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Kit's Log

(Played by John Anstett)

translated from Drow

I can not believe he said that. He is so cute, but how dare he tell me I should learn how to read and write. He's just a farmer. So he can write, can he breathe fire? He cannot run as fast as me. I bet he can't swim. He would never be out here by himself. Enough of him. I realy need to talk to Paul. I can not believe I am stuck out here in the cold hunting zombies. Maybe he could make me something that would write down what I say. Not that I care. Let Khan be his note keeper. I like being the musscle. Me and Khan are so diffrent. I am so much better looking, stronger, more outgoing. Ok I talk a bit more them him too, unless you get him going. He probaly likes the cold much better. I would rather be walking through fire then snow. I guess Khan would prefer the snow, yes we are complete opposites.

But here I am, looking for undead bad guys. Hey, any bad guys would be good for a fight.