map

[Master] not in killing

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So yeah I'm down with that

[Lisa] yes Mike

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] just a matter of what we each like.

[Master] morning comes and you get out of the cave to see

[Lisa] I feel guilty doing this trip home

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] me too

[Lisa] no clue if you felt guilty while I watched you in werewolf story

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] who me?

[Lisa] I just take it as this happens sometimes and I rol with it

[Lisa] no Mike

[Master] Branwyn and Indigo were both not in the Who What Were story arc

[Master] it happens

[Master] over time everyone gets a chance at the spotlight

[Mike] yes, i felt guilty for all the time you sat there with nothing to do. i'm not just concerned with my play time, btu everyone's

[Master] and has to take a back seat

[Master] we adjust as we can

[Master] and so moving forward on the way home

[Master] the three of you emerge from your cave

[Master] Indigo, Hugh D'Ambray and Isla Falcon moved 75'07".

[Master] Indigo, Hugh D'Ambray and Isla Falcon moved 28'07".

[Master] Isla Falcon, Hugh D'Ambray and Indigo moved 107'08".

[Master] as you get closer back down to the game trail you were following

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] man stuff warmed up fast. looks like a desert :)

[Master] you hear noises

[Master] (supposed to be white)

[Lisa] what kind of noises?

[Master] the clatter of a large number of people moving

Indigo (Lisa) listens

[Corvus] I am back at the keyboard.

Indigo (Lisa) looks around

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I go silent, listening to the sounds*

[Indigo (Lisa)] Should we hide?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Do you think they are coming toward us or away from us?

[Master] you are heading to the SW on that map

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yes. Until we know who it might be

[Master] that is the trail you were on before you went up to the cave

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If bob put slavers in the game I'll be rather put out

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Indigo, can you get to the top and get a view, while staying out of sight?

[Master] Hugh can be anti slavery

[Master] Indigo was sold into slavery

[Master] Branwyn freed him

[Indigo (Lisa)] (do we have a pro-slavery character?)

[Master] Red Cloak

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay so slavery exists. Good to know. I am offically pro anti-slavery

[Indigo (Lisa)] I can try

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol to michael)

Indigo (Lisa) tries to climb up on the rock and see who's coming

[Master] Indigo moved 23'04".

[Master] make a dex check

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: DEX check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Master] Indigo makes it up to the high point of the small ridge there

[Master] Indigo moved 16'00".

Indigo (Lisa) wishes he had the spyglass just today

Indigo (Lisa) looks around

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] what do your elf eyes see?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh wait...

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] dd I heal any, or did the bear screw that over?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] sorry I woke you up corvus

[Master] no one healed

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] 10 4

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *apologetic not sarcastic hard to type with correct tone darn it

[Master] and yes that is what Indigo sees

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol (loud marching noise)

[Master] a purplish cloud

[Master] moving down the path

[Indigo (Lisa)] (a purple blob?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] //ooc brb, grabbing food

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] :)

[Corvus] I am away from the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] A purple cloud in the snow? What could it be

Indigo (Lisa) strains to figure out how a cloud marches

[Master] crunch crunch crunch

[Master] OW Hey stop stepping on my heel

[Master] crunch crunch crunch

Indigo (Lisa) shakes his head and blinks a few times

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] slow down let em pass

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can he see better now they are closer?)

[Master] a purple cloud

[Master] swirling mist

[Master] crunch crunch crunch

Indigo (Lisa) scrambles down the other side of the rock and whispers to the others what he sees

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 24'10".

Indigo (Lisa) whispers "Must be a magic thing"

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] A purplish cloud? We should let them pass. I have no magic skill and we need to return to the city with all possible haste. I sense a disturbance in the force. Imari seems angry

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC Sorry cant help slipping in references. Hopefully doesnt irritate anyone. Let me know and I'll stop.

Indigo (Lisa) whispers "Well you knew that was happening when Galdek died. But you are right. I have to talk to her"

[Indigo (Lisa)] (are we following the cloud or going in opposite direction?)

[Master] following

[Indigo (Lisa)] (good they can fight whatever attacks in front of us)

[Corvus] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we just got some purple protection)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay so shall we stay an appropriate distance till we get to where we are going?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Sounds good to me

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Also I still like the cloud labled as loud marching noise. crunch crunch crunch

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] really?! -.-

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hope it's not going all the way to the river.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Why would you worry about that until we need to :)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (does it travel faster than us?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] So we walk behind it?

[Master] moving about 9 to 12

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I say we give it some distance. Just because we cant see in doesnt mean they cannot see us. Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Good thinking. We wait a bit and follow.

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's moving pretty quickly though.

[Indigo (Lisa)] For a big pruple cloud.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Cool. So like what 15 min?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] A game of solitair?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we move at 9 and they mover 9-12 so we should be good in a few minutes)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look up at the sky.*

[Master] more snow coming

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe it's been long enough.

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should get going

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well should we get moving? I don't fancy a storm

[Master] Time of Day: 10:26 AM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe the purple cloud is a snow barrier spell

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray, Indigo and Isla Falcon moved 219'08".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Snow's on the way too... I don't think we will find another cave.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that was weird Bob)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] It worked though

[Lisa] Hope we can be close to the river before the storm hits

[Master] you are following the many tracks

[Master] the trail is a mess now

Lisa looks at tracks with an inexperienced eye

[Master] could be hooves, boots, sleds

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] crunch crunch crunch

[Master] is a mess

[Indigo (Lisa)] The cloud has feet

[Master] Time of Day: 03:03 AM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] We know that much.

[Master] snow snow snow

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] LOL

Indigo (Lisa) walk walk walk

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] test

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] There is an army inside it...

[Indigo (Lisa)] (a circus!)

[Master] as the snow gets harder

[Master] you can push on through

[Master] or you can see if youw atn to take shelter there where somone else has

[Master] you want

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I seem hardened to the cold.*

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what time is it?)

[Master] Time of Day: 03:03 PM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I brought some emergency protection I don't know about you

[Indigo (Lisa)] We walked all day and getting towards night soon. Should we stop?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I will be fine.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Maybe.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe they will share some supper and let us sleep in the tent.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If we stop we need to clear the ground of snow.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] we can set up a basic camp and hope the storm is mild

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Scout them first

[Indigo (Lisa)] They probably know more about the river too.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm ... I don't know how to scout

Indigo (Lisa) looks at camp

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't either but I'm totally fine with you taking a look

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) looks at camp

[Master] fire there glowing

[Master] horses lined up

[Master] feed bags on

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Still purple?

[Master] tents and waggons

[Indigo (Lisa)] Mmmm ... fire would be nice.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe they're gypsies!

[Indigo (Lisa)] That would be great!

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] erm... I don't think so...

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're freindly with gypsies.

[Indigo (Lisa)] At least back home.

[Master] no purple to be seen, all is white

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] might not be gypsies

[Indigo (Lisa)] And Jospeh came from gypsies.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] They caused nothing but chaos when we gave a group passage.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (joseph)

[Master] Indigo moved 0'11".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Well, that's what gypsies do. But they are nice.

[Master] and Isla has no idea who Joseph is

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I don

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Indigo knows that - he just talks)

[Master] Hugh met him

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I don't like 'em

[Indigo (Lisa)] We don't know if they're really gypsies. I'm just hoping is all.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC well since the map is titled Ambushers Campite I say we press on :)

[Master] grins

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] You would rather sleep in the snow without a warm meal?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] very discreet Bob.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I could be dead instead...

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we could be the ambushers in this scenario)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] not our campsite.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Fine fine go make contact. I'll back you up

[Indigo (Lisa)] Okay.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I join you either waty. *Nods acutely.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Attack: Dagger/Dirk:: is now ARMED.

Indigo (Lisa) walks over to the campsite and waves his hands in greetiing - swords sheathed

[Master] Indigo moved 86'05".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no weapons out)

[Master] Indigo moved 119'05".

[Master] Indigo moved 153'03".

