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The independent city of Loosend is located at the central crossroads in the Small Kingdoms. They have maintained their independence through a strict neutrality and an extremely aggressive maintenance of religious freedom. The main part of the city is built on an island on the Chandler Cowles River with two small groups of buildings on each bank of the river nearby. There are no bridges crossing even though the southern shore is close enough for it to be possible. There is an active ferry system that crosses both parts of the river and this is the easiest way to cross the Chandler Cowles River other than Rivers Bend.

The city contains hundreds of shrines, temples and various houses of worship. The concept of holy ground is very strong in the city. In the cities early days there was debate on this idea lead by Letizia the First who was one of the early Administrative Council members. No one may violate holy ground to cause harm or interfere with someone while they are standing on holy ground. This remarkable fixation on the concept of sanctuary means if someone is in a temple - any temple - they are immune from all laws. This makes for an enormous number of temples, some in existence only to provide safety to people in trouble. This also tends to raise the donation level during collection times. Some of these temples and churches are quite respectable and are just like any other one for that God through the world. However due to the diversity of uses these temples get some are not looked on favorably by the parent church in other places. There are several churches that exist only here in Loosend. This type of temple can be just about size, shape or style. This has led to many street corner churches, some only a marked blessed circle on the ground. Many of these smaller churches will be glad to offer sanctuary to passersby in exchange for a small donation. The smallest one on record is a five by five foot affair that can be used for a donation of a few coppers every few minutes. It is said that once a desperate man even had his obese wife registered and hid in her shadow.

Loosend has the reputation for being the second rowdiest place in the world. After Seagate there are no other places where such a diverse and corrupt crosscut of society gather. Because of this the other kingdoms in the area want to get a portion of control over this highly profitable state of affairs.

Loosend is a city full of conflicts. There are several fractions in the city with differing ideas as to how the city should be ruled. Some want to remain independent of all responsibilities. Others want to try and become like Rivers Bend and become an important crossroad city for a diverse number of reasons rather than relying only on sanctuary. Still others have grand ideas about becoming a new small kingdom. Along this vein are other ones who want to join another kingdom as an equal partner. In addition to these factions are some of the powerful people in Drillian who occasionally make noise about wanting to overrun the city and be rid of the problems it represents, or at least control them better.

The main function of the Administrative Council is to maintain and verify the existence of each and every temple registered in this city. The membership on this body is paid very well in bribes and there is never a vacancy on the board due to this fact. They are often in conflict with the Council of Churches which is made up of the leaders of the important religious sites in the city. It is very little known fact but some being on the Plane of Limbo is working to make sure that the situation in Loosend stays the same and this power will protect favored members of the board to achieve this end.

Loosend - Overland View
Players Overland Map of Loosend.