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Kenna Westfoot

Hearth and home, life and wellness! My name is Patron Kenna Westfoot, and I am called as a midwife, though folk ask me to attend injuries and illnesses as well.

I serve the goddess Uthe. Is this a surprise? True, my ancestors worshipped Yondalla and Cyrrollalee and, to some degree, the other Hin (halfling gods). But the light of the Kayugan faith came to us some time ago and outshines all others. My community accepted the Faith a few generations ago. We inhabit the west bank of the Big River. Er, the Velikaya River.

(Patron Kenna would never admit it, but she, like most of her family members, carries a concept of Goddess that more resembles Yondalla than Uthe, even as she calls the name of the latter. She might be startled to encounter the actual Uthe.)

I was on pilgrimage to the Grand Celestery to perform certain services, although I am commanded to attend whatever duties Uthe may place in my path on the way. On my way I met the Dragonslayers. I reached the Celestery and I performed my duties. Now I am looking after the health of a settlement in The Mist, and I have never been more content.