[Indigo (Lisa)] HELLO!

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Attack: Cutlass:: is now ARMED.

[Master] the horses whicker at Indigo

[Master] there are no other sounds

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hello horses!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Man deep sleepers

Indigo (Lisa) goes over to pet one

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] NoOOO it could be a Kelpie

[Master] snorts, and leans into Indigo's hand

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Oh okay good

[Indigo (Lisa)] Anybody home?

[Master] no one responds

[Master] other than sounds from the horses eating

Indigo (Lisa) pats horse and then walks over to the fire

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 27'09".

Indigo (Lisa) more nervously "hello?"

[Master] the fire is burning brightly but there is no wood left to put on

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] check a tent see if they are dead

[Master] 5 waggons scattered about

[Master] 5 tents

Indigo (Lisa) looks to see if the purple cloud is within eyesight

[Master] all quiet

[Master] no purple only white

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) looks to see if campsitte is a wreck or a stuggle took place

[Master] except teh fire

[Master] is Hugh coming down with Indigo?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yes i said I would back him up.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (tents closed?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] did I not say that?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry bob

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] up to you

[Master] tent flaps are closed but not tied up

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you did not say how closely)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] ah.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] my bad

Indigo (Lisa) bats his hand on a tent flap

[Indigo (Lisa)] Knock knock?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] knock. have to do it three times :)

[Master] no response

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 8'11".

Indigo (Lisa) pushes open a flap standing a bit to the left of it

[Master] cold air comes out of the tent

Indigo (Lisa) peers around carefully

Indigo (Lisa) peeks in

[Master] all seems normal

[Master] just no one inside

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I begin to get a little nervous as I follow them.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yay free horses

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] are we in a white cloud?

[Master] you are in snow

[Master] snowing

[Master] not a clouse

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] any tracks at all?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (is there wood to beef up the fire?)

[Master] no

[Master] it seems all the wood has been piled up on the fire already

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] This is an illusion we need to go NOW

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] no tracks who set it up?

[Indigo (Lisa)] The horse felt real

[Master] the horses feel, sound, smell real

[Indigo (Lisa)] Any food in the tent?

[Master] yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't like this

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe we can get something for dinner

[Master] there is a small sack that looks like some sort of roots maybe turnips

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I don't like this guys.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yuck

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] It's not ours don't touch it. Come back and bite us in the rear is what will happen

[Indigo (Lisa)] If they come back I'll pay for it.

[Indigo (Lisa)] But I'm not happy about raw turnips

Indigo (Lisa) looks in another tent

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 14'02".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Don''t do it Indigo.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (any books?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is there anyone in the wagons?

[Master] no books

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Supplies maybe?

[Master] no sign of anyone around

[Master] but there are clothes

[Master] both mens and womens

[Indigo (Lisa)] (gypsy looking or military?)

[Master] niether

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) looks in wagon

[Master] bales of cloth

Indigo (Lisa) tries the third tent

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] This could be a merchant caravan. But, where are the people?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 10'08".

[Master] waaaaaaaa

[Master] waaaaaaaaaa

[Indigo (Lisa)] This is really strange

[Master] waaaaaaaaa

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh no!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Nice going Indigo

Indigo (Lisa) rushes inside at the crying

[Master] a small wrapped up bundle of blankets that is under one of the cots

[Master] Indigo is lower and spots it pushed back into the shadows

Indigo (Lisa) gets down and pulls it out

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Man, child abuse in the third degree

[Master] pulls open the cloth

[Master] a young human baby

[Master] maybe a year old

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's a baby!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] :/

[Indigo (Lisa)] (anything else in cabin?)

[Master] tent

[Master] and no

Indigo (Lisa) walks out of tent

[Master] seems the same as the others

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is it really cold in the tent

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] nevermind you answered that

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] What did you find?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe the people got attacked and the mother hid the baby to protect it and then something bad happened

[Master] it seems cold in the tents like there is nothing heating them

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] boy or girl kid

[Master] are you unwrapping it?

Indigo (Lisa) walks over to Isla "want to hold her?"

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If indigo doesn't chop off my hand

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] A child? I am no mother. *I try to back away, shaking my head and hands no.*

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Attack: Cutlass:: is NO LONGER ARMED.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'll take it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Wrap it in my oilskin blanket

[Indigo (Lisa)] I just thought ladies knew more about babies.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If necessary we can carry him/her in my pack

Indigo (Lisa) hands infant to Hugh

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] See if there is child food in the tent

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] please

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's cute

Indigo (Lisa) goes back in tent to search for food

[Master] there is a bag of grain

[Master] similar to what the horses have

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I am a sailor and a fighter, not a mother.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Isla is there any tracks leading away from the camp?

[Indigo (Lisa)] No baby food

[Master (to Corvus only)] same tracks as you followed into camp

Indigo (Lisa) takes the grain out and feeds the horses

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] test

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] what tracks?

Indigo (Lisa) then moves on to next tent

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 16'01".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] o

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes, same as we saw coming in.

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) stands near fire for heat. Hopefully calms down kid

[Master (to Corvus only)] the mix of hooves, boots, sleds, etc that you followed along

[Master] (brb dog is demadning)

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I think whatever came through here left-

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] We need to leave, now!

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Attack: Cutlass:: is now ARMED.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Maybe it was that pruple cloud

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Why would they leave a kid though? It's freezing in those tents

[Indigo (Lisa)] (cannot spell purple today)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Hugh, Indigo. Let's leave quickly.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Like I said maybe they thought they were protecting it and they would come back but then they ... couldn't.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm not leaving a child here to freeze!

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Then bring her with us.

[Indigo (Lisa)] No we have to bring it back

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] FIine. Let me leave a note in each tent

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] telling them it will be in the city

Indigo (Lisa) grins "Not sure what Branyn's gonna say, but we should do it"

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Indigo, this group kept moving at the same pace as before

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] If this is theirs, they set up and left. If it isn't, the cloud killed everyone in here, and the child somehow escaped

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Done deal. Can we split some supplies amongst ourselves? The child will fit in my pack upright.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Which makes me wary of her.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] It's a baby?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] How would it know to escape?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Exactly!

[Master] as far as you can tell it is about a year or so old

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should see what else we can find and then take the horses to the river

[Master] just past breast feeding..... you hope Isla

[Indigo (Lisa)] The baby was pushed way in the back under a cot like they were hiding her

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If necessary I will pre chew the damn food. We need to go

[Indigo (Lisa)] Or him

[Indigo (Lisa)] Not yet.

Indigo (Lisa) looks in next tent

TMO has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 20:32:54 EDT 2015

TMO is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Hey TMO

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I shake my head.* Taje it, leave it, we must leave.

TMO has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] The child if safe is lucky to be alive. *I nod to indigo at Isla's comment.*

[TMO] howdy

[Indigo (Lisa)] (hi tmo!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (anything in next tent?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] (Yo.)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (or last tent for that matter? natives getting restless)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Should we take the Horses? What if they come back. Horses are valuable

[Master] nothing in the tents that you did not expect to see

[Master] no skeletons

[Master] no bodies

[Master] no sign of people

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] And nothing in the wagons apparently

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] except cloth

[Master] the wagons have their normal things

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] anything in the saddle bags? messages or something?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] AFK Briefly

[Indigo (Lisa)] I say we take the horses and make for the river.

[Master] there is no paper or such

[Indigo (Lisa)] If we find the owners on the way we give it back. If not they would die here anyway.

[Master] it would take a while to search all the tents for scrolls, etc.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Horses and go. I like it.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 10'07".

[Master] wagons? or just horses?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I take a glance at the wagons.* Should we take the wagons Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We are faster with just horses.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I know we need to go, but I need to find a bill of lading or something. I need to know where they were going just in case. It could save us from what happened to them. Just give me 10 Min and we can go. 10 Min wont make a diff.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Then horses it is.*

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Attack: Cutlass:: is NO LONGER ARMED.

