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Mar 10 06 - Thedd

[DM] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Mar 10 18:23:10 EST 2006 ====

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Mar 10 18:54:41 EST 2006

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Client has joined the game on Fri Mar 10 19:01:09 EST 2006

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xKit is now controlling Kit

[mikE] thought you weren't showing john

[Kit] why would you think that?

[mikE] shrug

[BiBo!!!] past experience mostly

[mikE] guess it's just the usual frame of mind

[JA] ouch

[BiBo!!!] nice ta see ya though. Thedd pull you out of seclusion?

[JA] needed a change, and Thedd gives me a good reason

[JA] we will see howt goes, no promices

[DM] ok

[DM] so I was thinking that Lorie would be here, but she has not been online all day either

[DM] we will start you at Roadhaven

[mikE] you should change your color, john.

[DM] and you avhe seen things

[DM] and you BLIPED there

[DM] so I just need to know who is actually there

[JA] ok

[JA] better?

[DM] that is nice John

[DM] there is the simple map

JA is receiving the map Surface...

JA has received the map Surface.

[mikE] yah

[DM] and in the upper left corner there is an over head view of that pit also

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Surface...

BiBo!!! has received the map Surface.

mikE is receiving the map Surface...

mikE has received the map Surface.

Sean is receiving the map Surface...

Sean has received the map Surface.

[JA] anybody have a rope?

[BiBo!!!] probably

[JA] who wants to go first?

[BiBo!!!] I suppose I'll go

[DM] jsut so you know

[mikE] anterias can go, too

[DM] there are still lots of signs of hobgoblins, etdc

[mikE] he's an actual fighter type.

[DM] in the woods surrounding the area,

[DM] etc.

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: Fly: Fly like an eagle!

[BiBo!!!] k, I'll fly down with the fighter then

[JA] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Kit (JA)] I guard the top til everyine else is down

x[Kit (JA)] except Claw

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair moved 122'04".

x[BiBo!!!] Antarias moved 165'08".

[DM] ok

[DM] so Alastair and Antarias save versus petrification

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY FAILS against (6) [6] 6

x[mikE] Antarias: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [18] 18. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

[DM] ok, and I also need the rest to put them selves where you actually are out side this hole

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 10'08".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 9'01".

x[Kit (JA)] i'm good

[DM] ok, so you are all back that far from the hole

x[DM] E. L. Fudge moved 5'05".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 71'02".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 10'08".

[mikE] you all realize you're 100 feet away from the hole?

[mikE] why don't we move a bit closer?

x[Kit (JA)] i am protectting the rear if everybody wants to move up

x[Kit (JA)] Kit moved 2'02".

x[mikE] Finglass moved 53'09".

[DM] so at this point

[DM] we have the two down below

[mikE] okay, i guess we're way away from the hole...

x[mikE] E. L. Fudge moved 1'11".

[mikE] can we just move over to the hole?

[mikE] or are we going to stay here?

x[Kit (JA)] how stable is the ground?

[DM] ok

[mikE] i havn't seen john say one way or another.

[DM] so the two down beleow

[DM] ALastair is stoned

[DM] and fals

[BiBo!!!] actually, do I fall?

[BiBo!!!] I'm still under the effects of fly

[DM] antarias drops down

[BiBo!!!] and I think I only move when I make me move

x[Kit (JA)] well stoned is not like held

[BiBo!!!] yeah, but the fly spell still goes

[BiBo!!!] and I move by concentration

[BiBo!!!] okay I can't move

[BiBo!!!] cuz I'm a statue

[BiBo!!!] but I'd think I'd be stuck in the air for the duration of the spell

[DM] John looking things up

[DM] any opinion on that

[DM] al flys down with anatarias and after he turns to stone

x[Kit (JA)] thank you, 1st I would see if he makes his sys shock

x[Kit (JA)] if he is stone but can still think then yes he can fly

x[Kit (JA)] I always thought stone was dead, at least temporlary

[BiBo!!!] heh, that'd be funny

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: System Shock check: (d100) [95] 95. PROBABLY FAILS against (70%) [70] -1

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Ability Scores - System Shock:: CHANGED: 70 (70%). Resurrection Survival:: CHANGED: 75 (75%). % Chance Learn Spell:: CHANGED: 85 (85%).

x[Kit (JA)] not funny ha ha

x[Kit (JA)] not funny at AL

[BiBo!!!] oh, it'd be funny ha ha if I was flying around as a statue

[DM] so now the rocks coming down the slope

[mikE] whee

[mikE] and juniper is first to be smooshed.

[DM] saving throw versus breath weapons for the group

[mikE] she's not even a good body shield

x[mikE] Finglass: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (12) [12] 12!!!

x[Kit (JA)] i thought we were on level ground?

[mikE] yeah. so the boulders roll down and keep rolling

x[BiBo!!!] Alastair: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [9] 9. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (8) [8] 8!!!

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [11] 11. PROBABLY FAILS against (15) [15] 15

x[Kit (JA)] Kit: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [15] 15. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (12) [12] 12!!!

[DM] only (1d6) [6] 6 automatic plus (4d10) [(6+7+5+2)] 20 that you can save for half against

[DM] and no john that steep slope on the left side is where they are rolling down from

x[Kit (JA)] you mean right, rolling to the left over the hole?

[BiBo!!!] apparently

[BiBo!!!] they're rampy boulders

[DM] the ones falling into hole

x[Kit (JA)] i can draw a ramp if it helps

[mikE] yeah. they're hitting the R button and hopping the hole to take our balloons

[DM] you take (2d10) [(9+9)] 18 points of damage no save

[mikE] ramp

x[DM] Antarias's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 71 (-18) - Lightly Wounded

x[Kit (JA)] tks

[mikE] boulder

x[DM] Juniper: No adjustments made

x[DM] Juniper's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 11 (-26) - Heavily Wounded

[mikE] and the rampy boulder crushing us

x[DM] Finglass's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 57 (-16) - Lightly Wounded

[mikE] that one is a bmx boulder

x[DM] Kit's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 62 (-16) - Lightly Wounded

[BiBo!!!] extreme boulders!

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] E. L. Fudge: Breath Weapon save: (d20) [20] 20. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13) [13] 13!!!

x[DM] E. L. Fudge's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 23 (-16) - Moderately Wounded

[Sean] I am back at the keyboard.

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] ouch

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Quit it Bob.

x[Kit (JA)] he can't help it, he can't stop

[mikE] can i shoot yet?

[mikE] i havn't shot anything in weeks

[DM] figuring out the damage to antarias based on how much alastair can carry

[mikE] i'm getting tetchy

x[Kit (JA)] what are you shooting at?

[DM] the hobgoblins in the trees

x[Kit (JA)] ok

[mikE] now i think i have gone from tetchy to flat out stropy

x[Kit (JA)] fin, maybe we need to check on Al & Ant

x[Kit (JA)] Do you have a planb for getting down?

x[Kit (JA)] woo hoo lori is comming

[DM] John

x[Kit (JA)] yes

[DM] the point of arguement here,

[DM] is that the boulders falling down

[DM] land on top of Al

[mikE] fin can grapling hook them and yoink them up, i suppose.

