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Kylia's Keep

1-3-1249 TGR to 26-9-1250 TGR

During this time in the campaign the group decided to concentrate on adventures that were close to home or geared towards keeping the area safe.

27-6-1247 end of “Wandering Wood”, start training with Druids, do misc. adventures, set up Draconis’ thieves guild, set up Kylia’s keep, start basic exploring of valley, Paul (John), restart after one year of setting up

1-3-1249 start with the party at the new keep, the large door is finished. Travel north to Bordton to solve the Callary Frickard murder mystery (Mightier than the Sword)

8-3-1249 Arrive in town, start investigation,

9-3-1249 confront and finish investigation, wait for the trial,

15-3-1249 travel home to Kylia’s keep

23-3-1249 arrive at keep, start exploring valley again, that night meet spider ranger, make plans for breakfast

24-3-1249 encounter “greelox“ in the Spider Lady Dungeon, tells them to come back in one week with rings or wands.

26-3-1249 have celestial visitors, ask Draconis to stay underground for one week. Lots of adventures in the spider lady dungeon, on the third day Draconis is “imprisoned” from a deck of many things. Kylia fails to defeat a behir, is nearly mortally wounded, party returns to the keep to rest up

2-4-1249 start resting and training at keep, Kylia trains for armorer & wizard spells 1st through 5th level. Mara trains in thief abilities, starts her thieves guild. Darmin kills a boobrie, trains for mastery in long sword, Grigory uses a wish to bring Draconis back, then uses another one to reach 9th level; he then trains for 5th level spells.

Take time off to train everyone up in levels, seventeen weeks later start Marco’s Guest DM adventure

21-9-1249 start Marco’s adventure (341 WPR)

28-9-1249 end of adventure, Kylia goes to meeting about eagle bears, rest of group spends vacation time in Invergarry? (Lorie’s Guest DM adventure), then travel back home.

16-11-1249 arrive back home, spend time identifying items, selling misc. potions and scrolls. Pick up one year after the start of the last training session

3-4-1250 (342) start adventuring again, visit spider lady’s dungeon, find two mind flayers, they send Draconis and Grigory off to other planes, Draconis dies, Grigory wishes himself back.

4-4-1250 go back into the dungeon with new alterationist (Marco’s new character), first encounter with lesser spyder-Fiend, stumble across greater feyr, kill them both, teleport back to keep.

6-4-1250 go back to dungeon, find Paul’s clothes on the roadway to dungeon, go into dungeon, encounter 2 iron chests with gems in them, take them, next room get gated to Island Kingdoms, teleport back

7-4-1250 go back to dungeon, go back to gate trap, get burned badly, Tull and Lil die from burns, get teleported back to Island Kingdoms, teleport back again, heal up

12-4-1250 go back to the dungeon again, encounter lake on lower levels, Paul is invited in by Sirens, spends a couple of turns with one, gives her a Ring of Protection +2, party continues on afterward, goes upstairs

13-4-1250 go out to visit with the grove, make friends with the dryad/nymph, tells them of the invisible evil willow, go into dungeon, find rock waterfall, get transported to healing meadow

14-4-1250 go down into dungeon find gas spore trap, trigger it (no one figures out what just happened), guarding the sword of demon slaying, Darmin takes the sword and controls it, continue on find group of Fomorian Giants and kill them, continue on find ??{stop for the night}, encounter room with captives of the green slime, figure out the gas spore problem, spend time trying to fix it, visit dwarves to get healed.

16-4-1250 get visit from the herald of King Stephanos III (Preemptive Strike) and decide not to help him.

Decide to adventure in the Towers.

17-4-1250 teleport to Thedd, encounter hobgoblins, go to Tower to transport to Island Kingdoms. Spend the night, then find out they can not teleport (think it is inside the tower only) go through the tower back to Thedd. Spend the night, then teleport back to Kylia’s keep.

20-4-1250 (342) go back into the spider lady dungeon, encounter an imp who turns invisible, and a ghost that magic jars to possess Grigory, they then continue on, killing a medusa and leaving the dungeon. In the night the fighter that has taken over Grigory leaves, going somewhere along the trade route.

21-4-1250 teleport to person, bring him back to the keep, argue about what to do about the situation, finally cast dispel magic to force him back into the scroll.

Skip ahead to training, will replay out teleporting to Druids and giving them the scroll

24-4-1250 start training for mages, 5th level spells, and new spells,

15-7-1250 (342) start adventuring again. Find the remains of the spider lady. Explore the living area, find the werespider, turn him to stone. Find the two chests in the secret room. Read scroll and get possessed by the spider lady, learn lots of information.

16-7-1250 go back to dungeon, get the new dwarven cleric drained one level by wights.

17-7-1250 do reflecting pool on spoon, in large chest in a small “coffin”, decide not to teleport there, wait a day, set up garden memorial for spider lady

18-7-1250 get attacked by scorpions, move down stairs into the open cavern, kill lizard men guards, dark dragon breathes on party, Grigory dies.

19-7-1250 party goes after a gypsy party to recover a girl, then take the girl’s mother back to her home in Wolfspack.

21-7-1250 party goes back to the dungeon, encounter Greelox & Imp, Seriana gets poisoned but survives, go back upstairs to heal.

22-7-1250 visit with the dwarves, then go to Wolfspack to investigate, find out about spells, and possible magic attacks. Research in library about Greelox.

Take a break to rest, plan and build new doors

16-8-1250 go to dungeon, find Adriana and venture in between the standing stones (Seriana and Darmin) disappear. Go to the druids of Wolfspack for advice, rest of the party follows through the stones 2 days later.

18-8-1250 start adventuring on the plane of Gladsheim, find Adriana’s home. Start the adventure Winter Tapestry?

19-8-1250 come back from Gladsheim after Winter Tapestry. Only Seriana survives.

20-8-1250 leave on the road to Thedd, first day out encounter a haunt and have to return

22-8-1250 encounter the sphinx and then rock throwing giants

1-9-1250 make it to Thedd, encounter hobgoblin and orc battle. Go into dungeon, visit pool, find secret area above pool with unicorn horn. Encounter hydra and harpies on the way to the surface. After the night leave to return to Roadhaven.

2-9-1250 start on road, encounter centaur guards, hill giant target practice range, skeleton army marching, make it back to Wolfspack

11-9-1250 arrive at Wolfspack, then move on to Roadhaven,

13-9-1250 arrive in Roadhaven, go down into the spider lady dungeon, visit wishing well, then encounter the copper dragon (Zephyr) after it was attacked by wraiths.

14-9-1250 travel to Hallstatt and get advice from Druids on dealing with evil, invisible tree. Get a potion for Kylia that allows her to see the tree.

26-9-1250 arrive back at Kylia’s keep