[Indigo (Lisa)] A bill of what?

[Indigo (Lisa)] I didn't see any ladles

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look back in the direction of the tracks, scanning the path and the trees around it.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Bill of Lading. Destination Cargo Price and Negotiations

[Indigo (Lisa)] For when you order stuff?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I guess Semi Trucks haven't been invented yet. Very well lets move out. I want to pack the child in my pack snugly

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yes Lisa, but it's mostly for commercial transport companies

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorry. Should have explained better haha

Indigo (Lisa) looks at horses happy that he fed them a little

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I was being Indigo - he doesn't know about that stuff)

Indigo (Lisa) unties one of the smaller horses and pets him

[Master] nuzzles Indigo

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] See if there are any water skins first. We have snow, but it will take time to melt. And heck Lisa, Hugh doesn't know about this stuff but I just kind of bleed my common knowledge into the character. It's probably against the rules, but I'm ususally having such a good time it just slips in. If bob says no then it's a no

Indigo (Lisa) speaks softly "Want to go for a ride and see a river?"

[Master] the horses all seem friendly

[Master] and willing to follow Indigo's lead

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Any water skins? If not, lets mount up and follow Indigo

[Master] yes

[Master] full

[Indigo (Lisa)] (go get what you want to take)

[Master] looks like food and water and gear for about 20 people

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Bob, what do I see?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (for that matter I would be good with chopping some branches off a tree and spending the night)

[Master] nothign on the trail

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) Grabs some water and grain skins and some extra canvas, cloth, and blankets, and packing them on the horse. If necessary we can take a fourth

[Master] four horses

Indigo (Lisa) grabs some supplies pulls his horse over to the wagon so he can climb up and onto it

Indigo (Lisa) keeps patting the horse and moves forward a bit

[Indigo (Lisa)] These are nice horses

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If I am ready can I scout a little ahead and see if I notice anything out of the ordianry or a group of people or something?

[Master] sure

[Master] Isla is a bit of a way down the path

[Master] ahead of you

[Master] taking all four horses?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I don't like the idea of taking all of there stuff. It could signing a death senence for them

[Master] mounting up ? or walking with them?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Mounting up. Please make sure my kid is snugly in the pack first please. I don't want a dead kid on my hands. It might be too much for me

[Indigo (Lisa)] (indigo has mounted his)

[Master] so heading out along the trail

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I run back and slow down as i approach the horse. I let it greet me as I do it and silently ask permission to mount it.*

[Master] Time of Day: 05:09 PM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] riding along

[Master] using as our placehold map for trails

[Master] on your horses

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] crunch crunch crunch

[Indigo (Lisa)] (i was hoping the snow was gone)

[Master] and suddenly

[Master] as night starts to get closer

[Master] you hear water up ahead

[Indigo (Lisa)] The river!

[Master] and also the crunch crunch crunch of feet

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] We must be almost there!

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look behind me*

[Master] sounds like it is up ahead

[Indigo (Lisa)] (the river or the crunchy feet?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I ride forward to see what it is.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] slow down guys. We need to see what this is

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 26'07".

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 43'00".

[Master] nothing visible from there

[Master] Isla can judge that the river must be within a half hour or so

[Master] no more than an hour away from the sound of the water

[Master] but the crunch crunch crunch of the walking is fading away

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] honestly if we can hear the river from half a mile away must be one hell of a river

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I pause to listen more.*

[Master] as it seems to be getting farther away

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *half and hour

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] be right bck. Going to hotel vending machine thirsty

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I slowly go around the bend for a view.*

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Isla Falcon moved 29'05".

[Master] you can see the same mish mash of tracks on the ground

[Master] the sounds are fading in the distance

[Master] mixing with the sounds of the river

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I get off the horse to study the tracks*

[Master] without tracking is too hard to determine what made them

[Master] boots but not much more than that

[Master] sleds

[Master] hooves

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I remount and follow them cautiously.*

[Master] TMO, I am guessing you turned in your choices today?

[Master] is everyone moving forward slowly?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yes please)

[TMO] yep! ;)

[Master] good

[Master] so everyone sees that

[Master] it is the edge of the river

[Master] but what looks to be a small tower and buildings have all be destroyed

[Indigo (Lisa)] (nice and no purple cloud)

[Master] leveled

Michael has left the game on Fri Jun 12 20:57:13 EDT 2015

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] how old does it look?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (any shelter at all?)

[Master] there is a wooden gate across the openign there that is still there

[Master] the tower roof looks in tact

[Master] the rest of the buildings look to be demolished

[Indigo (Lisa)] We should go under that for the night

[Master] part of the wall has fallen away

Indigo (Lisa) points at tower thing

[Master] Time of Day: 08:09 PM. Day 4 Ced ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 4th, 1266 TGR.

[TMO] (I'm likely to not be here next week. And I might just be very busy here in a few minutes. Upset son coming home, probably have to calm him down)

[Master] Let us know when you are avaialab e and we will jump to city

[Master] do Ilero Imari, Branwyn, etc

[Master] Isla? you want to stay in the tower?

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 9'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 23'07".

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray moved 16'09".

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 8'10".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what's it look like in there?)

[Master] stone walls

[Master] shelves with books

[Master] no fire

[Master] similar to the tents

[Master] it looks like just the people are missing

[Master] unlike the buildings out in the area that are demolished

[Master] Indigo, Hugh D'Ambray and Isla Falcon moved 30'08".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (but inside we would be sheltered at least)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what are odds of us making a fire with no nwp?)

Michael has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 21:02:23 EDT 2015

Michael is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Master] easy

[Master] as long as there is no pressure of combat

[Corvus] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] and needing that flame RIGHT NOW AAHWWYUEYUEYEY

[Master] arrrrgggggg

[Master] bleed bleed bleed

[Indigo (Lisa)] (there are small trees outside we can chop off for branches)

[Master] chew chew chew

Michael has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (sigh)

[Master] yes to Lisa

[Michael] sorry guys

[Master] welcome back Michael

[Michael] internet here is laggy

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we can use Hugh's notebook for kindling)

[Michael] ummm

[Master] yes to Indigo, grins

[Indigo (Lisa)] (oops wait - michael's back?)

[Michael] I took some cloth from the wagons urn that

[Indigo (Lisa)] :D

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] test

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Okay if you guys lose me again i'm sorry. I knnow this is a pain int eh behind

[Master] it is ok no worries Michael

[Master] and do you see that new map?

Indigo (Lisa) chops some branches for a fire

[Master] on the river bank

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah i just feel bad and yes bob I o

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] thanks

[Indigo (Lisa)] (not a problem at all)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Do you want to see if it's a biy baby or a girl baby?

[Master] the tower is out of the wind and cold

[Indigo (Lisa)] (boy)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] summary

[Master] large stairs going down

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] ?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] i'm limited in my chat options

[Indigo (Lisa)] (window?)

[Master] in a spiral

[Master] from the ground level down to the river level

[Master] yes to several windows

[Corvus] I am back at the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look around the small area.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah sure. Is it a boy girl or thing?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so we can look out for ships?)

[Master] yes

Indigo (Lisa) brings in some firewood

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] nevermind scrolled up and saw it

[Master] no clue if the baby is a boy or girl yet

[Master] until you want to change it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yes take a look please. cant hurt anything

[Indigo (Lisa)] (it will tell us)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] don't know what is going on but seems bad

[Master] so Hugh starts to unbunble the babe

Indigo (Lisa) makes fire in fireplace?

[Master] the babe with the power

[Master] who do

[Master] you do

[Master] remind me of the babe

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] i have no idea what you just said. please try again

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I am currently several dozen feet away looking around the compound.*

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you need John for that weirdness)

[Master] (LOL come on Mike? TMO? someone must know that ! )

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] well unfortunately john isn't with us for the foreseable future

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] is the kid there or is it not

[Master] kid is inside with Hugh

[Master] a young little dark hair little girl

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] so the kid is real and didnt just talk to me right?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no that was Bob with obscure song lyrics)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh sorry bob. I was frustrated and confused. No offense meant

Indigo (Lisa) pokes his finger at baby "She's cute. I wonder what her name is."

