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Keith's Log

(formerly known as Paul ElvenStier played by John Anstett

Month 2, Day 16 Year 1260 TGR

I am a teenager boy with 100 years of experience, what would you do? For me, it is a new life, a new chance to be me. I will not let anyone name me this time. Keith is a smart name, even with a little attitude. Let hope the DragonSlayers will accept the new me.

Month 2, Day 17

So we are preparing for war, as Fin says. At least we are taking time to prepare. While I am not ready to go out, certainly not on such a aggressive adventure. The most important thing is to help the rest by giving them the magic edge. They will never expect Kit to be able to cast, or use scrolls, but that is what she will be able to do.

Month 2, Day 19

I must have missed something. They have already left, at lest some of them. I hope they understand that Magic takes time. Maybe they are just doing preliminary recon. I hope they don't walk into a trap.

Who knows what day it is let alone what month. I am so involved and so tired. I should be done by now. So many other ideas have come up but i must stay focus so i can finish this spell. Hope Kit is ok.

Month 4, day 18

I do not know why I did not think of it before. With Morria's Nap I feel refreshed and I think I know the missing piece. They also have a plan to get Rave back and they even got the crystal back, good for them.

Month 4, Day 28

Done. I hope it is worth it. Now I can see what I can do to more directly help the DragonSlayers. At least I have an idea how to fortify myself to survive life with the DragonSlayers.