[DM] can he hold them up? witht he fly spell

[mikE] if rocks will move al, so will a tug on a rope

[BiBo!!!] the spell makes no mention of weight, unlike levitate

x[Kit (JA)] well A) I do not believe rocks will balance on Al's head, it's not that big

[BiBo!!!] or many other transport spells

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Mar 10 19:51:00 EST 2006

[BiBo!!!] fly could fly a giant, dragon, titan, whatever, just as easy as a human

x[Kit (JA)] B) did you decide he can think and fly

[BiBo!!!] well, he failed system shock

[BiBo!!!] so, he's dead

x[Kit (JA)] but it does not change your weight allowance

[BiBo!!!] yes, but I'm not lifting

[BiBo!!!] the spell it

[BiBo!!!] is

[mikE] hey lor

[mikE] chat?

[BiBo!!!] levitate could lift 100lbs per level for example, got nothing to do with my weight allowance

[BiBo!!!] fly, doesn't have a weight limit

x[Kit (JA)] well if your dead I am pretty sure the fly spell ends

[BiBo!!!] I don't have to concentrate on the spell for it to go, it keeps going

[BiBo!!!] I can't move where I am

[BiBo!!!] but I'm stuck there

x[Kit (JA)] ok, what was your last thought, did you stop and get stoned or did you get stoned as you were preparing to land?

[BiBo!!!] judging from the spell description, I think I have to actively think to keep it moving

x[Kit (JA)] I still think it's like casting a spell on a rock at this point

[BiBo!!!] can't cast if I'm moving faster than 3, cuz that's too much concentration

x[Kit (JA)] right

[BiBo!!!] though...

x[Kit (JA)] look up the class, can we actualy stop

[BiBo!!!] that brings up another unrelated point I shall have to research

x[Kit (JA)] the flying class B, I think, can it stop

[BiBo!!!] yeah, b can hover

[mikE] i thought fly was a

[mikE] you could go backward

x[Kit (JA)] it's more about turning

x[Kit (JA)] and stopping


x[Kit (JA)] HEY!

[Lorie] the trick to flying to run really fast and then try not to fall... and don't look down once you're up :D

x[Kit (JA)] what if your flying down?

[Lorie] Umm... why would you?

x[Kit (JA)] when you see the map, you will see

[mikE] "map"

[mikE] don't forget the quotations.

x[Kit (JA)] say map, say map

Lorie is receiving the map Surface...

Lorie has received the map Surface.

x[Kit (JA)] i;m the map, I'm the maop, I'm the map

[BiBo!!!] so

[DM] ok

[DM] sorry for that

[DM] I was deleting that ramp as Lorie was loading the map

x[Kit (JA)] that was the best part

[DM] now

[DM] the verdict on the fly spell

[DM] the point being here, that the rocks that fall down into the hole

[Lorie] Okay...what's the salmon orbs?

[DM] so they push Al farther down

[BiBo!!!] ramping boulders

[DM] or can he hold them up

[mikE] they are the boulders that defy physics

[mikE] aka: bob boulders

[BiBo!!!] or any good sense to get out of the way

[mikE] so can i SHOOT yet???

[BiBo!!!] it's not like they can surprise you rolling 150 feet

[DM] how many arrows to you shoot Finglass?

[mikE] i really wanna shoot something.

[BiBo!!!] but hey, these are MAGIC boulders

[mikE] dunno. some.

[DM] pick a number

[mikE] 1

[Lorie] Magic boulders? What makes them so magic?

[mikE] make an example of one of them and the rest will go away.

[Lorie] They look like Salmon blobs from here

[DM] then roll that many against ac 0

[mikE] or they become the next example.

[BiBo!!!] because they magically hit us, despite the utter illogic of it

x[mikE] Finglass: Initiative:(d10(+10+-2)) [3(10-2)] 11

x[mikE] Finglass: Attack #1: Cleathalas, Composite Long Bow of Heartseeking: (10-+2-(d20+10)) [10-2-(3+10)] -5

[Lorie] Do I need to roll initiative or are we just hanging out?

[BiBo!!!] sure, why not

[Lorie] Can I find Al and turn him to mud or something clever instead of stone?

[Lorie] please hold... new mouse swap out in progress here at Chez Windy Hill

[DM] food brb

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[BiBo!!!] probably not :-P

[BiBo!!!] I'm covered in boulders

[Lorie] can I guess that you are UNDER the boulders?

[Lorie] I know I'm a round behind and all...

[BiBo!!!] depends on if we're under them or not

[Lorie] New Mouse in progress...

x[Kit (JA)] we are not in combat fin is just trigger ichy

[Lorie] Okies

[mikE] yeah.

[mikE] i havn't shot anything in the eye in a really long time

[mikE] and i'm just wanting to shoot some hobgoblins

x[Kit (JA)] you should have shot the boulders with your explosive arrows

[Lorie] Why would you shoot at stone boulders?

x[Kit (JA)] so they don't hit us

[Lorie] then you get stone fragments in your eyes

[Lorie] and then you're blind

[Lorie] then you can't shoot ANYTHING

x[Kit (JA)] if they are far enough away maybe they stop rolling

[mikE] noooo

[mikE] i'm shooting a goblin

[mikE] why would i shoot a boulder?

[BiBo!!!] still don't see how it's possible they hit us non in the hole people at all

[mikE] that would be stupid

[Lorie] Okay... so when Bob comes back I'll count smurfs and note the missing one and start asking questions about the missing Paladin smurf

[mikE] smurfy go down the hoooole

x[Kit (JA)] it was not my turn to keep track of them

x[Kit (JA)] I was watching the flying boulders

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok

[DM] the boulders come down do their thing to the group outside

[DM] you shot arrows

[mikE] so can we pull them out now

[DM] you kill one as an example

x[Kit (JA)] yo go fin

[DM] and the two in the hole are hidden

[mikE] i feel sated.

[mikE] for now

x[Kit (JA)] big manly fin

[DM] (2d10) [(8+6)] 14

x[DM] Antarias's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 57 (-14) - Moderately Wounded

[DM] ok

[DM] so there we are

[DM] they are on the ground

[DM] Antarias is locked in Alastairs arms

[DM] as a stone statue that is holding him nice and tight

[DM] all damage is done

[DM] no more boulders apparent to comedown

[mikE] okay, so now i shoot down a grapplehook

x[Kit (JA)] I was thinking, you can go astral right?

x[Kit (JA)] or etheral?

x[Kit (JA)] even i can't lift all those rock from a small space

[BiBo!!!] who can go ethereal?

[Lorie] wewe kill a boulder as an example?

[BiBo!!!] no, a hobgoblin

x[Kit (JA)] don't know, just asking

[BiBo!!!] they're the ones who shoved the boulders

[mikE] you know, you all just don't read very well.