[Mike] yeah, labrinth

[Indigo (Lisa)] aha!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, uh, until we find her parents dead or alive I'll think of a name. Just give me a little while.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I love kids

[Indigo (Lisa)] You do?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I enter the tower and look over. Seeing the trio I come over and look at the child.* That she is.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC well until I have them anyway then I will proababbly hate myself for 18 years :)

[Master] and so what will you name her?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] A little time please. Or do I need to decide now?

[Master] chuckles

[Master] no just asking

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Hugh... You must realize that if that ckoud has anything to do with her not being a victim...

[Master] so staying the night here in the tower on the river

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] scratch that' [Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is the tower standing?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] sorry a little behind text

[Master] yes

[Master] is the only buidling not demolished

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I begin to head up the tower.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I say the tower. Keep a lookout. Able to stay off the snow for the night

[Master] three levels

[Indigo (Lisa)] You three get some sleep and heal up a bit and I'll keep watch.

[Master] one ground floor

[Master] one down to river bank

[Master] one up

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Is the ground floor stone?

[Master] yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] is it enclosed by walls?

[Master] yes

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I head to the top and look around for anyting.*

Indigo (Lisa) keeps a branch off of the fire in case he need to run outside with a torch.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lets build a fire on the ground floor. It will keep us out of the elements and hide the light. Indigo thoughts? Isla thoughts?

Indigo (Lisa) wraps some of the cloth Hugh took around the branch

[Master] the tower seems to be a lookout on the river

[Indigo (Lisa)] (was all over that)

[Master] flows south (to the right of the map)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] i am already up the tower.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I look around the room itself, curious about their being anything inside the room that may prove usefule or valuable.*

[Master] there are several books on the first floor

[Master] upstairs there are some lanterns and oil

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I gather it all and give one good look out of the tower before returning down below.*

[Indigo (Lisa)] (oil?)

Indigo (Lisa) makes a torch but doesn't light it

[Master] small pots of oil for lanterns

[Master] Isla and Indigo can make Intuition checks now

[Indigo (Lisa)] Can we hang a lantern in the window in case a ship comes?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] any guard weapons or supplies? It is a lookout tower right?. Does the third level have a lighthouse lantern? It is on the river after all

[Master] at a plus 8

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: INU check: (d20) [1d20=18] 18 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Master] and bingo

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Isla Falcon: INU check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] as Hugh muses Indigo and Isla look at each other

[Master] and realize you are in a lighthouse, a secret hidden lighthouse

[Master] for smugglers

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Are there any boats docked?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] would I know this place personally?

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master (to Corvus only)] no you have not been on this river before

[Master] no to Hugh

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Indigo?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] You thinking what I am thinking?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] We are amongst your people? Barter us a ride boyoh

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Hugh dono't know yet

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] we said nothing

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] ah

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] didnt we talk about your adventures in the cave?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] as a pirate?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Or are we talking about something else?

[Master] yes you talked about isla as a pirate in her past

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So where do we go from here? Honestly the lighthouse lantern and mirror would be worth a pretty penny and I don't particulary want my throat cut by smugglers.

[Master] Indigo moved 45'11".

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray moved 50'08".

[Master] Isla Falcon moved 52'04".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Indigo and I both know what this is for, you do not. Neither of us has said anything yet either so until then...

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Or you can ask me what I mean.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] bob said I bingo I got it? I asked to looks to see fi it was a lighthouse?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I mused. Only Lisa made the check correctly

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Do I need to ask her?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Indigo are we in a lighthouse?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] and I

[Master] Isla and Indigo both know this is a smuggler's lighthouse

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] okay. Isla are we in a lighthouse?

[Master] and Isla knows that if you came out on the river anywhere near where you planned

[Master] you have about 300-350 miles to go south along the river to reach home

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Great

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Does the river flow towards where we need to go?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Isla Falcon: Navigation check: (d20) [1d20=14] 14 - ROLL FAILED against 6!!

[Master] yes

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes, I believe we are in a smuggler's lighthouse... We should be careful.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I say we wait for a smuggler boat, let them disembark and we steal the ship. You know how to sail right Isla? Or just use a rudder?

[Master] river flows from left to right on the map

[Master] right is south

[TMO] (I'm back, no rush to swap over)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I was captain of a ship for about ten minutes. That doesb't happen to ametours.

[Master] did you get the Power of the Babe comment TMO?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] great! so what do you say?

[TMO] (I just got back and sat down. But that would be a Labyrinth quote. ;) )

[Indigo (Lisa)] We steal a ship?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] and wait only 10 min? How did that happen?

[Master] sighs, much better

[Master] you and Mike got it at least

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you can give then XP)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] The captain died in the fight that ended my crew.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Also I don't feel bad because these are smugglers we are stealing from ahah

[Master] I appologize to both of you on FB when you see that post

[Master] grins

[Master] Laughs at Lisa

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *haha sorry that was weird

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 50. Next level in 17538.

[Master] Imari XP award: 50. Next level in 27366.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Did that really just happen?

[TMO] (bonus!! Now I can raise my Toothpick skill!)

[Indigo (Lisa)] So we turn on the light and wait for someone to come.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm not sure about stealing a ship when we can't tell how many are on board.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I will negotiate.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] hopefully its small otherwise we might be able to barter

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC yes to Isla

[Indigo (Lisa)] That is best, Isla.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] and in the end, you can steal while they are busy.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] with me.

[Indigo (Lisa)] You both should rest now though.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] I will join you down shore, and we shall be on our way.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will wake you if a ship comes. You both are still hurt.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Down shore?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Very well. Hugh, you mind holding on to these books for me?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Where are you going?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah, but the kid stays with me. Hopefully she doesn't keep me up too much. She must be exhauseted from me carrying her

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Yes.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah no problem

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I really don't get the plan)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] give us the TL;DR version

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] While I talk business, you two steal the ship and I escape, and meet you downstream.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] okay

[Indigo (Lisa)] Seriously?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I shrug.* Anything better?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] what would pay them with Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] The sack full of gems I have in my pack

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] What if they just steal them and threatedn to kill us?

[Master] LOL

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Indigo is a good fighter.

[Indigo (Lisa)] And if there are 6 men on board and Isla is talking to two of them you want to kill four men?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I smirk at him.*

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Well, seriously I have a kid to protect. I cant think of myself at the moment

[Indigo (Lisa)] For a ship?

[Master] I love this plan

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] lol

[Indigo (Lisa)] Kill people to steal a ship?

[Master] (do you get that movie quote?)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] yup

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] is it the A-Team?

[Master] Corvus

Indigo (Lisa) slaps his forehead and shakes his head

[TMO] (close. That's "I love it when a plan comes together." Not sure what that's from)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Do we have a fire?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] yes Bob?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] What?

[Master] (cats and dogs sleeping together, you will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] Hugh could always toss the for over.

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] was a tell them where the quote is from

[TMO] (Ghostbusters)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] XD

Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) Slaps head duh i feel dumb

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I was beginning to think Scrooged with bill murray but wrong bill muray movie

[Master] so during the night

[TMO] (it's not one of the famous quotes)

[Master] Hugh and Isla rest

[Master] sleep

[Master] heal

[Master] Indigo watches all night long

[Master] Time of Day: 07:32 AM. Day 5 Be ___ de, Kye {Late Winter} 5th, 1266 TGR.

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 28 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Master] Isla Falcon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 43 (3) - Lightly Wounded

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I wake fully rested and sit up with a stretch.*

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I better feed the kid. I guess prechew some food we got, mix it with a small small amount of water and feed her

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] best I can do until we get to the city

[Master] ok

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] also her name is Mercy.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] *I head outside the tower after donning my coat.*

[Master] smiles

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's a good name

[Master] ok so as Isla and Hugh start to work out details on what to do here on the river bank

[Master] you can continue to talk

[Master] we are going to jump back in time

[Master] to the 4th

[Master] and the afternoon

[Master] when Imari rides out of the residence with Galdek

[Master] everyone is back

[Master] Branwyn is due at the royal library today

[Master] but got interupted by the return of everyone this morning

[Master] and then organizing things for Imari

[Master] Ilero and Shur ?

