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Marco Tacca


I may be the only person who calls him Marco, everyone else knows him as Bibo. Marco came to us when he was in high school. He is the youngest person we had ever invited to the game, and we actually had his parents stop by the house to meet the group and see what this was all about. His family became good friends of ours and we shared many laughs over the years.

Marco has grown into an outstanding roleplayer, and an extremely fine DM in his own right. He has the record at the table for whirling through the most characters in a short span. In a 4 week period he had three characters die early on. Marco has always created fun characters that interact with the group in imaginative ways.

Marco has been a constant presence at the game in the years he has been here and has helped tremendously in making the online experience as good as possible.

Bibo now resides in Japan in the prefecture south of the Tokyo one in some little city in the mountains. (I know, helpful right?) He is teaching English to the Japanese during the evenings for the Apple company (no not Crapentosh computers).

Player Comments

He will be missed - Mike


Ackat Okrahm? - Eaten by the floor while checking for traps

Dengar Leadur? - Slaughtered by Hanin and stuffed in a pot sans left ear.

Lady Galadrial?

Seriena - Mauled to death and torn limb by limb by harpies on steroids. Remains never found.

Garrick - Off doing ladies and writing poetry at some place or another

Draconis Elgar?

A witch whose name I forget? - Crushed by rocks. Always the rocks.

Alastair? - Died in a soul sucking mirror. Henchman priest girl joined him.

Ramone? - Died in a fire, but got better. Is currently oranger and considerably less dead somewhere or another.

Scarlet Kajiko - died of the Grey Death on 15-8-339 SKR

Llathandryll - died from Leucrotta pack on 27-3-342 SKR

Esmerelda Poppinflash