[mikE] and now for bob GRAPPLE

x[Kit (JA)] I yell down to ANT," How you doing!

x[Kit (JA)] Kit moved 46'05".

x[Kit (JA)] Kit moved 24'01".

x[Antarias (mikE)] I'd really like to be pulled up.

x[Antarias (mikE)] Alistair is stone.

x[Kit (JA)] damm

x[Antarias (mikE)] He's still holding me, so now pull.

x[Antarias (mikE)] (because fin has shot a GRAPPLING HOOK arrow

x[Kit (JA)] I pull

x[Antarias (mikE)] Finglass moved 71'11".

x[Antarias (mikE)] so finglass tosses/shoots/wills down a rope with a grappling hook

x[Antarias (mikE)] anterias hooks the hook into alistair

x[Antarias (mikE)] and the rest of the party needs to yoink them out

x[Kit (JA)] I pull really hard

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I help pulling up the rope

[DM] just a moment

[DM] lets say that it takes you a round to recover

[DM] and get the grappling hook out

[DM] and tie the rope to toss in

x[Antarias (mikE)] okay.

[DM] so Antarias can make another save versus petrificatin

x[mikE] Antarias: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [19] 19. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

x[mikE] Antarias: Alertness check: (d20) [16] 16. PROBABLY FAILS against (9+1) [9+1] 10

x[mikE] Antarias: Observation check: (d20) [3] 3. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (13+1) [13+1] 14!!!

x[mikE] Antarias: Trouble Sense check: (d20) [20] 20. PROBABLY FAILS against (9+0) [9+0] 9

[DM] so you know that this effect is coming from the rocks around you

x[Kit (JA)] no troubble here

Lorie has left the game on Fri Mar 10 20:30:00 EST 2006

[DM] down below

[mikE] okay.

[mikE] well, i'm leaving the hole, so it's all good.

[DM] so next round the rope comes down

[DM] make a to hit versus ac 2 to grab the rope

x[mikE] Antarias: Fire Breath: Need a light? Breathes a cone of fire 10' long, doing (3d6) [(4+2+2)] 8 damage.

x[Kit (JA)] woops

[mikE] that's when i'm noticing last round that there's a something down there doing it.

[DM] lets say there is only a 25% chance of gettign the rope with that fire breath

[DM] (1d100) [68] 68

[DM] nope

[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [1] 1

[DM] then you make the to hit roll to grab the rope

[mikE] nope

[DM] ok,

[DM] so you yell up to toss it again

x[Kit (JA)] come on mike,talk to your self

x[Kit (JA)] it's fun

[DM] so next round

[mikE] Roll #1: (d20) [11] 11

[DM] save and attempt to grab

x[mikE] Antarias: Petrification or Polymorph save: (d20) [13] 13. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (11) [11] 11!!!

[DM] that looks like a hit

[DM] and you make the save

[mikE] sweet

[DM] adn so

[DM] and so PULLLL

x[Kit (JA)] pull

x[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] pull

[mikE] heave ho!

Lorie has joined the game on Fri Mar 10 20:36:13 EST 2006

[mikE] drop a fireball down there.

x[DM] Antarias moved 87'08".

x[DM] Alastair moved 88'02".

[mikE] whatever is down there is really pissing me off.

x[DM] E. L. Fudge moved 80'03".

x[Kit (JA)] just think how Al feels

[BiBo!!!] I feel like a hippie

x[DM] Kylia Wolfslayer moved 33'00".

[BiBo!!!] cuz I'm so stoned

[DM] so

[DM] you are all out shere,

[DM] there are still hobgoblins, etc, in the trees watching you furtively

x[Kit (JA)] what did you see Ants?

[DM] but no one is sending boulders down toward you

[mikE] Anterias

x[Antarias (mikE)] And rocks.

x[Antarias (mikE)] THere were rocks and something with a wand

x[Kit (JA)] oh a wand!

x[Antarias (mikE)] yes.

[BiBo!!!] ::juniper heals herself in the interrum::

Lorie is receiving the map Surface...

Lorie has received the map Surface.

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper targets Juniper. Distance: 0'00"

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper no longer targets Juniper.

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper moved 1'06".

x[Kit (JA)] So Fin, your in charge till Kylia gets back from taking a leak,what's next?

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper: Cure/Cause Moderate Wounds: I heal or cause (1d10+1) [2+1] 3 points of damage.

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper: Cure/Cause Moderate Wounds: I heal or cause (1d10+1) [1+1] 2 points of damage.

x[BiBo!!!] Juniper: Cure/Cause Moderate Wounds: I heal or cause (1d10+1) [2+1] 3 points of damage.

x[Antarias (mikE)] Why don't we go back and take care of Alistair.

x[Antarias (mikE)] And then clear these goblins first.

x[Kit (JA)] ok, are we walking?

x[Finglass (mikE)] They seem more trouble than we want while we go spelunking.

x[BiBo!!! (to GM only)] Character sheet for Juniper modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 19 (11).

x[Finglass (mikE)] You don't have your gem?

x[Kit (JA)] why yes Paul loaned it to me but I don't see water near here

x[Finglass (mikE)] Plus I would like to go home and get some arrow.s

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::points south:: A mile that way.

x[Kit (JA)] ok South it is

x[Finglass (mikE)] Let's go.

x[Kit (JA)] we should wait for Kylia

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::she'll be around in a round::

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::she's right behind us, i swear::

x[Kit (JA)] shak we click click?

x[Finglass (mikE)] we shak

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::correction, bob said a mile, now he says miles::

[DM] youi can get to some water

[DM] just not the big river

[DM] I wanted to make sure you were not planing on using the old well

x[Kit (JA)] it can be a big puddle

[DM] because that is gone

[DM] but yes you can go back a bit and find one of the streams

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::is the stat pool gone, too?::

[DM] and POOF, go back to Thed

x[Finglass (mikE)] no...

x[Finglass (mikE)] we just CAME from thedd

x[Kit (JA)] Gon

x[Finglass (mikE)] we're going to gonn

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] I did not expect company so soon

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, we've had a mishap.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Can you imagine?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] nope, don;t belive it

x[Finglass (mikE)] Did you get my letter?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] on my desk

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] what does it say?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] must be urgent

x[Finglass (mikE)] No. Just a reply regarding your child.

[BiBo!!!] l

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] oh thank you so, what seems to be the issue, why is kit breathig hard

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] FIN?

[BiBo!!!] oh, dear

x[Finglass (mikE)] I wouldn't know.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Al flying arround with Claw

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] I want him to meet Miranda, she would like him

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Um... he's a statue mister Paul sir.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] .......

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] oh

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] um

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Can you fix him mister Paul sir?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] may I ask how?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] He fell in a pit, and came out a statue.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] did he sustain any dammage as a statue?

[Lorie] ((I could have haeled him, I have HEAL ;O) ))

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] (does heal fix stoning?)