[Master] what do you want to do about this?

[TMO] Imari doesn't want us to go with, but we can help prepare if there's anything we can do

[Master] Michael and Corvus you can whisper to each other

[Master] and make plans

[Master] without interupting anyone

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] so /corvus right?

[Master] you can add Lisa occasionally also

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] So

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] and yes

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] What now?

[Master] Mike

[Master] does Imari let anyone come? Branwyn? Ilero?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] I guess we wait until we can get a boat. We will need to be quick. I don't know if the city prepares any river defenses against smugglers but the sooner we get into safer waters the better.

[Master] Ilero and shur can help with the household preparing

[Mike] for the burrial? i already said no

[Mike] well, burning

[Master] Jennivive has set up a small pyre in the courtyard to symbolically burn something for Gladek

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] I agree. We need to make sure you two are unseen when doing this.

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] Hide the horses.

[Master] so will Imari go out this afternoon to burn Galdek?

[Master] what time of day does she want to do this?

[Mike] evening

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] While outside, did I see any tracks from the cloud or did they go somewehere else? This was just as I got up and I wandreed for liike twenty minutes before returning to the tower.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] /corvus. Are we taking them with us? Or should we set them free?

[TMO] Ilero and Shur will just go out into the town. No goals, just random dining and drinking and looking around. Ilero might do some eavesdropping, but not for anything in specific.

[Master] you added a period Michael

[Mike] she'll make the pleas to partik to come take his soul to the other side to join his ancestors and to tell them that he served with honor and bravery, died ax in hand like a proper warrior charging a foe that would make men quail in fear.

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] should we take them with us or set them free?

[Master] Lisa? Branwyn goign out with her?

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] Set them free. Make sure they cannot be found again.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if she wants me bran would be happy to)

[TMO] (my daughter doesn't understand the concept of a sling. ;) she's holding her arm up instead of letting it rest.)

[Master (to Corvus only)] no tracks

[Master (to Michael only)] no tracks

[Master] chuckles at TMO

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (poor thing)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what did she do?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Master only)] what bob? No tracks?

[Master] add a 2 pound weight to her wrist she will elarn

[TMO] (fell down. has a 2"x.5" scrape on her elbow)

[Master (to Michael only)] yes when you wake in the morning there are no tracks outside

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Master only)] thanks

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Master only)] did it snow during the nihgt?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (ouch)

[Master (to Mike only)] yes

[Master] sorry

[Master (to Michael only)] yes

[TMO] (the trials and tribulations of childhood)

[Master] normally I would say if you are not bleeding you are not hurt

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (makes for good stories later)

[Master] but I am guessing that does not count this time

[Master] and so

[Master] Branwyn?

[Master] out or staying ?

[Mike (to Master only)] yes what?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] how will we hide our tracks. Bob said it snowed last night. How will we be able to hide them? I don't like it, but we may need to barter with them. We will stay on the horses until we know there intentions and if they are bad we can always book it on horseback

[Master (to Mike only)] was to michael about their planning

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] Hell, as part of the price we can even give them the horses

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (If I have all day I would be going back to the library with Abe and friend who hopefully picked up some dispel magic scrolls)

[Master] ahhh

[Master] sorry

[Master] Abe is dead

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (back before we have to go)

[Master] frozen

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] wow that sucks

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I killed my apprentice?)

[Master] well

[Master] he is frozen

[Master] how do you want to handle that?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (THIS is why I do not teach)

[Master] that happened on the 2nd

[Master] I should not presume

[Isla Falcon (Corvus) (to Michael only)] *I think for a moment...* Leave the pack and my own. The other two can't stay.

[Master] you might think of something

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you didn't post anymore)

[Master] sorry yes

[Master] he was frozen

[Master] did not thaw

[Master] you and the other clerk carried him out of the library

[Master] out into the courtyard

[Master] he was frozen

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i thought we returned him to the guild and they dispelled magic on him)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC well bran stay away from my kid jeeze haha

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I told new guy to dispel and you didn't respond)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] so we are setting two fo the horses free?

[Master] the new guy said he had only learned how to do read magic earlier this week

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] afk for a moment

[Master] he knows nothing

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that means that is the only spell he knows?)

[Master] yes

[TMO] (that sucks...)

[Master] first spell anyone ever learns

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so I would have told him to get his ass to the guild and tell Midguard while I wait with Abe)

[Master] ok

[Master] and when Midguard returns

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we can't just leave him in the courtyard)

[Master] to the palace grounds?

[Master] Branwyn standing in the gardens with a frozen apprentice?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] everyone take a moment to picture that scene

[Master] smile

[Master] Branwyn pacing about

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh stop it - could have happened to anyone)

[Master] LOL

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[TMO] (BUT... it hasn't! :P)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Branwyn I came as soon as I heard

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] what happenedd?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] OH

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] this is horrible

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He opened the wrong book

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I expect that he was not cautious

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] did he take the proper precautions?

[TMO] (apparently not!)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No. I'm afraid it's my fault.

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) looks at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I opened a book and it was fine and so he thought he could too.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Did you tell him to open the book without checking?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I TOLD you I can't make magic go away.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and so you could not be blamed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well I told them to get to work.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] good

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't think the book would freeze him solid

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the life of a mage is dangerous

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] which book did he read?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can fix him can't you?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] All I know is that this young man came running in and said you demanded I come to the Palace

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I was not expecting to find you here like this

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't look at the title. This whole incident caused a bit of a stir.

Branwyn (Lisa) glares at apprentice

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] let us start at the beginning

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He knew why.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We were supposed to transcribe books. There were three on a table.

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) raises an eyebrow

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The others were chained and we didn't touch those.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you were transcribing spells from the royal library?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The librarian brought these out so he was handling them.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I have never heard of someone getting permission to do that

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes. That is why I asked Abe to bring Useless over there.

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) looks over

[Branwyn (Lisa)] To help.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Useless? what is your name Useless?

Spring has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 22:04:52 EDT 2015

Spring is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[apprentice (Master)] My name is

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Useless

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you understand

apprentice (Master) sigh

[apprentice (Master)] yes Master

apprentice (Master) bobs at Branwyn

Spring has received the map New Residence second floor.

[apprentice (Master)] I am sorry Misstress

[apprentice (Master)] (welcome Spring)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (hi spring)

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Now

[Spring] hihhi

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] so what did Useless do ?

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs "Anyway I opened the middle book, Rilliker's Portable Imaginations

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] RIlliker!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I started transcribing....

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you found one of his tomes!

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] what did you.... I mean well done

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] very nice find

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was a lovely book. With a sun on the cover.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I can show you the spell list later.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the symbol of the royal family

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Rilliker was the son of the King

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It was what he took with him to visit the halflings.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] ahhh

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] that must be the last book he ever transcribed

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] how did that make it to the library?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] How sad

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] he disapeared in teh Wildlands

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no idea

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I wonder who brought it back?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] did it have many spells?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will ask the librarian when I come back the day after next.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] was it his main book?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It couldn't have been. Only four spells I saw before ... well ...

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] (obviusly has totally fogotten Abe and is concentrating on Branwyn's find)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes I noticed)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (poor Abe)

[TMO] (priorities!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] i'm back

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] You must present your findings at our next Guild meeting

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] this is very important

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So Abe moved to the book on my left and took my poor example and tried to open the book

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael) (to Corvus only)] so do you want me to send the two horses away? We might need them

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] do you think you can manage to sneak a spell out ?

