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Kayugan Pantheon - Priests - Gods

General Description - This is a pantheon that has its headquarters in Dryads Lair. Most of the worshipers live in the southwestern corner of Terraguard, and is slowly gaining more acceptance in the rest of Terraguard, especially along the trade routes. This is due mostly to the work of the travel hostels that are springing up along the roads. There is also a large warrior sect that contributes mercenary units to help in various wars that threaten the religion’s areas of control.

Marriage and Divorce - The Kayugan religion does not believe in divorce except for the most rare occasions. Marriage is valid and permanent when performed by any priest, but can also be a simple handfast ceremony if the two participants can not afford a formal ceremony. These simple marriages while sanctioned by the church if both participants ask for it to be are not subject to the divorce restrictions of officially sanctioned marriages.

Death of a Character - The Kayugan church believes that death is a journey and that few want to return from such a journey. The Arm of Cahus Paladin order believes it is the worst violation of their code to leave Cahus' side and return to this plane. Occasionally an adherent of the Kayugan faith will return from the dead who has formed strong bonds with those outside of the religion but those individuals most often feel estranged from their faith afterwards.

Ceremonies - There is a baptism ceremony to welcome new adherents to the Kayugan faith. This can be held for infants but for most this happens when a traveling priest visits their town.

There are 254 popular feast days in the Kayugan Faith.

  • Feast of Broodhoy 22-9 celebrating wine
  • Feast of Broodhoy 22-3 celebrating beer
    12 feasts in the Tenth month including:
  • Mourning of Megrim 15-10 to contemplate the loss of love in the dead of winter
  • Feast of the Basket 25-10 to celebrate diversity, celebrating Brennios
  • Feast of the Sparrows 3-11 to celebrate passing the mid-point of winter

Interactions with other Religions - The missionaries of for the Kayugan faith have pushed to grow their worshipers in various ways. The senior priests see the Small Kingdoms as a place to grow but even more than that the biggest push is throughout Terraguard and converting followers of the Greek faith in particular. There have been two crusades throughout Terraguard ( 825 TGR and 1132 TGR) and some senior leaders are urging a third.

The leading prophet of the religion is Loram Dunem {born 561 TGR died 15-8-604 TGR}. She was the first to have the vision of Belinos, Brennios and their mother Uthe. She became devout and spread the word in 592 TGR.

The lands that followers of the Kayugan faith are brought to after death are called "the Green Fields" by the faithful. Brennios has his castle on a layer of he Abyss.

Members of the Pantheon

Belinos - Greater God, head of pantheon, large temple in Dryads Lair

Brennios - Greater God, chief rival, wants to usurp power from Belinos and represents all that is corrupt and unjust. He is disfigured due to an accident that he started and resulted in his brother doing the disfiguring act, though not meaning to.

Uthe - Greater Goddess, mother of Belinos, Brennios, and Cogse, represents nature and fertility

Cogse - Greater Goddess, represents information and knowledge of the future. As a part of imparting knowledge, acceptance of death and a welcome to their final destination

Aclim - Lesser God, son of Belinos, guide to adventurers and travelers, helping hand in the wilderness. Raised up Kalandra as a helper.

Cahus - Lesser God, son of Belinos, patron of the warrior arts, leading in war and battle; Paladin order the Arm of Cahus headquartered in Dryads Lair

Kalandra - Lesser Goddess, raised to demi-goddess status by Aclim, raised to Lesser Goddess status by Uthe. Was an adventurer who followed Aclim, founded travel hostels along the trade route, tries to be the helping hand with humor, tendency towards chaos spells. As a commitment to the life of an adventurer, each priest must have one adventure each year, or lose one level

Broodhoy - Lesser Goddess, raised to status by Uthe & Cogse, goddess of brewing and alcohol, committed to spreading exacting details of these arts to everyone

Venery - Lesser Goddess, patron of the hunting and tracking arts, raised to status by Uthe

Vitreous - Lesser God, patron of the metal working arts, son of Brennios

Megrim - dead, was a human woman who Belinos fell in love with. Was murdered by agents of his brother, when Belinos tried to save her by raising her to goddess status, was killed again by Shar. Still held in reverence by some, mostly as personification of unrequited love or love that ends tragically

Carolina - Lesser Goddess, patron of the skilled trades of cloth, leather and woodworking, raised to status by Cogse

Portian - Lesser Goddess of Death, married to Brennios, conveys evil souls to her consorts service, all that is painful about death, promises to end suffering through submission, patron of interrogators, all that is cruel, killed Megrim as a wedding gift for her husband

Procog - Lesser God, patron of those seeking fate

Worshiper’s Organization

The Kayugan organization is set up to show the priests powers as a helping hand, part of the family, rather than an outsider. People are promoted based on ability only, with each level having a test of character and spell ability. If the person fails either test they lose experience points to place them at the middle of the lower level, to try to move up again. A character never loses a level, once a level or title is earned it is not taken away. If the character loses a level through adventuring, they are expected to voluntarily move back to the appropriate title. Those who practice the Kayugan faith in their life and are baptized are called Congregants. Those who work with a church on a more regular basis are called Acolytes. Once an Acolyte performs their first spell in front of a church gathering they receive the title of Priest. Paladins of the Arm of Cahus are responsible to their own order first before their service to the Church in general. Rangers receive the title of Assistant when they are baptized in the church. Mages receive the title of Associate when they are baptized and are active participants in the Church.

Priests in this pantheon are expected to have several younger, lesser experienced priests as henchmen, or traveling companions. This is overlooked in adventuring priests who might lead them into great danger.

A note on titles. In many areas both the masculine and feminine forms of the titles are used but some more conservative factions of the religion insist on only using the male form for titles. The Senior member of the church is often referred to as 'The High Priest' but that is not an official title. The center of the Kayugan Religion is the Grand Celestry in Dryads Lair.

Level/Spell LevelTitle
AclimKayuganLesser God
BelinosKayuganGreater God
Saint BergeronKayuganSaint
BrenniosKayuganGreater God
Saint Brian the WiseKayuganSaint
BroodhoyKayuganLesser Goddess
CahusKayuganLesser God
CarolinaKayuganLesser Goddess
CogseKayuganGreater Goddess
KalandraKayuganLesser Goddess
PortianKayuganLesser Goddess
ProcogKayuganLesser God
Saint Clig ProdintKayuganSaint
SharKayuganGreater Goodess
UtheKayuganGreater Goddess
VeneryKayuganLesser Goddess
VitreousKayuganLesser Goddess
Saint RhinmosKayuganSaint


  • Greater God/Goddess
  • Intermediate God/Goddess
  • Lesser God/Goddess (up to 6th level spells)
  • Demi-God/Demi-Goddess (up to 5th level spells)
  • Saints (up to 3rd level spells, essentially Minor Access only)
  • Heroes (imbue with spell ability only)