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The word Manetho has several meanings but all are applied to the same people, places and society.

The civilization of Manetho is one of the oldest known, with the current society a small fraction of the former culture and lands.

The area refered to as Manetho in modern terms lies north of Kapirimtiya in the Central Area and is now almost all inhospitable desert. There is a small port city of Desertgate that is an entry way into this area from the Ten Kingdoms in the Island Kingdoms. The Ten Kingdoms were part of the Manetho territory at its peak.

To the east where the other fractured parts of the Manetho civilization lie Dahshur, Nubia and Avaris have become very isolationist and there is a deep distrust of anyone traveling through the area.

Manetho has the majority of the temple and pyramid complexes left by the Manetho Empire.