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Main / Liam

Walking together one day, Paul Elvenstire asks Liam if he has any stories to relate, something to help us know him better.

As the small group continued on its way, Liam related the following:

"Well, there's a story about Draigbwa the bow, which my father earned and gave to me.

"He was a ranger as well, and was traveling home for the birth of my sister when he came across the corpse of a tiny silver dragon. He knew of only one silver dragon in the area and didn't know that she had lain any eggs. But he carried that body for several days, guarding it against all manner of carrion eaters just to bring it back to Ariannaid, in case it was hers.

"Well the dragonet was hers and had been taken by servants of an old foe of hers as revenge. My father volunteered to track down and bring back the bodies of everyone involved in the death of the infant but she said no, the only one who should suffer was Gwyrdd - and if he swore to slay her then she would give him the means to do so. He agreed, and Ariannaid gave him Draigbwa and said that it would help him greatly.

"My father hunted Gwyrdd for decades before finally cornering her and ending her life. Her final breath also spelled the doom for my father; however he never stopped until he got home. I was about 18 or 19 by this time, and he took me with him to his final stop, where he was able to tell Ariannaid of his victory over Gwyrdd. He also spoke of how he spared the lives of Gwyrrd's offspring, and then he breathed his last breath.

"Ariannaid buried my father next to her own child."

This is the bow that was stolen from Liam by the Drow when they took him prisoner.

There once was a ranger named Liam He firmly believed carpe diem. He saw his thing waggle away, so he really seized the day, and now he won't leave his bedroom.

-Written by Mike? (who else?)