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Kiputytto - Suomi - Priests - Gods

Notes and description of the God.

Kiputytto is the Goddess of Sickness, also called the Mother of the Plague. She appears to the world most often as a black skinned, twisted old crone with a scarred face. The dedicated followers of her church seem to have all suffered from some wasting disease and bear the marks on their faces and bodies. Twisted hands and feet or facial scars are the most common forms of presenting their piety.

Role-playing Notes:

Notes on the God's interactions with their followers.

Gods Information

Alignment: The God's alignment does not need to match that of his followers, or priests.
Worshiper's Alignment: the alignment any Worshiper of the god must meet, often different than the Alignment requirements for Priests
Area of Control: what aspects of life the God controls
Symbol: common symbols used by the followers and priests of the Goddess

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wisdom of # or higher, and any other special requirements to qualify as a priest
Alignment: which alignments the priests of a God are allowed to be, ordinary worshipers can be any alignment.
Turning: if the priest can turn undead creatures, sometimes at a weakened power, some have command over undead
Armor: what armor types are allowed to priests
Weapons: what weapons the priest can choose to learn
Level Limit: if there is a limit to how high in level a priest can rise
Hit Die: hit die for the priest, D8 if not otherwise noted

Shamans: if there are Shamans for this Diety and the requirements they follow
wisdom of
permitted alignments
Level Limit:
level limit the Shaman can obtain
Hit Die:
hit die for the Shaman''

Major: spheres the priest has full access to (1st - 7th level)
Minor: spheres the priest has limited access to (1st - 3rd level only)

what abilities the priest gets as a natural power at which particular level

Duties of the Priesthood

Description of what the Priesthood's overall goals and activities are centered around.

Kiputytto's priests are often distrusted by those not familiar with Suomi traditions. The Goddess is seen as strong for living through sickness and plague and her worshipers seek to emulate her. For those who are casual believers it could mean leaving a scar from an incident. For true believers that can be actively desiring such scars or more. Visible signs of the suffering a believer has been through always inspire others. Those that are the most powerful who are then afflicted bring more notice for their acceptance and embracing of the faith.

Priests see their calling as being guides for their flocks to help them embrace or affect their suffering. The world is full of suffering and those that embrace it will be the strongest after enduring it. Often the priest's preachings include detailed stories of a particular individual and how they came through their struggles.

One side effect of this search for suffering is that outsiders can believe such priests must be evil to assist with suffering and the idea that any healing spells are only reversed. This is also something that calls to non-priest worshipers, most notably Necromancers. This focus on suffering and survival through deeper and deeper suffering has lead some down the path to creating Undead? and even Lichdom.

Known Worshipers

The Dragonslayers Company explored the Skull Church that was dedicated to Kiputytto in Drillian. Crypts found:

  • High Priest Jorast
  • Holy Mother Humlibart - Princess of Kiputytto
  • Prince Edward - leader of a great army against the hobgoblins
  • Saint Tyrin - follower of Kiputytto. - interred in the crypts beneath Skull Church in 179 SKR after being burned in a fire and then crawling out to praise Kiputytto on the streets for a year and a day before he died.