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] (do you have stone shape? I want to make him lighter)

x[Finglass (mikE)] (well, we can always resurrect him)

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] (maybe we can give him a dimple?)

[Lorie] ((Why wouldn't it and yes to stone shape))

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Does Heal say it fixes stone statues?

x[Finglass (mikE)] it does not

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ((cuz heal fixes disease, insanity and damage by the look of it))

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Pau looks over Al, "Humm, he always looked taller to me?"

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] ::pats on the head::

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Sitting up on a griphon, everyone looks taller.

x[Finglass (mikE)] (do we have a wand for this, lor? stone to flesh?)

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] he looks infine shape, what was he doing hugging someone?

[Lorie] ((John or Fritz had that last I knew))

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] ok, I'll get on with it cast Stone to Flesh on the Al statue

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::falls dead::

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] it was not me

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] but I can fix him, (pretends to cast)

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::blames you anyway::

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Al always wanted to be a bird

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] mumble mumble mumble

x[Finglass (mikE)] You do know that if you do that he did say he'd kill you.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] who Al, how can he he's a bird

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] peck my eyes out maybe

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Kylia, how have you been

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] sorry about Al

[Lorie] :: nods :: I've been better. I turned around for a minute and look what happened

x[Finglass (mikE)] While you take care of AListair, do you think I might visit your lady wife?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] looking for a new fighter?

[Lorie] I understand congratulations are in order

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: Our Paladin seems ready to be traded in

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Well thank you, so far my part was a lot of fun

x[Finglass (mikE)] And when the birthing starts, let me know. I have priests who are quite skilled at childbirth.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] thank you, you will have to ask the lady

[Lorie] :: blinks ::

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] she is set in her ways

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] I would say stubborn but she hears better than Kylia

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] oh hi Kylia, where were we?

[Lorie] :: turns and stomps off ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, the heir to the kingdom next door isn't a small matter. I will send my best clerics anyway.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] oops

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] out of pratice I guess

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Kit can you go see what's wrong

x[Finglass (mikE)] Uh, no.

x[Kit (JA)] ::looks at Paul::

x[Finglass (mikE)] I will go see to Kylia. Anterias, explain things.

[JA] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] what?

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::walks after Kylia::

x[Antarias (mikE)] ::tells about what happened in the hole::

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] oh a wand? and a hole. The rocks did WHAT?

x[Antarias (mikE)] Petrified him. There was something down there.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] Sorry, I guess I would sugess leading with a couple fireballs

x[Antarias (mikE)] I couldn't see it. I tried to kill it.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] maybe scout ahead invisible

x[Antarias (mikE)] But i guess i breathed the wrong way.

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] I'm sure you did your best, not easy with a statue on your back

x[Antarias (mikE)] Indeed. He needs to go on a diet

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] I offered to take a little off

x[Finglass (mikE)] Kylia?

[Lorie] Go away... can we go back to Thedd now?

[Lorie] this is a waste of time

[Lorie] :: heads for the pool ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, I would like to go with a live paladin rather than a dead one.

[Lorie] Well you killed him and what do you want to do about it? The wizard wants to make jokes

x[Finglass (mikE)] I don't recal killing him.

[Lorie] :: shakes head :: sad state of affairs when a Dragonslayer falls and the senior member take the opportunity to make light of my disposition

x[Finglass (mikE)] I do believe that was something down in the hole with a wand. That's what Anterias says.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, he technically is not a member anymore. He has decided to forsake that mantle.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ((I did?))

x[Finglass (mikE)] ((You're not a senior member))

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] i did, a while ago

x[Finglass (mikE)] ((that would be the long letter john wrote as paul))

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] when the cult declared war on half dragons

x[Finglass (mikE)] You have the power to bring him back. I cannot do it.

x[Finglass (mikE)] If you are angry enough to just go back to Thedd, very well. I will stay here and go seek help from the elven church.

[Lorie] :: sighs :: Weaklings

[Lorie] :: turns and heads back to Alastair's body

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::sighs::

[Lorie] :: glares at Paul :: Stand back and let the cleric do her job

[Lorie] Don't you have breathing exercises to practice or something?

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] ::steps back::

[Lorie] :: shoos him away from Alastair's body ::

x[Paul Elvenstire (JA)] ::wanders outside::

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::plays dead so well he should get an academy award::

[Lorie] :: looks at Juniper, Anterias and Finglass :: Help me get him to the pool... I need to get him to Roadhaven to raise him

[Lorie] Should leave him dead for playing in boulder traffic like this

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::nods and helps drag::

[Lorie] Going in dark holes without the proper protections in place. What sort of Paladin is he

[Lorie] ((I use my 18/00 strength to move the process along as much as possible ))

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ((::thinks that moves pretty much the whole process along::))

x[Antarias (mikE)] Picks him up and helps

x[Finglass (mikE)] Give me some time, Kylia.

x[Finglass (mikE)] I am going to go home and pick up more arrows. I have a feeling I will need many.

[Lorie] Time? To do what? Quit and hide like Paul? Sure... have fun with that

[Lorie] :: waves ::

[Lorie] :: jumps through the pool with Alastair ::

[Lorie] ((And Juniper too ))

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::shakes his head slightly again and follows, then takes his tree home::

[DM] looks like Paul is on his own

x[Kit (JA)] i think i'll stay here for awhile

[Lorie] ((Paul was tending to the Missus I thought and wasn't really with us... right?))

[DM] yes to Lor

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::at home talks to his other priest:: "Prepare some of our best vintage please while I get my arrows. We will give the wine to Wilson to give to Kylia after this to help calm her down."

[Lorie] ((After knowing Peleus for so long, Kylia doesn't drink wine from elves or Clerics of Dionysus LOL ))

x[Finglass (mikE)] Also, send some acolytes over and have them appraise the grounds. They will help her farmers grow a more boutiful harvest. That should take some strain off her as well. (they have fertility spells for crops)

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::turns to go, then stops and turns back yet again:: "And make note that Kylia is in a particularly acrid mood today. Perhaps we will be able to gauge the moons...

[Lorie] :: summons acolytes and Wilson to help prepare for the spell with blesses and chants :: Okay, let's get this tarted

[Lorie] (( tarted = started ))

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::yes, please do tart that. it's waaay too sweet::

[Lorie] :: works the Raise Dead mojo ::

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] raise dead or ressurection?

[Lorie] ((:: looks :: OOOPS! Ressurection :) ))

x[Khan (JA)] so what is all the hub bub about?

x[Khan (JA)] not AL!

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::does her best to stay out of the way::

[Lorie] :: finishes her spell and stands back ::

x[Khan (JA)] ::prays::

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Alastair: Resurrection Survival check: (d100) [27] 27. PROBABLY SUCCEEDS against (75) [75] 75!!!

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::gasps and coughs:: Am I dead? ::glances at the group of people around him:: I must have gone to the bad place....