Branwyn (Lisa) waves her hand "Of course I shall share."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have to get back in first, but since we are doing them a favor by transcribing I don't see why we shouldn't get something out of it.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you said there were chained books

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] do you think they were animated?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] alive? in a hushed tone

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We didn't look at them yet.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I wonder who they belonged to

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] this is facinating

Branwyn (Lisa) sighs

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I never thought that having a friend in the Palace could lead to such a find

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] they are always so worried about balls

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and parties

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] and events

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am as excited as you are Midguard, but we have a frozen mage in the palace courtyard!

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] not paying attention to the important things

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Oh yes

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] well we will make sure he gets a proper burial

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] but how many books do you think there are?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But, can't you dispel this curse?

[TMO] (lol)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do we have to call a priest?

Branwyn (Lisa) looking aggrieved

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] a priest? for what?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] OH

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] last rites

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] I am sorry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] NO! To unfreeze him!

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Useless

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] go fetch a priest

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] OOC I think Bob does this on purpose. He likes to wander around lke a chicken whos head has been chopped off. Sorry for the imagery just popped into my head :) Love you Bob

apprentice (Master) opens his mouth

[apprentice (Master)] uhhh

[apprentice (Master)] (grins, bows)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are you telling me that these spells can't be reversed?

[Spring] :-)

[apprentice (Master)] well

[apprentice (Master)] I do not

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Useless, she is not talking to you

Branwyn (Lisa) rolls her eyes

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] of course any spell can be reversed with the proper

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] oh

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you mean

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] ahh yes

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] well

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] Useless go fetch a priest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You can find one at our house.

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] we shall determine if Abe here is still alive

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It will be closer

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] go

[Mike] i guess i better see if imari has remove curse

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (sorry Spring you return in 2 days or I would have you do this)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Jennevive walks into the Palace grounds

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] smiles at Branwyn

[Spring] (i do? where am i?)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] How can I serve the ambassador today

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh yes hi spring. Sorry bout that

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (we jumped back to the 2nd to wrap up things, then onto the 4th just after you arrive)

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Good day Jennevive. Can you take a look at this please?

[Imari (Mike)] luckily imari has remove curse

[Spring] (oh okay thanks)

Branwyn (Lisa) points at frozen mage

[Imari (Mike)] or jennevive

[Spring] (and hi michael :-)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like Imari better)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Imari I'm sorry to drag you away today.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I am not certain

[Imari (Mike)] bob, who's there?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (and yes Imari can be there too)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] both Imari and jenn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It seems my apprentice has gotten himself a bit stuck.

[Imari (Mike)] "What did you do to him?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you can assume Useless created an uproar in the house this time)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (yes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I didn't. It was a book.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He opened a spell book and got frozen.

[Imari (Mike)] "Mmhmm."

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] lol

[Imari (Mike)] "Is this a spell, or a curse?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But this is what they stories say has been happening around the city.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think it is most likely he sprung a magical trap

[Imari (Mike)] "People all over the city have been frozen?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Some mages like to protect their books from interlopers.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] the people in our Home Imari

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There was a girl that was frozen right outside our house.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Last summer before we arrived

[Imari (Mike)] "Interesting."

[Imari (Mike)] "Perhaps she looked at one of the books that was taken away?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Abd of course the whole frozen dragon thing

[Imari (Mike)] "More from this mage, or the books came here?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We must go see that shrine,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I have no idea. Yet.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] before we could really get going this happened.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then Illporn was worried he would drip on the floor.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So we had to cart him out here.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Librarians, what can you do about them

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I know. But I he does have a wonderful library

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Do you know how hard it is to carry a block of ice in your hands.

[Imari (Mike)] "Hrm. Interesting. I would definately think that if this is a unique spell, the dragon shrine would be connected to whoever wrote this book.'

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We almost dropped him at least three times.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Slippery

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Imari, would you like to attempt to reverse this?

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Imari (Mike)] "I suppose."

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If you would please.

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Imari (Mike)] Imari casts a spell against : Remove Curse - Priest: I remove a curse.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] what level does that affect Mike?

[Imari (Mike)] i have no idea

[TMO] at least 20

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] chuckles

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] researching now

[Imari (Mike)] there ya go. an expert's testimony

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] LOL

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Branwyn explain to Imari about the previous frozen people

[Imari (Mike)] so no level

[Imari (Mike)] just removes a curse as long as it isn't on equipment or lycanthropy

[Imari (Mike)] and that can be cured at 12th level

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I thought I did - I don't know much except there are stories))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the girl was found frozen o our doorstep - one of the reasons I was interested in the seance)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] and so Imari casts and the ice disolves but Abe collapses to the ground dead

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] (there were two others also)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh no!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Oh Yeah!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Sorrry Kool Aid ref.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am so sorry

[Spring] heh

[TMO] (poor guy)

Aunt Jennevive (Master) places a hand over his heart

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] (really better be more careful with those crazy books. I say we sue the library)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] /me looks up at Branwyn

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] He is dead

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I will not bring him back

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] but I will not stop you if you wish to attempt something else

[Imari (Mike)] "I can send him on as well if you wish."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This was much more than a magical trap to stop people from stealing

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What mage does this?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Midguard is his family in the city?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] umm

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] looks up from where he was pacing

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] you ....

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the trap on teh book was a what?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't think we should just bring him back.

Midguard the Magnificent (Master) looks shocked

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Imari I think he should go on

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] what sort of Greek way do you think he was?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But if his family is here we should tell them.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He was Greek?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] his family if they are here would want him laid in peace

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] NO

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] heaven

[Imari (Mike)] "Partik won't care. Partik will take him on."

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] a greek apprentice workign for me?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] for you!

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] the scandal

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I know the Kayugans don't believe in bringing people back from the dead.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Oh it nakes no difference to me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] All right then. We shall make proper arrangements.

[Imari (Mike)] "Then we will need another pyre."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the greek thing makes no difference to me)

[Imari (Mike)] "Since the elements can't claim the body here in the city."

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] (a first pyre, no one knows about Galdek yet)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If he was Kayugan should the Celestry take care of him?

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] we are the Celestry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are.

[TMO] (I am the Celery)

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] very well

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can I trust that you will do what is best? This is beyond me.

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Imari you are in charge of burning him

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] you can do that and honor your traditions and his

[Imari (Mike)] ::nods:: "Very well."

[TMO] (thought you said 'turning him' at first)

[Imari (Mike)] "Branwyn, I assume you will want to be there. You may invite anyone else who would want to send him on."

[Imari (Mike)] "We will do it at sundown."

Branwyn (Lisa) nods her head

[Imari (Mike)] "Midguard, please see to the delivery of enough wood for a pyre to our home and I will take it outside the city to prepare the pyre."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Midguard, is this all right?

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] of course

[Midguard the Magnificent (Master)] he is your apprentice

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I don't know what I'm going to do on the 4th. Would you like to come with me?

[Master] so the night of the 2nd you have a pyre outside of the city

[Master] and on the 4th

[Master] everyone comes back and brings Galdek's body

[Master] and on the night of the 4th you have another pyre

[Master] and on the morning of the 5th

[Master] everyone is back in the Salon

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (this should take care of anyone who wants tobe my apprentice in the future)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] thats the attitude ;0

[Master] knowing that Indigo, Hugh, Isla, Tristan, Hoffman and Miranda are out there in the wildreness

[Master] wilderness

[Master] Shrun the Apprentice moved 6'11".

[Master] Jilly moved 54'11".

[Spring] i liked wildeness

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 32'02".

[Spring] or rather, the other thing

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 33'11".

[Master] Atribella Olivin moved 2'02".

[Master] [Marisu]] moved 18'06".

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 21'08".

[Master] Joseph Shortkin moved 4'02".

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] nini guys

[Master] grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] aw. Night corvus

[Master] night Corvus

[Branwyn (Lisa)] wait!

[Spring] nitey nite!

[Master] wait

[Master] Lisa needs you

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no one can log out without voting)

[Isla Falcon (Corvus)] yes?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Corvus] What?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] the voting

[Corvus] I can log out without voting.

