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In the time of Dragons and Dragonslayers, there was a humble wizard with a propensity for song. With all the dangers in the world, he found his way as a supporting role behind the power of the Dragonslayers themselves. For a number of years this song wizard has spent most of his time, most of his life as a researcher and an administrator. He thought he was playing it safe. He thought life was routine. Then one day he died. But in the Dragonslayer tradition, he came back. Not the first time for this wizard, he was originally born an Elf with the understanding that life was long and ever changing. Now his life would begin, but what kind of life would it be.

When he looked in the mirror and saw an ugly Troll, he knew his life with the common people would be more difficult than previously. He would have to find his way back into the adventure side of the world, where oddity is the norm and things are never what they seem.

So let me introduce to you the latest incarnation of the one and only Khan, Song Wizard. The smartest, cleanest, friendliest Troll you've ever met. And wait 'til you hear him sing.


As much as I appreciate the intro, Khan is no longer a song wizard. When he was reincarnated as a troll, his physical attributes changed and did not have the charisma to be a song wizard. In this body, he specializes in Force Spells.

More to come, as he is my character. John

Khan's Character Sheet

Troll Notes

Force Mage Notes

Khan's Day (A made up story that has not taken place in BOB's world ((yet)))

Khan's Log (a in character log started with the adventure Orcs with pointy ears