[Lorie] Yes, you're very dead. Now get up and let's go fight more evil today

x[Khan (JA)] the Gods shine down on Kylia and AL

[Lorie] And this time, don't get underneath the falling stones

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::comes back with loads of arrows and hands them to Anterias:: Good to see you back up. Now, get ready to go back out again. Carry one of these for me.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Sounds like a plan to me. I have one of those actually on me, I don't use them much though. You can take some of mine if you run out.

x[Finglass (mikE)] I think with all those critters I will.

[Lorie] Thank you Khan for your prayers. Now we're going to kick some invaders out of Thedd. Paul is in Elvenshire with the lady of the Manor should you be wondering.

[Lorie] :: turns and heads back towards the exit :: Pool or Road?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] "He has a lady now? How long was I dead?"

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, we are in a hurry, aren't we?

x[Khan (JA)] yea, she does not think highly of me, she hdes it well

x[Finglass (mikE)] By the way Kylia, some of my priests will be coming by to work with Wilson.

[DM] (will assume you wait till the next day to re-meorize spells, etc)

[Lorie] :: blinks :: And what are your acolytes intending to do here in Roadhaven?

[Lorie] Invading?

x[DM] Kit's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 78 (16) - Unharmed

x[DM] Antarias's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 89 (32) - Unharmed

x[DM] E. L. Fudge's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 39 (16) - Unharmed

[Lorie] :: frowns :: Khan, she obviously doesn't know how much power you wield.

x[DM] Finglass's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 73 (16) - Unharmed

[Lorie] ((Clerics and I make with the healing to the injured))

x[DM] Juniper's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 37 (18) - Unharmed

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Alastair modified: Magical Abilities - Spells - DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- Cast Level: 1 (22), CHANGED: Detect Magic -- # Memorized: 0 (5), CHANGED: Clairvoyance -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Fireball -- # Memorized: 3 (2), CHANGED: Fly -- # Memorized: 1 (0), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- Cast Level: 3 (33), CHANGED: Cure disease -- # Memorized: 0 (1), ADDED: , null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: Detect Magic, 22, 22, Sniff Sniff. I smell magic! Where's the magic?, 5, 1, null, null. ADDED: Cure disease, 33, 33, Let that icky nasty disease leave your body!, 1, 1, null, null.

x[Finglass (mikE)] It is almost harvest time. The crops are ripening, so they will be aiding your farmers with a fruitful harvest.

x[Khan (JA)] well, no but i would not hurt an elf

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Juniper modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 5 (4). CHANGED: 2 -- Current: 5 (2). Spells - DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. CHANGED: Rally -- Expression: Units make rally checks in the magic phase instead of the rally phase, with a +1 bonus if priest is 12th level or higher. (a), DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: Rally, 2, 2, a, --, 1, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: , null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: heal, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null. Combat -

x[Finglass (mikE)] I have enough priests to bless your fields and mine.

x[Finglass (mikE)] I thought it would be a boon to bolster your crops.

[Lorie] :: looks at him suspiciously :: Hmmm

[Lorie] Why are you being so nice now? What do you want?

x[Finglass (mikE)] When have I ever not been nice to you, Lady Kylia?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Now that I have a temple like you, I am hoping I may use that power to aid all my friends.

[Lorie] :: continues to study :: Hmm... I need to go pray :: turns and heads inside to her quarters ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Wilson, ::hands him a bottle::

x[Khan (JA)] how is your new temple, would I be welcome to visit?

x[Khan (JA)] or will I scare the locals?

x[Finglass (mikE)] A particular good vintage I brought from home. Perhaps you could set it out on the Lady's side board?

x[Finglass (mikE)] I do hate to see Kylia in such moods.

[Lorie] Wilson > You know her, she's not taken well to Sir Paul leaving the group to shelter his daughter. She would rather go confront them than retreat

[Lorie] Wilson> And now with the announcement that he's to be a parent, she's probably figuring this is Sir Paul's death knell as a Dragonslayer

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shrugs :: But what do I know, I'm just a cleric.

x[Khan (JA)] (sniff sniff)

x[Finglass (mikE)] You know her better than us. I just like to see her happy.

x[Khan (JA)] uh Wilson

[Lorie] Wilson > Ahh, the key to her happiness is simple.

x[Finglass (mikE)] You will see to the distribution of my acolytes to your farmers?

[Lorie] Wilson > :: turns and looks :: Yes, Sir Khan

x[Finglass (mikE)] Do I wish to know? Is it something along the lines of go away and leave me alone?

[Lorie] Wilson> We will work around the Lady's schedule to ensure the success of the crops this season

x[Khan (JA)] just so you know Paul is not sheltering Kit, just did not want to be constrained by your lawfull ness in the face of such hypricy and the cult was

[Lorie] Wilson > Not at all. Lady Kylia rather enjoys the company of the Dragonslayers. What she dislikes is the lack of :: pauses :: staying power the members seem to have as of late. With the exception of Sir Fudge of course.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he has all the staying power of a statue

[Lorie] Wilson > :: nods :: Understood Sir Khan, but Lady Kylia isn't necessarily known for her subtle ways

x[Khan (JA)] Well I ,,,,,

x[Khan (JA)] I understand

x[Khan (JA)] not sure what to say

x[Khan (JA)] I have seen Draginslayers come a go, you have been a constant unlike any other

[Lorie] Wilson > If you will all excuse me, I have farmers to bless and meetings to coordinate. And that bothersome suitor of Lady Kylia's sent another set of silverware and I've been trying to find new hiding places for it

x[Khan (JA)] Kylia has been rather

x[Finglass (mikE)] Suitor?

x[Khan (JA)] excuse me?

x[Finglass (mikE)] She really has a suitor?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Perhaps I will have to arrange a meeting.

[Lorie] :: shrugs :: I would call him a bothersome Troll, if it wouldn't insult Sir Khan. He's rather an annoyance and hasn't taken Lady Kylia's rejection well... if at all

x[Finglass (mikE)] After all, anyone vying for her hand should be known to the rest of us.

x[Finglass (mikE)] I will speak with him, Wilson.

x[Khan (JA)] for his own protection I think

x[Finglass (mikE)] I will explain to him that she does not wish his hand.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Indeed, Khan.

[Lorie] Wilson > I wouldn't be surprised if he could grow new hands and other appendanges. Lady Kylia has no interest in meeting him.

[Lorie] Wilson > I'm afraid she's likely to blow him up and take innocents with him if he doesn't back off

x[Finglass (mikE)] As I said, I will explain to him where he stands.

[Lorie] Wilson > Now if you will excuse me, I'm running quite late. Your meals are ready in the dining hall.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Thank you, Wilson.

x[Khan (JA)] thank you wilson

[Lorie] ((Heroes Feast for all ))

[Sir Winstole] Did I hear my name being bandied about?

x[Khan (JA)] whoooo hooooo

x[Finglass (mikE)] I don't know, did you?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Who might you be?