[Corvus] See?

Corvus has left the game on Fri Jun 12 22:46:10 EDT 2015

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (basket feast - baskets for the rich or have a casual treat the working class basket feast?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] oh no he didn't

[Master] LOL

[Branwyn (Lisa)] jerk

[Branwyn (Lisa)] oka

Corvus has joined the game on Fri Jun 12 22:46:35 EDT 2015

Corvus is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Branwyn (Lisa)] so if no one want to provide input it will always be my party

[Master] claps

[Master] that was nicely done

[TMO] (who are we inviting? If all upper-class, rich baskets)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I am taking part in your parties! I just don't have much executive authroity

Corvus has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Master] so

[Master] Corvus

[Master] grins

[Spring] i am fading so much faster than i thought

[Master] HUGS Spring

[Master] I know it was a rough week for you

[Master] thank you for being here

[Spring] i might have to be like that guy in The Gamers who's got a girlfriend so he's only lthere for like 5 minutes

[Master] LOL

[Master] nah

[Spring] the scouts took it out of me today

[Spring] after the parade tomorrow i am freeeeeeee. for a little while

[Spring] for at least a week

[Master] next week we will be in the city all caught up

[Corvus] Lisa, I would say have a mixture of both.

[Master] everyone on the same day except the wildreness

[Branwyn (Lisa)] then we would have to have a rich basket

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] yeah. gotta get back so the poor child doen't die

[Spring] :-)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 2 votes rich so far 1 labor party

[Corvus] Commoner's food that is prepared to a noble's standard at the price for a commoner

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I'm for that

[TMO] (going to put kids to bed. bbs)

[Spring] okay nitey nite all.

[Master] SPring

[Master] wait

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it is like a pot luck)

[Master] you have to vote

[TMO] (nite Spring)

[Spring] commoner :-)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] she doesn't want to vote

[Master] grins

[Branwyn (Lisa)] okay thanks

[Master] that is what I thought

[Spring] so there

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] nite spring

[Branwyn (Lisa)] 2 and 2

[Spring] :-) gnite

Spring has left the game on Fri Jun 12 22:50:34 EDT 2015

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I appreciate it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] commoner

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] empires are build on the backs of commoners and slaves

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] also cheaper

[Corvus] Combine. i give you the netraul vote!

Corvus has left the game on Fri Jun 12 22:51:46 EDT 2015

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] *Sigh*

[Master] chuckles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so you are changing your vote Michael?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] If it gets results faster yes!

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] :)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (tmo gets 3 votes)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (Just before you log out - I warned early)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] what?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] i'm not logging out

[Master] TMO is not here right now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that you had to vote before you leave)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so mike and tmo have plenty of time)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (next?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (what is plan? what day is it?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] look i really think there are pros and cons for each. What woul you prefer? I go along with your vote because you are generally the wisest person in the group except when you let apprentices touch random mage books as being an exception

[Master] right now it is the morning of the 4th

[Master] you hear about Galdek

[Master] then Imari goes off and has her second pyre

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like the idea of a casual feast for the non-nobility. We don't invite the people that would want to show up. Word gets out, etc.

[Master] then we move to the morning of the 5th if everyone is ready

[Imari (Mike)] what are we voting on?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then that is what I choose

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Many of our characters don't like all the playing dress up

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Commoner it is for me

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I think some nobility might even want to crash our party

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Oh they will for the masquerade ball or I will be really dissapointed

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Eh, cant forsee everything. Just pretend no one is home and move the party upstairs. They will be non the wiser

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (do we do an upscale rich basket feast or do a down home food and ale working class feast?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Happy medium?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (that is vote)

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Then working class

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (it would be hard to do both since people are expected to bring baskets for all)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (if you go rich there is that competition status thing)

[Imari (Mike)] what is the usual route for this feast?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] Yeah I don't want to pander for them

[Imari (Mike)] are we expected to cater to the rich, or is it usually doen for the common people?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (depends on where you live)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I think we can do what we want)

[Master] alwys

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like the idea of surprising people)

[Imari (Mike)] how about we do both?

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] cool lets do that

[Lisa] The ambassador is having a feast and we are inviting the dockmaster

[Lisa] Hugh's landlord

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I forgot about him

[Lisa] Ilero's tailor

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] walmart bathroom guy

[Imari (Mike)] inite a few people you really want to gain some influence with, and they get access to the upstairs areas where we put out something nicer, then invite some of the locals who we want to like us and let them party in the courtyard downstairs

[Lisa] ouch

[Lisa] not sure I want to be that person

[Imari (Mike)] locals like the dockmaster, or guard captain that we rent from, local businessmen and families who we buy food from

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] that sounds like seggregation...

[Lisa] If you want to do that Branwyn will stay downstairs

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] So will I

[Imari (Mike)] of course. we can't insult the upper class by suggesting they are the same as the lower class

[Lisa] But that is why we vote

[Imari (Mike)] but we can show we are not just for the upper class, we also want to befriend the lower class

[Lisa] If my idea loses we dress to the nines and have caviar baskets

[Master] or baskets of gems

[Imari (Mike)] and this way the people we do invite will feel extra special since we're not inviting just everyone we know

[Imari (Mike)] so i think we can gain some real ground with some people this way

[Imari (Mike)] we can also send messages by who we invite

[Lisa] Then you plan it on the website and create the guest list

[Lisa] I don't know how to do it that way

[Imari (Mike)] let it be known who we like, and who we don't

[Lisa] I can't do that

[Imari (Mike)] or, invite some of the people we don't like, but want to know what they are doing

[Lisa] So you are in charge

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I can help if you want?

[Imari (Mike)] i don't know who is who

[Lisa] tag you're it

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] I know people. Done lots of reading I will do it if you want

[Imari (Mike)] you'll hav to come up with a list of people you want to gain influence over

[Lisa] I can't pick people and mix them like that

[Lisa] no

[Imari (Mike)] i'm not all up and up on everything

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] okay then i wont

[Lisa] I have all the influence I want

[Lisa] Bran does

[Lisa] She does not hunger for it

[Imari (Mike)] considering we dont' know who killed the last ambassador, you don't

[Imari (Mike)] if you did, you would know whatever you wanted from whomever you wanted and they'd do whatever you wanted them to do

[Lisa] so if you want a party of influence work with Bob on who is who and make it happen

[Imari (Mike)] so we need to build up a lot of influence

[Imari (Mike)] ugh. fine

[Lisa] My character is not like that

[Imari (Mike)] but like i said, i dont' know who is who

[Lisa] I can't make her a political schemer

[Imari (Mike)] well, you can be

[Imari (Mike)] since you've been most active with the city stories

[Lisa] so my character can pout and grumble the whole time

[Imari (Mike)] all i know is we like the halfling

[Imari (Mike)] then there's some people on the council

[Lisa] I can create a Branwyn nightmare yes

[Imari (Mike)] and there's the prince

[Lisa] but be careful what you wish for

[Imari (Mike)] is there a mage guild person?

[Lisa] I have already put all those people on the Megrim feat day list

[Lisa] they are invited to that

[Imari (Mike)] is there anyone you want to get extra info out of?

[Imari (Mike)] this would be a good chance for that. smaller crowd, more intimate

[Lisa] not really other than the prince

[Lisa] you are asking the wrong character

[Lisa] I want info from a ghost

[Lisa] :)

[Imari (Mike)] i'm not asking a character, i'm asking a player... this is all ooc shit

[Imari (Mike)] otherwise, imari will invite the prince and some hot guys to flirt with

[Lisa] sounds good to me

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] well you two seem to be fine with the planning so unless there is anything else i'm going to log off

[Lisa] I am not planning

[Lisa] but nice that you could come in while you are away

[Master] chuckles

[Master] thank you Michael

[Lisa] safe travels

[Master] and than you for voting too

[Hugh D'Ambray (Michael)] thank you. my regards from Disney land. Fireworks await!

