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Laduguer - Duergar - Priests - Gods

Grim and gloomy, this joyless god long ago foresook his brothers in the dwarven pantheon and exiled himself to the fringe dwarf communities who were the ancestors of the duergar. Laduguer's nature is certainly evilly-inclined, but much of this is the evil of a being turned in on itself and bitter at what he sees as being unvalued and rejected by the other dwarf gods. Laduguer is a supremely lawful deity, unbending and harsh, and he despises the other dwarf gods as lazy, indolent, and feckless.

Role-playing Notes:

Laduguer is a slavedriver who demands constant toil under harsh conditions from his people. But he does reward hard work, by teaching the crafting of magical items (especially weapons) and by extending his protective powers. He will send an avatar to defend a hard-working and oppressed duergar community by use of protective and warding magic, rarely entering into open battle. He does not send omens to his priests

Gods Information

Alignment: LE, LN
Worshiper's Alignment: LE, LN (Duergar)
Area of Control: Crafts, Magic, Protection
Symbol: Shield with broken crossbow bolt

Avatar Information

Laduguer‘s Avatar (Fighter 9, Wizard 12, Priest 12) Laduguer’s avatar appears as a tall, gaunt duergar with skin coloring which can change from gray to brown shades to match his environment. He is bald, and^ always wears a frown. He draws spells from any sphere or school.

Str 19 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 18 Wis 16 Cha 16
MV 12 SZ M(5') MR 50%
AC -3 HD 16 HP 128
#AT 3/2 THAC0 5 Dmg 1D4+4 (warhammer) +7

Special Att/Def: The avatar can cast protection from evil 10’ and wall of force 3/day each and is always mind blanked. He has a warhammer +4, wears chain mail +4, and has a shield +1 which gives immunity to normal missiles. He wears a magical ring which can be changed to any protective type (feather falling, fire resistance, free action, mind shielding, protection +5, regeneration, spell turning) llday per function for up to 6 turns each.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+ and Str 15+ & Dex 12+ or Str 12+ & Dex 15+
Alignment: LE, LN
Turning: Turn -4 levels
Armor: Chain and Shield
Weapons: Any (warhammer first)
Level Limit: 13
Hit Die: D6

Major: All, Combat, Divination, Elemental (Earth), Guardian, Healing, Law, Sun (reversed), Wards
Minor: Creation, Necromantic

1) -1 to natural AC
3) meld info stone
7) +1 to saving throws
9) wall of stone

Duties of the Priesthood

Laduguer‘s priests protect duergar communities, repel contacts from other races, and maintain strict order and discipline. Many have artisan proficiencies and are skilled craftsmen, especially older and more frail priests.

Known Worshipers

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