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::looks him up and down with all the imperiousness of an elf::

[Lorie] Matthew, the Acolyte > :: whispers :: This is the bothersome troll that Sir Wilson was talking about :: scurries away like a mouse ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Oh, so you are the ehem, suitor.

x[Khan (JA)] hey, A brother troll

x[Finglass (mikE)] Perhaps you should sit down with us for dinner and let us tell you of the good Lady Kylia.

[Sir Winstole] I woudl like to think I am the leading choice for Lady Kylia to solidify her place as a ruleer in this world

[Sir Winstole] and not merely a suitor

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::chuckles as one would to a child's joke:: Of course you are. Come, eat.

[Sir Winstole] I bring the abilities of a master diplomat to a place

[Sir Winstole] that coughs lightly

[Sir Winstole] could use some refinement

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::chuckles again::

x[Finglass (mikE)] I can see you do not know what you are doing.

x[Khan (JA)] ah, you come from the other side of town

[Sir Winstole] while this is a fine borderlands keep

x[Finglass (mikE)] You obviously do not know the Lady very well.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Ah, there is your first mistake.

[Sir Winstole] and does a wonderful job of defending the passes from giants

x[Finglass (mikE)] This is not a borderlands keep.

x[Khan (JA)] well

x[Finglass (mikE)] This is a monastary to Ghoibhinu (whatever)

[Sir Winstole] you see it as a simple monastary, I see the potential

[Lorie] ((pretty close Mike ;O) ))

[Sir Winstole] I see Lady Kylia as a revered queen

x[Finglass (mikE)] She is in no way a queen.

[Sir Winstole] someone that the people will look up to and cherish that they live in her good graces

x[Khan (JA)] well

x[Finglass (mikE)] You have a completely wrong view of her.

x[Khan (JA)] they do

x[Finglass (mikE)] Her people do look up to her. More than you can imagine.

x[Finglass (mikE)] But she is no queen. She is an adventurer and a priestess.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Not a noble queen to sit upon a throne.

x[Khan (JA)] and a warior in many ways

x[Finglass (mikE)] She is a high priestess of a faith that demands action.

x[Finglass (mikE)] She will never be able to simply sit and attend you like a court lady.

x[Khan (JA)] she cares not for politics

x[Finglass (mikE)] In fact, if I know her, and I know her better than you, she would expect you to do her bidding without complaint or question.

[Lorie] :: finishes praying and heads out for dinner and frowns, noting that none of the Dragonslayers are there to eat :: Now what? Did boulders fall on my keep?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Are you capable of acting the part of a servant rather than a master?

x[Khan (JA)] LOL

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Um... miss Kylia ma'am. We're meeting your boyfriend... I don't think it's going well.

x[Khan (JA)] we walk to dinner as we talk

[Lorie] :: walks outside looking around :: My WHAT?

[Lorie] WHERE?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Juniper! Anterias, distract her.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Please.

[Lorie] :: holds her hands up as if to cast ::

x[Khan (JA)] ::ducks::

[Lorie] EXCUSE ME?

x[Antarias (mikE)] Lady, Have you tried the wine yet?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::points over to finglass:: The guy he's talking to.

x[Antarias (mikE)] It is my brother's favorite vintage.

[Lorie] Antarias, if I were you, I'd find somewhere else to be

x[Antarias (mikE)] We are, speaking with your suitor.

x[Antarias (mikE)] Lady, I am sworn to protect him. THis is probably where I am best needed.

x[Khan (JA)] would be suitor

[Lorie] :: looks at the man :: FINALLY you make it here to retrieve your meaningless trinkets?

x[Antarias (mikE)] Why don't we let them have a talk. I'm not sure Finglass likes him.

[Sir Winstole] I would never pretend to put lady kylia on a throne to be a figure head

x[Antarias (mikE)] He never acts that snooty unless he's found a particularly noisome person.

[Sir Winstole] she is far to noble and vibrant of a woman for that

[Lorie] I don't care if Finglass likes him or not. He's not my approver

[Sir Winstole] she deserves someone who can complement her

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::looks up:: Ah, Lady Kylia. I would never presume such.


[Sir Winstole] to be strong where she is.......

x[Finglass (mikE)] I was merely seeing what this man is like.

Sir Winstole bows to Kyia

x[Finglass (mikE)] Where she is what?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Weak?

[Sir Winstole] my heart soars that you are near

[Lorie] I don't ANYONE talking to this ... this... creature

[Sir Winstole] Sir,

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] My ears are sore from hearing this...

[Sir Winstole] can you can possibly say that anything about Lady Kylia is Weak?

[Lorie] :: turns to Alastiar and Juniper, can we eat dinner and move this along. I really want to kill things in THEDD

x[Finglass (mikE)] Your thoughts, man.

[Sir Winstole] how can you stand here in front of her and accuse her of being weak?

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] Her patience is pretty weak...

x[Finglass (mikE)] And I doubt you could match her in any way.

x[Khan (JA)] ::steps out of rang of fireball::

[Lorie] ((Amen Juniper, well said!))

x[Finglass (mikE)] Juniper! Shush!

[Lorie] :: turns and looks at Juniper ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::holds a hand to his head and sighs quietly yet again::

[Sir Winstole] Lady, she is just a young woman

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::smiles politely::

[Sir Winstole] she does not know

[Sir Winstole] she is saying things that are not to be said in public

[Lorie] Perhaps you'd be better kept in Elvenshire with the elder... :: stops :: the former elder Dragonslayer who also believes that my disposition lacks

[Sir Winstole] I am sure her Patron will have a talk with her

[Lorie] :: throws her hands up and goes to eat, alone ::

[Sir Winstole] Steps forward to walk along with Kylia

x[Finglass (mikE)] Good sir, to be frank, I do not see that you have anything to offer her except trinkets

x[Finglass (mikE)] And I would not do that.

[Sir Winstole] perhaps if we just had the opportunity to talk overdinner

[Lorie] :: whirls :: If I were you ... I would not be near me just now

x[Finglass (mikE)] Good luck.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::whispers to winstole:: I'd listen if I was you.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Lady Kylia, thank you for your meal, Anterias will eat and be back home for the evening.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::whispers to winstole:: She might light your pants on fire.

x[Khan (JA)] can I join you?

[Lorie] :: shakes head and yells :: WILSON!!! He's found his way in AGAIN!

x[Finglass (mikE)] We will meet with you here come daybreak. If you wish for me to bring anyone else let me know by dinner's end.

[Sir Winstole] turns to smile at Wilson

[Sir Winstole] My good man

x[Khan (JA)] fin, please

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::looks at Khan:: Normally I'm not sure my people would want a troll around, no offence, but seeing as how this man is behaving, I would welcome you.

[Sir Winstole] I trust that jennifer has been most forthcoming in her conversations with you?

x[Khan (JA)] I do not want her to get me confused

x[Finglass (mikE)] And any of the rest of you who wish a night out of the keep.

[Lorie] Wilson > Oh ... umm, Lady Kylia, now, please, don't get upset... it's not good for your ... umm, well, your chi.

