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Leper Mountains

This is a small mountain chain that runs parallel to the Great Mountains. They create a large valley that the Great Trade Route runs between.

The southern areas of the Leper Mountains are inhabited by several large tribes of Gnolls, as well as the home of two villages of Aerial Elves. The western side of the mountains look over the great plains and the lands of Everreach. Raiders and pirates find a haven in the northern end of the Leper Mountains to launch raids along the Rumbling River, and the southern end is infested with Rolches.

In the hills along the southern reaches of the Leper Mountains is the Hill Dwarf enclave of Ovainmalk.

Along the far northeastern corner of the hills is the Sousterra Orc Tribe. They are known for their organization and occasional pirate raids along the Rumbling River that flows from Wolfspack and Rivertown westward.