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In a dream it comes to her: Once she was scorned for being a half-breed. Ousted for her beliefs. Kit now stands with a new group of comrades. She is a part of a mixed team of people with common if not similar goals. She stands with her equals, a team that stands up for what is right. Members of the team have followers behind them making the team larger and stronger. She looks around herself and finds Dwarfs looking to her. She has more in common with them than her former clan. She leads the Dwarfs in developing the mountain underground into a safe Haven and a home for all. She sees herself leading the Dwarfs into the Underdark to push back the evil that lurks below. She wakes to see herself with her team and a handful of Dwarfs, just milling around in an abandoned dungeon. She wonders, is this how it begins.

Kit's Introduction

Sitting in the Tavern at Gon, everyone looks when a strange looking woman appears in the door. She is a pretty and strong humanoid with scales the color of dark gold. Paul floats over to her at once and says excitedly "Kit!" The stranger looks at him for a moment and says "Mother?" Paul brings her over and explains the question on everyone's mind. "Before I was born into this new body and life, I was a female Drow, set on gaining power. I had many enemies and thought it best to have someone I could trust to watch my back. To that end I mated with a Gold Dragon and bore a child. That child is whom you see before you now. Let me introduce you all to my daughter Kit'A'Meire.

Kit's Log