[Lorie] :: blinks :: My CHI? :: shakes head and casts ::

x[Khan (JA)] ::waves::

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::grabs at his frostbrand::

[JA] I am back at the keyboard.

x[Lorie] Kylia Wolfslayer: Air Walk: This will be much nicer than the rough ground. This spell enables a creature, which can be as big as the largest giant, to tread upon air as if it were walking on solid ground. Moving upward is similar to walking up a hill. A maximum upward angle of 45 degrees is possible at one-half the creature's movement rate, as is a maximum downward angle of 45 degrees at the normal movement rate. An air-walking creature is in control of its movement, except when a strong wind is blowing. In this case, the creature gains or loses 10 feet of movement for every 10 miles per hour of wind velocity. The creature can, at the DM's option, be subject to additional penalties in exceptionally strong or turbulent winds, such as loss of control of movement or suffering physical damage. The spell can be placed upon a trained mount, so it can be ridden through the air. Of course, a mount not accustomed to such movement would certainly need careful and lengthy training, the details for which are up to the DM.

x[Kit (JA)] ::pops in:: everything ok now

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::breathes a sigh of releaf:: I think so...

[Lorie] :: starts climbing into the air :: I'll be spending the evening somewhere else... I can't get any rest in my own keep. :: shakes head :: How sad

x[Kit (JA)] AL all better?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Better enough.

[Lorie] Wilson > :: sighs :: Now look what you've done.

x[Finglass (mikE)] Winsloe, just go away. You have no chance. Can't you see that yet?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Or are you really as thickheaded as the troll she thinks you are?

[Lorie] Wilson> I told you not to come around here. It wasn't safe. :: sighs and hurries off to attend to all the things that haven't been attended to due to the distraction ::

[JA] thank you all I needed that

x[Finglass (mikE)] Humans...

[JA] I must be going now

[JA] enjoy all

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::waves:: bya john!

x[Finglass (mikE)] Khan, you are still welcome, of coruse. My mages would welcome an old hand like yourself to show them a thing or two.

x[Finglass (mikE)] ((see ya john))

[Lorie] ((night John :: hugs to babies and Laura :: ))

[JA] ttfn

[Sir Winstole] see you later John

[Sir Winstole] have fun tomrrow

x[JA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Khan modified: Magical Abilities - Spells -

JA has left the game on Fri Mar 10 22:05:19 EST 2006

[Sir Winstole] so

x[Finglass (mikE)] a needle pulling thread

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] la

x[Finglass (mikE)] a note to follow so

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ti

x[Finglass (mikE)] a drink with jam and bread

[Sir Winstole] and back to the topic

[Sir Winstole] who is coming to dinner with me?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, as I said, you are welcome to dine with US.

x[Finglass (mikE)] The Lady has set out a repast for us.

[Sir Winstole] don't you think it is time we involved Lady Kylia>?

x[Finglass (mikE)] No.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Sorry, I had plans to be eating somewhere that didn't involve an irate Kylia. I died once today, I do not wish to do it again.

[Sir Winstole] perhaps Wilson will be good enough

x[Finglass (mikE)] I think it is time we let her be alone.

x[Finglass (mikE)] You have little experience with women, I take it.

[Lorie] ((She's not in the keep... she's walking somewhere in the dark, you're probably safe to eat ;O) ))

[Sir Winstole] I have... adequete expereince

x[Finglass (mikE)] When a woman threatens to attack her and storms away, especially using magic, you usually let her go.

x[Finglass (mikE)] With many whores, I have no doubt

[Sir Winstole] I would not claim knowledge of a great lady like Kylia

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] e

[Sir Winstole] I have traveled in the circles of nobilty

x[Finglass (mikE)] Then why do you seek her?

x[Finglass (mikE)] So you have had very expensive whores, no doubt. Ones who hang upon your every word.

[Sir Winstole] and I have come to grow fond of this rocky outpost she calles home these few weeks I have been here

x[Finglass (mikE)] I wouldn't if I were you.

[Lorie] Wilson > :: rushes back in the keep :: Okay then, we are eating ?

x[Finglass (mikE)] I'm sure there are women back where you are from that would be happy to wed you.

[Sir Winstole] Wilson my good man

[Sir Winstole] how is the lady jennifer?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Compliant women who would keep you happy.

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::shoots Wilson a look::

[Sir Winstole] and will you two be joining us tonight?

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shakes head :: I really don't have time for idle chit chat. I need to run the keep since you ran off Lady Kylia.

[Sir Winstole] I am sure that I would be able to find a willing woman anywhere

[Sir Winstole] but I am interested in a Lady of Refinement

[Sir Winstole] of Strength

[Lorie] Wilson > And as for Jennifer, she's packed and ready to return home with you

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] A woman with great balls of fire

x[Finglass (mikE)] Well, she's got one of those.

[Sir Winstole] and lady kylia is someone who is in search of a companion

x[Finglass (mikE)] No, she isn't.

[Sir Winstole] she just does not know who yet

[Sir Winstole] or that she wants that

[Sir Winstole] but as long as I am patient

x[Finglass (mikE)] So she is in search, but does not realize it yet?

x[Finglass (mikE)] How does that work?

[Sir Winstole] i am sure I can find that way to gain her attention

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shakes head :: Hurries the party along. Okay then, we're making with the meal time right?

[Sir Winstole] where she will consider her options

x[Finglass (mikE)] In a positive manner?

[Sir Winstole] of course, she is a doughty warrior

[Sir Winstole] renown for her bravery and skill

x[Finglass (mikE)] Her options are whoever she chooses. And let me tell you, you are not one of those.

[Sir Winstole] if not me then who?

x[Finglass (mikE)] You say that as an afterthought.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] I could go for something to eat. A nice bit of porridge would be great.

x[Finglass (mikE)] That is who she IS.

[Sir Winstole] who is out there that is better suited for such a match?

x[Finglass (mikE)] A strong man, for one.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::mutters:: a target dummy

[Lorie] Wilson > :: nods :: right this way Lady Juniper. A feast has been prepared

x[Finglass (mikE)] Not one who begiles with bedmaids and trinkets.

x[Finglass (mikE)] or attempts to, I shoudl say.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] ::hops off with wilson::

[Sir Winstole] Yes let us partake fo the Lady's gifts

[Sir Winstole] she is kind to those who are in need

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shakes head :: Gentlemen, could we not discuss Lady Kylia's romantic intentions during dinner? She's not interested in wedding ANYONE at present.

[Sir Winstole] I always feel enlightened when I am in her precense

[Sir Winstole] very well Wilson

x[Finglass (mikE)] That is what I am trying to get at, Wilson.

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shakes head :: This is not a topic for dinner

x[Finglass (mikE)] You and I know we certainly do not need him around bothering her.

[Sir Winstole] perhaps you would tell us a story?

x[Finglass (mikE)] She is difficult enough to deal with without bothersome would be suitors.

[Sir Winstole] I have patiently waited here in the keep for her to return

[Sir Winstole] she has bee out with your group for a few days

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] So, Wilson, did we get a new cook? This poridge tastes especially good. Not to hot, not too cold, not in a pot nine days old. Just right.

