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Mario Vetere

Keldorldrin Teken'lyl

Family Tree

Kel, Tebhouldrin, and Kel's relative size

Male High Elf Fighter/Thief......5í 0Ē......95 lbs

Born: 1121 TGR

From the clan Divaekah (Dream, Dancer, Beauty), from the Lorien Woods, in the SE part of the Wildlands
Wears the signature purple and black leather armor of the Divaekah Shadow Guard

  • Exceptional STR (18/00)
  • Single Weapon Fighting Style (2 slots)
  • Armed w/ Tebhouldrin (intelligent, speaking Long Sword)

Keldorldrin Tekenílyl, also called Kel for short, is a third generation Divaekah Shadow Guardian, following in the footsteps of his paternal grandmother and his own father, both of which were Shadow Guardians. Kel was identified at an early age to possess the superior skills of his ancestors, so he was quickly steered into the Clan Guard, where he learned military and defense training. His exceptional strength and agility made him a natural candidate to pledge for a role in the Shadow Guard. He trained with these most elite troops, and developed a true talent with both Long Sword and Bows. He easily met the exceedingly high standard to wear the Ebony and Violet armor of the Shadow Guard. Once Kel had mastered the Single Weapon fighting style, he was marked for further espionage training, specifically shadow skills. Hiding, moving silently, and lock picking are his specialties, as is escape, if he is so unfortunate to be captured. Having earned six Laurels, Kel was promoted to Squad Leader. Kel has been on many missions to acquire knowledge, sneaking into rival clan towns and war parties to acquire information. Many a raid were thwarted by the information gathered by Kel and his squad.

When Kelís father Vornadrin, a Shadow Guardian himself, decided to retire from the Guard, he gifted Kel his trusted and true weapon, Tebhoundrin, an intelligent, speaking Elven Long Sword. Despite its best efforts, Tebhoundrin (or Teb) has not yet been able to overpower Kel nor Vornadrin.

Kel was never far from Ellidor Zaurahel, a lifelong friend and mission partner. Ellidor and his sister Shi'nynze were extended family, and the three were at home with either family. Kel and Ellidor were tops in the Shadow Guard, and performed almost every mission together. Their latest (and last) mission, Ellidor and Kel were scouting an Orc encampment holed up in the Cordrawn Hills. As they split up for better reconnaissance, Ellidor fell prey to an ambush. By the time Kel could respond, Ellidor was savagely and mercilessly slain. The troops quickly defiled Ellidor, leaving him on a spear as a deterrent to all others that this troop was not to be messed with. All of his equipment, including his family bow, were sold off to roaming bugbears.

Kel endures every day with the feeling of guilt and failure; to Ellidor, his family, and the Divaekah clan. As much as Kel disliked orcs before this incident, he now fills with unbridled and blinding rage at the mere sight of an orc, as innocent as the orc may be.

Accompanied by Shiínynze, the new pair set out to find Ellidorís bow, a Zaurahel family heirloom for generations. Kel carries the added burden of revenge to all involved with Ellidorís slaying or theft of his bow, but secretly, Kel's motivation for revenge delves much deeper. He holds a dark secret about the circumstances surrounding Ellidor's death, one which Kel struggles to live with.

Having found the lost bow, Kel has vowed to remain in the protective services of Shi'nynze, as she ventures out into a world she has yet to experience.


The name Keldorldrin Teken'lyl is comprised of prefixes and suffixes found on the webpage Kismetís Dungeons and Dragons; the breakdown of Kelís name means:

  • "Kel" Legendary
  • "Dorl" Sword Warrior
  • "Drin" Rogue/Stalker
  • "Teken" Delves in
  • "Lyl" the Blade