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The Manetho Empire

The Manetho Empire encompassed a large area in the Central Area that stretched from the the Ten Kingdoms in the Island Kingdoms in the west to Dahshur and the A-Ling Shan in the east. In the north the Raurin Desert is evidence of the collapse of empire. The southern border of the empire reached into north Kapirimtiya.

The Empire died in the First Conflagration in the year 2012 MTR. Wars from 1782 MTR till this time between the Celtic Empire the western reaches of Shou Lung including Semphar battled over large stretches of land using both magical and physical armies.

The shattered remains of the Manetho Empire are still inhabited by people who follow a similar way of life. The countries of Manetho, Dahshur, Avaris and Nubia all have ties to the remnants of the empire. There are other articfacts of Empire left in the Ten Kingdoms and the areas surrounding the Raurin Desert. The Second Cataclysm in 563 CER (under the old reckoning 2172 MTR) affected this area to a lesser extent but the population is still scarred.