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Kylia Wolfslayer

Kylia wasn't always a lady, in fact, she wasn't even sure she'd live to see her 10th birthday. Born the youngest of 3 to Marian and Cedric Wolfslayer from MacTyr, Kylia was always a bit "behind" her siblings when it came to fitting in with the rest of the Druids in the town. Kylia was never interested in participating in her parents' monthly "form phasing" rituals, in which they became squirrels or chimpmunks or whatever else they wanted to be that wasn't human. Her brother Franklyn and sister Antella always seemed so excited for these things. Kylia kept wondering what else was out there.

When Kylia turned 8, she caught some disease that an adventuring group that had stopped in MacTyr left beind. Soon, she was bedwritten and unable to walk. She was near death for more than 2 months when he came to the rescue. Her rescuer was named "Lord Phillip Penunter ". He was a high priest at the Temple of Goibhniu located in MacTyr. She began to grow stronger and was enamored with Lord Phillip and his powers. Kylia started to spend less and less time at the form phasing rituals and more time in the church. Before she was 12, Kylia was already an initiated acolyte. In her spare time the older acolytes were teaching her about the "fun" they had when they weren't cleaning and preparing for the next adventuring party...making armor and weapons for adventuring parties loyal to Goibhniu. Kylia was amazed, she had never seen a forge. The fire was beautiful. She continued to hone her skills at the Temple and at 16, she was sent out on her first adventure with some other acolytes. Their misson? Retrieve a holy symbol from a cave 2 days journey from MacTyr. The catch? Bugbears living in the cave. There was a group of 8 when they left. Kylia had never been so terrified in all of her life. Out in the wild, armed with a short sword, banded mail and a bed roll. She didn't even think about the spells her Diety blessed her with everyday...she was too scared. When they arrived just outside of the cave, Geofrey, the lead ranger, scouted ahead. The bugbears must have smelled the inexperience and they were upon the green adventurer's in moments. Our young priests sprang into action, armed with whatever they had and fear. Whatever training they had, went out the window that day. That any of them lived was sheer luck and blessings from above. They were horrible fighters and forgot the simple spells like "bless" and "remove fear" they had learned day one. At the conclusion of the battle, they had 25 dead bugbears and Geofrey lying in serious condition. 7 clerics ran to his side and prayed and healed and prayed and healed. They moved him to a space that was off the trail and allowed him to rest while they hurried to obtain the holy symbol. It was a long journey back to MacTyr carrying Geofrey and the box. In the end, it had been a test. They had passed. Lord Phillip restored Geofrey to good health and they were all wiser.

Two years later, Kylia experienced a loss like she never had before. One night while she was home visiting her family, someone or something snuck into the church and murdered Lord Phillip. In the morning when the acolytes gathered for their normal prayers and duties, there was silence. Uncomfortable silence. They went searching for Phillip and Thomas McFreydon, the other high ranking priest. When they got to their quarters, the sight was more than most of them could bear. Blood covered the walls, Phillip and Thomas had been left in such a state, most of the acolytes fell to their knees and were unable to move. Uncontrollable sobbing and screams soon drew the attention of the town residents. They never discovered fully who murdered Phillip, but it was believed that a neighboring Greek church may have been involved. Kylia didn't believe that, but didn't have the knowledge to oppose the view.

Kylia never forgot her loss and used that to fuel her desire to improve and better herself so she would never be caught unprepared they way Phillip and Thomas were that night. She honed her skills with the sword, trained to have spells that were more offensive, did extra chores for the armorers to get suitable armor. When Kylia joined her first adventuring party, The Kilnsmiths, she felt ready. They stayed together for more than three years. Most of them were killed when they faced a hydra. The local sage had advised them to cut off the heads as the best way to slay the beast. He had been wrong, and she lost her friends as a result. Kylia had been hiding behind a tree and the creature missed her on the last attack and Kylia countered with a slash that stopped his heart. She fell to her knees and cried for the loss of her friends. It was almost more than she could bear.

She wasn't sure she could adventure. The church asked her to go far from home, to a place called Thedd. She assumed it was a punishment for not being able to save her friends. She was asked to try and join a group called the Dragonslayers. Ask for acceptance. Spread the word of your patron. Fit in. Those were her orders. She took them and marched from MacTyr to Thedd. It was a long journey, but one she accepted and took in. That was more than 10 years ago. Kylia has bettered herself considerably and established her own church in a site in between MacTyr and Wolfspack. She called it Roadhaven. She wanted somewhere that other adventuring groups could find respite. She built an inn for that purpose. She was lucky to have been given a place that was out of the way. But that is also a curse. In winter, you cannot access Roadhaven. Kylia has been fortunate to surround herself with capable adventurers that bring a history and tradition that makes being a part of the group worth while. She continues to keep her distance from MacTyr, not wanting to relive her tragic past.

From the Journal of Kylia

I've had a few days journey to let the gravity of what transpired at Josephine's house to write about it now. Have I told myself lately that I just don't like Dwarves. I understood her point, but I would have much rather she took responsibility … not me. Who am I? I'm not all-powerful, all-knowing or all-seeing to decide what happens to the Memorial Dungeon. To give me the fate of a dungeon isn't what I was expecting when we went there … honestly. I suppose I could give it to someone, but who? I don't want Josephine coming back in two or three years asking what the hell I was thinking giving it to X … Having a chronomancer against you could be a problem. In any case,

I have gone to see the King across the road to see if he has any interest in at least visiting. If it is indeed the sancrity that Morrus claims it is, it would be a nice annex for them. Paul might also be a wise choice to take the responsibility on, given that he has an affinity for dwarves. I can honestly say I don't understand it, and somehow that's okay with me. I honestly can say that I can't really think of anyone else that I would trust with it. I dread the thought, but I suppose I must go and see this place for myself and while I shudder to think what evils could transpire there, I still must bear this task without complaint. Despite that, I will complain the whole way there and back.

Given that the exploring group discovered that Mind Flayers and Drow have been know to romp there … I don't think our less experienced members should travel there alone. We should take a larger party and hope that we encounter only minimal resistance. If these six can enlist others, there may be a chance for the Dwarves … else I may have to make some tough choices.