[Lorie] Wilson > Sure, once upon a time, there was a happy band of Adventurer's that lived in a keep not so far from here. There were monsters and farmers and happy creatures. AND THEN...

x[Finglass (mikE)] And will be going out tomorow again.

[Sir Winstole] surely no one would begrudge her the chance to rest and relax at home

x[Finglass (mikE)] Perhaps you think you have what it takes to be her companion?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Then strap on your sword and memorize your spells.

[Lorie] Wilson > :: shakes head : Nope, not a new cook. Lady Kylia wanted the party strong for their visit to Thedd

[Sir Winstole] I would be glad to accompany you to your goal

[Sir Winstole] and help win the Lady's heart and admiration

[Lorie] Kylia > :: walks back down to earth as the spell expires and finds a nice tree to climb for sleep

x[Finglass (mikE)] Then prepare yourself. For tomorow, we hunt liches.

x[Juniper (BiBo!!!)] This'll put some meat on their bones for sure! Is that oregano I taste? And cinnamon?

[Sir Winstole] as I stride along side your fine group

x[Finglass (mikE)] But first we'll just have to cut our way through his hundreds of goblins.

[Lorie] Wilson > :: turns pale :: What have you done Sir Finglass?

x[Finglass (mikE)] I have arranged for a solution to our problems.

[Sir Winstole] I would love to come with ou

[Sir Winstole] when do you leave?

[Lorie] Wilson > :: looks panicked :: She'll never come back at this rate.

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::smiles sweetly:: I could use you to carry more or my arrows.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] You're not gonna put him up front to die like you did with the last person we didn't like are you?

x[Finglass (mikE)] Tomorow at dawn. I trust you know when that is?

x[Finglass (mikE)] When the sun comes up and the cock crows?

[Lorie] Wilson > :: seems to remember a rather long list of OTHER things to do :: If you'll excuse me. Lady Juniper, Sir Alastair, Sir Antarias, the beds have been turned down

[Sir Winstole] it is when the good shall triumph over evil

[Lorie] Wilson > :: turns and hurries out ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Alistair, come back with me tonight, we have things to discuss.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Very well.

[Lorie] Wilson > ::yells as he hurries out :: And there is new food in the guest stables for Claw :: fades away ::

x[Finglass (mikE)] Good evening, Winsloe.

x[Finglass (mikE)] We will come for you at dawn.

[Sir Winstole] very well

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::shouts:: Thanks for the care! I'm sure he'll enjoy it!

[DM] grins

x[Finglass (mikE)] so fast forward to tomorow?

[Lorie] And so... night falls (THUMP!)

[DM] so at Finglass's place

[Lorie] And then... morning rises (GLIMMERING SUN !)

[DM] here comes the sun

x[Finglass (mikE)] and we all walk through the tree

[DM] here comes the sun

x[Finglass (mikE)] good mornign sun, how are you today? thank you for coming up and brightening our day.

x[Finglass (mikE)] (now, i won't be around next week)

[DM] (ok, so what do you want to accomplish in the next 20 minutes so that you are ready to start next week?)

[Lorie] (Um, so can we go kill stuff now?)

[DM] you can blip to the same spot if you want right now

x[Finglass (mikE)] i think we're pretty ready.

x[Finglass (mikE)] question is: do we deal with the army up top?

[Lorie] ((Take out the boulder throwers !!!))

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ((haven't you got enough suitors?))

x[Finglass (mikE)] okay. so the little guys first, then we go down.

[Lorie] ((I can get them to throw the boulder on the suitor, end of problem :) ))

x[Finglass (mikE)] you all think 120 arrows will be enough?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ((::snickers:: Well, he might come back as a ghost to haunt you))

[Lorie] Okay... so we are just out side the range of the badies at the top. I can cast Air Walk, sneak up on them and BOOOM! Dead boulder throwers and we can move along to the next problem. Any other ideas?

[DM] well

[DM] there are lots of them all around in teh trees and forest beyond that

x[Finglass (mikE)] drop a fireball down the hole before we go down.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can fly with you to contribute to the boomy. I don't mind burning a few trees to kill a few goblinoids

x[Finglass (mikE)] ::sigh::

x[Finglass (mikE)] I suppose it is acceptable losses in this case. We are fighting an army.

[Lorie] :: nods :: Okay... we start at one end and don't stop until they are dead at the other.

[Lorie] or at least not able to move

[Lorie] We'll praying for their evil souls tonight as part of the penance

[Lorie] ((err we'll be praying))

[DM] thinking on how to handlde that

[DM] I did want to do that in the abstract

[DM] rathe than tactical combat

[Lorie] Okay... so in an Andy Warhol way we do the necessary to move on to the tangible hole.

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well I've got fireballs, lightning bolts, lances of destruction, magic missiles, cones of cold, cloud kills and assorted other blasty spells to rain death from above

[Lorie] I have a lot of that stuff too :D

[DM] do you really want to just lay waste to the lands above?

[DM] for how big fo a radius aorudn that opening?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yes, nuke it from orbit

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] only way to be sure

[Lorie] (it's the only way to be sure )

[Lorie] GMTA

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we want rubble in a mile radius

[DM] ok

[Lorie] We can always replant and reforest the area once it's been purged of evil and bad

[DM] so the plan esentially is to blip in

[DM] wipe out

[DM] blip out

[DM] blip in wipe out

[DM] blip in

[Lorie] That's what good celtic pratctionners would do

[DM] so that you take no casualties

[DM] but so as much damage as possile

[DM] then deal with teh underground stuff later on

x[Finglass (mikE)] yes.

x[Finglass (mikE)] so set it up.

x[Finglass (mikE)] we can totally kill of goblins quick

[DM] I think that it will be best to just CLICK and make it happen

x[Finglass (mikE)] okay.

x[Finglass (mikE)] does the idiot live?

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] zim zim sala bim

[DM] yes

x[Finglass (mikE)] damn

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] mecka lecka hi mecka hiney ho

x[Finglass (mikE)] is he bothered by kylia's bloodthirst and hunger for carnage?

[Lorie] Only because the party chose to stand near him as we cast

[DM] no, he is used to battle

x[Finglass (mikE)] can i shoot him by mistake? I mean, even someone as good as fin rolls ones.

[DM] no

x[Finglass (mikE)] can i shoot him on purpose, then?

[DM] no

x[Finglass (mikE)] and make it look like a mistake?

x[Finglass (mikE)] he's so that good.

[DM] part of no casualites

[DM] ok

[DM] so starting next week at this point

[DM] with the woods above cleared out

[DM] and we will say 3 days clicked off to clear the area

[Lorie] Okay... great

[Lorie] have a nice evening and weekend all

[Lorie] See most of you Sunday

[Lorie] :D

x[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] see ya sunday! ::waves::

[Lorie] :: waves ::

Lorie has left the game on Fri Mar 10 22:46:28 EST 2006

[DM] thank you all

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