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Lorin - Keldorian - Priests - Gods

Lorin is the wife of Bran, is the youngest child of Wheen and Klindon and their only daughter. The marriage of Lorin and Bran is a tale told of many a woman who is getting older but feels she still has the potential to start a family.

Lorin is said to have the knowledge of how to do anything she desires. This does not translate into the ability to do something, or the wisdom to know what is best to do.

Role-playing Notes:

Notes on the God's interactions with their followers.

Gods Information

Alignment: LG
Worshiper's Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Knowledge, marriage
Symbol: Open Book, two joined rings

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 12+'' Alignment: Any
Turning: Nil
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Level Limit: none
Hit Die: D8

Major: All, Divination, Healing, Thought
Minor: Animal, Charm, Elemental Water, Necromancy, Plant, Travelers, Weather

Priest can know any non-weapon, general or craft proficiency for 24 hours divided by the number of slots for the skill (ie 1 slot skill is known for 24 hours, 2 slots, skills is known for 12 hours, etc.)

1st - skill ability once per week 5th - skill ability once per day 9th - skill ability three times per day

Duties of the Priesthood

Description of what the Priesthood's overall goals and activities are centered around.

Known Worshipers

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