Michael has left the game on Fri Jun 12 23:10:30 EDT 2015

[Imari (Mike)] well bob, can you give me a list of some sort to look at for people we know in the city?

[TMO] (back.)


[Lisa] here is where we have been putting event planning


[Lisa] TMO you always come back at the worst part

[Imari (Mike)] how many people canwe accomodate in total upstairs, bob?

[Master] Lisa just gave the best links

[Master] and hmm

[Lisa] I do need to talk to you about the Megrim feast

[Lisa] in private

[Master] 20

[Lisa] I would like Marisu's assistance for a surprise

[Master] in the solon would be a bit crowded but good

[Imari (Mike)] okay, so how many of those 20 will be us, bran?

[Master] that is chairs for everyone

[TMO] Marisu would love to be useful

[Imari (Mike)] bran, jennevive, imari, who else?

[Master] there is alos meeting rooms without furniture

[Lisa] she will love this believe me

[Lisa] will be fun

[Imari (Mike)] we can bring in some chairs for the night, i'm sure

[Imari (Mike)] so marisu

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lisa] wrong button

[Lisa] sent alarm message

[Lisa] (test)

[Lisa] lost connection

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Marisu (TMO)] Yes, Imari?

[Lisa] TMO did you get my message?

[Imari (Mike)] not talking to her, tmo

[Imari (Mike)] just adding her to the list

[Imari (Mike)] you got any ideas?

Marisu (TMO)] (oh, sorry)

[Imari (Mike)] since this has been dumped in my lap i'm doing a joint rich and poor people party

[Imari (Mike)] got anyone you want on the invite list?

[TMO] not that hasn't already been invited.

[Lisa] mike was talking baskets not megrim - I think anyway

[Master] yes to Lisa

[Master] Megrim is solved

[Master] Baskets almost done

[Master] and it seems that Mike and TMO are petering out also

[Master] I am glad you are involved this season of Lords TMO

[Imari (Mike)] yeah, getting tired

[TMO] looks interesting

[Master] have a great night Mike

[Imari (Mike)] trying to actually wake up in the am this summer

[Master] if you get to post will be great

[Imari (Mike)] ok

[Imari (Mike)] night all

[Master] get on the bike every morning for a couple of miles

[Master] will help

Mike has left the game on Fri Jun 12 23:26:01 EDT 2015

[Master] so Lisa posted I know

[Master] her choices

[Master] and you did

[Master] what do you think the odds are we are all three on the same side?

[TMO] no clue. Probably not that great.

[Lisa] doubtful

[Lisa] :)

[Lisa] 2 of us are on the same side I can guarantee that

[TMO] yeah, that's pretty sure, unless one of us winds up Russian.

[Lisa] which 2 is the question

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 200. Next level in 17338.

[Master] Imari XP award: 200. Next level in 27166.

[Master] [Marisu]] XP award: 100. Next level in 7412.

[Master] Kenna Westfoot XP award: 200. Next level in 23590.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 200. Next level in 67843.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 100. Next level in 24791.

[Master] Hugh D'Ambray XP award: 200. Next level in 58547.

[Master] Isla Falcon XP award: 100. Next level in 61806.

[Lisa] I learned a spell and didn't put it into klooge

[Master] oh?

[Master] what?

[Lisa] I was looking at the library and there is a crossed off spell

[Lisa] so I did a search and I rolled it

[Lisa] in 2012

[Master] lol

[Lisa] oh wait

[Lisa] I was rolling pages for spell book we found

[Master] ok

[Lisa] but it is crossed off like I learned it

[Lisa] no I am wrong yet again

[Lisa] sigh

[Lisa] scroll

TMO consoles Lisa/

[Lisa] added to my main spell book

[Lisa] thank you :)

[Lisa] it's in my main spell book

[Lisa] I have to know it

[Lisa] I could have been doing this for years

[Master] which is?

[Lisa] but it isn't a branwyn type thing

[Lisa] feign death

[Lisa] no comment

[Master] but can be cast upon others?

[Lisa] don't care

[Lisa] I want it

[TMO] (is it reversable? Feign Life)

[Lisa] lol

[TMO] (cast it on Galdek)

[Lisa] or poor Abe

[Lisa] I can't believe I killed my apprentice

[Lisa] totally sucks

[Lisa] Bob - did you have the books set?

[Master] for?

[Lisa] If I would have picked the first one would branwyn be dead?

[Master] maybe

[Lisa] I made Branwyn pick the second one

[Master] Branwyn would have gotten a real save in game

[Lisa] happy to have avoided death in this instance

[TMO] always a good thing to have on your resume

[Master] we did make progress on several fronts tonight

[Master] and TMO you can post on the CIty Excursions

[Master] what you want to try to accomplish

[TMO] ok, can do that. They're mostly just exploring and getting used to the big city.

[TMO] finding interesting sights or places.

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified:

[Lisa] can Ilero disable magical traps?

[Lisa] But I don't think that freeze was a trap

[TMO] he's not that great at disarming traps

[TMO] only a 40

[Lisa] I might be continuing to discuss with midguard online

[Lisa] that was funny though with the mages getting totally sidetracked

[Master] grins

[Lisa] I am having trouble with the diabolical Lisa planning for the non societal Branwyn

[TMO] ;)

[Lisa] I wasn't trying to be argumentative

[Lisa] but it is hard for me to plan an event my character will despise

[TMO] sorry I haven't been really engaged. not overwhelmed, but have a lot of different things going on, sometimes hard to stay focused.

[Lisa] I know - it's ok

[Lisa] I am just having a quandary

[Lisa] I can pick a whole bunch of people that branwyn should be dealing with

[Lisa] but if I'm going to roleplay her she would want to avoid the worst of them

[TMO] back when Waleed sent his first email, I considered not playing, but couldn't resist when he sent the real invite. ;)

[TMO] you can always foist people off onto Marisu

[Lisa] I wasn't sure you wre going to play since you said you have been so busy

[Lisa] but very glad you are

[TMO] maybe I'll get to beat Bob up again. 0:D

[Lisa] I think everything we think we know about Lords is going out the window this season

[TMO] cool by me

[Lisa] he said winning wouldn't be about the points

[Master] lol

[Lisa] Whoever wins gets naming rights

[TMO] could be who gets the throne

[Lisa] Istanbul or ?

[Lisa] Constantinople :)


[Lisa] LOL

[Master] when you make a date she'll be waiting in Instanbul

[Lisa] that song has been going in and out of my head all day

[TMO] weird that it wasn't going through mine. probably just too busy at work.

[TMO] cleaning up after the auditors' visit.

[TMO] they come visit us every year.

[Lisa] broken pencils everywhere

[Lisa] adding machine tape

[Lisa] remember those?

[Lisa] :)

[Master] smile

[TMO] maybe. might have suppressed the traumatic memories.

[TMO] Wil Wheaton has started the videos of his RPG on Youtube.

[TMO] Chapters 0 and 1 went up today.

[Lisa] he has his own game?

[TMO] he's running a campaign

[Lisa] he did the voice on one of my kickstarter games

[TMO] Geek and Sundry is the youtube channel

[Lisa] interesting

[Master] I subsribe to the channel but have not watched yet

[Master] those are on my in the backgrund if I am all caught up list of things

[TMO] they just went up today.

[TMO] thinking about recording some videos of my own some day. 3-5 minutes on an individual ancestor of mine and their life. Will take some research to build up an interesting view of it. So may not ever actually do it. Just an idea right now.

[Lisa] that's a nice idea

[Lisa] I like that

[TMO] could be interesting. Could be boing.

[TMO] boring

[TMO] going to go ahead and log out. I'll get up on the site this weekend and post something.

[Lisa] sounds good

TMO waves.

[Lisa] Goodnight all

[TMO] night

Lisa has left the game on Fri Jun 12 23:55:23 EDT 2015

[Master] night

TMO has left the game on Fri Jun 12 23:55:29 EDT 2015